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Squad UAT #5 - Now on Public Testing
« on: February 21, 2021, 02:37:23 AM »
Squad - Public Testing has been updated to V2.0 UAT #5
Sat, 20 February 2021

NOTE: This is a crosspost from the Squad - Public Testing announcement.

Hello squaddies,

Welcome to the latest iteration of our UAT builds. The team has been busy working on the issues that you wonderful folks have been finding throughout our previous UAT builds.

Our current intention is to hold a playtest event this Sunday, 21st Feb 2021 (full details to be finalized in another post, keep an eye on our socials for info). We want to put this build through its paces and see if any critical issues would be detrimental to the release of v2.0.

If things are looking good, this will likely be the final UAT that we release, and V2 will release shortly after. Fingers crossed. We’d love you to join us on Sunday for the playtest to ensure we understand how this build runs on full servers, and we hope you are looking forward to a full release soon.

Read on to find out more on how to report any issues that you find and a complete list of changes and known issues so far with UAT #5

Reporting Issues

Help us playtest this release! If you encounter an issue, we truly appreciate players that write up bug reports and give feedback in our reporting channels on our Discord server. Channels are: #v2-beta-feedback and #v2-beta-bug-reports.

v2.0 UAT Update #5 Known Bugs and Issues
•   Some players may notice a slight increase in edge blurriness with higher AA Samples, or flickering with lower AA Samples. Forcing image sharpening through the gpu driver could reduce this blurriness, as well as the sharpening value ingame may help mitigate the effect. If you notice any of this, please list your hardware, graphics settings and the issue you encountered specifically.
•   The new Vehicle Turret system currently has an issue with drifting when low sensitivity is used, this affects Stabilizer both On and Off.
•   The new Vehicle Turret system has an issue where the turret stays moving and desyncs when using the hunter-killer designation right before exiting.

This build includes a networking improvement to turrets and helicopters.. If you encounter any desynchronizations (such as a helicopter not replicating properly, or strange vehicle turret behavior), please video it and send it our way through the channels listed above. This would help us immensely!
v2.0 UAT Update #5 Release Notes

Performance Optimizations
•   Overhauled Texture Streaming behavior, to improve performance for low and high settings. This has allowed us to increase the quality of many character, weapon, and vehicle textures while also decreasing memory usage.
•   Optimized / Disabled Mesh Distance Fields on a lot of small foliage (trees, scatter/debris meshes)
•   Optimized Mesh Distance Field resolutions for large foliage.
•   Optimized Lashkar Valley, Kamdesh, Mestia, Skorpo by setting more aggressive cull distances on pine trees.
•   Optimized rockwall coal material and other assets by removing unnecessary tessellation.
•   Optimized grass post process shader by reducing unnecessary complexity by up to 80%.
•   Optimized ADS blur with small reductions of constant overhead cost.
•   Optimized skybox lighting.
•   Optimized TOW discard effect.
•   Optimized and fixed some issues with Impostor post process shader (distant trees).
•   Optimized vehicle smoke generator effects.

Bug Fixes
•   Fixed an issue where the deployment menu would show players as recruits when they actually were not.
•   Fixed kits in Role Select Menu missing title text.
•   Fixed names kit names not appearing when mousing over roles in the Quick Role Select panel.
•   Fixed an issue with all Recruit kits missing ammo and bandages.
•   Fixed an issue with the Vehicle List in the Command Menu not sorting vehicles correctly by vehicle type/alphabetically.
•   Fixed an exploit where the MATV engine could be destroyed by small arms when shooting it through the wheel well.
•   Fixed an issue with the INS BRDM2 having double vehicle wrecks.
•   Fixed an issue with the INS Spandrel using the RUS Spandrel vehicle wreck.
•   Fixed a minor issue with incorrect name and description text of Mosin Nagant variants.
•   Fixed a minor issue with the INS Rifleman 06 Mosin Rifle clipping in Role Select menu.
•   Fixed an issue with the Modern Technical BMP1 using the wrong map and vehicle list icons (both now use Jeep Anti Tank icon).
•   Team Select Images now change to reflect the biome of the map in play.
•   Fixed Equippable Rally Point texture not respecting map biome.
•   Fixed CAF Handheld Rally Point using the wrong texture.
•   Fixed an issue with FOB Radios appearing in radial build menus.
•   Fixed an issue with CAF deployable menus where Ammo Crates and Mortars would show up in all menus.
•   Fixed an issue with CAF Ammo Crates showing duplicate Rearm buttons instead of the Change Kit buttons.
•   Fixed an issue with mine explosion VFX not correctly displaying at distant LODs.
•   Fixed an issue with the T62 MBT where hits were not playing impact VFX.
•   Fixed an issue with GB Rifleman 02 using the wrong material.
•   Fixed an issue with CAF goggles showing through smoke.
•   Fixed an issue with the CAF Eotech reticle size being dependent on resolution & mesh UVs causing artifacting.
•   Fixed more vehicle turrets to no longer make annoying rotation turning audio effects.
•   Fixed vehicle-launched ATGMs not causing splash damage to infantry.
•   Fixed vehicle reset menu back button wrong size and position.
•   Fixed an issue with the Infantry Tutorial where two voiceovers would get triggered at the same time inside the Motherbase.

Map & Environment Updates & Fixes
•   Updated Al Basrah Airfield POI to have more detailing and better game flow for Invasion layers. Also expanded the helipad area and moved the radio antenna for improved Helicopter landings.
•   Updated & Improved the TAA support of dithering post processing shaders used on things like road sides.
•   Updated the chain-link fence kit - Optimized material use, updated collisions, standardized LODs.
•   Updated fences and other flat surface objects to use a planar thickness shader to give a better appearance of having thickness.
•   Fixed a concrete wall used on Narva and other maps which was missing bullet collision.
•   Al Basrah: Fixed floating roads and fence materials.
•   Al Basrah: Improved alignment of minimap.
•   Al Basrah: Fixed log spam caused by texture issue.
•   Al Basrah Skirmish Layers: Fixed Commander enabled.
•   Al Basrah, Fallujah, and Kamdesh layers: Fixed blocked vehicle spawners.
•   Belaya: Fixed invisible player collision at the bunker entrance to the Train Tunnel.
•   Belaya: Optimized landscape under tunnel.
•   CAF Belaya AAS v1: Rebalanced vehicles.
•   CAF Chora RAAS v1: Fixed flipped logi.
•   CAF Jensens v4: Fixed CAF available on both teams.
•   CAF Goose Bay AAS v1: Fixed bad spawners.
•   CAF Goose Bay Skirmish v1: Fixed showing up as RAAS game mode.
•   CAF GooseBay AAS v1: Switched teams to CAF vs RUS .
•   CAF Gorodok RAAS v1: Fixed wrong Faction Setups.
•   Fallujah: Fixed exploitable rock.
•   Fallujah: Fixed a glass refraction artifact on environment static bus.
•   Fallujah: Lightened minimap and fixed wrong minimap being used in leveltable.
•   Fallujah Invasion v2: Fixed flipped INS vehicles
•   Fallujah Invasion v1,v2,v3: Fixed INS not being able to lean inside their Main protection zone.
•   Jensen's Range: Fixed z-fighting walls and sidewalks.
•   Jensen’s Range: Removed blockouts that were causing invisible collisions.
•   Kokan: Fixed floating and mis-aligned meshes.
•   Logar AAS v1: Updated the teams to now be RUS vs MEA.
•   Mestia: Fixed an issue with wall graffiti causing z-fighting.
•   Skorpo: Fixed mud having a backwards normal map.
•   Yehorivka: Fixed wrong materials on merged houses and fixed floating bush.
•   Skorpo Skirmish v1 and AAS v1: Fixed US main base protection zone collision overlapping the water.
•   Tallil RAAS v1: Set factions to USA vs MEA using Air Assault sub factions (6 heli per team).
•   Tallil Invasion v3: Moved INS secondary Main Base to be located on the north east edge of the map, in order for it to be out of the combat area.

Gameplay Tweaks
•   Improved the responsiveness of body dragging by doubling the trace size and increasing angle limit. This should allow players to more easily grab bodies and not have them auto-drop as easily.
•   Updated SU25 Air Strikes to now deal splash damage to light skinned vehicles.
•   Updated A10 Air Strikes to decrease the impact and explosive base damage and also decreased the explosive radius: base damage within 3 meters, falls off to zero in 10 meters radius. Expected results: 16 direct hits to destroy HAB, 39 splash damage hits to destroy HAB, 8 direct hits to destroy a tank.
•   Adjusted the ADS camera position of the CAF C7A2 Rifle iron sights.
•   Adjusted the RUS Kamaz Truck engine hitpoints to be Increased from 600 to 1500.

•   Added new Grenade, Frag and UGL explosion effects with better performance and improved visual fidelity.
•   Updated the Kit Role select mouse-over tooltips to be more descriptive. Tooltips should now always explain why a kit is unavailable, starting with the most restrictive ruleset.
•   Updated all rifle aimpoint optic shaders: Adjusted reticle size, brightness, and colour, Added improved lens effects, Implemented physically accurate parallax effect. Affects the following aimpoint sights: CAF Eotech, USA/MIL M68, MEA Z-Point, RUS 1p63.
•   Updated IED phone detonator to improve the look of the phone screen.
•   SDK: Moved deployable spawners on all layers to a separate sub-folder.

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