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Update 45.6 - Fixing bugs, improving lives
Sat, 27 April 2024

It's time for another small update. Hopefully this is the last small update before I do another big one.

- Sometimes people would freeze during combat, hopefully they shall no longer do this.
- You can now give items to your workers while they're at work.
- Fixed a bug where archery targets would not work.
- If your payer is working or sleeping when you save a game, they will continue to do said tasks when you load back into the game.
- When you go inside your pet horse will now go away and find somewhere to graze, instead of standing near the door.
- Your horse will no longer follow in front of the player.
- Reduced the wage at markets making it a less desirable job for the AI. Have also reduced the max market workers.
- Fixed a bug where chopping firewood at a wood block would stop after each successful chop.
- When declared an outlaw while renting, you will now lose said rental. Previously the rental would bug out.
- Added a new slider to options to control camera rotation speed.
- Fixed a bug where one of the rooms in the Alehouse was inaccessible by characters.
- You can now view building info on Bunkhouses, which will show you everyone who lives in said Bunkhouse.
- Employees in the hire menu are now sorted by skill rather than distance.
- Children will no longer waylay carts that have drivers who have weapons.

Thank you as always for all the support. This has been a very long journey for us all, but SAELIG continues to live!

Now to start in update 46.


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