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Author Topic: Insurgency: Sandstorm January 2021 Community Update Blog  (Read 3690 times)

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Insurgency: Sandstorm January 2021 Community Update Blog
« on: February 03, 2021, 03:08:22 AM »
Update 1.9.1 Now Live!
Tue, 2 February 2021

Check out the full changelist and see what’s new in update 1.9.1.

New Weapons: QBZ-97 and QTS-11
There are two new medium caliber assault rifles available for Rifleman, Demolitions, Commander, and Observer classes: the QBZ-97 for Insurgents at 3 supply points, and the QTS-11 for Security at 4 supply points.



The QBZ-97 is an effective bullpup 5.56 caliber option for the Insurgent team at an affordable cost, putting rounds out a little faster than an AKM. The QTS-11 is an advanced special operations rifle with an integrated bolt-action grenade launcher, and fires flatter than an AUG A3 with its lower recoil and slower fire rate.

Removal of Competitive
With 1.9.1, we’ve decided to remove Competitive official ranked matchmaking from the Play menu. We understand that this change could be upsetting to our competitive players, but we feel this is what’s best for the game going forward. Competitive matchmaking suffered from extremely low player participation, with players often struggling to even find a match. This is especially a problem for us because it means new players who decide to try a competitive experience on boot up will essentially be stuck, confused, and annoyed. We need to ensure any new player in our community gets quick and easy access to much stronger experiences like those found in Versus, Co-op, or community servers. We want every gameplay experience in Sandstorm to meet a certain standard, and Competitive was not up to that standard.

For more information, please see our January community blog post here,8744.0.html

For the next two weeks our regular limited time playlist will be a modified version of Competitive Firefight. Modifications include normal Versus Firefight classes and normal supply costs for weapons and equipment. Other rules seen previously in Competitive Firefight like faster objective capture, shorter rounds, and 5 v 5 players are still the same.

Game Stats Improvements
We will be revamping the Stats section of the main menu to streamline the way we collect game statistics. New end of round screens have been implemented, and backend logic has been revamped to ensure XP and cosmetic rewards are correctly earned. As a part of this effort, the Weapons section will need to be removed in this update and reimplemented in a future update. Your game stats will still continue to be collected, however the UI to display the information will be missing temporarily. When we reimplement the Weapons and Achievements sections, all stats you have earned since before and after this update will still be seen. These sub menus just need to disappear for a little while as we rework our system, with no actual loss of data. We apologize for any inconvenience or disruption this may cause.

Here are the list of changes:
•   Replays are now found in Stats > History instead of Replays in the Main Menu
•   Improved end of round screen by adding match history and statistics at the end of every round

Gameplay Improvements
•   Added night equipment to the Firing Range

UI Improvements
•   Updated the Main Menu to improve the presentation of the 1.9 update
•   Improved the Result Screen when the round or match ends

Map Improvements
•   Fixed lighting issues on the map to remove shadows appearing and disappearing unexpectedly

•   Fixed an issue where a wall and door was missing

•   Fixed two areas players were unintentionally able to reach

•   Fixed an issue where walls were not appearing near Objective A on Push Insurgents
•   Fixed an exploitable area REDACTED near REDACTED

•   Fixed an issue where players who attempted to vault at a specific location on Objective C would become stuck in or enter underneath the floor

•   Fixed an issue where the fire and explosion effects of destroyed vehicles were not appearing

Bug Fixes
•   Fixed an issue with certain networking hardware that caused a crash when connecting to official matchmaking related to getting local IP addresses on Windows
•   Fixed an issue where the mod download status would start to count in reverse after reaching 2 GB
•   Fixed an issue where ammo carriers models were missing ammo pouches
•   Fixed an issue where vest color variation was not being saved when loading or saving a preset in the Customization Menu
•   Fixed an issue where old mod versions were not being deleted when new versions were installed
•   Fixed a clipping issue where the 4x optics were clipping into the first-person camera on the G36K
•   Fixed a visual issue with the player’s hands when approaching the standing turret on Bab Push Security at Objective A and vehicle-mounted turrets
•   Fixed an issue where spectators were unable to see through the scope when a player toggles an optic
•   Fixed an issue where the cosmetic presets were unavailable after the end of a round
•   Fixed an issue on the M1 Garand equipped with an Explosive or Smoke Launcher where the animation to unequip the shell would not play when swapping weapons
•   Fixed an issue where the fire rate would not increase when the Greased Bolt upgrade was equipped with the Mosin-Nagant
•   Fixed an issue where the bullets can be seen floating during reload when the player is near a wall with the Mosin-Nagant equipped
•   Fixed an issue where the smoke overlay was not appearing all the time while in smoke
•   Fixed an issue where the Ordering Fire Support hint showed the keybind for Aim Binoculars as Unbound
•   Fixed an issue where the tactical map on Hideout does not align with the compass
•   Changed the respawn message on the UI in Checkpoint mode to “You will respawn when the next objective is secured” to clearly indicate that respawning will occur after the objective is secured after any counterattacks
•   Fixed a UI issue where the Night Vision Goggles point shooting was not displaying as active
•   Fixed an issue where the Crouch and Stand stances could be temporarily reversed
•   Fixed an issue where the communication wheel would be missing text when swapping from a Commander or Observer class
•   Fixed a sizing issue of weapon icons in the Loadout menu
•   Fixed an issue where selecting a loadout preset would not make it the active loadout
•   Fixed an issue on night maps where the Loadout menu would show duplicated grey slots
•   Fixed an issue where the incorrect customization item would be incorrectly displayed on the Customization Menu

Known Issues
•   There may be an issue where certain magazines may be missing in-game and in the Loadout menu. It could potentially be fixed by verifying the integrity of game files via Steam
•   There may be instances where Insurgent AI and players occasionally appear as the default Security model
•   There is sometimes an issue when returning to the Main Menu after leaving a game where the screen may remain black and the frame rate drops before the Main Menu loads
•   There is an issue where the Cycle Optic and Lean Right bindings use the same button on the controller configuration
•   There may be an issue with collision boxes on players which could obstruct jumping
•   There are issues with overlapping UI elements in Spectator mode
•   There is an issue with scopes appearing elongated when aiming down sights on weapons equipped with toggleable optics
•   There is an issue where the Recoil Grip is missing when the G36K is equipped
•   There is a sizing issue of the Compensator when the AK-74 is equipped
•   There may be an issue where unselecting a Loadout preset is not possible
•   There is an issue where the 1.5x-1x A1 Scope on the AUG A3 has a black inner vignette when using focus zoom
•   There may be an issue where the M99 equipped with the Whiteout skin only allows one magazine to be carried
•   There is a visual issue causing blurring when aiming and using Focus on weapons equipped with the 6x-3x T Scope
•   There may be an issue when a person dies inside a vehicle where they may see two ragdolls
•   There may be an issue where magazines will not always drop from pistols when doing a speed reload
•   There is an issue where Nvidia Highlights are not being triggered in the event when a player driving a vehicle is shot at by RPGs
•   There may be an issue where an equipped Smoke or Explosive Launcher upgrade appears in the Main Loadout menu instead of within the Primary Weapon
•   When the player attempts to swap an equipped bolt-action weapon with another bolt-action weapon, there is a chance that reloading will not work
•   Mosin-Nagant Stripper Clip weapon upgrade does not push in properly when reloading in third person
•   There are improper collisions with the concrete blocks in the parkade of Ministry
•   The Wet Feet achievement may be unobtainable after completing Basic Training under Tutorials
•   AI-driven vehicles can get stuck in the Range level under Tutorials

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