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How to play Tornado in 7 simple steps


How can I play Tornado NOW? SEVEN SIMPLE STEPS
Step 1. Download Tornado from this link (65Meg download!).

Step 2. Extract the zip file to your Desktop. You should now have the TORNADO folder on your Desktop.

Step 3. Cut the TORNADO folder and paste it into your C drive's root directory. I.e., C:\

Step 4. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to your C drive's root directory. I.e., C:\

Step 5. Double-click on the TORNADO folder that is now in your C drive's root directory. You should see these files:

Step 6. While still in Windows, use your mouse pointer and double-click on the Tornado shortcut file. I.e.:

Step 7. Download the 332-paged full game manual (PDF) from here.

You are good to go. Tornado will now start.

As a bonus, replace the FLIGHT.EXE file that is inside the C:\TORNADO\TORNADO\FLIGHT subfolder with the latest modded FLIGHT.EXE file found in the Modding Tornado forum. You will see a big difference when you play the European missions!

Frankie Kam


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