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What Game Features Interest You The Most

I like operational level wargames
I like being able to use TOO as a campaign layer for tactical games
I like being able to play cooperatively with others as part of a battle staff

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Features Poll
« on: April 02, 2021, 05:33:47 AM »
Work continues and progress is good.  :) In the mean time I thought I would start taking some polls in an attempt to get feedback. This information may be used to help guide our focus and priorities as we go. This first poll you can select your top item that interests you most about Theater of Operations.

Quick review: the game is a standalone operational level wargame, however the plan is to develop a couple of features that will each make TOO unique. The first is the ability to allow users to get an order of battle of a given tactical battle that occurs in TOO and manually play it out using any tactical system players want. Users will then insert the battle results for that tactical battle back into TOO. This allows players to use TOO as a campaign layer for tactical battles aka a battle generator. The option for TOO to autoresolve battles will always exist.

The second unique feature will allow for cooperative play/team play against other opponents. Each player can be assigned various command roles over the course of a scenario, and this can allow for a whole other set of game play dynamics to make games more interesting and immersive.

If you choose "Other" above, it would be great if you could respond with what the "Other" item is.
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