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Author Topic: Gunner, HEAT, PC - vertical slice build has the tank sim community abuzz  (Read 289 times)

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This Simulator has been simmering since 2017, and now in 2020 it's getting serious!

The tank game you've been waiting for
It's a weird time for fans of modern tank combat games.  The straight-shooting simulator titles from the turn of the millennium are no more, replaced by free-to-play games with modern vehicles locked behind aggressive pricing or absurd playtime.  As tank nerds, we need a game that gets right to the good stuff - modern tanks, realistic system and damage models, and a focus on fun over all. 

With Gunner, HEAT, PC! we aim to make that dream a reality. 

No more staring at locked MBTs in your progression tree and wondering if you'll ever get to play them.  No more spending industry prices to buy industry simulators just for a taste of something worthy.  We're making a great tank game because that's what we want to play.

Gunner, HEAT, PC! was started by tank nerds, driven by our experiences playing tank games. We remember the well crafted sim-lite titles from decades past, and we think there's a place for that kind of game again.  GHPC is not another free-to-play arena TDM game, and it's not a full-blown simulator you need a manual and a week of training to use.  We intend to fuse game and simulation in a way that preserves player experience yet doesn't sacrifice on realism where it really counts. Read the full FAQ from

Alpha Gameplay

Models and work in progress

More information, free pre-alpha build and lots of comments here:,
So far 583 patrons at

Text interview with the developer

Twitch Channel

Featured on The Flare Path article

Optics and preview

Youtube review by SteelBeastser Mirzayev

Response to Mirzayev by ActionScripter (Dev)

Thanks for checking out the public demo for GHPC!  Great video.  Your feedback is very thorough and, I should say up front, completely fair and correct.  The sudden spread of my early demo caught it at kind of an awkward time - I decided it needed to be redone to a higher standard, but that redone version isn't ready yet.  To that end, I have a small team now (most notably on visuals and audio) and we are rebuilding just about every piece of the demo. 

Things from the video that we've fixed in the updated build of GHPC so far:

- Stabilization.  The new stabilizers support several real-world "modes", including basic "direction" stabilization, angle-based Delta-D (e.g. T-72A), and full point tracking (e.g. Abrams).  There are still a few bugs in the new version and the lead isn't implemented completely yet, but I absolutely want to nail it this time, and I've been taking feedback from a bunch of 19 kilos to make sure that happens. Still, at least now when you lase a spot and drive around, the aim stays glued to that spot. 

- Gun sights.  The public demo used a couple of really simple methods of displaying gunnery reticles, and it did not lend itself well to realistic or complex systems.  (I'm still pretty proud of that GAS though; the stadia reticle and ballistic markings are accurate via live calculation, not pre-drawn!)  In the new build, we have full fidelity in the gun sights we've completed so far, which includes the T-72A, the M60A3 TTS, the T-55A, and the BRDM-2.  This attention to detail will continue as the new standard for the other vehicles we add; there should never again be a "fudged" gun sight like the T-72M sight in the public build.

- Thermals.  You noted, correctly, that the black hot mode in the public demo was screwed up.  I made a change to the rendering shortly before I stopped updating that build, which improved a lot of things but completely unbalanced the inverted thermal mode.  This will no longer be an issue in the new build.  We've been working on thermal rendering itself, beyond simple contrast and tone balance, and we now support things like separate heat sources on vehicles, temperature change over time (and reacting to things like guns firing), and better depiction of the ambient temperature of vegetation and atmospheric haze.  This stuff is actually not in the Patreon build yet, unlike the rest, because we're still polishing it - but we've teased it in our Discord server.

- Tracks and suspension.  Our driving system has had a complete overhaul and now features animation, suspension forces, moving wheels and tracks, gear shifting, and dynamic exhaust smoke, among other things.  There are still some rough edges to smooth out, but it's a lot closer to what you'd expect a tank to look and feel like in motion.

Things from the video that we're aware of and working on still: everything!  I'm not even joking, we have a to-do list a mile long and you mentioned a lot of stuff from it.  With how people have responded to my early demo, I and the rest of the team are extremely serious about making sure we get the details right in the new version of GHPC.

If you're interested in giving us feedback as we complete and show new features, consider joining the GHPC Discord server!  If you message me there and let me know who you are, I'll get you set up with the proper roles and get you in the loop for Abrams and Bradley stuff especially.

What GHPC has going for it:
1. Dudes have a great sense of humour and wit
2. Unity engine
3. Game looks great and refreshingly very 2020 compared to that other tank simulator
4. Passionate band of 5 brothers (increase from 1 to 5 in the past year)
5. Keen following on Patreon
6. Twitch developer livestreams
7. Physics, physics, physics
8. Multicrew in the works
9. Slo-mo/bullet-time effect so you can see the sabot petals separate from the penetrator

Frankie Kam

P.S., the latest Pre-Alpha access link is available to Patreons of Gunner, HEAT, PC!
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Hi Frankie

Thanks for posting this. I was going to start a thread but time is an issue lately....

I have this and will add to this thread.


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Hi Frankie

Thanks for posting this. I was going to start a thread but time is an issue lately....

I have this and will add to this thread.

Interesting. I will watch what happens, and possibly try this if it comes out after alpha and beta.

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Update 20200710 is now live for @Patrons!
11 July 2020


This build is an early preview of the damage system, for the T-55A only.  It includes a version of the new crew health system, with separate limbs and organs that can be damaged independently.  It also includes ammunition in racks, complete with separate damage detection for different parts of the ammo, such as propellant vs. warhead.  Numerous internal systems, such as turret drives, fuel tanks, and drivetrain, are also represented in the damage model.

You will be able to cause consequences by damaging the engine components, turret/gun drives, driver, gunner, and tracks.  The other components, including ammo, currently have no effect, as their damage systems are still being worked on.  The tank still fires unlimited 3BK5M.  The full reloading and ammo transfer system is coming soon.


Added armor to T-55A
Added internal components to T-55A
Added AAR X-ray view for internal components (WIP)
Added new crew health system with individual limbs and major organs (WIP)
Added ammunition to T-55A ammo racks
Added ability to destroy T-55A engine and transmission
Added ability to destroy T-55A turret traverse
Added ability to destroy T-55A gun elevation
Added ability to injure/kill T-55A driver and gunner, resulting in loss of their crew functions to the player
Added brief damage log display after hits scored during mission
Weapons can now be loosely aimed from any camera non-gunsight view by holding the aim button (right click by default)
Changed global mute preference to stick after level reload
Reduced clutter in damage logs
Fixed an issue where the AAR camera was anchored too high
Fixed explosions generating identical fragments
Fixed an issue where elevation-only guns could rotate sideways in their mounts
Fixed thickness of T-55A engine firewall
Fixed an issue where the BR-412D was labeled "APFSDS" instead of "APHE" in damage logs

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GHPC developer stream - June 14, 2020

This livestream originally took place on on 2020-06-14.  Subscribe there to catch the next one live!

0:00:00 Pre-stream
0:03:48 Trailer intro
0:05:24 Stream intro and dev recap
0:09:39 Vertical slice
0:11:17 Thoughts on grind and premium content
0:12:57 Machine guns
0:14:23 Content creators
0:15:24 Interiors
0:16:14 Smokescreen preview
0:17:37 Physics bugs
0:18:40 T-55 armor and components preview
0:20:27 Kill cams
0:21:21 Ammo damage details
0:24:09 Ways to support GHPC
0:24:42 Realistic scenarios
0:25:36 Nice
0:26:03 Multiplayer and balancing
0:29:18 World War 2
0:30:48 TOW emplacement preview
0:35:18 Paint and camo
0:37:37 Minimum specs and optimization
0:39:03 Patreon build and update history
0:40:21 Vehicle decorations
0:41:16 Custom vehicles and modding
0:42:58 Vehicle addition priorities
0:46:10 Status of roof MGs
0:47:17 Penetration calculation
0:49:18 Fire control systems
0:51:52 AZ autoloader sound demo and audio design plans
0:54:03 SPAA
0:55:29 Sneak peek at DShK model
0:56:33 Dynamic campaign
0:57:24 Field repairs
0:58:12 SPGs
0:58:48 Infantry
1:01:05 Adding more ammo types
1:02:39 Sheridan WIP
1:02:58 APS
1:05:46 3D scanning
1:11:11 Roadmap
1:12:58 Linux and Mac builds
1:14:33 Console ports
1:16:07 T-80B scan
1:21:24 Air assets
1:24:04 Bradley WIP
1:25:04 M901 ITV WIP
1:26:17 9K111 / AT-4 Spigot
1:30:24 Gore
1:32:28 Armor durability
1:33:55 Germany and UK
1:34:44 Shooting with FCS in public build
1:35:26 Thermal rendering features in development
1:37:08 Collateral kills
1:40:24 Animating AAR traces
1:41:38 Playable Bob Semple in public build
1:42:39 T-55 internal systems models
1:43:08 Hydraulics
1:46:56 Ending

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GHPC developer stream - July 31, 2020

This livestream originally took place on on 2020-07-31.  Subscribe there to catch the next one live! -- Watch live at

0:00 Pre-stream
5:38 M901 ITV teaser
6:44 Stream intro
7:57 Discussion of GHPC 3D art standards
12:21 How to help us with 3D scans
15:07 T-55 damage model and crew hit zones
20:11 Updates to the public build
23:16 Thoughts on interiors
24:04 M901 ITV
25:20 Live demo of GHPC 20200731
36:21 On performance and optimization
37:16 More live demo with audio showcase
40:42 On SPAA and air vehicles
42:32 Firing from T-72M1 with TPD-K1
45:22 Seeking environment and particle artists
48:34 On WW2 vehicles
53:58 Recognition of volunteer advisors
54:39 On simulation features that are incorrect or flawed
56:19 On deciding which features are worth including
58:24 ManyMilesAway arrives fashionably late
58:51 On prototype vehicles
1:00:14 BRDM-2 damage model teaser
1:01:48 Build is released live
1:02:51 Important bugs are fixed
1:04:56 Some planned vehicles
1:09:03 Crew physical and mental states
1:11:29 Crew personality and persistence, no grind
1:12:55 On voice actors
1:15:31 Valve BTFO
1:16:26 On voice recording quality
1:16:51 On alternate history scenarios
1:17:52 Why the Fulda Gap?
1:18:31 Hey you, you're finally awake
1:18:57 On visible crew models
1:19:37 DShKM
1:21:12 Crew health and limb injury effects
1:23:37 On aircraft AI and making good AI
1:25:47 Conclusion
1:27:11 Smash that subscribe button
1:28:16 End

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