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I am using Tacview for some ADS-B data analysis.  Right now, Tacview shows the metric "G", which is the normal G load.  Is there any way I can get the axial and side G loads as well?


In your ADS-B data do you have roll, pitch and yaw?

If so we could try adding axial & side G loads.

I have generated the roll, pitch, and yaw from the ADS-B data.  By seeing the axial and side loads I would have greater confidence in my process.  Here is a link to a video of what I am modeling.   
I already have the data in Tacview and I think it is really cool. Thanks for your consideration!  P.S.  Can you tell me how to change the reference time for the data I open as a CSV?  My timecode starts at 0.0 and I want to see the actual date/times in Tacview.

Great! The UI is pretty full but we could add axial and side loads in the export and/or labels. Would that work for you?

To amend the time, go to Debriefing -> Time Shift to shift the time to UTC time you want then go to Options -> Time Offset to choose the correct UTC offset.

Seeing it in the exported telemetry would be fantastic!  Thanks for the tip on the time shift.


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