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How best to use Tacview when reviewing a multi-"round" BMS dogfight?


I've been learning the basics of BVR combat in Falcon BMS 4.34. It's been useful for me to use BMS's "Dogfight" module, because I can do a number of BVR engagements in rapid succession.

To this end, I've been using the "Match Play" variant of the Dogfight module. Each match has multiple "rounds". The way I have it set up, in a given round it's just me (in an F-16) against one opponent, e.g. one MiG-29A. In other words, a 1v1 engagement. When one of us destroys the other, a new 1v1 round starts. Eventually, when a set number of points are attained, the match is complete.

As soon as I spawn into the first round of the match, I start my AVTR in BMS. It keeps recording as the various rounds play out. When the match is done, or if I quit before the match is done, I use Tacview to examine the various rounds.

It appears that all the AVTR data are present, but I'm having a hard time getting the ACMI to play correctly, and having a hard time with the camera position.

The Play and Pause controls sometimes work, and sometimes not. That's true both with the spacebar and the clickable play/pause button on the Playback Control Bar. Holding down my mousewheel and dragging sometimes works normally (to move forward or back on the timeline), and sometimes not.

As far as the camera position goes, here's what I normally like to use:  External View, Dogfight View Camera, centered.

There are two drop-down menus at the top of the screen, and I like to select my aircraft in the left-hand dropdown menu, and my opponent in the right-hand dropdown menu.

Here's what seems like the ideal scenario for playback:

1) The time slider is at the beginning of the recording.

2) Time controls, both onscreen and the keyboard shortcuts, work as normal, without seeming frozen or disabled.

3) The camera's POV is looking at the center of the line connecting the two aircraft.

4) When Tacview reaches a part of the recording where a new round starts, it resets the camera position so that the camera's POV is looking at the center of the line connecting the next pair of aircraft.

If those things happened, it would be a handy way to review a series of air-air engagements that were captured in a multi-round BMS dogfight "match".

I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, to prevent Tacview from working in the way I envision? I might be missing some settings or controls.

Here's a sample ACMI recording, to show the kind of thing I mean:



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