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Author Topic: Operation Citadel : Turn-based WWII  (Read 3944 times)

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Re: Operation Citadel : Turn-based WWII
« Reply #75 on: November 14, 2020, 01:13:58 AM »
Sat, 14 November 2020

- Change : Stats change to Tiger I and KV-85, IS-1 and ISU-122.
- Change : No more 0 damage + retreat.
- Change : The way the AI resupplies its units. Before, when the unit had under 35 HP it would automatically resupply it. I made that more random now. Not completely random, but chances will be higher if the HP are low than if they’re high. There will always be a chance now for it to resupply any unit.
- Change : Remade scenario Campaign of the Low Countries.
- Change : Fix price for Gustave Schwerer : 750.
- Change : Updated stats of units from : Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, France, USA.

- Fix : Paratroopers having no fuel when being dropped.

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Re: Operation Citadel : Turn-based WWII
« Reply #76 on: November 15, 2020, 12:46:18 AM »
Sat, 14 November 2020

- Change : Hills now have a 10 defense bonus and forest hills 25.
- Change : Katyusha production date (14th July 41).
- Change : Improved armour for the T-34s and Panzer IVs / Panthers.
- Change : Stats to soviets fighters.
- Change : Potential movement tiles over winter tiles are now more visible. I added a grey outline so we can see better now. Let me know if it’s not enough, but it looks good IMO.

- Fix : Planes could spot enemy planes in the FOW.
- Fix : On mobile in the unit editor the country dropdown would go out of the screen.

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Re: Operation Citadel : Turn-based WWII
« Reply #77 on: November 17, 2020, 11:52:20 PM »
Sun, 15 November 2020

- Added : Operation Overlord big scenario.
- Added : Battle of Voronezh as part of the German campaign in the eastern front.
- Added : Tutorial video button in the main menu redirecting to the video tutorial I made on YouTube.
- Added : Panzer Ausf. I A to China.
- Added : Vickers Mk. I and Mk. II and Vickers 6-ton type A to China, Poland, Great Britain and Netherlands.
- Added : Fw 190 G and Fw 189 to Germany.
- Added : KV-8S to USSR.

- Change : KV-2 stats change.
- Change : Colour of the border of the potential tile in winter (more visible).

- Fix: Planes going around enemies even if they are in the fog of war.
- Fix : Mechanized / Motorized / Horsed units would not lose 1 MP when weather is rainy upon save load.
- Fix : Target graphic over unit graphic, therefore hiding the unit.
- Fix : Strategic bombers could target a city even after it had been bombed.
- Fix : Tortoise and Challenger were in the wrong unit category (tanks instead of AT).
- Fix : When attacking a unit there is another unit providing supportive fire, it would show its tile as walkable even though it wasn’t.

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Re: Operation Citadel : Turn-based WWII
« Reply #78 on: November 18, 2020, 12:05:21 AM »
Mon, 16 November

- Added : Eastern Front 1944 (Operation Bagration) big scenario. If you like challenge, this is the one you need to play. Situation is pretty much desperate for the germans :))
- Added : Operation Edelweiss as part of the German campaign in the eastern front.
- Added : Operation Uranus as part of the German campaign in the eastern front.

- Change : T-50 and T-34/85 hard damage value.
- Change : Modified Sevastopol41 campaign map.
- Change : attack sound of the nebelwerfer 30cm.
- Change : AI artillery would move after it has attacked, causing them to rush for nothing in stupid situations.
- Change : Sped up AI.

- Fix : description missing on the big operation overlord scenario + forgot Switzerland.

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Re: Operation Citadel : Turn-based WWII
« Reply #79 on: November 21, 2020, 03:18:38 AM »
Thu, 19 November 2020

Diplomacy, placeable mines, new scenarios, and more

Heeeeelloooo everyone :D

Oh, I'm so happy I can finally release the update, it's now been more than 24h since I released one, I started to feel BAD ! :D

So here we go, changelog for today:


•   A new wallpaper that is more than beautiful. Everyone says thank you to @Jules, my brother, responsible of the art ! The idea was taken from a photograph taken during the battle of Uman, during Operation Barbarossa.
•   Operation Doppelkopf.
•   Courland Pocket.
•   Korsun Pocket.
•   Supply planes for major countries. Supply planes are just like supply ships. They are used to resupply units that can't be resupplied otherwise (encircled, supply route cut off etc). Just bring the plane next to the unit in need, and a yellow circle will appear on your unit. Click it, and tadam, your unit has been resupplied.
•   Bunkers, Coastal batteries and mines can now be bought in the store out of the editor.
•   Mines ? Did I say mines ? I said mines ! They're back ! But this time, as units, not tiles. You can place land mines using engineers, removing land mines only works with engineers. A unit that will walk into a minefield will be stopped and won't be able to attack during its turn. What about naval mines I hear ? Fear not, they are back as well. Use destroyers to remove or place naval mines wherever you want ! Mines are always visible to all units.
•   A SLEEP BUTTON. YES. I know some of you are playing on those huge Europe maps, I finally got you covered and this function will save you, and me as well lol. What is this sleep button I hear in the back ? When pressing this button with your unit selected, the unit will "sleep", and won't be included in the "prev" "next" unit list. If you played Civilization they got the same thing. What's the use I still hear ? Well, let's pretend you have > 100 units. And you got a bunch of them that are in garrison / AA. When you finish your turn, I hope you double check you played every unit. Well now imagine you have to go over the 20 same useless units that never moves every turn. This is a pain, and those who felt it know what I'm talking about, for the others, just try it :D
•   More informations about your units. What do I mean by that ? Well, maybe you didn't use that panel (When right clicking on a unit), but now you certainly will more ! Every unit will keep its history from now one. It is save compatible, everything is by the way. What I mean by history is the date at which the unit was commissioned, when it captured equipment, when it captured what city, when it destroyed what unit, or even when it got what hero or even when it surrendered ! You will now be attached to some units I can tell you, since you will have a real history !
•   DIPLOMACY . Yeah I know you were probably skimming through the lines looking for it. I placed last so I was sure you'd read all the previous new content hehehe. So what's up with diplomacy ? It's a new menu featuring all countries of the map, and you can now interact with them. It's currently a first version so don't expect too much from it haha, but you can at least do the basics ! (Declaring war on anyone, sending money to anyone). More functionalities will be added based on player ideas / my own.


•   Damage of the Nebelwerfer 40cm. They were too low for what it is.
•   You probably noticed the quite fat update today (550MB), this is due to the fact that I found a new way to export the game which make it more compressed, so instead of weighing 2.6GB, Operation Citadel now weighs only 800 or so MB !
•   Cities' names won't dynamically change anymore. This created huge performance issues, and was not necessary. I can make them bigger if needed, or simply create a setting where you can set your own size. Let me know what you think is best, please :)
•   I made the objectives window wider so they could be displayed in 1 line instead of being cut.
•   AI currently and still will be able to leave its defensive position if there is an empty enemy victory point in range to capture it. The issue was artillery, they would do the same thing even though they can't capture anything. Maybe it's a fix idk.
•   The camera won't follow useless units anymore (defensive units that simply dont move), it will only move towards a unit that will actually do something. This will, I hope, help with the camera moving in all directions too often haha, I know some would get sick.
•   Talking about camera and AI, I made the Slow AI option in the settings even slower, I got some people asking, so I deliver :)
•   Infantry now is sensible to terrain. It can't move in all directions at a cost of 1 MP per tile.


Well actually not so many, I think I did a good job the previous days and I am finding few bugs :D
•   On mobile and on android especially, I forgot to add some maps I previously added in older updates.
•   Low ammo yellow icon or low fuel icon showing on units where it shouldn't be shown, ex : V1 or V2 etc.
•   Supply ships didn't resupply properly, it is now working perfectly !

Well, that was a LONG one ! I didn't even eat today lmao, that is how involved I am. Yeah it's bad I know I'm aware but I couldn't stop working >_<

I wanted to let you know, the DLC is on its way and coming soon ! (Music DLC)

I really hope you will all like this update ! Leave your questions / suggestions / ideas in the comments, I will always answer :)


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Re: Operation Citadel : Turn-based WWII
« Reply #80 on: November 21, 2020, 03:25:18 AM »
Fri, 20 November 2020

- Change : SU-122 more damage
- Change : For the camera follow AI option, camera will now move to the unit, and once its above it the unit will start moving.

- Fix : Diplomacy menu not scaling with screen size.
- Fix : Mines size.
- Fix : Objectives text was centred instead of aligned to left.
- Fix : Ammo / fuel removal with artillery / bombers was showing some numbers but removing others. They were actually exchanged lol.
- Fix : Was adding to the unit history after it opened the window when getting a hero. You would have to close the window and open it again in order to have the line added.
- Fix : Fighters didn’t help ground units wen being attacked by bombers when they were in range.
- Fix : AI placing mines very badly or even buying veteran mines. Yes, very well trained mines.
- Fix : Finnish AT infantry not having the good attack sound.
- Fix : On android campaigns are now working again.

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Re: Operation Citadel : Turn-based WWII
« Reply #81 on: November 22, 2020, 03:13:58 AM »
Sat, 21 November 2020

New NATO counters
- Added : .PSD of the base counter model with all layers im using in the game files for you to make your own with different colours idk.

- Change : Revamp of the NATO counters. They look now better and even have damage values of the unit on them in this order : soft damage - hard damage - air damage.
- Change : On mobile, made objectives text bigger.
- Change : On iOS, all missing campaigns have been added and all of the campaigns are functional (wasn’t the case before).

- Fix : Camera issues with AI tracking.
- Fix : Data loss when mines went off with a unit.
- Fix : Australia didnt have any faction assigned in HUGE europe 1943.
- Fix : Capturing VPs using mines. Yes.
- Fix : Camera / selection issues on mobile.
- Fix : None of the players in the Germany45 map had money to start with.
- Fix : one instance of AI freeze (due to the unit’s history I added today).
- Fix : On mobile, you could select units while moving the camera around with your finger.

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Re: Operation Citadel : Turn-based WWII
« Reply #82 on: November 23, 2020, 01:47:26 AM »
Sun, 22 November 2020

- Added : Mines NATO counters (I forgot them).

- Fix : Double graphics bug with air over unit and your air attacking the ground that has air over them.
- Fix : Stats of the NATO counters not showing when unit was discovered from the fog of war.
- Fix : AI planes / boats wouldn’t be moving when over a trench / VP.
- Fix : Mines were included in “Prev” “Next”.
- Fix : When NATO were ON and you were spawning a unit, its graphics were bigger than the others.
- Fix : Removed veteran option from Gustav railway gun.
- Fix : Stats not showing on bunkers with NATO counters ON.

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Re: Operation Citadel : Turn-based WWII
« Reply #83 on: November 24, 2020, 01:52:50 AM »
Mon, 23 November 2020

- Change : Game will now be paused when opening the menu.
- Change : You can now access the diplomacy menu when the AI is playing in AI only games.
- Change : AI will now play all its units a SECOND time after it played all of them once. Don’t worry, this won’t really add much waiting time. The reasoning behind it is currently the AI plays its units ONCE and in order (recon first, then bombers, then CAS planes, then fighters, then ships, then artillery, then tanks / infantry etc). But this isn’t ideal as I noticed while playing, since lets say the recon car can move twice right, so recon is on an adjacent tile of an enemy city. Now in this city, there is an enemy infantry. Now around this city, AI has got some artillery that will play after the recon car, they manage to kill the infantry inside, or bombers even, whatever haha. The point is, since the recon car is playing first and being played only once, this doesn’t allow for the AI to capture the city until next turn until the recon car plays again. So now, with this possibility, with units that still can attack or move given a second chance to play will allow the AI to be more efficient and not miss any potential capture of an enemy victory point :) So yes, this will add more time to the AI playtime, but not so much in most cases since as I explained, if a unit can’t attack and can’t move anymore, it won’t be played a second time, its really those that could do something more during their turn :) So, its adding time for the ones that can actually do something useful.
- Change : Automatically turns OFF “Historical focus” when playing a campaign. Having it ON would cause issues since some countries simply wouldn’t start attacking others, so you could have an AI being inactive because historically it wasn’t at war yet or stuff like that.
- Change : The size of the city now will matter in how much supplies will be carried to your unit when you want to resupply it. Resupplying from a smaller city will now reduce the total amount of supply getting to you by 50%. And if the place has been bombed (soon there will be an update where there will be destroyed version of tiles), the supplies you can get max out at 25%. So what all this means is : You got your infantry in a bombed city. You got 10 / 100 HP. The percentage that will be shown on the left will be 25, so when you’re gonna hit that resupply
- Change : The urban tiles wealth production changed : for cities : 5, 10, and 50. Refineries 50, and factories 25.

- Fix : One really rare instance of AI freeze while capturing cities due to the new unit’s history feature (once in 25 turns of AI only Europe).
- Fix : Little non important issues with the AI loading bar (not properly being refreshed, nothing scary).
- Fix : You can finally attack a unit and destroy the city at the same time (not only one of them anymore).

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