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Author Topic: Tacview 1.8.4 is now available here and on Steam!  (Read 314 times)

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Tacview 1.8.4 is now available here and on Steam!
« on: August 20, 2020, 11:22:54 PM »

Tacview 1.8.4 is now available here and on Steam!

This release adds support for Microsoft Flight Simulator, DCS World Syria & Channel maps, and introduces fuel consumption & turn rate tools.

This release improves the support of all your favorite flight sims and even add support for a brand new one everybody is talking about ;)

New maps have been integrated, the database has been expended and tweaked to better display your favorite aircraft, and thanks to your feedback, many tweaks and fixes have been made to improve everyday debriefings.

BuzyBee and I are also experimenting with new addons such as the fuel consumption and turn rate calculators. They are still experimental, and may not work for all aircraft yet, but I am sure you will find them quite useful for your navigation and dogfight analysis. They can be enabled via the “Add-ons” menu.

Meanwhile, I am now putting more and more time on the development of Tacview 2.0. This new generation will be a huge step up, so it could last for the upcoming 10 to 20 years.

Unlike Tacview 1.x, Tacview 2.0 is very open from the beginning, it is like a debriefing Lego bag, which anyone, with little technical knowledge, can easily create addons of any kind to expend and create new data and tools at will. And it runs on all platforms including tablets.

Take care and have pleasant flights ;)
Vyrtuoz & BuzyBee

Download: HERE

•   Release Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2020
•   Operating System: Windowsฎ 32-bit / 64-bit
•   File Size: 408.8 MB

Release notes


•   ADDED support for Microsoft Flight Simulator
•   ADDED support for Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer (FIT) files
•   ADDED support for DCS: Syria Map
•   ADDED support for DCS: The Channel Map
•   ADDED support for DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt
•   ADDED Falcon 4 Balkans runways and ILS from oakdesign
•   ADDED Optimal turn-rate calculator addon
•   ADDED GPX routes import to the Track Injector add-on
•   ADDED Rangefinder Add-on to display distance between multiple objects in one place (Tacview Enterprise)
•   ADDED automatic synchronization of audio/video files (if appropriate metadata available)
•   ADDED support for Drag & Drop on audio/video media windows
•   ADDED NTO Polar Vortex v2.4 for BMS 4.34
•   ADDED numerous objects and 3D models to the database
•   ADDED option to enable/disable radar locks detailed labels (off by default)
•   ADDED /SaveConfig:false command line option to not save UI settings on exit
•   IMPROVED DCS World helicopters advanced telemetry
•   IMPROVED EAG file support (aircraft type, color and country)
•   IMPROVED corrupted (incomplete) telemetry files support
•   IMPROVED support for non-standard GPX files
•   IMPROVED debug log


•   FIXED crash when closing Tacview installed in C:\Tacview\
•   FIXED potential crashes when running out of memory
•   FIXED C-101 3D model scale
•   FIXED rare case when export.lua content could be reset on install
•   FIXED AoA was not exported for DCS: F/A-18C Hornet

Previous Improvements
Missed an update? Here is a summary of the previously introduced improvements:
•   1.8.4: Added support for Microsoft Flight Simulator, DCS World Syria & Channel, fuel consumption & turn rate tools.
•   1.8.3: Professional tools such as Static Object Injector, Track Injector, and numerous improvements for everyone
•   1.8.2: Added more tools for professional debriefings, numerous optimizations and fixes for your favorite simulators
•   1.8.1: Orthographic satellite view, improved ergonomics and numerous fixes for your favorite simulators
•   1.8.0: New Event Log, numerous improvements for DCS/BMS/IL2/FSX, more debriefing tools and optimizations

•   1.7.6: Improved support of Tacpack/vACMI/FSX@War (thanks to Asid [D.O.W]), numerous fixes and improvements
•   1.7.5: New telemetry export tool, numerous SDK improvements, more options
•   1.7.4: C# SDK for Tacview Enterprise, tools to trim the telemetry, BMS maps from Combat Sim Check-lists
•   1.7.3: C++ SDK for Tacview Enterprise, numerous fixes and other minor improvements
•   1.7.2: Lua SDK to create custom addons, improved 3D performance, numerous fixes
•   1.7.1: Numerous fixes and minor improvements
•   1.7.0: Brand new objects database, numerous new 3D models, media playback

•   1.6.4: Numerous fixes and improvements
•   1.6.3: Added cockpit instruments, IL-2, support for custom textures/orthophotos, and improved remote controls
•   1.6.2: Improved remote controls, improved DCS World exporter, numerous fixes
•   1.6.1: Fixed online debriefing, added fuel telemetry, and preliminary support of IL-2
•   1.6.0: Real-time telemetry and instructor remote control

•   1.5.4: Improvements and fixes for the new DCS World exporter
•   1.5.3: Brand new exporter for DCS World offering a smoother flight experience and more telemetry data
•   1.5.2: German translation by Marcus Carra and numerous fixes
•   1.5.1: Support for X-Plane, rewritten FSX2ACMI, improved ACMI 2.1 format, objects creation and edition tools
•   1.5.0: New telemetry engine & file format, more accurate replays, Spanish translation by Miguel Vํctores Franco

•   1.4.3: Support for custom terrain textures and static objects KML files
•   1.4.2: Advanced BMS 4.33 support, 4 hours long trails, new telemetry tools, debug log
•   1.4.1: Improved online debriefing, Falcon 4.33, DCS World 2.0, and performances with Radeon graphic cards
•   1.4.0: Online debriefing, Garmin G1000, KML files, DCS World 1.5, bookmarks, improved RTL languages support

•   1.3.4: DCS World Nevada terrain and Hawk T.1A support, improved 3D labels, objects list, and DTC files support
•   1.3.3: DCS MiG-15bis, Falcon 4.0 DTC files, fullscreen, telemetry walls, improved declutter
•   1.3.2: Telemetry in 3D labels, de-clutter, improved auto-scale, support for SRTM1 terrain, bookmarks for MiG-21
•   1.3.1: DCS World Bf 109K-4, large Falcon 4.0 theaters, FSX2ACMI auto-launch, TrackIR, grey destroyed objects
•   1.3.0: Strategic view, custom Falcon 4.0 theaters, lift vector, Chinese translation by 张炯 'Billeinstein' & 姚尧 '@6'

•   1.2.8: FSX & Prepar3D support, Falcon 4 BMS Ikaros theater, Improved DCS World and CSV files support
•   1.2.7: DCS World MiG-21bis, Fw 190 & F-86F support, improved auto-scale, roll-rate
•   1.2.6: Distant objects auto-scale, file merge, CSV flight recordings, CSV flight log export, Aspect angle
•   1.2.5: DCS World Steam edition support, improved advanced telemetry, doubled trail size
•   1.2.4: Improved DCS World support
•   1.2.3: DCS World 1.2.3 support
•   1.2.2: Fixed a crash when opening a file in Windows XP (regression)
•   1.2.1: Added turn-rate and turn-radius, added 'border' static objects, improved performance
•   1.2.0: DCS World support, advanced telemetry (radar-locks, IAS, gears, flaps...), improved Falcon 4.0 support

•   1.1.1: DCS: Black Shark 2 support, Falcon 4 Israel theater
•   1.1.0: Native Falcon 4.0 support, telemetry data export in CSV, lag filtering, support for Steam versions of DCS

•   1.0.0: DCS: A-10C Warthog support, improved HUD, G, AOA, Mach, charts, GPX files support, worldwide basemap

•   0.9.5: Flaming Cliffs 2 support, DCS recordings are about 3 times smaller, customisable recording folder
•   0.9.4: EECH support, improved file format, improved performance, added Corsica and Nellis terrain
•   0.9.3: Black-Shark support, ballistic weapons, accurate Lock-On terrain, new labels, sun, uses 40% less memory
•   0.9.2: Preliminary support for Black-Shark, customizable GUI, improved flight recordings compression, properties
•   0.9.1: Lock-On runways, public file format, Windows Vista support, Falcon 4.0 theaters, Digital Fighters support
•   0.9.0: Improved 3D landscape, ribbon trails, SAM/AAA domes, free camera, automatic export script installation

•   0.8.5: Flight log can now be exported in XML format, vertical speed displayed in m/min or ft/min
•   0.8.4: Cockpit view, french translation, 3D-view objects selection, static objects, airports names
•   0.8.3: Added support for Cyrillic, Imperial units and compressed binary files
•   0.8.2: More accurate and comprehensive events log
•   0.8.1: Export script is now compatible with other add-ons like LotAtc
•   0.8.0: Fixed a crash while loading some flight recordings

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