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Author Topic: LIF:MMO Winter 2020 Creative Competition  (Read 2253 times)

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LIF:MMO Winter 2020 Creative Competition
« on: December 12, 2020, 02:05:42 AM »
Winter 2020 Creative Competition
Fri, 11 December 2020

Hey feudalists!
As the winter draws near, we have decided to prepare a special event for this occasion. We know well that you are a creative bunch with lots of amazing ideas, so the competition we’ve planned will test those creative minds as you will work together to create something special and memorable.

Event duration:
Winter 2020 Creative Competition begins today (2020-12-11) and will be held until the end of December (2020-12-31). Winners will be announced in the first half of January 2021.

Competition rules:
The goal is to use various materials (soil, clay and various minerals) in combination with small movable objects, such as barrels, crates, etc, to create large ‘drawings’ on the ground surface.

1.   The drawings should be roughly the size of a single fief. The theme of these drawings is, as you’ve probably guessed it, winter.
2.   There are no limitations as to what materials you can use. We’ve chosen this form to provide you with creative freedom where you can use a relatively wide palette of colors to create something unique in addition with small movable objects.
3.   The making of the art should be documented with screenshots/videos, and once the works are done and the drawing is finished, they should be uploaded to a shared google gallery and link to it submitted either via email or by sending it via discord directly to Arrakis#0001 or SolarTriangle#0618 with information about the creators and the location of this art. After that, we will make a final, bird view screenshot.
4.   Works will be rated by the Life is Feudal team and the top 3 works will receive premium rewards.


1st place:
1x ‘Jousting Royal Full Plate Set’ decoration
10000 Gods’ Favor
10x Hour of Inspiration Booster
5x Death Insurance (30)
Bundle of Winter Decorations

2nd place:
1x ‘Royal Full Plate Armor Stand’ decoration
8000 Gods’ Favor
8x Hour of Inspiration Booster
5x Death Insurance (20)
Bundle of Winter Decorations

3rd place:
1x ‘Royal Leather Armor Stand’ decoration
5000 Gods’ Favor
5x Hour of Inspiration Booster
5x Death Insurance (10)
Bundle of Winter Decorations

We can’t wait to see your creations!

— The Team

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