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Squad Update V2.5
« on: April 15, 2021, 11:47:17 PM »
Squad Update: V2.5
Wed, 14 April 2021

Come, Mr. DJ, song pon de replay

Hello Squaddies,

Today brings the new Squad Update V2.5 containing more bug fixes and updates to assist the V2 release. Included as part of this update is a new Replay functionality that will allow you and your squad to capture those glorious moments of play from within the game client itself to share later.

Be sure to share your best (or worst) moments with us via our social channels with the hashtag #CanIGetARally so we can help spread your amazing feats and be let us know if you encounter any issues via our Discord channel here.

If you are experiencing certain issues after the update, be sure to go to Settings ->
after updating. This will resolve common issues after updates.

System & Gameplay Updates
•   Optimized most Skeletal Mesh LOD’s. This means that most meshes will now correctly LOD (crush down) bones on characters, weapons and vehicles as they get farther and farther away. For example, vehicle antennas and steering wheels will no longer animate/be activated when they are too far from the camera to be seen, and at extreme ranges the wheels and suspension will no longer animate. This saves precious VRAM and CPU usage. It will benefit all players, but is expected to particularly benefit players with 8 or less GB of VRAM, and those with weaker/older CPUs. The meshes updated include: All Character Meshes. Most Infantry Weapons. Most Vehicles.
•   Added new Replay functionality and UI. You can find this under the Replay tab in the Settings menu.
1.   You can now create and manage recordings of gameplay easily via this menu. Includes the option to automatically record your multiplayer games.
2.   After playing a round, an automatic replay is created, you can rename these to save them permanently.
3.   Automatic replays are automatically deleted when over the maximum number of automatic replays set by the user, starting with the oldest replays.
4.   Note: recordings made locally in this fashion may not include data from far away entities, or things that were not replicated to the player during play.
5.   Also includes a small fix to an issue in the settings menu UI where if you clicked on a tab more than once, it would push you back to the Game settings menu.
6.   Note: There are still some issues to resolve with using Replay functionality. Fast forwarding/rewinding on the demo often causes a crash. Also Grenade throws won't be seen on a replay. Sometimes weapon firing audio cannot be heard. These are the same longstanding issues that will be addressed in time.

•   Added a notification message in the Server Browser when a player is attempting to join a server running with modded content.
•   Updated teamkill bans to once again be displayed in the text chat.
•   Updated ZU-23 Anti Air Gun with a new Targeting Sight Reticle. Includes emplacements and vehicles.
•   Adjusted HAB activation delay to 20s (was 10s).
•   Adjusted the INS Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine variant Max Damage Value from 120 to 94. This change does not affect full-length Mosin Nagant rifles.
•   Adjusted the GB L85A2 LDS Sight to have a thicker Reticle for better visibility in all lighting conditions.
•   Adjusted CAF LAV 6 commander and open-top mg seats (Seat 3 & 4) to no longer require Crewman kit roles.
•   Adjusted the RUS/MEA BMP2 IFV to no longer require a crewman role for Seat 3, the vehicle commander.
•   Adjusted Helicopter mouse deadzone to be a much smaller value so mouse movements on low DPI are much more responsive.

Bug Fixes
•   Fixed an issue with color banding. This was caused by r.SceneColorFormat being clamped to 0 to avoid exploits, changed it to be clamped to 4.
•   Fixed an exploit related to Commander Assets which could be intentionally cloned/spammed in certain High Packet Loss situations.
•   Fixed an issue where, if a round ended while a player was bipoded, that player’s camera would be permanently clamped in the next round, as if they were still bipoded.
•   Fixed more desync issues with the FOB Bleedout progress bar.
•   Fixed more potential settings exploits.
•   Fixed an issue where modded servers were being incorrectly listed as Vanilla servers. Server Browser should now show all mods that are loaded on a server.
•   Fixed an issue with map boundaries where Tracked Vehicles that drove outside the map boundary would only have 7 seconds to return to the area of operations, instead of the full intended 20 seconds.
•   Fixed an issue with the MEA Simir Kord & RUS Tigr Kord, where the vehicle’s weapons would require 50 ammo points to rearm upon spawning.
•   Fixed an issue with the MEA Simir HMG, which previously had an instant rearm time. It now has an 8 second rearm time, in line with other Vehicle HMGs.
•   Fixed an issue with the INS Mosin Nagant Rifle where partial reloading would incorrectly add an extra 6th round.
•   Fixed an issue with CAF soldiers tongues and teeth using a glove texture.
•   Fixed an issue on the Infantry Tutorial where US Soldier models were changing to lower quality LODs at too close a range to the camera.
•   Fixed an issue with the Helicopter tutorial where players were unable to get in another helicopter for a few minutes after crashing their current helicopter.
•   Fixed an issue with the M2 ACOG missing a luminescent dot in the reticle.
•   Fixed an issue with the TK Autoban time being set incorrectly by default.
•   Fixed an issue with the RUS 1P78 Scope 3P Mesh missing LODs.
•   Fixed a Client Ensure issue related to Capture Point Neighbors.
•   Fixed a potential race condition in the RCON connection handling, which could cause server crashes.

Map Updates & Bug Fixes
•   Updated Sumari Skirmish v1 lighting.
•   Adjusted Fallujah lighting saturation and angle of the morning sun to prevent/reduce potential shadow artifacts.
•   Adjusted some of the level and layer map names to use the map's full name.
•   Adjusted Al Basrah Invasion v1 vehicle layout, GB has 1x FV520 CTAS IFV, INS forward vehicles are now only Minsk Motorbikes, Modern Technical +BMP1 Turret now respawns.
•   Adjusted Chora AAS v3 Flag layout to be identical to AAS v1, but with USA vs RUS.
•   Adjusted the ExcludedLayers.cfg to no longer include all the map layers in comments.
•   Fixed an issue on Yehorivka with a compound causing graphical anomalies, replaced yeho_compound_v5 with a newly created prefab.
•   Fixed an issue with Track Attack Game Mode where vehicles were not spawning.
•   Fixed an issue on Narva TA v1 with floating repair stations and ammo crates for both teams.
•   Fixed an issue on Gorodok RAAS v3 where the actual in-game boundary did not match the minimap boundary.
•   Fixed Mutaha AAS v2 from being listed in ExcludedLayers cfg.
•   Fixed an issue on CAF Fallujah RAAS v1 with one of the two MEA T72AV MBT’s spawning instantly instead of being delayed by 15 minutes.
•   Fixed an issue on Skorpo Invasion v1 with the map boundary spline intersecting with the tunnel in grid O18-1-3.
•   Fixed an issue on Yehorivka AAS v1 with an incorrect respawn delay for GB FV107 Recon Vehicle (was 10 seconds now set correctly to 10 minutes).
•   Fixed an issue on Kohat AAS v1 with an incorrect initial spawn delay for one of MEA helicopters (was 60 minutes, now 6 minutes).
•   Fixed an issue with Tallil RAAS v4 BMP2 IFV having an initial 20min spawn delay when it should not have.
•   Fixed an issue on Fools Road Skirmish v2 with the location of the RUS Main Base protection zone.
•   Fixed an issue with CAF Belaya RAAS v2 the RUS Helipad was not inside the main base resupply zone.
•   Fixed an issue on Yehorivka RAAS where the GB LPPV had no space to spawn.
•   Fixed a typo in layer name of CAF Jensen's Range.
•   Fixed an issue on Goose Bay Invasion v2 and CAF Yehorivka Invasion v1 where the MIL T62 was using the wrong camouflage.
•   Fixed an issue on Sumari AAS v1 where the GB LPPV had no space to spawn.

SDK Updates
•   Updated all Blueprints which switch meshes based on map Biome (Handheld Rally Mehs, etc) to default to the first Biome in the array if they are fed an undefined or unrecognized Biome.
•   Updated experimental MI8 and MI17 CAS Helicopters to use the HMG Kord as door guns.
•   Adjusted the license plates on some static mesh cars to now use a string of numbers and letters instead of Arabic writing, increasing flexibility for these assets in a wider variety of Biomes.
•   Removed broken vehicle bay handler component from BP_PlayerController. This is also a significant memory optimization, as it prevents dependencies from being loaded.

v2.0 Known Issues
•   "Logi Bug" with resources being unavailable for certain players when they interact with logistics-enabled vehicles.
•   Various Kit icon issues - Occasionally the kit and weapon in the deploy screen squad list will show up as a white square instead of the kit.
•   The deploy screen squad list will sometimes display incorrect players that are not actually in the squad.
•   SL icons sometimes incorrectly show up for player kits in the spawn screen squad list (and outside of the squad list).
•   SL icons show up for every kit on ammo crates when rearming.
•   Player kit role icons are sometimes not being displayed on certain menu screens.
•   HAB will sometimes show up as "red/unspawnable", even when it is in fact spawnable. Fix has been applied but there still remain some alternative ways to reproduce this issue.
•   Some players may be experiencing very low-res textures after v2.0 release. If you are experiencing this issue,you are likely under the minimum recommended specs for VRAM (4gb). This may be mitigated by ticking the “unlock pool size” box in the Settings menu under the textures tab, but it may come with more performance stutter.

Legacy Known Issues
•   Occasional Player (Client) crashes in various circumstances. Detailed crash reports help us fix things faster, and we truly appreciate those that have filled out and sent in crash reports.
•   Player (Client) occasional crash at the end of a round, upon map switch, due to a UE4 Particle Crash bug upon seamless map travel. Actively pursuing a fix for this crash.
•   “Missing Turret in Vehicle Issue” - Occasionally vehicles have their turrets missing from the round start. This issue is a high priority for us to fix, and we are actively in the process of debugging the issue.
•   “Ghost Player in Vehicle issue” - Occasionally entering a vehicle makes a player permanently take up a seat in that vehicle. This issue is a high priority to fix.
•   "Mass EAC disconnect issue" - Occasionally upon the end of a round and when a map switch occurs, the majority of a server population will be disconnected with a “Server Closed Connection” message. Closely working with EAC to resolve this issue.
•   "FOB teleport bug" - Occasionally upon digging a FOB down, players within a certain radius of the FOB will be teleported outside of the FOB radius in a random direction.
•   Commander – When the commander changes to the UAV camera, he cannot hear local audio anymore, even though he still sees local audio transmissions in the bottom left corner. Others can still hear him when he talks. Additionally, when leaving the UAV camera, he hears all of the local audio broadcasts at the same time, originating from the point where they were initially transmitted from – even if the person doing the transmission has moved afterward. Will be addressed in a future update.
•   Vehicle Reset Feature does not currently work with Helicopters. This will be addressed in a future update.
•   Vehicle Reset Feature can freeze a vehicle in the air if used too close to a tree.
•   Occasionally a player does not spawn at a Rally Point. This often happens when numerous players are spawning in at the same time — This will be addressed in a future update.
•   Server performance may periodically dip when a server has a high population and high load. We are continuously working to improve server performance and optimization.
•   ATGM projectiles desync for other players that are not the gunner, however, what the gunner sees should be the actual synced projectile. This is an inherent problem, and the solution is currently in long-term development.
•   “Alt-tabbing” out of Squad during a loading screen freezes the Player (client). The recommended solution, for now, is to run Squad in the “Borderless” mode. This can be changed in Settings -> Graphics.
•   The audio module for Squad is initialized at the game start. If a player does not have a microphone plugged in at launch, or accidentally unplugs their microphone and then plugs it back in, Squad needs to be restarted to get the microphone to work again — This issue will likely require an engine upgrade to UE4.25 to be fixed.
•   SFX bug while Firing in full auto. If the player presses the fire button for a short period, the sound effect gives the impression that you fired more rounds than you did — This will be addressed in a future update.
•   Localization for most language translations is currently out of date. We plan to push a full localization pass in a future release as we lock down the text that needs to be translated for the game.

Local/Offline Issues & Bugs (these currently have a lower priority):

•   Local/Offline Bug with Commander – Insurgent / Militia Handheld Drone does not move in local.
•   Local/Offline Bug with Commander – UAV hovers in one position instead of moving along the flight path in local.
•   Local/Offline Bug with Commander – CAS does not do damage in local.
•   Local/Offline Bug with Vehicles: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, Tracks, Wheels, and other components are not destructible while on the Jensen’s Range in Local play.
•   Local/Offline Bug with Weapon damages: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, Weapon damages with both Infantry and Vehicle weapons are not accurately replicated.
•   Local/Offline Bug with Scoped Emplacements: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, if a player exits an Emplacement while looking through the scope, the Scope remains on the Player’s HUD until they get back in the Emplacement and then Scope out.

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