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Author Topic: Marching Eagles: Austerlitz by Paul Bruffell  (Read 2474 times)

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Marching Eagles: Austerlitz by Paul Bruffell
« on: December 16, 2020, 04:44:41 AM »

Marching Eagles: Austerlitz

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Manual: PDF / Printed - Color
Editor: Yes
Period: Napoleonic
Turns: Turn-Based IGOUGO
Unit Scale: Grand Tactical. brigade/regiment/division
AI: Yes
Players: 1-2
Hotseat: Yes

'One sharp blow and the war is over'.
-Napoleon to Soult, just before ordering the assault on Pratzen Heights
It is 8am on the December 2nd, 1805. Napoleon Bonaparte is standing by his headquarters on the Zuran Hill. He hears musket and artillery fire coming from the South around the village of Sokolnitz, as the battle there has been raging for over an hour now. He has his suspicions on what is happening along the line, but though he strains with all his powers of sight, the conditions win. He remains blind as to the action around the village itself, and of nearby Pratze and the heights beyond.
Though, as the sun slowly rises like a great golden orb, the morning fog starts to melt away from the Pratze plateau. The fog's victory was short lived, and it is now clear to Napoleon that the Allied left is moving off the plateau to the South, just as he had hoped. In an hour, at 9 am, he will release the two divisions of Soult's IV Corps and spring his trap on the Allied armies. It is an audacious move against a larger force, but Napoleon is confident. As he should be. It will ultimately seal the victory in the battle known to history as Austerlitz, as well as the eternal fame of Napoleon himself.
In the fullness of time the path from the Heights would lead Napoleon, and France, to ruin. But the actions on this day, and in this place, would result in one of the greatest, and most momentous, victories for them both.

A Legend Is Born

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