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Update 1.96 Content Patch 2
Fri, 21 April 2023

dominance: added a KotH substage for the map "Rattlesnake Crescent"
dominance: reduced the size of the largest conquest substage on Moorland Apocalypse from 6 to 4 bases
dominance: split the Vigil Island conquest substage in 2 distinct ones as the substage was too big
dominance: fixed missing damage multiplicator for some vehicle MGs
dominance: fixed missing updated Warsalt Legacy overlay mask
visuals: fixed ghost shader for plants and bushes in the Warsalt Legacy map
sounds: applied volume gain to some audio files after being turned to mono
sounds: slightly reduced the dying sound of the female elites
ww2: fixed cards showing blank for Edelweiss in WW2 invasion
ww2: fixed a few translations
ww2: fixed "ww2:combined" to not be shown in the campaign menu (supposed to be quick match only)
ww2: fixed emoticons not showing up
ww2: removed the radio jammer from the player faction in "WW2:Power Junction"

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