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Author Topic: ICBM :RTS game of nuclear destruction  (Read 264 times)

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ICBM :RTS game of nuclear destruction
« on: June 19, 2020, 04:00:47 PM »
ICBM is a real-time strategy game of nuclear destruction

From Matrix/Slitherine

We're proud to announce our partnership with SoftWarWare in the development of ICBM, the third indie title to be published under the K-Project label.

ICBM is a real-time strategy game of nuclear destruction.

Research new technologies, build up your nuclear stockpile and use a combination of ships, planes and missiles to strike at the heart of your opponentsí cities while keeping your population safe from harm.

Watch the announcement trailer

Take command of one of the continents of the world and prepare yourself for global nuclear conflict. It is your job to ensure the complete and total destruction of your enemies, while you do all in your power to prevent enemy retaliation against your peace-loving citizens. Will you focus on developing new technologies, or mass producing existing ones? It takes a true strategist to research and build a balanced force that can deal with a multitude of enemy tactics.

Fight against an advanced AI in single-player of face up to 6 human opponents in online multiplayer mode. Play in free for all, fixed teams or coop games, all while improving your ELO score as you climb the leaderboard. Form alliances, but remember that betrayal is always an option - like in the Cold War age, there are no reliable allies.

Up for something different? ICBM comes with full modding support out of the box. Add or change maps, units, technologies, rules, graphics and much more.

APPLY FOR THE BETA and join the Discord server to support ICBM and to challenge the developer in a nuclear destruction war.

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Re: ICBM :RTS game of nuclear destruction
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2020, 12:02:33 AM »
ICBM Research Tree - Missile Technologies
Mon, 3 August 2020

First look at ICBM's Research Tree

Offensive Strategy: How to develop Nuclear Missile Technologies in ICBM

ICBM research tree offers a wide variety of technologies and strategies to explore. Depending on what you choose to develop, you can build an impassable stronghold against airstrikes, nuke other continents from the sea with submarines, spot the location of their arsenal with radars and advanced satellites, and so much more.

Missiles technologies play an important role in ICBM: knowing them inside out is one of the best ways to build an effective offensive strategy and to secure the destruction of your enemiesí military assets and cities.

Nuclear missiles

At the beginning of the game, your technology won't be advanced enough and the only means of delivering nuclear warheads will be long-range strategic bombers. However, they are very vulnerable and have a high replacement cost. So you want to possess the Nuclear missiles.

Start by researching MRBMs (Medium-Range Ballistic Missiles) and then move to ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) in order to reach more continents and to unlock advanced weapons that will allow you to arm more powerful warheads.

Tactical Nuclear Missiles
While less potent than the strategic missiles described above, tactical nuclear missiles can be extremely useful. Combining a lower production cost and high level of flexibility, tactical nuclear weapons can be the best way of pacifying your opponents assets. Tactical Nuclear missiles can be fired from missile vehicles, cruisers and in some cases even from your bombers once you unlock ALBMs. Use these versatile weapons for coastal raids, defence against enemy ships or sniping exposed enemy structures.

Research and build missile launch facilities
Once you have researched ICBMs, you will unlock missile silos. Researching MRBMs will allow you to progress into Missile Vehicles and the larger ICBM vehicles. These are nuclear launch facilities that can be easily relocated. By building these military assets, you can adopt a more flexible strategy and promptly react to your opponentsí moves. It also allows you to hide your missile platforms after firing.

Upgrading your missiles

Certain locations will be out of your range during the early phases of the game, as you will need to research long-ranged nuclear missiles in order to plan attacks from great distances.

Most of your nuclear missiles can be upgraded by researching advanced technologies. Depending on which kind of missile technologies you decided to research, you can choose the right upgrades to make your missiles faster, more difficult to intercept, more accurate.

- Heavy rockets: these super heavy nuclear warhead missiles can carry thermonuclear warheads with up to 10 megaton loads and have much greater range than the 1Mt missiles. This technology is required in order to unlock MIRVs and false warheads, because separating warheads with individual trajectories require powerful payloads.

- MIRVs (Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle) is an advanced technology that unlocks the production of ICBMs equipped with three splitting thermonuclear warheads, 1 megaton each (3x1M MIRV ICBMs). Intercepting MIRVs is a really tough mission for your enemiesí defence, as they strike with multiple warheads making it extremely difficult to take down all of them.

- Is there anything worse than MIRVs? The answer is YES. Research false warheads to unlock the production of the ultimate ICBM: a nightmare with four-megaton warheads and four false targets (4x1M+4F MIRV ICBM) to saturate the enemy anti-missile defence.

- Hypersonic missiles are one of the most advanced steps you can take when it comes to missiles technologies. This research allows you to increase the speed and range of the SSM missiles, including tactical, nuclear-tipped, naval-based missiles, and air-based nuclear missiles. Hypersonic missiles are almost impossible to shoot down.

Full list of missiles you can build

Investing time and resources to research and build a strong missile-based offensive strategy can make you the most feared continent during an ICBM game.

Which missiles will you choose to nuke the world?

- MRBM: A medium-range missile equipped with a 100 kilotons TNT equivalent nuclear warhead.
- Megaton ICBM: an ICBM equipped with 1 megaton nuclear warhead.
- 10 Megaton ICBM: a heavy ICBM equipped with 10 megatons thermonuclear warhead.
- SRBM: a tactical nuclear missile launched from a cruiser. Deadly for enemy navy and coastal infrastructure.
- ALBM: a tactical nuclear missile launched from an aircraft. Stay tuned to find out more on how to build an effective airstrike.
- SLBM: A ballistic missile capable of being launched from submarines. Equipped with a single 500 kilotons TNT equivalent nuclear warhead or 3 splittings 500 kilotons warheads (with MIRV technology). Stay tuned to find out more on attacks from the ocean and advanced submarines.
- 3X1M MIRV ICBM: ICBMs equipped with three splitting thermonuclear warheads, 1 megaton each.
- 4x1M+4F MIRV ICBM: ICBM equipped with four-megaton warheads and four false targets.

Join the Discord server to chat with the developer and to find out more.

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Re: ICBM :RTS game of nuclear destruction
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2020, 12:36:55 AM »
ICBM Research Tree - Missile Defence Sytem
Tue, August 18, 2020

Defensive Strategy: How to Build your Missile Defence System in ICBM

Some missile technologies in ICBM are so deadly that you canít possibly win a match if you donít adopt an effective defensive strategy. Make sure to build anti-missile facilities to annihilate your enemiesí attempt to nuke your cities: theyíll lose precious time and resources while building missiles that will eventually get destroyed before reaching their target.

Detect enemy missiles with Radars

No matter how strong your anti-missile facilities are or how many you have deployed: you wonít be able to counter-attack if you canít detect enemy missiles.

Different radar types have different characteristics when it comes to missile detection, so you need to choose your way.

Conventional Radars are available from the very beginning, but their main task is to detect aircraft, not missiles. With some upgrades, theyíll become good enough to deal with the Small and Medium-range missiles too. With the Improved SW Radar tech, youíll be able to target SRBMs, while Advanced SW Radar is already good for dealing with MRBMs and even ICBMs on their terminal path. This is especially important if you plan to rely on your navy for the missile defence.

AWACS (Airborne Warning And Control System) - these air units can see everything from far away, including missiles. If you use Aircraft Carriers to deliver your might overseas, you want your Destroyers to protect them from enemy missiles. AWACS can give the necessary radar coverage to support ABM systems of your DDs.

However, if you want to have the best possible Anti-missile defence, you need to go the global Early Warning System path.

Space Radars are the first step you need to take when it comes to detecting, tracking and identifying artificial objects orbiting Earth. Not only they are essential to building an anti-satellite defence, but they also allow you to unlock advanced anti-missile technologies.

Once you have researched Space Radars, youíll be able to move on to Over-the-Horizon Radars. Their primary role is to identify incoming enemy ballistic missiles long before they reach your territory, so your missile defence has time to intercept them. Additionally, they help pinpoint the launching unit, so you can destroy it in the retaliatory strike.

Not enough yet? Research and build Early Warning System, the ultimate missile detection technology. They allow long and super-long-range detection; furthermore, they are practically not affected by radio-visibility reducing technology that counts on the absorption of centimetre and sometimes decimeter waves.

ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missiles) Launch Facilities

Once youíve secured the detection and targeting of enemy missiles, your anti-missile complexes will be able to intercept them. You may want to build these complexes near cities, borders, and critical facilities to keep your population safe while protecting your arsenal as well.

Research SAMs (Surface-to-Air Missiles) to unlock SAM sites, their corresponding launch facilities. SAM sites are cheap to build, so investing in them is always a good idea. They can intercept aircraft, but they canít detect missiles without the appropriate radar support, and they canít take them down without ABMs (Anti-Ballistic Missiles): make sure to research the right technologies to improve your SAM sites effectiveness.

The main weakness of SAM complexes is their lack of mobility. If you want to assure your defence some flexibility and make your complexes harder to locate, research and build Mobile SAMs too, that youíll be able to move multiple times within your territory.

Take your SAM sites to the ultimate level by researching Advanced SAMs: this technology automatically upgrades your anti-air missiles range and speed, while increasing at the same time the number of simultaneous targets.

Anti-Ballistic Missiles

No SAM site will be able to defend you against enemy missiles without proper defence weapons: research ABMs to make sure you have everything you need to stand against an enemy attack.

Once youíve developed ABMs, suppose you want to improve your chances of success. Initial ABMs can deal with single ICBMs, but can be easily overwhelmed by a more significant number of incoming warheads. In that case, you can research Advanced ABMs, next-generation air defence systems able to catch any air target including drones, winged missiles and even ICBMs. Other than a massive strategic strike using MIRVs or hypersonic weapons, no other type of attack can overcome this defence.

Donít forget though that without receipt of data from the beyond-the-horizon radar, even the new ABM systems won't be effective.

Counter-Attack from the ocean

Intercepting missiles from the ground by building and improving your SAM sites is not your only option.

You can also defend yourself from the ocean with Destroyers: fast, manoeuvrable, long-endurance warships intended to escort larger vessels in a fleet, convoy or battle group and defend them against powerful short-range attackers. They are cheap to build, and they provide Anti-Air and Anti-Missile defence. Unlike other ships, that weíll unveil in future articles, they are great for defensive tactics, but they canít carry nuclear weapons.

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Re: ICBM :RTS game of nuclear destruction
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2020, 02:51:24 AM »
ICBM Research Tree - Satellites
01 Sep 2020

How to research and improve Satellites in ICBM
Knowing the position of your enemy assets is essential to improve your chance of winning a match in ICBM. Radars are a good option to detect and intercept enemy facilities and weapons, but they are relatively vulnerable to attacks and they have a limited range of effectiveness.

Locate enemy assets with Satellites
You can research and build Satellites to greatly improve your knowledge of the other continentsí strategy: satellites canít be taken down with artillery, and they can observe larger territories.

The Same Portion of Territory Before and After the Satellite Deployment

How to deploy Satellites
When you deploy a Satellite, ICBM gives you more deployment options compared to any other unit in the game. Any time you build and deploy a new Satellite, you can establish its trajectory and its height.

Setting up the trajectory is a mandatory step to deploy a new Satellite. You can set it up both in map view and in globe view. In any case, its trajectory follows the natural curvature of the Earth. Choose it with care as you wonít be able to change it later.

The Satellitesí height can be set up in globe view only. The higher the height, the longer it will take to complete a full rotation around the Earth. If you deploy a satellite in map view, the height is automatically set to the minimum.

Advanced Optics
Basic Satellites, though, arenít fully capable of taking clear images of key objects. To unlock their full observation potential, take one more step in the research tree and research Advanced Optics: this technology replaces the regular optic system with an optic-electronic one and with panchromatic, infrared and multispectral images. Once researched, Advanced Optics automatically apply to all your Satellites, that become able to control both space and hidden objects on the surface. Planning a surprise missile attack will no longer be an option for your opponents.

Destroy enemy Warheads with Laser Weapons

Even if there are no operative orbital weapons systems in the real world, strong lasers with nuclear cores could theoretically destroy warheads while they're in the space stage of their trajectory. This is why in ICBM, Satellites can be used not only as a key part of your intelligence but also as defence weapons.

After researching Advanced Optics, you can research Laser Weapons to allow your Satellites to intercept enemy warheads in flight.

Take down enemy satellites with ASAT (Anti-Satellites Weapons)
Satellites can be the best ally to your strategy, but on the other hand, enemy Satellites can make your attacks predictable and can make your facilities more vulnerable.

The only way to get rid of a Satellite standing in your way is to research ASAT (Anti-Satellites Weapons), special missiles specifically designed to destroy enemy satellites. You can launch them with Missile Silos and Mobile Missile Silos from the ground, or with your Cruisers from the sea.

Donít forget that to unlock Anti-Satellite Weapons, you need to research SAMs, ABMs and Space Radar first. You also need to have a Space Radar to be able to see the satellites above your territory.

Find out more
Join the Discord server to chat with the developer and have a look at the product page.

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Re: ICBM :RTS game of nuclear destruction
« Reply #4 on: September 17, 2020, 02:50:40 AM »
ICBM Research Tree - Aircraft Technologies
Wed, 16 September 2020

Air units
Aircraft technologies allow you to develop and produce advanced air units. Youíll be able to deploy these to conquer ICBMís nuclear green sky.

In ICBM there are four kinds of air units:

Fighters: A fighter aircraft is a military fixed-wing aircraft primarily designed for air-to-air combat against other aircraft. Operating from carriers and airfields, their great speed and manoeuvrability make them perfect to establish air superiority over the battlefield. The trade off for this capability is that they are of limited use against surface targets. They carry heavy air-to-air armament and can also carry ALBMís, if you have researched them.

Bombers: A strategic bomber is a long-range deep-striking aircraft designed to drop large amounts of air-to-ground weaponry onto distant targets for the purpose of debilitating the enemies capacity to wage war. They can carry the heaviest bombs and can only operate from airfields.

Attack bombers: An attack bomber is a tactical military aircraft that operates from a carrier. It has the primary role of carrying out airstrikes with greater precision than bombers can and it is robust enough to survive strong low-level air defences when on the offensive. This class of aircraft is designed mostly for naval air-to-surface missions. They can carry light nuclear weapons, but are much more difficult to intercept.

AEW&C aircraft: An airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) system is an airborne radar picket system designed to detect aircraft, ships and vehicles at long range. Both land-based and naval carrier-based versions are available.

The first three types of aircraft can be produced and deployed at the beginning of a match and you can improve them by researching additional aircraft technologies.

Improve your aircraft

You can research advanced aircraft to upgrade your aircraft to newer, more advanced models. In doing so, you will automatically increase the speed, manoeuvrability, durability and payload of all your planes.

You can additionally increase the capacity of your fuel tanks by researching aerial fueling once you have the advanced aircraft technology. This technology will greatly improve the range of all your planes.

If you want to establish air superiority in ICBM, having faster and more agile planes wonít be enough: you will also need to identify threats in advance, while going unnoticed at the same time. This is where AWACS and stealth aircraft can give you an additional edge.

AWACS can be researched and produced to secure better airspace surveillance: these "flying radars" are perfect for long-duration flights and can control airspace in a radius greater than 500 km. They are extremely vulnerable if they're attacked however and will need to be protected by SAMs or fighter aircraft.
By researching AWACS, you will unlock two new air units: AWACS aircraft, which operate from an airfield and the Carrier AEW&C helicopter, which operates from a carrier. AEW&C helicopters have a smaller range than normal AWACS and less powerful radars, but theyíre equipped with sonar and depth charges for anti-submarine operations.

You can elude enemy surveillance and decrease the visibility of your aircraft by researching stealth aircraft, the ultimate air technology in ICBM. This improvement automatically applies to all your planes, which will become much more difficult to detect and shut down.

Initially, your air forces wonít be very efficient in attacking surface units - the only available conventional means of sea or ground attack are the free-falling bombs, so you often will want to use smaller nuclear bombs for important targets. But this changes when you research the Air-to-Surface Missiles.

You can then upgrade to Advanced ASM to further improve the efficiency of your bombers.

To have an edge in aerial combat, you could research the Advanced AAM - those make your fighters much more deadly in dogfights.

To fully reveal the advantages of AEW&C aircraft, invest into the radar technologies - LW radars if you just want to see the targets further away, and SW radars if you want to be able to supply the precise targeting information to your fighters and bombers, allowing them to engage the enemy from the maximal distance.

Airbases and carriers
Your aircraft can take off from airbases or from carriers; airbases carry up to 15 fighters and 5 bombers, while carriers carry up to 10 fighters and 10 attack bombers.

By selecting each airbase or carrier, you can decide whether to allow air patrol or not.

When you allow air patrol, you have two fighters always in skies looking for the potential threats. This usually helps to spot enemy aircraft on the far reach, giving more time to react.

However, sometimes you want to have the patrol disabled. For example, if you already have AEW&C in the skies near your carrier, then you already have good visibility of the airborne targets, so you can switch off the patrolling to stay hidden and not give your enemy the possibility to detect the presence of your carrier by spotting the patrolling aircraft. Another case when you may want to have the patrol disabled is when your airfield is close to the enemy territory. In this case, your patrol could occasionally fly into the enemy air space triggering the response. This can easily escalate to the full-blown conflict much sooner than youíd like.

Find out more
Join the Discord server to chat with the developer.

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