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Hello guys. I have just recently bought Tacview in order to view my aircraft (and a buddy's aircraft manouvers. However the CVS file seems incompatible. But I cannot find a difference in the file structure.
What is wrong about it? And what should I do? Of can TacView be hotfixed?

here is the file:



In this CSV file there is one line where the date is a string "UNKNOWN_DATE_TIME". This is causing Tacview to fail to load the file. Just delete that line and the CSV will work. (at least it does for me!)

We will improve Tacview to be able to handle a case like this in the future.

Note that your CSV file includes the data of several flights from February 2020 to October 2020. You may want to break that up into one flight per file.  :)

Hey thanks! good informative reply ;D

Yeah this is how the Dynon saves the data. As far as I know I cannot change that.

Do you get the same result as me?
The last flight of the recording, the aircraft is just spinning on the ground.

(25-10-2020 start at 10:30)

I would say the "last flight" occurs between 9:17 and 10:34 on 2020-10-25. If I start at exactly 10:30 I see the airplane making a circle while taxiing after having just landed.


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