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« on: February 15, 2020, 01:47:00 PM »

Stoneshard is a challenging turn-based RPG set in an open world. Experience the unforgiving life of a medieval mercenary: travel across the war-torn kingdom, fulfill contracts, fight, mend your wounds and develop your character without any restrictions.

Home page


Stoneshard – Early Access Release Trailer


Stoneshard is a challenging turn-based RPG set in an open world. Experience the unforgiving life of a medieval mercenary: travel across the war-torn kingdom, fulfill contracts, fight, mend your wounds and develop your character without any restrictions.


•   Open World
War always leaves its mark: villages lie in ruins, dungeons are infested with monsters and old roads are abandoned. Travel across Aldor and learn more about its past.
•   Economy
The wartime economy is ruthless, but it also presents many opportunities: fulfill contracts, hunt for treasure, trade in a variety of goods and travel the land to earn your fortune.


•   Character Development
Experiment with 100+ abilities and 200+ equipment pieces without any class or level restrictions. Create your very own playstyle!
•   Enemy Variety
Take part in intense battles against numerous factions. Brigands, abominable cults, the undead - all of them require a unique approach.
•   Tactical Battles
There is no hand-holding. Only the thoughtful ones shall prevail - plan a few turns ahead, adapt to your surroundings and fully utilize your character’s strengths.


•   Health System
Master the simple but deep health system: cauterize bleeding wounds, relieve pain with alcohol and drugs, practice bloodletting and heal your maladies with various concoctions.
•   Psyche
Different in-game situations have a distinct influence on your character’s mental condition. High morale may turn the tide in your favor when fighting even the most hopeless of battles, while low sanity brings panic attacks and paranoia.
•   Permadeath
Do you like risk? Then try out the Ironman mode, where every decision is irreversible and your character dies once and for all.


•   New Content
New settlements, including three majestic cities. New enemy factions: the mysterious Deep Dwellers and the ruthless Hive. Even more activities, equipment, enemies and abilities.
•   Caravan
Gather your caravan: upgrade it, find new routes and recruit followers - their skills and abilities will surely come in handy. Feeling tired? Return to your camp to hear fresh stories or just rest by the fire.
•   Devotion
Devote yourself to one of the aspects of the enigmatic deity. But remember: every blessing has
its price. Are you ready to make a pact?
•   Campaign
To solve the mystery of the Stoneshards, you’ll have to visit dozens of exciting locations, make decisions with long-lasting consequences and slay a number of ferocious bosses.
•   Alchemy & Cooking
Discover new recipes and experiment with potions and dishes by combining different ingredients.

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:
This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages: Fantasy Violence, Cartoonish Gore, Depiction of Alcohol & Drug Usage, Mature Topics.

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2020, 01:48:20 PM »
Development Roadmap

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2020, 03:53:13 PM »
Linux Build Is Out! + Hotfix
Thu, 20 February 2020


We're happy to inform Linux users that we've successfuly solved all Linux-related issues and Stoneshard is now available on your OC as well. Recommended distributive is Ubuntu 18.04. Other distributives may work as well, but they weren't tested.

It is important to note that depending on your version of Ubuntu additional dependencies may need to be installed to play the game. These dependencies are:
libopenal1 Hotfix Changelog

•   Removed durability loss from Jewelry items
•   Fixed another backpack-related trade exploit
•   Fixed scrolls and treatises being sold for 1 coin

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2020, 01:08:39 AM »
Devlog: March Update Progress
Sun, 1 March 2020

Hello everyone!

This devlog is dedicated to revealing some of the progress we’ve made with the first major content update «Trollslayer», which will be released around the end of March. As we’ve already mentioned, there are plans to include some previously unannounced things into this update. As for now, let’s go through some of the features we are currently working on:

Additional flora and fauna

To make the world of Aldor feel more alive, we’ve added two new animals to the game: saigas and bisons, which can be encountered in the steppes and in the fields accordingly.

Penny buns have been added to the forests, fleawort and henbane now grow in the fields and by the roadsides, mushrooms and potatoes can be cooked at campsites. The meat system has also been changed, it’s now divided into four types: tough, fatty, sinewy, and tender. Each meat type can be acquired from certain animals. In the future we plan to make the hunting system significantly more complex, but it definitely won’t be a part of the March update.

New dungeon type – Catacombs

Proselytes have received their own dungeon type – Catacombs. Abandoned churches, monasteries, and other ruins inhabited by the vampiric cults can now be encountered around the world. At the same time there’s work being done on rehauling our dungeon generation algorithm in order to create more complex and structurally engaging levels. The work is still in progress, so no pictures of the interiors for now.

New skill trees – Athletics and Combat Mastery

Right now we are in the middle of implementing two new utility skill trees, each containing 14 and 13 skills accordingly. Initially they were planned to be much smaller – 8-10 skills each, but during the development it was decided to add additional branches.

Combat Mastery will be a great addition to the characters focusing on using weapons. It’s designed to enhance this playstyle, introducing 7 versatile combat and tactical maneuvers.

Athletics is built around mobility and controlling the battlefield, so it can be utilized by pretty much every character

Once all the skills are fully implemented and balanced, we’ll publish a separate devlog where we’ll present them in greater detail.

Expanded dialogues

We plan to slightly expand the dialogue system for the key characters such as merchants, elders, craftsmen, etc. Naturally there is no role-playing depth of classical RPGs to be expected here, our role system is simply not designed for that. However you’ll be able to learn more about certain characters, find out their opinions on different topics, and, perhaps, get some leads on various locations and quests...


Stay tuned for new devlogs. Until next time!

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2020, 12:13:40 AM »
Devlog: Combat Mastery
Tue, 10 March 2020

Hello everyone!

In this devlog we’d like to present you a new skill tree which will be added with the “Trollslayer” update - Combat Mastery.

Combat Mastery is an utility skill tree, designed to be particularly useful to warriors and other characters relying on weapons. Overall it contains 14 abilities: 7 actives and 7 passives.

Active abilities:

•   Seize the Initiative – start combat by delivering a strike which will “steal” some of the stats from your target and grant them to you as a buff. Each following strike will increase the amount of debuff stacks on your target and the amount of buff stacks on you
•   Defensive Tactics – a buff with unlimited duration. The effect depends on the number of enemies around your character. The higher the number, the stronger this dynamically calculated effect. Additionally, as long as Defensive Tactics is active, blocking and dodging will restore your Energy.
•   Offensive Tactics follows a similar logic, though it provides offensive stats instead. Additionally, critical strikes and counterattacks decrease the remaining cooldowns for weapon skills while it’s active. Keep in mind that you only can have a single tactic active at a time, so you will have to choose the most appropriate one for any given situation.
•   War Cry deals a small amount of psionic damage, Weakening all enemies in a large AoE. In turn, you receive Battle Rage effect for several turns - the more enemies there are, the longer it lasts.
•   Finisher – perhaps some of you may remember this skill from one of the oldest devlogs about the currently retired class system. This skill allows you to deliver a strike which immediately refreshes all active cooldowns as long as it kills its target.
•   Thirst for Battle is meant to improve survivability for warriors, especially when they are near death, injured, and are pretty much ready to give up on life. The power of the effect increases when low on health, so it has the potential to break the tide of battle with a significant bonus to damage and life drain.
•   Against the Odds – the legendary skill of Verren from the old Prologue returns. Now this skill is a crowning jewel of Combat Mastery. Its duration was decreased to 2 turns, however if you manage to kill an enemy within this time frame, you’ll recover a significant amount of HP and energy. Against the Odds is best used in combination with Thirst for Battle and Finisher for maximum impact.

Passive abilities:

•   Setup – grants you bonus accuracy and damage after you skip a turn, which makes waiting more tactically advantageous.
•   Armor Crusher makes the task of disposing of armored targets easier. As long as their armor condition is more than half, your attacks have a bonus to armor piercing and armor damage. On top of this, when the target’s armor durability reaches zero, this passive increases the amount of damage the target takes for a few turns.
•   Intimidation – grants War Cry a chance to daze or confuse all affected enemies for a few turns.
•   Right on Target – grants bonus stats to all weapon skills. Additionally, it grants a significant bonus to your weapon damage, increasing accuracy and crit chance, while decreasing skills cost and fumble chance as long as your second hand is empty.
•   Opportune Moment – grants your physical attacks a chance to decrease all active cooldowns for your skills by 1 turn.
•   Stance Training adds an additional effect to your Defensive and Offensive Tactics. As long as your Defensive Tactics is active, all your stance-based skills will lose 1 stack on triggering instead of 2. When using Offensive Tactics, all your stance-based skills will activate with 6 stacks, which means that you’ll most likely lose them quickly.
•   Final Push – ensures that Against the Odds is a much more reliable tool for escaping death by increasing damage and accuracy for your attacks while you are under its effects.

That’s all for now. In the next devlog we’ll tell you more about Athletics skill tree and, perhaps, will show you something extra!

Until next time!

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #5 on: March 23, 2020, 01:57:44 PM »
Devlog: Progress Update
Sun, 22 March 2020

Hello everyone!

In today’s devlog we’ll share more details about some of the new additions which will be included in the “Trollslayer” update.

Grave Robbery

Now you’ll be able to grab a shovel and head to the nearest cemetery. If you spend some time digging around, you might find something valuable or interesting. Just remember that this isn’t the most pleasant of activities, so your character’s sanity and morale can take a noticeable hit if you rob graves too frequently.

If you don’t have a shovel with you, you can also try digging with your bare hands. Though the process will take much more time in this case plus there’s a risk of hand injury.

Roadside Altars

It’s now possible to randomly encounter roadside altars which were set up to honor the Host, the deity worshipped in Aldor. You can pray to the Host by these altars to gain a blessing for a few hundred turns. Blessings grant resistance to unholy damage, gradually restore psyche, and slightly increase received experience.

With the addition of a fully-fledged worship system, the altars mechanics will be substantially expanded, but for now their purpose is to add more variety to the world and encourage traveling by roads.

Save Slots

There were lots of requests to add character slots, so by popular demand it was decided to add them with this update. You’ll no longer need to bother with backing up game files. It’ll now be possible to create multiple characters and switch between them without any busywork.

Changes to Dungeon Generation

We continue experimenting with our dungeon generator by adding various changes. The updated version will be able to create more complex and engaging structures.

We also continue to fill the world with more details. The “Trollslayer” update will have three new points of interests. One of them we’ve already shown. Here’s the second one:

Update Release Date

We’ve decided to add a number of initially unplanned and unannounced features (such as save slots and changes to dungeon generation), so we’ll need a bit more time to finish their implementation and polish the build. “Trollslayer” will be available in three weeks - exactly on April 14th.

Until next time!

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #6 on: April 15, 2020, 11:29:56 AM » "Trollslayer" is Live! - Changelog
Tue, 14 April 2020

Hello everyone!

We are happy to inform you that the first major update “Trollslayer” can now be downloaded and played! This expansion adds a new boss, two skill trees, many new items, and lots of fixes, improvements, and additions – the full changelog can be seen below.

Keep in mind that because of the new locations being added to the world map, your old saves will be incompatible with this update. To experience new content, you’ll have to start a new game. If you wish to continue playing on the old version, check out the instructions on how to rollback to it.

Happy hunting!


•   New boss: Ancient Troll and its dedicated quest line. Try your luck at defeating this dangerous monster, but first make sure that your character is properly leveled!
•   Two new skill trees: Athletics and Combat Mastery. 27 new abilities to include into your builds!
•   Save slots: No more shuffling game files around – keep as many characters as you want.
•   Altars: discover them alongside the roads and gain the Host’s blessing for bonus experience.
•   Grave robbing: rob graves using a shovel or your bare hands to discover valuable (or not) loot. Perhaps you’ll even stumble upon a grave of some legendary warrior?
•   New fauna: saigas and bisons. Venture into the steppes to hunt them: their pelts and horns are rather valuable. Be careful – bisons are capable of standing up for themselves...
•   New flora: treat your wounds with fleawort, use henbane to enter battle rage, snack on roasted penny buns.
•   New meat system: every animal drops a dedicated meat type on death. Even rats and bats are not an exception.
•   “Gathering the Caravan”: the quest has been expanded to have a better conclusion instead of ending the storyline abruptly upon fulfilling three contracts.
•   Fast travel system between the villages, which becomes available upon completing the first part of “Gathering the Caravan”
•   Two hidden quests: To discover them you’ll have to pay attention to the dialogues and maybe help a certain person in their time of need...

Miniquests/requests will be added with the follow-up patches.
•   Three new points of interest. Explore the world in search of new landmarks, each with their own loot and lore. You can save your progress in some of these locations.
•   New dungeon type: the Catacombs. The proselytes now inhabit them instead of the Crypts.
•   Lots of new dialogues. Get to know some of the denizens of Osbrook and Mannshire
Some additional dialogues will be added with the follow-up patches.
•   More low level valuables: silver nuggets, clasps, bolts of cloth, bottles of oil and much more.
•   New items: new mage mantles, more greatswords and bows. Also GINGER ROOT.
•   24 new treatises. Every skill tree (except the magic ones) now has two more treatises associated with them in order to make the vertical progression more difficult and slow down the character’s power gain.

Now you won’t be able to learn every active ability of a skill tree within the first 3-4 levels, gaining immediate access to all its skill rotations. Instead, you’ll have to diversify your build by levelling starting abilities from, say, Athletics or Combat Mastery.

For now all new treatises can be bought from traders or found in dungeons. In the future high-level treatises will only be available in dedicated locations or bought from specific traders.
•   Wares and reputation: merchants and craftsmen will hold onto rare items until you prove your worth to the village by fulfilling contracts. The higher your reputation, the more powerful items you’ll be able to purchase.
•   New localizations: the game is now available in Latin American Spanish and Italian languages.
Official Brazilian Portuguese localization and Turkin & Czech fan localizations will be added with the follow-up patches.



•   Most weapons and some armors were rebalanced to further accentuate the differences between the items of the same type and reduce stat clutter.
•   Shields and their protection values were buffed. Now they are the main source of Block Chance and Block Power.
•   Increased the maximum durability for most items and decreased the speed with which they degrade (boots in particular).
•   Crowbar and lancet deal increased damage instead of using bare hands’ damage.


•   Rebalanced prices for most equipment pieces, consumables, and valuables.
•   Merchants now sell more treatises.
•   Rewards for contracts now scale with dungeon difficulty slightly more.
•   Tweaks to traders’ inventories – for instance, the Osbrook’s herbalist no longer sells enchantment scrolls.
•   The Mannshire’s merchant gives better prices for treatises.
•   The base buy price for traders is [10 > 15]% of the standard item value.
•   Due to the addition of fast travel between the settlements, the Mannshire’s apprentice no longer sells equipment, but he can still fix cloth and leather items.
•   Containers in more dangerous dungeons now generally have better loot in them.
•   Increased reward and reputation gain for completing contracts.


•   Rebalanced energy costs for most abilities.
•   Reduced the damage for most spells, reduced energy costs for certain spells.
•   Improving associated Attributes has a smaller effect on abilities’ effectiveness. Initial values of certain active abilities were also reduced.
•   Some enemies received new abilities from Athletics and Combat Mastery skill trees. Watch out for them!
•   Rebalanced minimum and maximum values for most enchantments.
We are aware of the abuse with rerolling enchantments and the associated randomness, but until the item quality system is reworked, there isn’t much we can do about it.
•   The effect of “Confusion” now prevents you (or your enemies) from attacking and using abilities instead of moving to a random tile with a certain chance. Random movement chance was transferred to “Clumsiness”. Most abilities, consumables, and effects which used to cause “Confusion”, now cause “Clumsiness”
•   [Pyromancy] “Melting Ray” was moved further down the skill tree.
•   [Pyromancy] “Ring of Fire”. Added: for each affected enemy grants +20% Pyromantic Power for 4 turns.
•   [Pyromancy] “Blaze”. Added: for each point of damage dealt, the spell burns double the amount of energy.
•   [Daggers] “Deadly Trick” was moved further down the skill tree.
•   [Daggers] “Deadly Trick”. Instead of granting +100% Dodge Chance for 2 turns, grants +25% Crit Chance for the next turn. Also instead of Immobilization it applies Confusion. The chance to swap with the target is affected by their Knockback Resistance.
•   [Proselyte Flagellant] “Driven by Pain”: decreased damage gain when on low health. Crit Chance was swapped away for Life Drain to avoid one-shotting possibility.
•   Arna’s Trait “Vow of the Feat”: grants -[5 > 7.5]% Abilities Costs and Cooldown Durations for each enemy within Vision. Added: -7.5% Spell Costs and -4% Damage Taken for each enemy within Vision.
•   [Staffs] “Battle Trance” replenishes [20 > 10]% Max Energy.
•   [Staffs] “Triumph”: grants +20% Crit Chance for 7 turns upon killing an enemy instead of +10% Damage and Magic Power for 9 turns.
•   [Axes] “Execution”: replenishes 35% Max Energy upon killing an enemy instead of reducing Active Cooldowns for axe skills by 50%.
•   [Greatswords] "Parry": +[10 > 7.5]% Block Chance and +[12.5% > 10%] Block Power for each stack of the stance.
•   [Ranged Weapons] "Hunter’s Mark": using this ability not only applies the effect but also performs a shot.
•   [Ranged Weapons] "Anticipation": applies the target with -[8 > 10]% Dodge Chance for [3 > 10] turns each time you land a shot. Added: each missed shot against the target grants +5% Accuracy for 10 turns.


•   Mushrooms and potatoes can now be roasted at campfires
•   Walking barefoot has a chance to damage your feet.
•   Significantly increased Thirst and Hunger gain during sleep.
•   Bleed damage not only depends on the target’s Max Health but also on its Bleed Resistance.
•   Burn Damage no longer deals fixed damage, instead scaling with Max Health, though to a lesser extent than before.
•   Rebalanced Knockback Damage. Both colliding targets now receive Crushing Damage for [15 > 10]% Max Health of the target which was knocked back. If the target was knocked into a wall or an occupied tile, it receives Damage for [15 > 10]% of its Max Health.
•   Knocking the target back into an occupied tile no longer has a 100% Stun Chance. Now it takes the target’s Stun Resistance into account.
•   Each enemy now has a correct set of Body Parts – no more injured snake paws. Also different enemies have different Body Part “durability”: it’s easier to injure skeletons and critters.
•   Bleed Chance upon receiving damage to injured body parts is now affected by Bleed Resistance.
•   Decrease the chance of modifiers to be triggered by their respective damage types – it’s now very unlikely to witness a self-sustaining loop of poisoning or burning. Decreased the base duration for those modifiers.
•   Stun Chance from Shock damage and Bleed Chance from Rending damage are now affected by the respective resistances.


•   High tier brigands received a buff.
•   Increased the amount of brigands in camps.
•   Increased Accuracy for most 5-9 and 10+ level enemies.
•   Increased experience gain from killing enemies by 20-25%.
•   Rebalanced ambushes – they scale from your level at a significantly lower rate.

As a reminder – the enemies scaling with your level is a temporary solution which will be disabled after expanding the world and implementing danger parameters for zones.


•   Jonna and Dirwin start with affinity for Athletics, Jorgrim and Arna – for Combat Mastery.
•   Jonna starts with first tier of Geomancy and Pyromancy unlocked instead of second.
•   Characters have 6 bonus starting Attributes instead of 8.
•   Each point of Vitality grants [3 > 5] Max Energy.
•   Each point of Agility grants [0.75 > 0.5]% Dodge Chance
•   Dodge Chance can reach a negative value, increasing the Accuracy of your enemies’ attacks.
•   Reworked Block Power progression. Its initial bonus was removed, it now depends entirely on Strength. Block Power values also have a cap which is limited by Strength as well.
•   Pinecaps can only be encountered in pine forests. Leaf forests now have penny buns.
•   Increased the chance of finding treatises on bookshelves.
•   Destroying the Well of Souls spawns wraiths.
•   The witch now offers a potion instead of a pot of espresso.
•   Consuming spoiled food reduces morale.


•   Enemies can no longer spawn in dungeon rooms adjusted to entrances/exits in order to avoid situations when the player is swarmed right after transitioning between the floors.

For the same reason enemies no longer spawn next to zone borders.
•   Picking an item up while your inventory is full no longer automatically drops the item, but keeps it suspended instead.
•   Added the Chapel autosave to the standalone Prologue.
•   All stages of main quests now have journal entries.
•   Dropping treatises and scrolls is now displayed in the log.
•   Improved the scrollbar in the trading menu.
•   Added an outline for runic boulders.


•   Added a new resolution: 2560х1080.
•   Improved quests journal interface.


•   Animals now have their own icons for Injuries.
•   Improved forest generation.
•   Numerous visual fixes and tweaks.
•   Added new visual effects for Bad Trip.
•   Added new visual effects for Drunkenness.
•   New sprite work for some items.
•   New sprite work for Ghouls.
•   Added a new entrance variant for the Bastion (brigand dungeon).


•   Fixed room renting: the game now correctly saves and detects the remaining rent time.
•   Fixed the bug with a sudden HP and Energy drop when transitioning between zones.
•   Fix quest items duping.
•   Carts and other map encounters retain their state upon restarting the game – it’s now impossible to endlessly loot them.
•   Animals can escape to other zones when they reach the border.
•   Stepping on a burning tile not only sets you on fire, but also deals immediate damage. The chance to catch fire is no longer 100%, now it’s affected by Fire Resistance.
•   Fixed the bug which prevented certain effects from triggering when reaching Benevolent reputation with a settlement.
•   Fixed an exploit which allowed using abilities and moving on the same turn.
•   Fixed bizarre trajectories for enemy’s charge-based abilities.
•   Fixed the bug with immortal enemies
•   Fixed numerous memory leaks.
•   Improved optimization.
•   Fixed lots of crashes and other minor bugs.

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #7 on: April 15, 2020, 11:38:22 AM » & Changelog
Wed, 15 April 2020

- Fixed Ginger Root-related crash. If you have a save with a Ginger Root present in your inventory or chest, please get rid of it and re-save the game.
- Fixed an issue with merchants not restocking treatises.
- Fixed an issue with free Ranged Weapons treatises
- Fixed an issue with items disappearing after being stored in the backpack
- Fixed weaponstands being labeled as “wardrobes”
- Increased base prices for most hides, especially bison ones [100g > 200g]
- [Ancient Troll] Troll Regeneration: Cooldown reduced from 20 to 16
- [Ancient Troll] Deafening Roar: Cooldown reduced from 14 to 12
- [Ancient Troll] Nature Damage Resistance increased from 35% to 50%
- Decreased base Knockback Chance of Mighty Kick by 5%
- Increased base Knockback Chance of Hail of Blows by 5%
- Pennybun: Gives +[5 > 3]% Health Restoration
- Decreased Brigand Rioter’s base damage – [18 > 17]
- Adjustments to treatise drop rates from dungeon bookcases.

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #8 on: April 16, 2020, 01:26:09 AM » Changelog - Turkish is now available!
15 april 2020

- Added Turkish fan localization (thanks @ Mustafa Sinan Üçler, İdil Şenel, Ceren Coşkun, Alper Tornacı, Efe Akarca)
- Fixed Catacombs loot not taking dungeon level into consideration
- Fixed inability to enter bandit’s tower by pressing LMB
- Blood Vow animation now properly ends after the buff wears out
- Enemies no longer can teleport behind your back after using “Crippling Lunge”
- Fixed crash upon dying simultaneously with Ascended Archon
- Fixed food spawning with zero freshness
- Fixed “Seized Initiative” gaining stacks after attacking targets without “Initiative Loss”
- Fixed issues with inn room renting
- Fixed traps being generated under the furniture
- Fixed crash caused by using spells on bisons
- Fixed a bug with Block Power, resulting in character having max possible Block Power value instead of a current value
- Increased Block Power of brigands and skeletons
- [Ancient Troll] Fixed unintentionally low Knockback Resistance
- [Ancient Troll] Stun Resistance increased from 50% to 100%
- [Ancient Troll] Fortitude increased from 50% to 70%
- [Ancient Troll] Troll Regeneration now gives +30% Fortitude instead of 50%
- [Ancient Troll] Base Defense value reduced from 35 to 30
- [Greatswords] Fixed “Courage” passive ability not increasing “Heroic Charge” range by 1
- Added 50% Knockback Resistance for mooses and bisons
- Miller sells food 15% cheaper
- Nerfed Brigand Crooks and Cutthroats. Now they’re less likely to dodge, crit and counterattack.
- Increased damage of most staffs
- Merchants sell 4 treatises instead of 3

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #9 on: April 19, 2020, 01:43:53 PM » Changelog - Brazilian Portuguese is now available!
Fri, 17 April

- Added Brazilian Portuguese localization
- Increased reputation gain from completing contracts, and decreased requirements for all reputation milestones (by ~25-30%)
- Fixed the possibility to be cornered by the priest in the Mannshire Chapel
- Fixed bison AI bug – now they don’t remain passive if you aggroed anyone from their herd
- Fixed rare crash after loading the container
- Fixed enemies standing still while the player is stunned
- Fixed Flame Ring damaging Ancient Troll multiple times
- Fixed possibility to stun against the location transition tiles
- Added special visual icon for Ancient Troll location on the map
- Added missing stats to enchantments pool: Stun Chance, Daze Chance, Knockback Chance, Armor Damage, Bodypart Damage, Cooldown Duration, Stun Resistance, Knockback Resistance, Bleeding Resistance, Physical Damage Resistance, Nature Damage Resistance, Magic Resistance, Pain Resistance, Hunger Resistance, Toxicity Resistance
- Added sound effect for Bad Trip modifier
- Entrances to some dungeons are now correctly displayed as closed if the dungeon is inactive

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #10 on: April 30, 2020, 12:51:43 PM »
Future Plans + Patch Changelog
Wed, 29 April 2020

Hello everyone!

We have some important news for you today. First of all, the patch has been released, bringing new content and some major fixes. The full changelog can be found at the bottom of this post.
Now that the entirety of the “Trollslayer” content has been added to the game, we’d like to share our updated development plan as well as some info about our future goals.

As many of you could have noticed, the current content is limited by the first 7-10 levels - characters outgrow most dungeons and enemies upon reaching this threshold. We are well aware of this problem, however adding high level content is meaningless until we resolve two important issues.

Ideally we’d like different enemy factions to have distinct behaviour patterns. Right now the enemies only differ in their stats and skills, as they share a single template for their actions. To fix this we plan to dedicate a few months to fully rework our AI system and some of the associated systems.

The same can be said about dungeons - right now they are generated based on shared parameters. The only two things which set them apart at the moment are graphical assets and enemy rosters. We, however, would like to make the dungeon crawling process in our game much more memorable than clearing out similar room after room. That’s why we plan to work on a new dungeon generation algorithm along with the AI rework.

Both of these tasks are fairly difficult and time-consuming, and both of them require extensive testing. That’s why we can’t give you the exact date this time - we’ll have to work on these elements until we are completely satisfied with the results. For now the approximate date for the updated AI and updated dungeon generation (and any associated content as well as some additional features) is summer 2020.

To keep you from getting bored during these few months, we plan to release a series of minor updates over the course of this summer to introduce some additional content such as new weapon types and new skill trees. The first update is planned for the beginning of May - it will add crossbows, polearms, and, perhaps, something extra to the game. Follow our devlogs and announcements for additional information!

Thanks for staying in touch! - CHANGELOG


•   17 items - new maces and axes, as well as a unique necklace and a new headpiece.
•   7 one-time requests which will allow you to earn a quick coin, improve your standing with the denizens of Osbrook and Mannshire, and receive a small bonus from certain characters.
•   2 new Proselyte minibosses: Matriarch and Abomination.
•   Added 7 new dialogues for Osbrook and Mannshire villagers.
•   Verren’s unique ring is now available for all players, not just to those who subscribed to our newsletter. Talk to Verren at the start of the game to receive it.


•   Reduced the base Vision range (13 > 11).
•   [Daggers]: “Coup de Grace”: added a base 0.5% bonus to Armor Penetration for each missing percentage of the target’s health.
•   [Ranged Weapons]: “Long-Distance Shot” now grants +[50 > 30]% bonus Range.
•   [Ancient Troll]: The troll now uses “Troll Regeneration” not only upon reaching a certain Health threshold, but also upon receiving a certain number (or some particularly prolonged) of debuffs.
•   [Ancient Troll] Increased the troll’s resistance to Nature Damage (50% > 75%) as well as Stun Resistance (80 > 100%).
•   Completing “Troll Hunt” now grants a significant boost to reputation with Mannshire.
•   Changed the following rewards for “Troll Hunt”: staff, axe, helmet, mace, greatsword. Gryphon sallet in the signal tower has been replaced with a common sallet.
•   New items can now be found in graves (including 4 uniques).
•   Skeleton resistances have been changed: Slashing Damage: [20% > 15%], Piercing Damage [33% > 25%], Crushing Damage: [-15% > -10%].
•   Changed loot for certain points of interest.
•   Minor changes to some weapon and armor stats.
•   Temporally removed Vision range from enchantment effects. It’ll be brought back once the enchantment system is reworked.


•   [Axes]: “Ferocity” no longer grants its bonuses until you learn it.
•   [Combat Mastery] “Offensive tactic”: fixed the missing bonus to counter chance.
•   [Combat mastery] “Right on Target”: removed the bonus to Armor Penetration which was added to it by mistake..
•   [Combat Mastery]: “Right on Target]: the bonus for free offhand is no longer granted when using staffs and bows.
•   [Combat Mastery]: “Right on Target”: the bonus for free offhand is no longer granted twice upon loading a save.
•   [Athletics]: the Energy cost for “Dash” now correctly takes adjacent enemies into account.
•   [Ancient Troll]: Added new visual effects for the trolls’ AoE Abilities.
•   Fixed the bug which prevented Proselyte Hierarch and Proselyte Chosen from spawning in the Catacombs.
•   Fixed the possibility of dazing and stunning an enemy at the same time.
•   Fixed “Fire Barrage” and its bizarre affinity for hitting dungeon doors.
•   Fixed the exploit with selling items via Shift shortcut for twice their actual price.
•   Mindwort now properly removes the effect of being drunk, as stated in its description. The same thing applies to ginger root.
•   Fixed the issue with “Deadly Trick” which prevented the fog of war from being removed after switching places with an enemy.
•   Fixed the debuff for dual wielding which could occasionally disappear upon reloading a save.
•   Removed the possibility of equipping a shovel together with cursed items.
•   When stunning a dazed target, the applied stun now has bonus duration based on the initial daze.
•   Fixed the bug which caused contracts to grant doubled reward when they were generated for a second time.
•   Fixed the backpack-related crash.
•   Fixed the stun from runic boulder destruction, which could occur when it wasn’t supposed to.
•   The troll now destroys runic boulders by moving over them.
•   Changed the condition for passive pain reduction. Physical debuffs such as being “Wet” no longer prevent pain from decreasing.
•   Fixed the issue with Catacomb rooms, which caused chests to occasionally block passage to shelves.
•   Fixed the bug which allowed learning potions’ effects without identifying said potions first.
•   Fixed numerous typos and mistakes across all localizations.
•   Updated log messages for picking and dropping items.
•   The visual effects of daze and stun are now correctly displayed above the troll’s head.

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #11 on: May 11, 2020, 11:51:39 PM »
Sat, 9 May 2020

- Removed “War Cry” ability from Proselyte Chosen
- Vineyard roadcart loot no longer respawns after loading the game.
- Fixed buff animation sometimes causing crashes.
- Fixed incorrect capitalization of item names.
- Fixed numerous typos.
- Fixed incorrect usage of “Adrenaline Rush” by enemies
- Fixed fleaworts not properly spawning in the world.
- Added a special icon for permadeath mode saves.
- Fixed barrels rotating after being struck by greatsword crits
- Added collisions for closed ruined bastions.
- It now continues to rain in special PoI locations.
- Abbey should no longer reset after leaving it.
- Fixed birds SFX.
- Fixed Life Drain and Energy Drain incorrectly working in some situations.
- Fixed some problems with turning in contract items.

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #12 on: May 18, 2020, 01:49:04 AM »
Devlog: Crossbows & Quivers
Sun, 17 May 2020

Hello everyone!

In today’s devlog we’ll tell you about multiple new features meant to make ranged combat more varied.
Let’s start with the main addition - crossbows. As you may have already noticed, some existing enemies are armed with crossbows, however those aren’t available to player characters and function essentially just like bows. This situation will change with the release of the Bolt Thrower update, which will become available on June 2-3.

Crossbows are now a separate type of weaponry. Just like in reality, they are much easier to learn than bows, so they have less significant penalty to their accuracy. They also have higher damage and armor penetration, which is achieved at the expense of their rate of fire - crossbows require a turn to reload between each shot. Just like bows, crossbows make use of the Ranged Weapons skill tree, it won’t be altered in this regard.

We’ve also introduced certain changes to bow and crossbow mechanics. Both these weapon types now occupy both hands with an option of placing arrows or quivers in the offhand, but not other weapons. Quivers are meant to make ammo management easier, as they can fit 2-4 stacks of arrows.

Additionally, they allow to quickly swap between different arrow and bolt types through the context menu. As a side note, crossbow bolts use their own quivers, since they occupy one less slot than arrows.

And finally - arrow types. There are now three arrow and bolt types in the game: leaf-shaped, broadhead, and bodkin.

•   Leaf-shaped arrows are the default ammo type. They don’t have any special modifiers, offering standard damage and range values.
•   Broadhead arrows were historically used mostly for hunting. They are heavier and wider, making them more damaging to both enemy health and their body parts. As a trade-off, they struggle with piercing armor. Their accuracy and range are also lower.
•   Bodkin arrows are fairly light, so they have higher range. They are also good at penetrating armor and provide better accuracy, but are less effective against unarmored flesh than other arrow types.

In the future we also plan to implement additional arrowhead types to further improve bolts and arrows variety. Still, fantasy style explosive, ice, or magic arrows aren’t planned, as they fit poorly with the game’s setting. With the introduction of alchemy, there will also be an option to poison arrowheads, but it’s way too soon to talk about it.

That’s all for now. Until next time!

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #13 on: June 01, 2020, 11:58:56 PM »
Devlog: Spears, Dual Wielding & A New Playable Character
Sun, 31 May 2020

Hello everyone!

In today’s devlog we’ll give you a quick overview of some major additions of the “Bolt Thrower” content update, which will be released in just a couple more days - on June 2.

In the previous devlog we’ve already introduced crossbows. Now it’s time for the second new weapon type:


Spears are two handed weapons. They have fairly average base damage, but they compensate for it with high Armor Penetration and Accuracy. Other than the spears themselves, this skill tree also includes halberds. At the moment they deal two damage types at the same time, Piercing and Slashing, but in the future we’ll probably expand on this mechanic.

While other weapon skill trees focus on dealing damage or mobility, the spears are best explained with a single word – “control”. One of their main mechanics is Immobilization. Offensive spear Skills have 2 tiles reach, so immobilization allows you to keep your opponent at a relatively safe distance, weakening them with precise strikes as they try to approach.

Active Abilities

•   Nail Down – a strike to the legs. If the enemy is adjacent, deals bonus damage with a chance to Knock them back. If they are a tile away, deals bonus Bodypart Damage with a chance to Immobilize.
•   Impaling Lunge hits two tiles in a line with extra Bodypart Damage, Armor Penetration, and Bleed Chance. If the affected target is Immobilized, these bonuses are doubled.
•   Maneuver moves you to an adjacent tile, decreasing Active Cooldowns for spear Skills by 1 for each enemy within an area. After that grants an effect which decreases Damage Taken and increases Block and Crit Chances. This effect gets extra stacks to its strength for each Cooldown it reduces.
•   Pikeman’s Stance is a stance-based Skill which gradually raises Knockback, Immobilization, and Bleed chances, while also granting bonus Damage. It’s worth mentioning that stance mechanics were changed – more details in the patch notes on June 2.
•   Determination delivers a free hit with extra Bleed Chance to each enemy who steps on an adjacent tile during next turn.

Passive Abilities

•   Stay Back! – when enemies step on adjacent tiles, they receive a penalty to Piercing Resistance for 1 turn. This passive also gives you a chance to trigger Impaling Lunge on basic attacks.
•   Precise Hits grants bonus Immobilization Chance to your strikes. Attacks against Immobilized targets have bonus Accuracy, Bodypart Damage, and Bleed Chance.
•   One at a Time! – grants bonus Damage and Block Power for each adjacent enemy.
•   No Retreat – staying put on the same tile grants a stacking bonus to Block and Crit Chances, as well as reduces Cooldowns Duration. Moving to a different tile resets the bonus.
•   Wounding Spearhead – spear crits deal extra Damage based on the target’s current Health. The higher it is, the higher the Damage.


Another new skill tree being added with the Bolt Thrower update, it’s meant to fully develop dual-wielding playstyle. The skill tree’s main mechanic is Hands Efficiency. It acts as a resource of sorts: certain Skills and circumstances temporarily increase it, while others – decrease. This makes the gameplay as a berserker more strategic, since you’ll need to skillfully juggle your abilities to maintain high damage output.

Active Abilities

•   Flurry of Blows delivers two dual attacks with decreased Hands Efficiency.
•   Enough for Everyone performs a strike which marks the enemy with a special effect - each time you attack a different target, you’ll deliver a strike to the marked enemy as well. Each instance of this effect increases Hands Efficiency.
•   Deflect is a powerful defensive Skill. For 1 turn it raises your Block Chance to 100% and grants extra Block Power, but reduces Hands Efficiency for the next 2 turns as a trade-off.
•   Concentration is a stance-based Skill which gradually raises Hands Efficiency, Accuracy, while lowering Fumble Chance.
•   Whirlwind delivers a strike to an enemy, switches places with them, and then does the same maneuver with another adjacent target until there are no nearby enemies who didn’t take a hit. Each Whirlwind strike slightly decreases Hands Efficiency, so it’s best used when this stat is high enough.

Passive abilities

•   Berserk Tradition grants bonus Hands Efficiency, Dodge and Crit Chances, as well as Crit Efficiency for each armor slot which doesn’t grant you Protection (with the exception of belts, jewelry, and cloaks).
•   Dying Fervor greatly boosts Hands Efficiency when your Health drops below 50%.
•   More Blood! – this passive instantly replenishes “Flurry of Blows” Cooldown if it manages to kill its target, while also increasing Hands Efficiency for a few turns.
•   Unstoppable – if an enemy affected with “Enough for Everyone” dies, this effect is transferred to a random nearby target.
•   Dual Wielding Training – Skill usage grants bonus Hands Efficiency for the next turn. Doubles the bonus if both equipped weapons are of the same type. Additionally, using weapon Skills also performs an off-hand attack.


We’ve added a fifth playable character to the game – Velmir, who hails from distant Skadia.

"In Skadia the most grievous offences must be paid for in blood. When Velmir learned about his brother's treacherous murder at the hands of a man named Dražan, he abandoned his life as a seafaring merchant without hesitation to personally make sure the justice is served.

For a few years Velmir had been tracking the murderer, who at first went into hiding in Skadia, then fled to foreign lands. Eventually, the chase had brought them both to Aldor. Dražan surrounded himself with bodyguards and attempted to lie low in one of the cities, but Velmir managed to hunt him down nevertheless. The bodyguards just delayed the inevitable - the reprisal was swift and violent.

Once the blood feud had been settled, Velmir realized that his life was now void of purpose - after everything which had transpired, returning to his old trade wasn't an option, nor did he actually want to. After long consideration, he decided to stay in Aldor and became a bounty hunter, so that he could continue following trails and bringing vengeance over and over again."
Velmir’s unique trait is “To Each Their Own”: when Velmir is attacked, he gains bonus Accuracy, while the attacker is applied with extra Damage Taken for the next few turns.

Velmir’s starting Affinities are Maces, Spears, Ranged Weapons, Athletics and Combat Mastery, making his early build paths quite varied.


That’s it for now – the rest of the changes will be detailed in the patch notes to the update.
See you in a couple days!

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Re: Stoneshard
« Reply #14 on: June 03, 2020, 01:21:14 PM » «Bolt Thrower» - Changelog
Tue, 2 June 2020

Hello everyone!

The “Bolt Thrower” content update has been released! The complete list of changes can be seen below:


- New playable character: Velmir. A hardened revenger hailing from distant Skadia, he begins the game with Affinities for Spears, Ranged Weapons, Maces, Athletics, and Combat mastery.

- New weapon type: Spears – 24 new items.

Spears offer average Damage, but have high Accuracy and Armor Penetration, and their skills have a 2 tile Range.

- New weapon type: Crossbows – 17 new items.

Crossbows deal high Damage, do well against armor, and are much more accurate than bows, but they require to be reloaded after each shot.

- Arrowhead variation: ammunition is now split into 3 types with their own special properties: leaf-shaped, broadhead, and bodkin.

- New bag type: Quivers – there are 8 of them, 4 for arrows, 4 for bolts. They are equipped in the weapon slot and can store 2 to 4 stacks of ammunition.

- New ability tree: Spears – 10 new skills.

Immobilize enemies from afar, run them through with impaling lunges, receive defensive bonuses as you retreat, and deliver strikes to your foes as they approach.

- New ability tree: Dual Wielding – 10 new skills.

Deliver devastating flurries of blows, fight entire groups head-on, deflect incoming attacks, and cut through the enemy lines in a whirlwind of steel.

– New fauna: Hedgehogs and squirrels. Hunt them down for their new type of meat or precious squirrel pelts.

- New flora: Rhubarb and nettle. Don’t forget to wear gloves.

- Tweaks to ranged combat. Enemy and props sizes now correctly influence your shots’ Accuracy. If you want to improve your chances of hitting your foe, make sure there is nothing between you and the target.

Bows and crossbows are now considered a two-handed weapon with an option to equip appropriate ammo or a quiver in the second weapon slot.


- New critical weapon effects: It may not be evident at first, but different weapon types have different crit effects. This mechanic has been there for quite a while, gradually becoming outdated. As a result, it has been reworked:

    Swords: 100% chance to apply Bleed for 5-8 turns
    Axes: +50% Bodypart Damage
    Maces: 100% chance to Daze for 2-4 turns
    Daggers: +220% Critical Damage against unaware targets. Burn 10% of the target’s Max Energy
    Greatswords: cleave through 3 tiles. 125% chance to apply Bleeding for 6-10 turns.
    Staffs: cleave through 3 tiles. Replenish 10% Max energy.
    Spears: +100% Immobilization Chance
    Bows: +100% Immobilization Chance
    Crossbows: +100% Knockback Chance

- REWORKED - Stance-based skills. Old stances functioned rather strangely: their duration and stack count were way too easy to ramp up and sustain throughout a fight, and it was entirely up to chance whether you lose said effect stacks or not.


    Reduced the max number of stacks from 6 to 4.
    You gain 1 stack each time you use other skills from the stance’s ability tree.
    Basic attacks with an appropriate weapon decrease the number of stacks by 1, but prolong the effect’s duration by 1 turn.

These changes are meant to make stances more tactical: they can no longer be activated at the start of a fight and then completely forgotten till the end of it – the new system requires balancing between maintaining stance duration and stacks, which are spent on empowering your attacks.

- Reduced the amount of reputation needed to reach Amity and Respect (by 25%)

- Rebalanced hunger and thirst gain.

- Changed some equipment and weapon stats.

- Spear-wielding enemies no longer have placeholder skills from other ability trees, and have been assigned Spear skills.

- Ancient Troll now drops his pelt and tusks on death.

- Added a new stat: Immobilization Chance.

- Stun Resistance was renamed into Control Resistance and is now also used for resisting Confusion.

- Knockback Resistance was renamed into Move Resistance and is now also used for resisting Immobilization
- [Dual Wielding] Equipping dual weapons now also grants +15% Cooldowns Duration and +7.5% Fumble Chance.

- [Dirwin] His starting Dirk was replaced with a Short Dagger.

- [Dirwin] Maces Affinity was swapped for Staffs Affinity

- [Arna] Her trait now grants [-7.5% > -5%] Abilities Energy Cost and Cooldowns Duration, as well as [-4% > -3%] Damage Taken for each enemy within Vision.

- [Jorgrim] Maces Affinity was swapped for Dual Wielding

- [Greatswords] Feint Swing: removed the penalty to Damage. Removed the bonus to Accuracy (it wasn’t really useful, as the skill already drops the target’s Dodge Chance to 0). Feint Swing now grants extra Damage, while also lowering Fumble Chance.

- REWORKED - [Greatswords] Parry: now grants Block Chance and Block Power for 1 turn. Counterattacks now trigger on every received attack. Each strike you block reduces this skill’s Cooldown by 1.

- REWORKED - [Greatswords] Feast of Steel is now a stance-based skill. It decreases Fumble Chance, improves Accuracy and Crit Efficiency, while also guaranteeing each 3rd attack to Crit.

- [Ranged Weapons]: Taking Aim grants +[50 > 75]% Accuracy for the next turn. The bonus to Damage now scales with Perception.

- REWORKED: [Ranged Weapons] Precision: hitting a target after using “Taking Aim” grants “Exceptional Accuracy” for 2 turns.

- [Combat Mastery] Seize the Initiative – changed the max number of stacks from 4 to 6. Removed duration – the effect persists until the target affected by “Initiative Loss” either dies or leaves your Vision. Receiving “Initiative Loss” removes the effect of “Seized Initiative” and vice versa.

- [Combat Mastery] Setup - bonus Accuracy and Damage you gain after skipping a turn persist for [1 > 2] turns and can now stack.

- [Combat Mastery] Stance Training: if “Defensive Tactic” is active, stance-based skills start with 3 stacks on activation. If “Offensive Tactic” is active, using applicable skills additionally grants +1 stack to stance effects.

- [Athletics] Mighty Kick: upon landing a kick, reduce the enemy’s Control and Move Resistances for the next turn.


- The state of fog of war is now being properly preserved, so it no longer conceals previously visited locations.

- Changed the bug which caused huge Crit damage with bows.

- Just as it’s stated in stat description, blocking arrows and bolts now requires an equipped shield. This rule also applies to enemies.

- Removed the ability to shoot through dungeon walls and surface structures.

- Fast travel between villages now takes some in-game time and changes your character’s stats just like sleeping would.

- “Blessing” effect received a 1200 turns duration cap.

- Fixed Vivifying Essence not burning Energy on use.

- Fixed the use rule for fleawort.

- Fixed the softlock occurring while removing a piece of equipment when both the inventory and a container are full.

- The drunkard’s wife in Mannshire no longer flies around.

- Fixed context menu when lockpicking a container.

- Numerous fixes across all localizations.

- Torso condition now correctly displays its influence on Max Health.

- Fixed a number of mistakes in abilities’ formulas, as some of them didn’t work as they were supposed to.

- Optimized rendering

- Destroyed Unholy Altars no longer leave a lighting source behind.

- Wraiths no longer spray blood when hit.

- Effects no longer flicker on medium settings

- Fixed Ancient Troll being able to attack during regeneration.

- Many actions are now being properly logged.


- Improvements to lighting system. It now takes objects’ relative position into consideration

- Made some tweaks to shaders

- Changed Jorgrim’s portrait.

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