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Author Topic: D.O.W. Steel Beasts Sunday Mission 14/03/21 @ GMT18:00  (Read 344 times)

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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Sunday Mission 14/03/21 @ GMT18:00
« on: March 14, 2021, 03:22:21 PM »
D.O.W. Steel Beasts Sunday Mission 14/03/21 @ GMT18:00

This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.

Rebel Raid East Africa by ben



   - A Rebel column of T-55, BMP1 and BTR60 was detected 1 hour ago advancing West on the MSR.

   - It unknown whether they have taken Axis North, or Axis South.

   - Independent groups of foreign Jihadist fighters are also know to be active in the surrounding hills.

   - Local towns are believed to be under Jihadist influence.


   You have suddenly lost all radio contact with your 5/F BRDM2 scout platoon out to the East!

   You are in command of task force Alpha, in 2 groups as follows:

   1) Already ocupying OBJ1:

   - Your Sho't Kal
   - T-72M platoon
   - BTR70 infantry platoon
   - Fuchs platoon carrying 3x 60mm mortar and 3x Malyutka missile teams

   2) Convoy inbound from West:

   - BRDM2 Scout platoon
   - BMP2 infantry platoon
   - Supply platoon led by the XOs Sho't Kal

   A reserve tank platoon of T55A is available on request (trigger 3).


   1) Defend OBJ1 in order to prevent enemy troops destroying the Radar Site.

   2) Re-establish OP North, OP East and OP South.

   3) Secure OBJ2 in order to deny the road junction to the Enemy.


   Units in OBJ1 can be pre-deployed within the deployment zone indicated.

   Employ Scout platoon to clear a route for the convoy.

   At your command the convoy will continue moving into OBJ1 to assist (use trigger 1 or manually assign routes).

   Each OP must be secured and ocupied until mission end by at least 1 friendly unit (any vehicle or infantry).

   You must achieve and maintain force superiority in OBJ2 to secure it.

Fire Support:

   - Organic 60mm mortars firing HE and Smoke.

Time frame:

   - Approx 60 minutes. No limit.

   - Start time 07:00 Local.

Mission will end automatically if:

   - Enemy attack is defeated


   - All OPs occupied


   - OBJ2 Secured


   - Enemy troops capture OBJ1!

   Automatic mission end can be disabled with trigger 2.


   - 30 Points for defending OBJ1.

   - 20 Points for securing OBJ2.

   - 10 Points for re-establishing all 3 OPs.

   - 30 points for survival of your forces.

   - 10 points for NOT using Reserve tank platoon.

   - Victory = 65 points.

   - Major Victory = 85 points.

Dogs Of War Vehicles: (in mission)

T-72M: Click here

T-55A: Click here

Sho’t Kal: Click here

BMP-2: Click here

BTR-70: Click here

Fuchs 1A6: Click here

BRDM-2: Click here

** Notes **
SB Version: 4.250
Mission Name: Rebel Raid East Africa
Created by: ben
Available at:
Modified by: N/A
Multi-Crew: Yes
Single Crew: Yes
Largest command: Platoon
Smallest command: Crew Position
Mission Duration: N/A
Minimum number of players: 2
Date: Sunday Mission 14/03/21
Time: 18:00 GMT
Time (local): Click here
Teamspeak IP:
Room: Steel Beasts Pro
Player Skill/Ability:
•   Complete at least 1 tutorial of T-72, or read the Wiki pages for T-55, BMP-2, or Sho’t Kal.
•   Working knowledge of Comms procedure.
•   HAVOC designated members and Red Alert.
•   Our goal is to have the DOW session more immersive and realistic.

Manning list:

CO/A Sho’t Kal:




Fuchs 1A6s


Support units:

Any position:

Mission discussion Click here
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