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Author Topic: LIF:MMO Godenland Wipe announcement  (Read 3350 times)

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LIF:MMO Godenland Wipe announcement
« on: April 16, 2020, 01:21:55 AM »
Godenland Wipe announcement
Wed, 15 April 2020

Hello, Feudalists!

Today we want to give you more details about the upcoming wipe and update.

First of all, we’ve decided that the update will happen this Friday, April 17th. You will have the weekend to test out the changes before Godenland’s wipe happens on Monday, April 20th. We understand that this date is different from the one originally mentioned on AMA, however, we would like to implement some of the changes discussed, which requires more time than it was originally intended. Our apologies.

Second, we would like to share the list of changes that will come with the update:

•   Skill cap for Crafting and Minor skills will be increased to 1000 and 800 respectively;
•   Lesser Battle Totem will be available for crafting on Siege Engineer’s Workshops. Just as before, it can be used to start a Lesser Instanced Battle;
•   Fix for a bug that, in some cases, prevented outpost transfer after a successful capture will be implemented;
•   Fix for a bug that allowed using Repair ability during Holy Judgement from a neighbouring fief will be implemented;
•   Destroy, Repair and Build Premium Decoration will now be forbidden during Holy Judgement for characters with rights to use those abilities;
•   Inability to see item’s name in a blueprint put on market will be fixed;
•   Regional items will have their regions displayed when placed on market;
•   Support cost for all fiefs will be reduced by half;
•   Taxes will no longer be paid from fiefs belonging to the guild-province owner;
•   Taxes from captured provinces will be increased from 20% to 100% from a base fief support cost;
•   Fix for a bug that prevented interaction with objects placed underwater will be implemented;
•   Construction on the tiles below 0.0 height will no longer be possible;
•   Space occupied by all outposts will be increased;
•   Warcry “Coward!” will only work against people in peaceful stance;
•   Stats required to use Heavy Crossbow will be increased;
•   Maximum energy of a bolt launched from a Heavy Crossbow will be decreased;
•   Damage dealt by throwing pots will be increased;
•   Warhorses should knock out all characters while galloping;
•   Attacks from players standing in protectorates will only deal damage to animals, Training Dummies and Archery Targets;
•   Instance Battle sides members’ limit proportion will be decreased from 1:3 to 1:2
•   Ability “Wreck” will be added to “Demolition” skill branch to prevent abuse of incomplete buildings placed on the claim during Judgement Hour;
•   Successful parry will be possible in a smaller arc;
•   Guild ranks will be updated:

   •   10th rank will contain 50% of all guilds in the world
   •   9th rank — 30%
   •   8th rank — 4%
   •   7th rank — 4%
   •   6th rank — 4%
   •   5th rank — 3%
   •   4th rank — 2%
   •   3rd rank — 1.5%
   •   2nd rank — 1%
   •   1st rank — 0.05%

•   Fragility of all armor types will be decreased by 60%;
•   Maximum duration of “Bed Rest” effects will be decreased to 5 minutes;
•   Luck influence will be fixed for Material Processing skill branch;
•   Fix for a bug that allowed certain premium items to be sacrificed to Holza will be implemented;
•   Deconstruct ability will be added to the incomplete Military Outpost;
•   Ability “Destroy” will be hidden on admin lands;
•   Fix for “Worship” button availability for newbie world will be implemented;
•   Maximum speed bonus from Agility will be increased (+1.5%);
•   Prices when selling to the Crown will be updated;
•   Maximum amount of resources gathered from Plant Fiber, Flint Stone, Branch and Alchemic Herbs will be multiplied by 3;
•   Wooden walls resistance will be further decreased from 150 (130 in some cases) to 15;
•   A bug that prevented guilds with more than 30 outposts from using “Remote outpost support” ability will be fixed;
•   Durability loss on each hit for armors and weapons will be divided by 2;
•   Quarry Outpost will be producing Shaped Rock and Granite as well;
•   Weights of Padded, Chainmail and Leather armors will be decreased;
•   Recipe requirements on items quantity for armor will be increased, however, regionality of most items for Heavy armor will be removed;
•   Premium Orange Cloaks will be added.

Third, we would like to address a mistake in our last patch notes ( The line “A fief won’t get transferred as a result of a lost IB if it has been captured by another guild before the battle starts” should actually state “... a result of an Instanced Battle…”. We apologize for the inconvenience.

— The Team

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