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Polychop Kiowa


I am very much looking forward to this module!

It does look pretty sweet.  I canít remember if they are doing a shared cockpit for this.  Brings us a step closer to dcs Apache or cobra. 


--- Quote from: Skoop on April 27, 2020, 04:51:02 PM ---It does look pretty sweet.

--- End quote ---

All of the DCS stuff does look sweet. Most of the time the modules take so long to be completed though  :(

Thanks for posting this Beef  :thumbsup

^ I hear you.  I was all hot and heavy to get multi role fighters like the f16 and f18 even at half baked status. Then they came and I was like, this is unfinished crap, so I shelved them until complete.  Iím sure theyíll be amazing when done, I just found my self learning the plane and then getting frustrated half the capabilities arenít there.

Luckily the f14 and the Jeff where so well done they coming me coming back to dcs all year.  In fact the Jeff had me flying it everyday in MP until 2.6 broke dcs MP, I had to shelve dcs and start cycling back to other games and sims.


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