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In a couple of days will be published the LOCKHEED FRF-104 G for MSFS 2020.
2 April 2022

Many have asked us if there would be a discount for those who had previously purchased the TF-104 G.

We would have liked to give this opportunity to the many who bought the TF-104 G, unfortunately it was not possible because only one of our distributors said he was available to manage the discount.

Then we thought it appropriate to put the FRF-104 G at a discounted price and lower than that of the TF-104 G, we think in this way to satisfy even those who already have the TF-104 G.

In fact, the FRF-104 G single-seater will cost 20 € compared to the 30 € of the TF-104 G.

We know we can’t please everyone, we’re sorry.
SSW Staff


Message for friends and SSW users
8 April 2022

From the developers

The problem of piracy is rather serious because it ruins the development and makes vain the efforts of the software houses to produce excellent products.

Just think that on some unworthy and disgusting sites you can find after less than 1 hour from publication a new model for MSFS.

For this reason we decided to distribute, at least for the moment, our products only to those distributors who assure us some form of DRM.

For now only MarketPlace and SimMarket are those who provide DRM to our products.

We hope that other distributors do the same, so you will find the FRF-104 G for now only on SimMarket and in the near future on Micrososft Market Place..

We are sorry for this, but otherwise the existence of Sim Skunk Works is at risk

Update 1.1
11 April 2022


- Fixed a bug that prevented user to customize TAIL NUMBER
- Updated frf104g_hints.pdf
- Turkish roundel added to kneeboard
- Painters that want add liveries should read the frf104g_hints.pdf at page 16


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