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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Sunday Mission 06/09/20 @ GMT18:00
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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Sunday Mission 06/09/20 @ GMT18:00

This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.

Platoon tactical movement exercise by MDF

[Following are excerpts from the operation order of the commander of Comanche Troop, 1st Cavalry Squadron, 5th Armored Cavalry Regiment]



Time Zone Used Throughout the OPLAN/OPORD: Local

Task Organization:

C/1/5th Armored Cavalry Regiment
   1st Scout Platoon – 6 x M3
   2nd Tank Platoon – 4 x M1A1
   3rd Scout Platoon – 6 x M3
   4th Tank Platoon –  4 x M1A1
   CO – 1 x M1A1
   XO/Forward CP – 1 x M3
   Mortar Section – 2 x M106

   Two days ago, the Krasnovian 23rd Combined Arms Army unexpectedly resumed offensive operations after a three-day halt.  Capitalizing on the element of surprise, 23CAA breached 52nd Infantry Division (Mechanized) forward defenses.  It quickly dispatched its reinforced independent 37th Motorized Rifle Regiment as a forward detachment to assist the exploitation.  Effective BAI strikes by 11th Attack Helicopter Regiment and USAF against 37MRR logistical nodes forced the regiment to halt for the past 12 hours.  SIGINT indicates that 37th MRR has assumed a hasty defense while it reconstitutes fuel and ammunition transport assets in order to resume its advance.  5th Armored Cavalry Regiment (“Warsteed”), presently in II Corps reserve, is tasked with localizing, fixing and destroying 37th MRR.  1/5ACR and 2/5ACR have been ordered to locate 37th MRR’s main defensive zone preparatory to an enveloping attack by 3/5ACR and Regimental attack aviation.

  a. Weather and light data:  Daytime with clear skies.  Visibility is 4,000m.  Ground is dry, but not dusty.

  b. Terrain.  Terrain in Comanche sector consists of rolling terrain punctuated by wooded areas of 1-2 square KM.  The highest terrain rises no more than 60m above the lowest.  Due to the numerous small hillocks, local depressions are readily available as cover from direct fires.   Several small streams present no obstacle to AFV movement, but scattered small ponds present a hazard.  A larger, mostly dry riverbed runs across the middle of 2nd Platoon’s sector.   Another branch of the riverbed similar runs north of northwest from the center of 4th Platoon sector, gradually curving away northwest.  This latter feature may offer a covered avenue of approach to the distant half of 4th Platoon’s sector, but is likely well-defended.  Numerous roads are present in sector but are of limited significance given the generally good cross-country trafficability.  There are no significant bridges or built-up areas in sector.

  c. Enemy forces.
   37th MRR principal combat equipment includes T-80U MBTs, BMP-2 IFVs, BRDM-2AT antitank vehicles, and BRDM scout cars.  It is supported by the regimental artillery battalion (18 x 2S1 122mm SP howitzers).  Intelligence indicators suggest that it has deployed the bulk of its combat power in a main defensive zone (“DEFZ”).  Given the amount of time available to them, 37th MRR DEFZ forces likely will have prepared at least primary firing positions for most of their vehicles.  Attrition to transport assets may have destroyed sufficient quantities of engineer materiel to preclude widespread obstacle emplacement, but mines or other barriers may have been situated to protect defensive positions from close assault. 

   The DEFZ will be preceded by a security zone (“SECZ”) of up to ten kilometers in depth.  Forces operating in the SECZ are expected to consist primarily of assets from the regimental reconnaissance company (4 x BMP, 4 x BRDM) and antitank missile battery (9 x BRDM-2AT), as well as dismounted patrols in areas of limited visibility.  SECZ forces likely are augmented by one or more T-80U or BMP-2 platoons.  Additionally, one or more platoon-sized combat security outposts (“CSOP”) with prepared vehicle fighting positions may be deployed.  Given the shortage of barrier materiel, to the extent obstacles have been emplaced in the SECZ, priority likely will be given to dead ground or other areas beyond the line of sight of vehicular heavy weapons.  Dummy vehicle fighting positions may also be employed to deceive enemy forces as to the location of the CSOP or DEFZ.   

   SECZ forces are expected to deploy in depth and to employ long-range antitank and indirect fires to delay and attrit US forces and deceive us as to the location of the DEFZ.  CSOPs will deliver concentrated fire to destroy US assets, and serve as a base for dismounted patrols in the SECZ.  SECZ units will exploit terrain and surprise to achieve flanking or rear quarter shots, so 360-degree security and caution at danger areas are vital.  SECZ elements may employ secondary or fallback positions to give further stability to their delaying action.  Counterattacks by SECZ elements are possible but not expected in greater than platoon strength. 

   DEFZ forces are not expected to undertake either offensive or retrograde actions at this time, but will engage approaching forces with massed direct and indirect fires. 

. . .   

  d. Friendly forces.

    (1) Mission of higher headquarters.  In conjunction with 2nd Squadron on its right, 1st Squadron mission is conducting a reconnaissance-in-force to locate 37th MRR DEFZ no later than 1600.  After dark, 11th ATKH Regiment and 5th ACR attack aviation elements will attrit forward 37MRR combat elements and C2 nodes.  On order, 1st and 2nd Squadrons will launch a frontal attack to fix the bulk of 37MRR combat power while 3rd Squadron and 5th ACR aviation elements launch enveloping attack from west to east.

. . .

   1st (Scout) Platoon is refitting following heavy combat losses in prior fighting.  3rd (Scout) Platoon is currently deployed in 1st Squadron rear area to contain a company-sized desant insertion by 23CAA.

2. MISSION.  At 0800, C/1/5ACR conducts zone reconnaissance to identify 37MRR forward main defensive positions no later than 1600 in order to facilitate strikes by aviation and artillery forces preparatory to 5th ACR deliberate attack.

. . . .


  a. Concept of operations. 

    (1) Maneuver.  My intent is to conduct an aggressive reconnaissance in sector to penetrate the 37th MRR security belt.  Due to the width of Comanche’s sector and terrain compartmentalization, coordination between 2nd and 4th platoons will be difficult.  Accordingly, platoons will maneuver independently of one another.  Dismounted patrols and individual enemy vehicles will be engaged and destroyed within capability but only as necessary for mission accomplishment.  Platoon-sized SECZ forces, such as CSOPs, will be fixed and suppressed by indirect fires and bypassed whenever possible.  Do not engage DEFZ elements.

    (2) Fires.  Comanche is supported by the organic mortar platoon (2 tubes) and has priority of fires from the 1st Squadron direct support SP howitzer battery (6 tubes).  Five priority targets may be designated.

. . .

  b. Tasks to maneuver units.

    (1)  2nd Platoon: conduct zone reconnaissance to identify 37MRR DEFZ.  Report location of DEFZ once identified.  Line of departure (PL FORD) is the line of expected contact.  Accordingly, platoon should employ secure movement techniques upon crossing LD.  Acceptable loss level is one vehicle.  Mission execution is otherwise left to platoon CO’s discretion.

    (2)  4th Platoon:  same as 2nd Platoon.

. . .

  d. Coordinating instructions. Platoons cross line of departure no later than 0805.  Limit of advance is PL CHEVY.  Due to independent nature of platoon operations, the fratricide risk of cross-boundary fires is heightened.  Accordingly, do not engage targets across lateral boundaries except in immediate self-defense.

. . .


. . .


. . .

  b. Signal.

    (1) SOI index and edition in effect.

      (a) Key frequencies.  Per TACSOP.

      (b) Key call signs.
      CO: Comanche 6
      2nd Platoon:   Comanche 2
      4th Platoon:   Comanche 4



   You control 4th Platoon, call sign “Comanche 4.”  2nd Platoon (“Comanche 2”), which is under computer control, independently is conducting its own tactical movement in the adjacent sector on 4th Platoon’s left and is itself attempting to locate the 37th MRR main defensive zone.  Another cavalry squadron, 2/5/ACR (not explicitly represented in the mission), is operating on 4th Platoon’s right. 

   To successfully complete the mission, 4th Platoon must correctly identify and report the location of 37th MRR’s main defensive zone, while losing no more than one vehicle (losses to 2nd Platoon do not count). Furthermore, 4th Platoon must identify the 37th MRR defensive zone BEFORE 2nd Platoon does so.  To report the location of the defensive zone, use triggers Alpha through Echo to indicate the line (see map graphics) most closely corresponding to the forward edge of the 37th MRR main defensive zone.  If the main defensive zone is not located before reaching the C/1/5ACR limit of advance (Phase Line Chevy), report “no contact in sector” (trigger Shift+7).   Take care not to mistake 37th MRR security zone elements (especially any CSOPs) for the 37th MRR main defensive zone.

   The mission will end immediately (1) if 4th Platoon loses a second vehicle; (2) when it reports the location of the 37th MRR defensive zone (correctly or incorrectly); or (3) if 2nd Platoon accomplishes its objective prior to 4th Platoon.  Note that NO additional points are awarded for destroying enemy forces.

   2nd and 4th Platoons are supported by a total of 8 artillery tubes (6 from the Squadron’s artillery battery (-) together with Comanche Troop’s two 120mm SP mortars.  Only HE and smoke are available.  Be mindful that 2nd Platoon also will be calling upon these artillery assets.  4th Platoon has also been given five TRPs.  (These are temporarily situated off-map to the right.  Make sure to place them appropriately within 4th Platoon’s sector.)

   The mission has been heavily scripted to enhance replayability.  To that end, it is recommended that you use only the Show Reported Enemy view rather than Show Actual Enemy during the AAR.

Dogs Of War Vehicles: (in mission)

M1A1 (HA): Click here

** Notes **
SB Version: 4.167
Mission Name: Platoon tactical movement exercise 0.9
Created by: MDF
Available at:
Modified by: N/A
Multi-Crew: Yes
Single Crew: Yes
Largest command: Platoon
Smallest command: Crew Position
Mission Duration: N/A
Minimum number of players: 2
Date: Sunday Mission 06/09/20
Time: 18:00 GMT
Time (local): Click here
Teamspeak IP:
Room: Steel Beasts Pro

Player Skill/Ability:
•   Completion of at least 1 tutorial of M1A1.
•   Working knowledge of Comms procedure.
•   HAVOC designated members and Red Alert.
•   Our goal is to have the DOW session more immersive and realistic.

Manning list:

M1A1 (HA)s


Any position:

Mission discussion Click here
I ride inside Steel Beasts.


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