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« on: August 03, 2015, 02:51:49 AM »
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After-action review represents a key learning capability and offers a distinct advantage when looking to improve performance in communication, decision-making and teamwork on the battlefield.

For simulation, the AAR can be leveraged to enhance the training provided by the simulated systems. All actions relating to every entity are recorded and replayed, and because VBS3 is HLA/DIS compatible, everything that occurred in the wider group of simulation systems is also included in the AAR. It also allows users to edit after-action reviews within the simulation.

Bohemia Interactive Simulations has optimized AAR by making AAR files smaller, which contributes to faster performance. The AAR timeline in VBS3 also expands to allow users to see more or less details about the scenario, offering greater flexibility.

Review from Multiple Perspectives

Multiple Perspectives

Review scenarios from any perspective within VBS3.

The after-action review feature allows trainers and trainees to view a scenario from any perspective including 3D, 2D, and from any player's perspective. Within AAR, administrators can switch rapidly from a bird's eye view of a battle to the enemy's perspective or follow the path of a bullet to a target. The field-of-view feature can be used to check where squads or individual soldiers are observing during a scenario.

Check Fields of View

Watch from a Bird's Eye Perspective

2D View

Track Statistics

AAR provides statistics on casualties, engagement time, rounds fired and many other components of a battle scenario. These feature enhance trainers’ abilities to engage students in assessing their own performance and conduct a successful debriefing.

AAR files have been optimized in VBS3 for faster performance and playback of engagements with hundreds of units. The improved AAR also allows users more flexibility for configuring the sampling rate of bone and particle recorders.

Track Battlespace Statistics

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Re: VBS AAR Tool
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2016, 02:34:55 PM »
The VBS3 AAR (After-Action Review) provides a comprehensive recording and playback capability, suitable for either training or analysis. The AAR recorder collates a wide range of data, from individual participant movements and actions through to collective measures of effectiveness (MOE). Within the realm of military training, after-action review via the VBS3 AAR playback system facilitates evaluation of participant decisions and actions, extending the utility of VBS3 as a training tool.

AAR User Interface: Click Here

Recording an AAR file: Click Here

AAR Playback: Click Here

AAR Event Log: Click Here

Engagements System: Click Here

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