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CodeMeter FAQ
« on: August 13, 2015, 10:06:36 AM »
FAQ CodeMeter

   Installing and uninstalling
   Security and backup | CodeMeter for User
   CodeMeter WebAdmin
   CodeMeter Hardware | CmDongle
   Certified Time in CmContainer

Direct link here:

Installing and uninstalling

    Which operating systems are supported by the current version?
    Overlapped I/O operation is in progress and similar messages during installation: What can I do?
    How can I uninstall CodeMeter?
    I have lost my CmDongle or it has been stolen. What do I do?
    How do I have to setup my firewall, if the CodeMeter Licenser Server service is blocked?
    On installing CodeMeter Runtime on a Windows system an error occurred. What should I do?

Security and backup | CodeMeter for User

    I have forgotten the CodeMeter password for my CmDongle. How can I reset it?
    How can I get the CmDongle Master-Password?
    When is the automatic backup performed?

CodeMeter WebAdmin

    Can CodeMeter WebAdmin be used in every browser?
    Why does CodeMeter WebAdmin display an empty page in the browser?

CodeMeter Hardware | CmDongle

    How do I reconfigure a CmDongle without flash memory?
    I do not see my CmDongle as drive on Windows. Why?
    Why is my CmCard on Linux (graphic desktop KDE 4) not automatically detected?
    Can I configure a CmDongle as HID device?
    Is it possible to assign a fix drive letter to a CmDongle?
    Why does my computer not boot, if a CmDongle is plugged in?
    I regularly get a "Low Disk Notification" message for my CmDongle. How can I prevent this?
    Why is no Firmware update to Version 2.x provided for my CmDongle?
    Why are deleted files no longer display in the recycle bin if a CmDongle is plugged in?

Certified Time in CmContainer

    Updating the Certified Time and the CmDongle firmware do not work. What do I need to configure?
    The System Time (CmContainer) is of future date. How can I adjust it?


    On starting a protected application Error 38 displays and the application does not start. Why?
    On using CmActLicense and Hyper V I get the error VIRTUAL_MACHINE_NOT_ALLOWED. Why?
    How do I create a CmDust file?
    Firefox blocks the Java plugin and I cannot activate tickets in the License Central. What can I do?
    On starting a protected Java application the message "VM Verification failed! appears. What can I do?

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