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Author Topic: Hand Crank Controls Thread  (Read 2072 times)

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Hand Crank Controls Thread
« on: January 26, 2021, 03:19:48 AM »
The subject of this is whether hand crank controls should be changed. Currently, using hand cranks requires repeated tapping of the arrow keys. After these posts, Ssnake declared that Mirzayev's poll is valuable, and that he is going to wait for more votes before eSim Games makes a decision. The fighting between Volcano and thewood is continuing. ::)
Quote from: Volcano
Quote from: Mirzayev

It also appears to be the position of 70.97% of the people who have voted in this poll. This is from a response from 31 members, with 22 of them stating that they would like to see the current system change. That is why I made it, to give actual quantifiable data regarding the hobbyist community's opinion on the subject.
Not everyone voted - either because they were too busy, or don't care.   ;)

Besides, we are talking about the latest rage-of-the-update/week here, for something that has been the way it is for 21 years now.

There are benefits for having it as key presses, because its the only way you can map it to traverse wheels. A traverse wheel is a device that rotates, and as it makes a revolution (or part of a revolution) it presses a key. If its not mapped to a key press, then you can't use a traverse wheel.

The issue with the BTR/BRDM and RCL has to do with the fact that on the real life vehicle/weapon, it is effortless to traverse the small turret around freely, and is why the same behavior exists on all missile launchers (except the BMP-2s, which want to actually allow the option to use the mouse - this is known).

On AFVs, its not effortless to traverse with manual traverse, and actually, anyone who has traversed an M1 tank turret just 1/4 to 1/2 of the way around in real life knows this, and usually the gunner will either slow down, or have to stop and rest.

That said, could there be an option to allow for mouse traverse for all manual traversing turrets one day, possibly, who knows. I am simply explaining the original rationale here -- both from the intentional standpoint that its unrealistic to allow a vehicle turret to manually traverse around with easy, and the ability to map it to control wheels.

The attempt to strong arm some kind of change through a poll (as is common on game forums these days) is rather pointless.
Quote from: thewood
Quote from: Volcano
Not everyone voted
I don't really have a horse in this race, but this attitude doesn't make sense.  This is just plain poor marketing in every sense of the word.

Its basically saying anything customers say mean nothing, so I'll just do what I want.  And this why programmers should be barred from talking to customers.

So enlighten me on how you gather intelligence on your customer's wishes?  Is it from all the giggling chats on the MP sessions.  Or do actually go out and talk to every customer?
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