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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #45 on: February 11, 2022, 11:56:48 PM »
Update sneak peek and call for testers
Fri, 11 February 2022

Welcome to testing Barotrauma
Hello everyone!

The next update is not far now: all the new content is ready to be tested by our Unstable testers. Want to be one of them? Read more about testing Barotrauma here  and get the test version today!

Coming up in the next update
Here’s a quick summary of the biggest upcoming changes. You can read more about all of them on our blog and see them for yourself in the Unstable test version.

Outpost medical services
– pay an NPC to heal your crew.

New subs
– three of them, to be exact.

New monsters
– three new monster variants, too.

Monster improvements
– quite a long list of fixes from monster AI to missions and random spawns as well as overall balance.

Character improvements
– continuing last year’s human character overhaul with polish and dirt in equal measures.

Performance improvements
as well as a number of other fixes and improvements.

The update is planned to be released on the last week of February. Let us know what you think!

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #46 on: March 19, 2022, 12:28:31 AM »
Introducing the modding refactor
Fri, 18 March 2022

Hello everyone!

We're busy at work on the next Barotrauma update again, and the first part of it that we wanted to write to you about has to do with modding. To put it simply, over the past year we have been quietly rewriting large chunks of Barotrauma's code where it relates to modding. This has been done to make things easier for everyone who makes mods, everyone who uses mods, and for ourselves as well.

While this overhaul should not break your existing mods, it will be of interest to anyone who creates or plays with non-vanilla content. With the modding refactor, we not only streamline mod-making and related settings but also address long-standing issues – things like mod load order getting scrambled with new updates, and changes on your own custom subs being accidentally overwritten when you try to upload a new version to the Steam Workshop.

We've covered the modding refactor in some more detail on our blog, which you can read right away, and we're also working on a more detailed guide to be released later.

We hope you will find these changes useful! The modding refactor-related changes are now available for testing in the Unstable test version, and they are planned for release in the next update, in the latter half of April.

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #47 on: June 16, 2022, 12:19:53 AM »
Barotrauma’s 3rd Steam anniversary update
Wed, 15 June 2022

Happy anniversary, everyone!

Barotrauma recently reached another anniversary on Steam. We’ve been here for three years now and couldn’t have done it without you – thank you for sharing this long ride with us! Head over to our blog for more birthday greetings, with a stroll down memory lane as well as a look at what still lies ahead.

The anniversary update
Today we’ve released an update with a variety of quality of life improvements, fixes and minor changes. We’re hopeful it should help with the performance issues we know many players have been experiencing, and there are some exciting additions as well, such as…

    Transferring items between submarines when purchasing a new sub
    New difficulty presets for campaigns
    Three new beacon stations
    Further modding improvements to wrap up the Modding Refactor we did before.

See the full list of changes just below and be sure to update your game to the latest version. Let us know how the update plays, enjoy the coming summer and thank you for being with us today!



- Added some new campaign settings: starting balance, amount of starting items and difficulty.
- Cargo mission reward of construction materials has been reduced to be less balance-breaking.
- Revisited all item spawns. Drastically reduced and adjusted the spawns everywhere. Disabled some spawns in campaign. All the subs should now start with a bare minimum in the campaign.
- Reduced selling price to ~25% of base price to avoid getting too rich from looting too early/easily
- Increased effect of "Requested Goods" to be 2x to compensate for the decreased selling price.
- Alien artifacts and trinkets can still be sold for a high price at research stations. (2x modifier, to compensate for the reduced selling price)
- Removed batteries from Headset, to reduce the value of selling/deconstructing these.
- Duffelbag deteriorates over time when in use, and now is carried with both hands.
- All items now deconstruct into less materials than it takes to construct them. Avoiding infinite construction/deconstruction loops for easy skill leveling.
- (Temporarily?) Removed most hand-placed items from the vanilla subs to make balancing and debugging the auto item placement easier.
- Revisited crew corpse spawns. The id cards are no longer manually placed. The cards found from the crew now actually work.
- Minor adjustments to bandit loadouts.
- Changes to chaingun. Now fires 500 shots instead of 200 per ammo box, at the cost of DPS.
- Added shredder rounds for chaingun, as an option against armoured targets.
- Adjusted the armor penetration of all turrets.
- Made location evolution take a little longer, colonies cannot be formed closer than three steps to another colony.
- Made wreck missions a little more common.
- Adjustments to the preferred containers (= where things are spawned and where they should be placed).
- Changes to the existing missions and how they are distributed. Added new missions.
- Reduced the costs for unlocking the biomes.
- Adjustments to the monster spawns.
- Changes to the item "gating". Some items don't appear early in the game anymore.
- Adjustments to the mission specific variants of the monsters.
- Added a large Crawler variant for some missions (removed the Swarmcrawler that was used for crawler missions).
- Halved Mudraptors' priority for eating dead bodies.
- Reduce nausea chance of energy drink to 25%.
- Changes to the campaign progression in general.
- Changes to the level generation parameters, especially in Cold Caverns and the Ridge.
- Changes to the level resources distribution.
- Changes to the event manager settings (that affect the monster spawns).
- Adjusted and normalized the item loadouts for all the jobs.

Chat improvements:

- Chat mode (radio/local) can be toggled using a dropdown next to the chat box or with a dedicated "ToggleChatMode" keybind (R by default).
- Voice chat now has only one push-to-talk keybind (V by default) which respects the selected chat mode.
- There's now a dedicated "ActiveChat" keybind (T by default) to open the chat using the currently active chat mode.
- If you want to keep the chat keybinds the way they were (separate keybinds for local and radio), you can rebind the "Chat" and "RadioChat" inputs back to T and R and the new "ToggleChatMode" and "ActiveChat" inputs to something else.

Changes and additions:

- Added damage overlays to characters (characters who've taken damage look damaged).
- Added two new beacon stations.
- Added a bunch of new UI sounds (tickbox toggling, confirming transactions, increase/decrease sounds for number inputs, cart sound for adding/removing items in store interfaces, selecting/clicking components, sliders and modlist).
- Added UI volume slider.
- Show a verification prompt if an automated circuit tries to make the submarine undock from or dock with an outpost. Prevents campaign getting softlocked if someone rewires the docking port in a way that makes it dock/undock immediately at the start of around.
- Color subs in the sub editor's list to indicate whether they're vanilla, workshop or local subs, added a tooltip that explains why some of them cannot be deleted through the editor.
- ID cards can now be purchased from outposts. The card gets assigned the appropriate tags for the character doing the purchase.
- Clients need to wait 1 minute if their vote gets rejected before they can start another vote of the same type.
- Increased the priority of explosion particles to make it less likely for them to not appear when the particle limit has been reached.
- Made matriarch genes slowly heal bleeding (not just afflictions of the type "damage") to get it to be more in line with the description.
- Adjusted small water flow sounds: lower max volume, lerp volume according to the water flow (-> small leaks are much more quiet).
- Added energy drinks and protein bars to vending machines.
- Reduced Winterhalter engine power drain (from 6000 total to 4250).
- Decorative level objects (plants and whatnot) can spawn on outpost walls.
- Adjustments on the particle effects of chaingun and coilgun.
- Added non-lethal rubber bullets for riot shotgun.
- Added a server setting to change if the looted money goes to the player or to the bank.
- Improved tooltips in the wallet menu to make their function more clear.
- Corpses can now be grabbed in singleplayer to loot money.
- Made the crew wallet menu update when the players permissions change.
- Prevented selling items from submarine containers tagged with "dontsellitems", instead of "donttakeitems".
- Removed merchant balance effect on item prices.
- Replaced "item sell value" with the location reputation effect on the store interface.
- Hide AppData path from tooltips in the sub editor to prevent exposing the user's name.
- Made the descriptions of some materials (that used to just say "useful for crafting") more descriptive.
- Increased oxygen generator output in some vanilla subs.
- Made handheld sonar beacon sound less grating.
- The client who initiated a vote cannot take part in that vote (except if they're the only client who can vote, in which case the vote automatically passes).
- Made flashlight flicker before the battery runs out.
- Added some lootable money to corpses found in wrecks.
- Removed the small equipment indicators next to the character portrait.
- Weapon holders now use the tag "mountableweapon" instead of "weapon" to determine which items can be placed in them. Allows tagging non-weapon items as mountable in the holder, without making bots consider it a weapon due to the "weapon" tag. Also allows to keep some weapons not-mountable.
- Ammunition Shelf can now also store Depth Charges ("depthchargeammo" tag added)
- Doors and hatches can now be mirrored in the sub editor (making them open from top to bottom, or from right to left).
- Depth charges can be stored in coilgun ammo shelves.
- Adding preview images to wrecks, beacon stations, outposts or enemy subs isn't allowed in the sub editor (unnecessarily bloats up their file size, as the preview images aren't visible anywhere).


- Improved the performance statistics view that's enabled with the "showperf" console command: more fine-grained stats and easier-to-read visuals.
- Optimized AI pathfinding when they're trying to find a safe hull. Particularly noticeable in colonies when the NPCs are fleeing from something.
- Optimized character status effects (e.g. health regen and other constant damage reductions).
- Optimized watcher's acid clouds.
- Optimized loading submarines. Reduces loading times especially when there's lots of items in the sub.
- Lighting optimization: now some unimportant (dim and small) lights are hidden when there's lots of light sources visible on the screen at the same time. The maximum number of visible lights can be adjusted in the game settings.
- Lighting optimization: the number of light recalculations per frame is limited, meaning that when there's lots of moving, shadow-casting lights visible, the game doesn't try to recalculate the shadows all at the same time.
- Lighting optimization: simplify the light rendering when zoomed very far out (e.g. when looking through a periscope).
- Optimized status effects that modify items' conditions every frame (for example, oxygen tank shelves that fill up oxygen tanks).
- Optimized many status effects by making them only execute once per second instead of every frame (most importantly, diving suits and volatile fuel rods).
- Optimized talents: buffs are applied to characters periodically instead of every frame.
- Optimized the logic that bots use to determine the safety of hulls.
- Optimized items: stop updating items that don't need to be updated more aggressively.
- Optimized bot AIs: in particular, the cleanup, repair, pump water and load items objectives. Should significantly improve performance when the bots are doing these objectives when there's a large number of items in the sub.
- Optimized entity culling logic (determines which items/structures are currently visible in the screen).
- Optimized a bunch of textures.


- Fixed server not refreshing the power grid when a client disconnects and reconnects a power wire.
- Fixed hull updates not being sent if the water/oxygen/fire in the hull doesn't change server-side, preventing the hull's status from getting corrected if a client somehow ends up out of sync.
- Fixed ballast flora sometimes becoming unkillable in multiplayer.
- Attempt to fix tab menu crew list sometimes getting stuck to a broken state at the beginning of a round.
- Fixed inability to access the character tab in the tab menu when dead (preventing you from creating a new character).
- Fixed occasional "hash calculation for content package xxxx didn't match expected hash" errors when updating/enabling certain mods.
- Fixed preview sometimes breaking in the character customization menu when switching the hair or accessories on Linux or Mac.
- Fixed fonts not getting rescaled when changing resolution.
- Fixed misplaced hull in the beacon stations.
- Fixed ability to pick up items and take items from other characters when controlling a character whose inventory is inaccessible while alive.
- Fixed message box about a too large preview image not being shown when trying to publish one in the Workshop (instead throwing the generic "publishing failed" error).
- Fixed Venture airlock (missing button, inner door wiring).
- Fixed level floor not being visible on the sonar.
- Fixed bots being unable to shoot with a turret whose line of sight is blocked by another turret (even though the projectiles can go through the turret).
- Fixed switching a sub making its preview image disappear from the submarine switch menu.
- Fixed an issue where the client was adding mission rewards into the bank on their screen causing desync.
- Fixed item assemblies still getting misaligned when saving.
- Fixed crashing when there's no audio device available (no speakers/headset connected) and a character enters water.
- Fixed crashing when trying to save an item assembly with a space at the end of the name.
- Fixed crashing when a character tries to operate a turret from outside the sub.
- Fixed submarine name being set to a truncated value in the submarine save dialog if the submarine name text at the top of the screen gets truncated, leading to a crash if you try to save the sub with that name.
- Fixed devices whose power consumption is set to 0 not working when not connected to a grid.
- Fixed outpost NPCs choosing the item to spawn for the device they're operating randomly, occasionally causing them to for example load reactors with volatile rods.
- Clients replicate sending chat messages to wifi components in mp. Fixes radio-linked wifi components not receiving the signals client-side.
- Fixed tab menu staying open during loading screens.
- Signal components' and terminals' sprites don't mirror horizontally in mirrored subs (what's a DNA, RO, ROX or XEGER component??).
- Fixed inability to rewire any docking ports in outpost levels, even if the port is not docked with anything (should only apply to the port docked with the outpost).
- Fixed "Ignore This" orders being wiped when loading an existing multiplayer campaign save.
- Fixed abyss area being very small in the Aphotic Plateau, preventing the abyss monster from reaching you if you go deep enough.
- Fixed status monitor displaying small amounts of water as 1% even though water detectors output 0%.
- Fixed autopilot conflicting with VELOCITY_IN inputs (now signals override the autopilot for 1 second).
- Fixed ConversationAction getting interrupted when opening an input-blocking menu in single player.
- Fixed sprite bleed in chaingun ammunition boxes.
- Fixed appearance of specific named NPCs being inconsistent (e.g. Captain Hognose sometimes being a woman or not having an eyepatch).
- Fixed certain scripted events getting stuck if you switch characters in single player (e.g. the events that require you to interact with fliers on the wall).
- Fixed crashing when the source of a rope is removed (e.g. when a latcher despawns while latched on to the sub).
- Fixed votes always going through if no-one votes.
- Fixed energy drink giving x10 more haste when used via the health interface.
- Fixed the monster spawns for the new game plus not working (currently a placeholder set).
- Fixed monsters spawning from missions not avoiding the engines.
- Split campaign state networking messages into multiple ones. Previously all the campaign-related data (map state, reputation, upgrades, purchased items, selected missions) was included in the same message, and whenever anything in the data changed, the server would send all of it to clients. This would cause performance and bandwidth issues in some situations, for example when reputation was changing rapidly.
- Fixed some pumps in Kastrull working without power.
- Fixed quick-reloading working incorrectly when trying to reload from a stack that doesn't fully fit in the weapon (e.g. when double clicking on a full stack of revolver rounds with a half-loaded revolver in hand).
- Fixed inability to quick-reload weapons with more than 1 inventory slot (e.g. autoshotgun).
- Fixed outpost NPCs having x3 more health than they should.
- Fixed morbusine not killing NPCs with higher-than-default health.
- Fixed graphics errors when using Razer Cortex overlay.
- Fixed bots being unable to repair Winterhalter's top hatch.
- Fixed server crashing if you disable all mission types and try to start a mission round.
- Fixed Chinese/Japanese/Korean text not wrapping properly on terminals.
- Fixed bots sometimes walking towards a wall or holding the ladders when they are idling.
- Fixed "main docking port" property not being taken into account when placing outposts (= the outpost was placed with the assumption that the docking port closest to the sub's center is the main docking port). Sometimes caused the outpost to be placed too close to the level walls, preventing the sub from docking with it.
- Fixed ladders not being visible in the sub preview.
- Fixed some UI elements being too large when switching from a large resolution to a smaller one, or vice versa.
- Fixed weapon holder sprite depth.
- Fixed level editor's test mode generating a different level than the editor itself.
- Fixed ballast flora branches that have been disconnected from the root not being considered disconnected after a level transition (allowing them to keep growing).
- Fixed "set default bindings" not doing anything in the settings menu.
- Fixed door/hatch gaps not getting moved when snapping to grid in the sub editor.
- Vertically mirrored beds can't be laid on.
- Fixed wrecked reactors being forced to non-interactable even if made interactable in the sub editor.
- Fixed keybinds shown in the controls tab not refreshing when resetting the binds.
- Hopefully fixed colonies sometimes not including some modules (most often the armory module).
- Fixed ready checks sometimes ending at a slightly different time client-side compared to the server, allowing you to answer the prompt even though the time to answer already ended server-side.
- Fixed large terminal welcome messages going slightly outside the bounds of the listbox.
- Fixed overlapping in the tab menu's mission tab when there's more than one mission selected.
- Fixed fabricators and deconstructors playing the sounds even if they're out of power.
- Fixed occasional "hash mismatch for downloaded mod" errors on Linux.
- Fixed clients occasionally spawning as the old character after they've opted to create a new one. Only happened if the client hadn't died and was still controlling the old character at the end of the round.
- When a client creates a character with a new name, the client's name is changed to match it after they spawn as that character.
- Fixed enabled mods getting disabled when updating them in the mods menu.
- Fixed a rounding error in Sprite.DrawTiled that sometimes caused an extra 1-pixel line on some scaled and flipped structures (e.g. certain wall pieces scaled to 0.6).
- Fixed Orca 2 still using the old chaingun charge time.


- Added "mod lists" which can be used to enable/disable sets of mods more easily.
- Option to choose which local mod(s) to add a submarine to when saving one in the submarine editor.
- Mods can be unsubscribed from by right-clicking on them in the mod list, and it's possible to unsubscribe from multiple ones at the same time by using ctrl+click or shift+click to select more than one.
- Local mods can be merged in the mod list by selecting the ones you want to merge and selecting "merge all selected" from the right-click context menu.
- Better filtering in the mod list: option to only show local mods, Workshop mods, published mods, submarines and/or item assemblies.
- Added "SameInventory" spawn position type to status effects (allows spawning items in the same inventory the entity applying the effect is in).
- Added support for multiple light components in wearables.
- Fixed permanent stats given by talents not getting synced to clients in multiplayer (doesn't affect any vanilla talents).
- Fixed nullref exception when trying to trigger a location type change to a type that doesn't exist (doesn't happen in the vanilla game).
- Added an extra tag to the "canned heat" talent to make it easier to add custom upgradeable tanks that aren't compatible with vanilla tools.
- Option to make status effects drop the items contained inside the target item (usage example in the duffel bag).
- Level object, cave and mineral commonness can be defined based on the biome instead of the level generation parameters (= no need to define commonness for "coldcavernsbasic", "coldcavernsmaze" etc separately).
- Option to define ConversationAction texts directly in the event xml (instead of having to always define them in a spearate text file).
- Extended CustomInterface functionality with NumberInput elements that allow using float values ("numbertype") and defining the increment size ("step") the number of decimal places ("decimalplaces"). (Thanks, mLuby!)
- Implemented <clear/> element for removing all the child elements of an element in a variant file.
- TriggerComponent now supports negative forces: negative force value will cause the it to pull triggerers towards it.
- Multiple TriggerComponent properties can now be modified through signals and CustomInterface components.

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #48 on: September 17, 2022, 02:03:12 AM »
Sneak peek: Changes in the shipyard
Fri, 16 September 2022

Hello everyone!

The next update will feature many submarine-related changes and additions, such as guns and upgrades as well as the introduction of submarine tiers, a new system of classifying submarines in terms of how advanced they are. Let’s take a look!

New guns! We’re adding two new large turrets: the double coilgun and the flak cannon. These together with the railgun are the new large weapons, which can only be mounted onto the new large hardpoints.

The Camel, a new Transport submarine, is being added. The other submarine classes have affordable starter options, and now the Transport class does too.
The Deep Diver class of submarines is being removed, and all the submarines in this class will become Scouts instead. Only Deep Divers have been able to get through the last few levels of the campaign, because even the fully upgraded hull of a ship other than a Deep Diver did not offer enough pressure resistance. We want to change that and allow you to finish the campaign by upgrading the ship of your choice.

The submarine upgrade system has got some adjustments to make individual upgrade levels count for more, and for all the different upgrades to stand out better. Different classes of subs also get slightly different upgrades, giving classes more purpose and identity.

Submarine tier, a completely new classification system, is being added to designate submarines as high or low end. Tier and class together determine how much you can upgrade a submarine, adding depth and dimension to the submarine system as a whole. Tiers will be assigned automatically to all existing subs based on price.

Want to find out more? Head over to our blog for a more detailed introduction of all the new content and features, and take a look at them in action in the Unstable test version. All these changes in the shipyard will be released in the next update, coming in early October!
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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #49 on: October 21, 2022, 12:16:03 AM »
Hoist the Sails Update out now
Wed, October 5, 2022

Hello everyone!

We’ve just released a new update for Barotrauma. Hoist the Sails brings…

    Improvements to submarines and upgrades, and a new vanilla sub
    All-new game tutorials
    Improved performance and multiplayer stability
    Many quality of life changes and fixes.

See this preview post for a more detailed introduction of all the new additions, and find the full list of changes at the end of this post.

Be sure to update your game to the latest version now to be able to host and join servers. We hope you enjoy the Hoist the Sails update!

To MacOS players on systems older than 10.15:
Due to the .NET 6 update included in Hoist the Sails, we have had to raise Barotrauma's minimum technical requirements for MacOS, and systems 10.13 and 10.14 have unfortunately lost support. If you wish to continue playing Barotrauma on these systems, you can access the game version preceding this update as a Steam beta.

Opt into "MacOS-Compatibility", available to everyone who owns Barotrauma on Steam:

    Find Barotrauma in the left sidebar of your Steam Library.
    Right-click Barotrauma and choose "Properties".
    Choose the "Betas" heading in the Properties window.
    Select "MacOS-Compatibility" from the topmost dropdown. This begins the download of the beta.
    When "MacOS-Compatibility" is successfully opted into, the name is displayed in square brackets alongside Barotrauma's title in the sidebar.
    This beta will not get any further updates but will remain available to ensure continued compatibility for the affected Mac players.

To access new game versions of Barotrauma on MacOS, 10.14 players should be able to update their systems to stay compatible with our new runtime. 10.13 players and everyone will additionally be able to find Barotrauma on Nvidia's GeForce NOW cloud gaming platform, starting tomorrow!

The .NET 6 runtime update only affects compatibility for MacOS 10.13 and 10.14, not other systems. Read more about the runtime update and its effects on MacOS in this earlier post.


Changes and additions:

- Completely remade tutorials. There is now a Basics Tutorial to cover basics like moving, inventory and repairs. More specific tasks are explained in the Roles Tutorial, where every job has their own tutorial to go through, explaining what it means to be e.g. an Engineer or a Captain.
- Added new mining missions, including some in the abyss.
- Reintroduced separate local/radio voice chat keys as a legacy option. Now it's again possible to speak with voice activation by default and use a push-to-talk button for radio, the same way as before, by setting the chat mode to Local and using the new radio voice chat hotkey.
- Device/item UIs can be moved around by dragging.
- Allow using devices while on a ladder or sitting on a chair.
- Changed reactor temperature bar colors (from blue to red).
- Higher quality stun batons cause heavier stun.
- Changed unit load device capacity to 12 (because the sprite has space for 12) and made them waterproof.
- Changed fabricator skill calculations: the most inadequate of the required skills determines the fabrication time (instead of the average).
- Made dying drop a characters' skills towards the maximum initial skill instead of minimum.
- Added a new keybind for opening and closing the chat box. The default bind is B.
- Added a warning if a new keybind overlaps with any of the player's existing binds.
- Overvoltage makes devices perform better, increasing the output of engines, making fabricators, deconstructors and pumps operate faster, electrical discharge coils do more damage, batteries recharge faster and oxygen generators generate more oxygen. Encourages operating the reactor manually and hopefully makes it a little more engaging.
- Added more randomness to junction box overvoltage damage, and made partially damaged boxes take more damage from overvoltage. Prevents all boxes from breaking at the same time, making overvoltage less of a pain to deal with and intentionally overvolting devices more worthwhile.
- Added manual temperature adjustment buttons which immediately increase/decrease the temperature of the reactor for a brief amount of time on manual control (bumps the gauge up/down by a fifth, and the boost fades out in 20 seconds). Allows reacting to load fluctuations very quickly, and conserving fuel by operating the reactor at a lower fission rate – a new benefit to operating reactors manually.
- Signals no longer set the fission and turbine rates of the reactor instantaneously, making automated reactor circuits less overpowered. They are still viable, but especially now with the addition of the extra incentives for operating the reactor manually, they're no longer as clearly the best and most efficient way to operate the reactor, making manual operation more worthwhile.
- Made the "distort" camera effect a little less obtrusive and glitchy-looking (smoother texture + less heavy effect).
- Made water-sensitive materials (lithium, potassium, sodium) spawn in waterproof chemical crates.
- Made crates deconstruct much faster to make them easier to get rid of.
- Sonar disruptions now hide minerals.
- Grayed out ranged weapons' crosshair when reloading (similar to turret crosshairs).
- Disabled the autodocking prompt (which verifies whether you actually want to dock when docking is initiated by an automated circuit) in single player.
- Improved the way drag is applied on submerged items. Fixes heavy items dropping at unnaturally high speeds in water.
- Added a splash effect when an item falls into water.
- The deconstructor UI shows what the input items deconstruct to (particularly important now with the lossy deconstruction recipes - it can be risky to deconstruct something just to see what materials it gives out if that results in material loss).
- Wall and device repair costs in outposts are calculated based on the amount of damage on your sub, instead of always having a fixed price.
- Inflamed lung doesn't affect characters that don't need oxygen.
- Added swarm behavior for crawler husks.
- Added some more oomph to nuclear explosions.
- Adjust the alpha of the outpost service icons according to distance to make it easier to estimate where the NPC is at. Show the title of the NPC when hovering the cursor over the icon.
- Added "unlockmission" console command.
- Added "setcampaignmetadata" console command (may be useful for modders creating custom scripted events for the campaign).
- Changed how NPC "titles" work. Previously we defined "titles" for the pirates (e.g. "Pirate Lord" and such), and the title replaced the name of the NPC (which made their dialog a little awkward). Now we display both the name and the title over the character, and special outpost NPCs also have titles.
- Gave diving masks to most NPCs.
- Changed the burn overlay formula: now also the non-affected limbs get half of the effect, because the sharp contrast between limbs looked weird.
- Restored the 3-shell Railgun rack as a legacy option.
- Reworded the "respawn with penalty" prompt to make it less confusing: you always get a penalty to your skills when you die now, and Reaper's Tax is an "extra penalty" you get on top of that if you opt to respawn mid-round. The intention behind this is to incur a cost to respawning, as it shouldn't be possible to get unlimited free reinforcements and supplies mid-round.
- Made SIGTERM close the linux server gracefully.
- Made respawn items (suits, scooters) spawn in the respawn shuttle's cabinets when possible.
- Show a healthbar on items (e.g. eggs and thalamus organs) when damaging them with handheld weapons (melee or ranged).

Read on:

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #50 on: October 21, 2022, 12:16:14 AM »
Second fix patch for Hoist the Sails update
Thu, 20 October 2022

Hello everyone!

We've just released another small patch to address issues discovered since the launch of the Hoist the Sails update, including submarine upgrades being lost when you switch to a lower tier sub and back again, and a number of other small adjustments and fixes.

See the full list of changes below and be sure to update your game to the latest version!


- Fixed submarine upgrades getting lost if you switch to a lower-tier sub that can't have as many levels of upgrades as the current sub, and then back again.
- Fixed "failed to find the end of the bit field after 100 reads" error when trying to join a server that has a large number of mods enabled.
- Fixed some monster events not being as common/uncommon as intended. In more technical terms (which may be of interest to modders): the commonness defined as an attribute of an EventSet did nothing, making the event default to a commonness of 1. The commonnesses defined for specific level types worked correctly.
- Fixed clients getting stuck in a non-functional lobby if they happen to disconnect or get kicked back to the lobby at a specific point when loading a new round.
- Fixed large turret hardpoint origin being off, causing turrets installed on a large hardpoint to be misaligned.
- Attempt to fix crashing when disconnecting from the server you're hosting.
- Fixed Ctrl+Shift+S shortcut (quicksave) not working in the sub editor.
- Fixed toolbelts and storage containers in old subs going inside toolbelts.
- Fixed submarine tier resetting to default when reopening the sub editor's save dialog.
- Fixed sub editor not taking filename case into account when saving an existing sub: if you'd try to save the file with a different filename case, it'd ask about overwriting the existing sub, but save it as a new file even if you opt to overwrite.
- Fixes to Herja room names (use Engineering, Gunnery compartment, etc. labels), add camera to the front, with a periscope for the captain.
- Fixed non-purchaseable talent items not being available as extra cargo.
- Sorted extra cargo alphabetically + added a filter box.
- Fixed taking items that spawned inside another item (e.g. tanks in a diving mask) from NPCs spawned by an event not counting as stealing.
- Fixed characters falling off ladders when using aimable tools.
- Fixed money gain/lose popups no longer showing in the campaign.
- Fixed inability to manage the campaign if there's no-one with permissions alive. Previously we allowed anyone to manage the campaign if there's no-one with permissions present in the server, but that's not enough, because the players with permissions can't end the round if they're dead. Now if there's no-one with permissions alive, anyone is allowed to manage the campaign.
- If Select and Deselect have been bound to the same key, the deselect input is ignored when interacting with another item than the selected one. Prevents e.g. falling off ladders when trying to open a hatch when both Select and Deselect have been bound to E.
- Made it possible to enter a hostname (e.g. someserver . com) in the direct join prompt.
- Adjusted the size of the submarine list elements in the server lobby to reduce the amount of empty space on large resolutions.
- Fixed event texts for the "scan ruin" mission being in an incorrect language.
- Attachable items cannot be attached inside walls.
- Fixed distance at which you can attach items being slightly longer than the interact distance, making it possible to attach items out of reach.
- Fixed inability to turn when you're dual wielding melee weapons and attacking continuously.
- Fixed inability to cancel deconstruction if there's non-deconstructible items in the queue.
- Fixed local copy of a mod you're publishing not using the version number you've entered in the publish menu.
- Fixed crashing when trying to open the tab menu's character tab with a character who has no personality trait (may happen e.g. if you use a mod that adds custom personality traits and try to play that save without the mod).
- Fixed sourcerect issue in alien generator + decorative sprite not disappearing when the fuel rod is taken out.
- Fixed corrupted mods causing a nullref exception when autodetecting required mods in the sub editor.
- Fixed minerals not disappearing from mineral scanner if they get detached by something else than a character picking them up (e.g. by the destructible ice wall they're on breaking).
- Fixed event-specific metal crate deconstructing to steel.
- Fixed inability to join servers that have enabled multiple mods with identical content.
- Fixed tandem fire not working if there's a character between you and the other character on a periscope.

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #51 on: December 10, 2022, 12:16:30 AM »
Preview: Holiday Update
Fri, 9 December 2022

Hello everyone!

The final Barotrauma update of 2022 is arriving next week, with a new campaign tutorial mode, a reworked talent system and lots of smaller fixes and improvements.

Campaign tutorial
We’re adding tutorial features integrated into the singleplayer campaign mode. The new campaign tutorial guides new sailors on their first mission with hints, tips and dialogue.

Reworked talents
Thank you for all the comments on the talent rework announcement we made a few weeks ago! After further testing and reading all the feedback we got, we’ve made a few adjustments to our plans. Here’s an updated preview of the upcoming talent overhaul:

    More talents. We’re adding 50 new talents in total.
    New generic talents for all jobs. You must unlock a few of these generic talents before picking a specialization, and if you want to, you can even unlock them all.
    More streamlined specializations. You can still get talents from several different talent trees, but you must complete each tree before moving on to the next.
    All talents can now be unlocked and used by bots. Recipes unlocked by bots can be used by the entire crew.
    Brand new talent-related items, such as the new Scrap Cannon and Arc Emitter weapons.

About the Captain’s third talent tree: It is on the way! However, as it relates to the various factions of Europa, it will only be added with the faction overhaul coming next year.

What else is new?
Here are some of our favorites from the smaller changes coming up in the Holiday Update:

    Hull breach shrapnel makes monsters that can’t get inside your sub more dangerous to players.
    You can now fabricate multiple items at once with a convenient slider.
    More varied creature loot, including loot from big monsters.
    New weapons: the Rifle, Heavy Machine Gun, Machine Pistol and Harpoon Coil-Rifle.
    Flashlight attachment for rifles.
    VoIP improvements, including distance-based radio chat quality.
    Fixed the Chinese and Japanese typing method to display the candidate box properly while typing.

Read more about the update and our seasons’ greetings on our blog and stay tuned for the Holiday Update next week!

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #52 on: December 14, 2022, 09:41:16 PM »
Holiday Update out now!
Wed, 14 December 2022

Ho ho ho everyone!

The holiday season is almost upon us, and Barotrauma’s Holiday Update 2022 has just been released. Please be sure to update your game to the latest version for…

    New campaign tutorial to guide new players on their first mission
    Reworked talent system with 50 new talents and many improvements and additions
    Many kinds of smaller improvements, like new monster loot, new guns, and more.

Find out more about the update in this earlier post and check out the full list of changes just below (only in English). We wish you a relaxing holiday season and a happy new year!


Talent overhaul:

- Redesigned and rebalanced talents: lots of new talents, changes and balancing to existing ones and replacing some of the more broken ones with new ones.
- Redesigned talent tree structure: there's now a selection of "generic" talents, and after you've unlocked 4 of them, you can choose a specialization talent tree. After completing a specialization tree, you can choose another one.
- Lots of new talent-related items and 2 new pets.
- Players can select talents for bots in multiplayer.
- Anyone can fabricate the items bots have unlocked using talents.


- Slightly adjusted values of handheld weapons.
-- Damage values of weapons have been adjusted to be more in line with their cost
-- Damage to structures has been revised (f.e. knives shouldn't be so efficient at cutting through walls).
-- Improved ammo availability for basic weapons.
-- Usage of a minimum difficulty level to have some weapons appear in stores only later in the game. Even some previously talent-only items can appear in stores now in very late biomes.
– Made some weapons available later in the game to increase the feeling of progression.
- Slightly adjusted values of apparel (armor, clothing, diving suits) to better highlight strengths and weaknesses.
-- Combat Diving Suit is now actually better for combat than the regular diving suit, due to higher damage resistances.
-- PUCS no longer gives a bonus to speed when using Underwater Scooter, as it has plenty of other strengths.
-- Mechanic's apparel now has higher laceration protection than Engineer's apparel, as that's typically the damage they'd get from failing to repair.
-- All starter clothing gives less protection now, while some shop/npc clothing now gives some benefit.
- Chance of finding good/excellent/masterwork quality items in higher-difficulty levels.
- Plasma cutter is now much better at cutting.
- Rebalanced damage dealt by tools. Damage should be a bit higher overall. (don't actually try to fight mudraptors with a wrench though)

Tutorial improvements:

- A new campaign-integrated tutorial that teaches the basics of the campaign mode in the first outpost.
- Various fixes and improvements to the Basic and Role tutorials.
- Added popups when completing tutorial chapters that allow you to restart or continue and to return back to the menu.
- Added a reactor infographic designed to help new players better understand the reactor interface. It's accessible through a help button on the top right corner of the interface.
- Added in-game hints for the genetic system.

Changes and additions:

- New weapons: Rifle, Heavy Machine Gun, Machine Pistol, Harpoon Coil-Rifle.
- Flashlight can now be attached to all ranged weapons held with two hands.
- Limit which submarines are available in each outpost: high-tier subs become available as you get further in the campaign, and the submarine class selection depends on the type of the outpost.
- Two new music tracks.
- Added a slider to the fabricator that can be used to select how many items to fabricate.
- Added an option to hide enemy health bars.
- Items' damage modifiers are shown in store tooltips.
- Added a button for treating all characters in one go in the medical clinic.
- Breaches through the submarine's outer hull throws shrapnels that can cause minor damage to nearby characters, making monsters that can't get inside more of a threat to the crew (as opposed to just the submarine itself).
- Added a new honking scary random event to beacon stations.
- Water-sensitive materials now explode when they've been in water for 3 seconds, not immediately. Added particle, sound and light effects.
- Affliction descriptions change depending on the strength of the affliction, and whether you're treating someone else or yourself.
- Added a button for opening the Steam Workshop to all tabs of the workshop menu.
- Added tooltips that explain how the bot spawn modes work to the server lobby.
- Added various new loot items to different creatures.
- Large monsters (Abyss monsters, Moloch, Watcher) now also drop items upon death.
- Husk eggs now come in two forms: Husk eggs with actual egg-like appearance and the syringe version. Typically syringes are crafted, so finding a syringe on creatures felt a bit out of place. The eggs look as yucky as you’d expect.
- Made saline significantly less effective as a treatment for bloodloss to make blood packs more useful.
- Nerfed flak cannon's explosive ammo.
- Emp damage now stuns and damages electrical characters (Fractalguardian and Defensebot). Modders note: it’s implemented as an affliction, so it's not tied to the "empstrength" attribute defined for explosions.
- Allow putting medium items (e.g. storage container) in medical and toxic cabinets.
- Some changes to wrecked item sprites (replacing the old low-res pictures with modified versions of the normal items' sprites).
- Optimized the server lobby: there was an issue in the logic that updates the microphone icon that caused the game to check available audio devices every frame.
- Optimized status monitors: previously some parts of their UI were always updated regardless if anyone is viewing the UI.


- Quality of the radio voice chat diminishes with distance (gradually fading into radio static), similar to the way as the quality of the text chat.
- Voice chat range also affects spectators (= spectators can't hear players talking at the other side of the level).
- Fixed speech impediments only affecting the text chat, not the voice chat.
- Fixed radio voice chat not working properly if the range of the radio is larger than 250 meters. Happened because characters' positions aren't synced if they're further away than 250 meters from the client. In practice, the quality/volume of the chat would stop diminishing after 250 meters, and then immediately cut off when outside the radio range.
- Fixed inability to connect to IPv4 servers when IPv6 is disabled.
- Fixed occasional crashes when shutting down a server (for example with the error messages "pipe is broken" or "ChildServerRelay readTask did not run to completion").
- Fixed "no core packages in the list of mods the server has enabled" error when trying to join a server that's using a different version of the core package you have enabled.
- Fixed "Input contains duplicate packages" error still occurring if you try to join a server that has empty content packages when you don't have those packages yourself.
- Fixed networking errors when the connection to the server is momentarily lost and then re-established.
- Added a cooldown to client name changes to prevent using it for spamming.
- Fixed bans issued with the "banaddress" command using a client's Steam ID not working.
- Server visibility can be adjusted in the server lobby (instead of having to restart the server).
- The "respawnnow" console command forces a respawn even if there's less than the minimum amount of players waiting for a respawn.


- Fixed candidate box not being visible when using the Chinese input method.
- Fixed switching characters interrupting outpost events (even if there's currently no dialog active).
- Fixed certain events preventing other events from triggering when half-finished (e.g. preventing you from unlocking missions when an event is still running and for example waiting for you to talk to some other NPC).
- Fixed bots sometimes firing in a random direction when they equip a weapon. Happened because the aim and shoot inputs could already be active when the bot switches from another item to the weapon (e.g. from underwater scooter to some gun).
- Fixed pirates sometimes being unable to operate multiple turrets at the same time (even if there's enough crew to operate multiple), and attempting to operate hardpoints.
- Fabricator chooses the available ingredient that's in the worst condition when there's multiple suitable ingredients available.
- Fixed Esc not closing the campaign interfaces (map, store, shipyard, etc) but opening the pause menu instead.
- Fixed piezo crystals no longer spawning in the Great Sea.
- Fixed characters falling off ladders when using aimable tools.
- Fixed currently selected mission being included in the mission count displayed on the campaign map (i.e. showing "1/2" when you're choosing a new destination at an empty location).
- Fixed inability to sit in cafeteria chairs.
- Fixed projectile impacts getting triggered by gravity spheres and other TriggerComponents (meaning you couldn't hit monsters near a gravity sphere).
- Fixed blood pack fabrication recipe outputting only one item.
- Fixed tutorial not progressing when inserting a welding fuel tank inside the welding tool straight away, rather than inventory first.
- Fixed PUCS not beeping when you're underwater without a tank if you're inside a hull that has oxygen in it.
- Fixed some issues in sonar AITargets which made monsters hear the sonar when they shouldn't: switching to passive would immediately make the current directional ping cover 360 degrees, and whether the ping was directional or not would actually depend on whether the previous ping was directional, not what the mode is now.
- Fixed items getting autofilled into non-interactable containers in wrecks and outposts.
- Fixed ID cards looted from the corpses of a wreck not giving access to the secure containers in the wreck.
- Fixed verifying file integrity on Steam resetting the server settings file.
- Fixed crashing if you try to open an access-restricted directory in the file selection dialog.
- Fixed a typo in physicorium shell's damage config, causing it to not do bleeding damage.
- Fixed money gain/lose popups no longer showing in the campaign.
- Fixed bloodloss and drunkenness never fully healing, just dropping below the threshold at which the icon appears. As a result e.g. drunkenness and bloodloss never fully went away, which caused issues with some talent effects.
- Fixed bots always opening the door/hatch they're trying to repair.
- Fixed power indicator not rotating with batteries.
- Fixed lights on welding tools and plasma cutters emitting light the next round if the round ends while using them.
- Fixed Camel's airlock not draining fully.
- Fixed Berilia's bottom EDC not being wired to a supercapacitor and a loose wire between the flak cannon and the right supercapacitor.
- Fixed status effects targeting "NearbyCharacters" or "NearbyItems" being applied twice. Modders: if you used this, double the effects (e.g. damage) to get the same results as previously.
- Fixed a rounding error that caused Health Scanner HUD to display every level of bleeding below 100% as "minor".
- Fixed speech impediment from the husk infection making the bots unable to register any new targets on their own (= without being ordered).
- Fixed bots having unintentionally long reaction times on reporting the issues, causing them to ignore new enemies for a while when they first encounter them, unless being attacked.
- Fixed the default aim assist being 50% instead of 5%. Fixed aim assist not resetting when the reset button is pressed on the settings window.
- Fixed other players not seeing the spray particles when someone uses a sprayer in multiplayer.
- Fixed ability to "fire" (just dropping the projectile) hardpoints that are connected to a periscope and loader.
- When throwing an item (such as a grenade), the whole throw animation is played before the item is actually launched. Prevents being able to throw items at a ridiculous rate by spamming the hotkeys and LMB.
- Fixed portable pump's per-sub limit not working if you attach them at a spot with no background wall.
- Fixed oxygenlow resistance not affecting the time it takes to die in an unconscious state.
- Fixed bloodloss resistance not affecting how fast bleeding causes bloodloss.
- Fixed numpad keys toggling the chat when the Chat key is bind to nothing.
- Fixed main menu sometimes appearing half obstructed when starting the game on Mac.
- Fixed husk appendage breaking if the character already has extra limbs from e.g. genes.
- Fixed blocked doorways in Alien_Entrance3.
- Fixed Cyrillic symbols not being visible in the server list's server info panel when playing in a language other than Russian.
- Fixed certain genetic effects (such as regeneration from Hammerhead Matriarch genes) not working properly when multiple characters have the same effect.
- Adjusted railgun, coilgun and double coilgun firing offsets to make the projectile spawn closer to the end of the barrel.
- Fixed loot sometimes spawning in vending machines' output slots.
- Fixed water level sometimes "flickering" up and down when water is leaking to a room from the left or right.
- Fixed resetting the UI position doing nothing to equipped items' UIs (e.g. handheld status monitor).
- Fixed items equipped in the health interface slot being sellable.
- Fixed inconsistent view ranges of large turrets.
- Fixed SMG magazine shape being inconsistent with the shape of the mag well on the SMG sprite.
- Fixed character portrait and health bar buttons being clickable (despite being hidden) when the health interface is open.
- Fixed occasional crashes due to location store being null when teleporting from location to another with console commands.
- Fixes to impact-sensitive items exploding at the start of the round (e.g. at the start of explosive transport missions or when purchasing explosives).
- Fixed bots occasionally being unable to operate turrets when starting a new round until they're re-ordered to man the turret.
- Fixed focus staying on the highlighted item/character indefinitely if you keep holding LMB, even if you're outside interaction range.
- Fixed some creatures not having enough space in their inventory for the genetic materials to spawn into.
- Fixed minerals still sometimes being placed outside the level in mineral missions.
- Fixed cave tunnels sometimes being too narrow to pass through.
- Fixed "man and his raptor" outpost event giving 1000 marks in an incorrect branch of the dialog (the one where you immediately accept the NPC on board, instead of the one where the NPC says they'll pay you 1000 mk).
- Fixed cases of interaction texts for focused item (most notoriously, the planter) not being updated correctly.
- Fixed "snap to grid" causing door gaps to get misaligned.
- Fixed weird equipping behavior on fruit and paints, causing them to be equipped in both hands when trying to unequip.
- Fixed junction boxes not getting damaged by water.
- Fixed opiate withdrawal only reducing down to 20%, but never fully healing by itself.
- Fixed engines reverting back to the non-damaged sprite when they're damaged badly enough that the sprite starts shaking.
- Fixed walls being set up incorrectly in vertical abandoned outpost hallway modules, causing them to stick out into the connected modules.
- Fixed bots being unable to fix Typhon 2's top docking hatch or the wall right next to it.
- Fixed crashing when applying upgrades to linked subs, and there's more than one linked sub.
- Fixed Research Station being in the "Outpost" subcategory in the sub editor.
- Fixed bots dropping medicine from PUCS when changing its oxygen tank.


- Added a button to the main menu that can be used to update all installed mods when there's updates available.
- Mods with errors can no longer be enabled. This change should encourage modders to fix errors in their mods and report bugs, as well as discourage players from ignoring errors.
- Removed most of the debug console error spam seen when launching the game or opening the settings menu when faulty mods are installed.
- Fixed mods failing to show up in the mods list at all when they have certain kinds of errors.
- Implemented the status effect type "OnSuccess" where "OnUse" was used instead. Changed "OnUse" to be neutral, meaning it always triggers, regardless of the (skill) requirements. You may need to switch using "OnSuccess" instead of "OnUse", if it's intended for the status effect to trigger only when the (skill) requirements are matched.
- Fixed increasing an item's HealthMultiplier making the items appear damaged in existing subs/saves (e.g. if you doubled an item's maximum condition, the items would remain in the old maximum condition and appear 50% damaged).
- Fixed crashing if a talent is triggered when the character receives some affliction, and that talent applies the same affliction on the character.
- Fixed crashing if the ingredient of a fabrication recipe can't be found.
- Fixed inability to sync properties of ItemComponents that the item has multiple of (meaning that it was only possible to e.g. edit the light color of the item's first LightComponent if it has multiple).
- Added 'launchimpulse' on RangedWeapon to affect projectile's speed (sum of launch impulses).
- Added 'penetration' on RangedWeapon to affect projectile's penetration (sum of penetration).
- Added 'DontApplyToHands' property to Propulsion, preventing extra force applying to hands when the item is held in hands (instead applying only to the character's whole body).
- Added a skill requirement conditional for StatusEffect, example: <Conditional skillrequirement="true" weapons="lt 35" /> to make a status effect occur only if the target has less than 35 weapon skill.
- Added ReloadSkillRequirement and ReloadNoSkill to RangedWeapon. E.g. a weapon with reload=2s, ReloadSkillRequirement=40, ReloadNoSkill=5s will have a character with 20 weapons skill reload at 3.5 s.
- Fixed sound's frequency multiplier not working in many cases (status effects, specific item sounds like turret movement sounds).
- Made it possible to check if some value is null or not with PropertyConditionals (e.g. CurrentHull="eq null").
- Added UseEnvironment.None to Propulsion component.
- Fixed the debug console command "head" causing the character to disappear. The command can be used for changing the appearance of the character at runtime.
- Status effects of type "OnUse" on projectiles now trigger when the projectile is launched. Previously it launched when the projectile hit the target. Use OnImpact (or OnSuccess/OnFailure) when you want something to happen when the projectile hits the target.
- Added an option to multiply the damage by max vitality (relative damage) per affliction definition, in addition to the "multiplyAfflictionsByMaxVitality" attribute defined for the status effects. If you want to define it for an affliction separately, leave the status effect level definition undefined, because it'd override the affliction specific value.
- Fixed item's OnSpawn effects being applied twice.
- Fixed item components that inherit the status effects from another item component (e.g. the medical syringes) triggering the status effects twice when the effect is triggered via the item and not via the item component. Didn’t cause issues with the vanilla items, but might affect some mods. If your item e.g. suddenly does only half of the damage after the update, it’s possible that it was affected by the bug. Just double the effect to fix it.

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #53 on: January 28, 2023, 03:28:38 AM »
Preview: Pre-patch for Barotrauma 1.0
Fri, 27 January 2023

Hello everyone!

We are excited to tell you our 1.0 release is coming this spring. Before that, we’re releasing a pre-patch that includes some final fixes and changes that we wanted to release while still in Early Access.

For many players, the most noteworthy additions in this pre-patch are reworked poisons and status effects. Unfortunately, these changes mean that some mods will not function properly until the creator updates them. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope that by releasing these changes in advance, we give all modders enough time to update their mods before our big release!

•   Monsters can be infected with poisons, making poisons and the medic class more useful in combat.
•   Poisons have been redesigned to provide more interesting and varying effects, and the overall strength of poisons has been adjusted.
•   Applying poisons will increase the players’ medical skill.

Status effects
•   Changes to the overall targeting logic of status effects.
•   Status effect skill and item requirement checks have also been changed.

These changes will require some mods that use status effects to be updated. Please see this Steam forum post for more details.

Other changes and additions
•   Transparent visors for diving suits.
•   Modified clients are no longer able to pick up unpickable items.
•   Some submarine upgrades now cost materials or items in addition to money.
•   Better support for playing the multiplayer campaign without a host or someone with campaign management permissions on the server.

Important information about Barotrauma 1.0

In preparation for our 1.0 release, we are going to adjust Barotrauma’s pricing on Steam in two weeks, on February 10. What this means is that the next two weeks will be the last chance to buy Barotrauma at its Early Access price – and we have a new discount period starting today to give everyone one last good deal on the game before we reach 1.0. Please tell your friends if they have been waiting to dive in! The price increase will not affect anyone who already owns Barotrauma.

Read more about the update and our plans on our blog , and stay tuned for the pre-patch next week!

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #54 on: February 11, 2023, 12:12:48 AM »
Introducing the Europa Coalition
Fri, 10 February 2023

Hello everyone!

One of the big additions in Barotrauma’s 1.0 update will be an overhaul of the faction system, complete with new missions, events, and more. Let’s take a look at all the different groups, one by one, starting with the Europa Coalition. Who are they and where did they come from?

A few decades before the events of Barotrauma, the Coalition started out as a trade agreement between two prominent settlements on Europa, with some help from private paramilitary groups. They expanded their reach rapidly and aggressively, seizing control of important trade routes and other settlements. This has led them to become the de facto Europan superpower, governing civil society, trade and manufacturing with an iron fist.

The Coalition strives to preserve humanity on Europa, and they work tirelessly to maintain some semblance of peace and stability on the moon. Known to resort to ruthless tactics, however, the Coalition is not without its enemies.

Will you choose to fight for the Coalition, dispose of dissidents and help keep Europa safe?

Head over to our blog to learn more about the Europa Coalition, and get a sneak peek at some of the upcoming faction overhaul features!

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #55 on: February 18, 2023, 12:41:46 AM »
Introducing the Jovian Separatists
Fri, 17 February 2023

Hello everyone!

Last week, we wrote about the Europa Coalition and their history. Now it’s time to take a closer look at their rivals: the Jovian Separatists.

When the Europa Coalition was gathering influence, their main political rival was the Jovian People’s Movement. In contrast to the Coalitions’ idea of an autocratic system, the JPM wanted to establish a democratic government on Europa through nonviolent means.

Following a tragic accident that claimed the lives of many JPM supporters, the Coalition was able to win the general election and become the main political power of Europa. This sparked suspicion, unrest and conflicts between the Coalition and JPM supporters, and the movement was eventually declared a terrorist organization. Thus, the Jovian Separatists came to be.

The Separatists’ aim is to overthrow the established regime and challenge the status quo. Over the years leading up to the start of Barotrauma’s events, they have splintered into smaller groups around Europa, some engaging in guerrilla warfare against the Coalition, some favoring more diplomatic methods.

Will you fight the good fight against the Coalition, and help the Separatists on their way towards a more democratic Europa?

For more detailed information on the Separatists and sneak peeks into a few upcoming features of Barotrauma 1.0, head over to our blog

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #56 on: February 28, 2023, 12:14:06 AM »
Barotrauma 1.0 coming on March 13
Mon, 27 February 2023


The time is almost here, and we can finally tell you that Barotrauma is coming out of Early Access on Monday, March 13, just two weeks from now.

Are you ready? We are shaking in our diving suits! We’ve spent almost a year working on the upcoming 1.0 update, and we can’t wait to hear what you think about it. It introduces the faction overhaul, which we have been teasing in recent weeks, and a proper ending to the campaign. What’s really down in the depths? Definitely not just a doomworm, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise.

After almost four years in early access and closer to a decade in development, March 13 is going to be a huge day for us and Barotrauma. Four people from our team sat down in front of a camera to tell you a bit more about that journey. Take a look at this behind the scenes video for our story!

Thank you for sailing with us for so long. The end of Early Access is not the end of our development, and we still have more updates planned after 1.0, but now it’s time to say: Welcome to Europa.

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #57 on: March 14, 2023, 12:23:13 AM »
Barotrauma 1.0 out now!
Mon, 13 March 2023

Submariners ahoy!

The time has finally come, and Barotrauma 1.0 has been released. The 1.0 update introduces the faction overhaul, replete with new missions and events, an improved reputation system, and lots of faction-specific items and perks. The update also unlocks the campaign ending, with a brand new endgame sequence to conclude your adventure. Find a more detailed summary of the update in this preview post, and see the full list of changes at the end of this post.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has joined us on our Early Access journey. While 1.0 will not be the last Barotrauma update, it is a momentous one, and we are grateful to be sharing it with you. Welcome to Europa, sailors old and new!


Faction overhaul:

- Outposts are controlled by the Europa Coalition or Jovian Separatists, and some of them include a module belonging to the Church of Husk or Children of the Honkmother.
- Got rid of location-specific reputation. Now all the events/missions give faction reputation instead (excluding missions that aren't related to or given by a faction, e.g. abandoned outpost missions).
- Lots of new outpost events, and a longer "event chain" for the secondary factions.
- Lots of new faction-specific missions: some variants of existing missions, some new.
- Faction-specific hires: "generic" high-level characters with more experience points and better gear than normal hireable NPCs. Available for hiring when Coalition or Separatist reputation is high enough.
- Special, named characters who can be hired via scripted events after reaching a high enough reputation.
- Faction-specific vendors (separatists, husks, clowns) who sell special items (many of which are completely new) if your reputation is high enough.
- If your Coalition/Separatist reputation is low enough, you may get attacked by their vessel during missions.
- There's now always two paths from biome to another, one controlled by the Coalition and one by the Separatists.
- Improvements to the campaign map.
- Added a 3rd talent tree, "Politician", for the Captain. Focused around faction relations and reputation.


- Completely remade the ending of the campaign. Now you'll get to see what's beyond the Eye of Europa and perhaps uncover the cause for the increasing levels of radiation.
- New types of enemies/bosses.
- Some new events to foreshadow the ending during the course of the campaign.

Misc changes:

- New loading screen / location portraits.
- Four new music tracks.
- Items' skill requirements are shown in their tooltips (the same way as damage resistances).
- Tweaks to poisons.
- Adjusted Europan Handshake to work better with the overhauled morbusine poisoning.
- Acid Grenades and 40mm Acid Grenades are now properly affected by talents
- Acid Grenades and 40mm Acid Grenades deal more damage and slow enemies down, making them more viable against fast monsters.
- Made regular 40mm grenades penetrate armor more efficiently.
- Made Diving Suits resist Acid Burns a bit more.
- Europa Brew's Acid Vulnerability is now double as effective (200% damage taken instead of 100%).
- Adjustment to throwable items (shorter throw distance and reduced speed in water).
- Made flares float in place to make them more useful.
- Made high-quality stun guns more effective (stunning the target faster).
- The health scanner always shows poisons and paralysis on monsters to make it easier to determine whether the poisoning is progressing or wearing off.
- A pass on sound ranges: the ranges should now be more consistent and sensible.
- Made moloch shell fragment and riot shield medium items instead of small to fix them going inside e.g. toolbelts.
- Made husk eggs consumable.
- Made it more difficult to repeatedly enter an abandoned outpost and re-loot the bandits: now the bandits immediately attack you if you re-enter the outpost.
- Monsters you haven't encountered yet are now hidden by default in the character editor. Can be enabled using the command "showmonsters" and re-hidden using "hidemonsters". The value is saved in creaturemetrics.xml. Doesn't affect custom creatures.
- Fixed character crush depths behaving inconsistently (varying between levels, e.g. sometimes crushing the character at the depth of 2000 meters, sometimes 3000).
- Improvements to submarine crush depth effects: previously the breaches were easy to deal with because pressure did small amounts of damage to all walls, now it instead does heavier damage to some walls (and the amount of damage and walls to damage increases with depth).
- Added a round light component variant.
- Increased the hard-coded max mission count back from 3 to 10. It'd be preferable to not change the value above 3 in the vanilla game, but since campaign settings are not moddable, we shouldn't be too strict about it (because it can be useful for a mod that this value can be adjusted).
- Miscellaneous optimizations.
- New slot indicator icons (= the icons that show what can go inside some items, like tanks/ammo).
- Made outpost hull repair service cheaper.
- Doors can now be damaged by melee weapons and ranged (handheld) weapons. (They were already destructible by submarine mounted weapons and explosives)
- Adjusted and rebalanced item damage for most items, to take into account doors being destructible.
- Reduced time needed for a crowbar to open doors, 7.5s for regular doors, 6s for wrecked doors (down from 10 s).
- Boosted Plasma Cutter damage against doors and items (walls not touched).
- Made galena more common in order to make lead easier to get.
- Added Auto Operate option for all turrets. Can be enabled in the submarine editor. Not currently used on vanilla submarines. Auto operated turrets don't require a person to operate them, but they still require power and ammunition (-> someone needs to reload them).
- Exosuits are powered by fuel rods instead of batteries.
- Adjusted plant spawn rates in caves.
- Made lead more common in stores.


- Added a language filter to the server browser.
- Fixed reports given by dragging and dropping them on the status monitor always targeting the room the character is inside.
- Improvements to medical clinic syncing (should fix some of the afflictions a character has sometimes not being visible on the list).
- Fixed crashing if you close a server when mod downloads are disabled.
- Improved projectile syncing: spread now behaves the same client-side as it does server-side (as opposed to being completely random).
- Improvements/fixes to dialogs that are shown to multiple clients: disable the option buttons when another client chooses an option, and highlight the option that was chosen.
- Fixed server randomizing the game mode at the end of the round when playing a campaign with the game mode selection set to Random.
- Fixed inability to join servers with a submarine switch/purchase vote running.
- Fixed votes passing if the client who initiated them disconnects before anyone else votes.
- Fixed inability to gain more than 15 talent points in the multiplayer campaign.


- Fixed bots considering certain multi-hull rooms flooded when they are not.
- Fixed bots deciding prematurely that they can't fix an item when it's deteriorating (e.g. when it's submerged).
- Fixed bots removing battery cells from exosuits when ordered to charge batteries.
- Fixed bots sometimes getting stuck in automatic doors and/or double doors, because they didn't wait for the door to open entirely before pressing the button again.
- Improved bot ‘extinguish fires’ behavior. Fixes bots sometimes not being able to extinguish larger fires, because they stopped too far and didn't keep advancing towards the target.
- Fixed bots claiming that they can't return back to the sub and then following the order anyway.
- Improved the ‘find safety’ calculations so that the bots give more preference to the distance of the room.
- Fixed some remaining issues and edge cases in the logic over when the bot needs diving gear and when it can be taken off.
- Fixed captains (and some NPCs) idling in the airlock if they equip a diving suit.
- Bot can now target items (like projectiles) with turrets and have different targeting priorities on different monsters.
- Fixed bots being allowed to reach items that are too far to be interacted with.


- Fixes and improvements to translations (Japanese and Chinese in particular).
- Fixed light components with a range of 0 and a hidden sprite being invisible against dark backgrounds.
- Various fixes to Typhon 1: most notably, adjusting the hulls to prevent some rooms from being impossible to drain fully.
- Fixed "kill" command not killing characters under the influence of "Miracle Worker".
- Fixed some lights becoming invisible when their range is set to 0 and they're against a dark background.
- Fixed lights turning on without power when they receive a toggle or set_color input.
- Fixed changing the amount of items to fabricate inadvertently starting(or activating) fabrication in MP if you've previously started fabricating something
- Fixed campaign settings resetting in the campaign setup menu every time you relaunch the game (meaning you'd always need to e.g. remember to toggle the tutorial off if you want to play without it).
- Fixed inverted mouse buttons not working properly since the last update: the left mouse button was considered the primary mouse button regardless of your OS settings.
- Fixed status monitor not properly displaying condition on tinkered items.
- Fixed machines smoking when above 100% condition with tinkering.
- Fixed inventory overlapping with the chatbox on low aspect ratios (small width, large height).
- Fixed some layering issues in abandoned outposts.
- Fixed water-sensitive items sometimes spawning as loot in wrecks.
- Fixed radio static still playing even if you don't have a headset.
- Fixed rifle grenade sounds not working.
- Fixed crashing on startup if the MD5 hash cache file is empty.
- Fixed research stations and loaders not being visible on the status monitor's electrical view.
- Fixed artifact missions sometimes choosing the same artifact as a target if you happen to have multiple missions active at a time, which would lead to console errors when the round ends.
- Fixed exosuit playing the warning beep if there's empty or almost empty tanks in any of its slots.
- Fixed oxygen generators deteriorating in some of the outpost modules.
- Fixed reputation loss when a character other than the player (e.g. crawlers in the 'crawleroutbreak' event) damages the outpost walls.
- Fixed outpost modules sometimes being placed in a way that makes them overlap with the sub.
- Fixed characters trying to walk in flooded spaces that are too low to stand in (like some of the tight passages in alien ruins).
- Genetic material backwards compatibility to fix old unidentified genetic materials disappearing from saves prior to v0.21.6.0.
- Fixed genetic materials being too rare in outposts now.
- Fixed hunting grounds affecting outposts 2 steps away, not just ones in adjacent locations.
- Fixed "residual waste" talent duplicating genetic materials.
- Fixed monsters sometimes spawning inside destructible ice chunks in caves.
- Fixed respawn shuttle sometimes spawning inside floating ice chunks.
- Fixed equipping a ranged weapon setting its reload timer to 1, making it possible to reduce some weapons' loading times by unequipping and equipping them.
- Fixed partially consumed items not staying on top of the stack they're in.
- Fixed submarine tier and class affecting the prices of the submarine upgrades: e.g. a tier 2 upgrade would cost more on a submarine where tier 2 is the maximum than on a submarine with a higher maximum.
- Fixed reputation loss when you steal items from bandits in a beacon station.
- Fixed equipped flares igniting when you click on the inventory.
- Fixed "Quickdraw" talent not affecting Alien Pistols.
- Fixed toolbelts and other items worn on the torso getting hidden when wearing a safety harness.
- Fixed advanced syringe gun and slipsuit fabrication recipes.
- Fixed floating pumps and ladder layering issues in Herja.
- Limited the number of makeshift shelves per sub to 3 (similar to portable pumps). Otherwise you can use them to expand the sub's cargo capacity indefinitely.
- Fixed dementonite and hardened crowbars spawning in respawn containers (= respawn shuttle cabinets).
- Fixed alien blood no longer causing psychosis, + made it slightly less effective to make fabricating blood packs more worthwhile
- Fixed fire extinguisher spray getting blocked by characters.
- Venture: Fixed the battery room not flooding properly (again), fixed the two hulls in the airlock not being linked, adjusted the waypoints a bit.
- Selkie: Disconnect the outer nodes from the ladder/door nodes, because the docking ports can't be opened manually.
- Fixed Thalamus AI not running properly when there's no player characters or submarines around (e.g. when all the players are in the freecam mode).
- Fixed the ammo indicator not showing correctly on the advanced syringe gun.
- Fixed bots sometimes getting confused by outside waypoints while being inside an outpost.
- Fixed item relocation logic running also on NPCs that are not in the player team, which could cause diving suits dropped by NPCs to get spawned in the player sub.
- Fixed ranged weapons (most noticeably, scrap cannon) emitting particles in the wrong direction.
- Fixed acid burns not having a cause of death text.
- Fixed "skedaddle" not giving a 10% movement boost like the description says.
- Fixed odd fabrication list sorting: the items that require a recipe to fabricate were split into ones you have the skills to fabricate and ones you don't, even though that isn't visible in the UI, making the list just seem out of order.
- Fixed red glow around the light switch's green button.
- Fixed inability to hold a captain's pipe or cigar in your left hand.
- Fixed ready checks not working.
- Fixed affliction probabilities being evaluated twice, meaning that e.g. 50% probability of getting some affliction from an attack was actually a 25% probability.
- Fixed item highlights from the previous round remaining visible the next round.
- Fix the vitality modifiers on husk not working properly, because health indices on the limbs were not defined. Effectively husks always took 2x damage.
- Fixed basic depth charges being cheaper than intended (only 30 mk).
- Fixed inability to make lights blink at a high frequency by rapidly turning them on and off with e.g. oscillators.
- Fixed follow orders not being persistent between singleplayer rounds.
- Fixed bots being unable to move through Herja's airlock due to an unlinked waypoint.


- Fixed crashing if a StatusEffect is configured to SpawnItemRandomly but doesn't configure anything to spawn.
- Improved the error handling of item/character variants. Previously if the parent prefab wasn't found, there was no error message, but the variant was still created, causing crashes in various situations.
- Added AITurretPriority and AISlowTurretPriority on items and characters. Setting the priority to 0 can be used for telling the bots to ignore the target entirely. Items also need to have IsAITurretTarget="True" enabled to make them a valid target.
- Added ItemDamageMultiplier on items. Can be used for increasing the damage caused by other items, like weapons. Works like the existing ExplosionDamageMultiplier.

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