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Re: Imperiums: Greek Wars
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Age of Alexander Dev Stream V
Tue, 23 November 2021
Fifth Dev stream of Age of Alexander - Hellas. Don't miss the chance to chat with the dev.

Hello everyone.
After a short break, we will continue our journey to try and make Hellas a superpower.

In the last stream, we were quite successful in stabilizing our position, making Macedon believe that we can lead the Macedonian-Hellenic confederation and in providing economic prosperity and security.

We were successful in retaking the Macedonian cities on the European side of the Bosporus Strait from the Perisans.

A setback occurred when we lost Phylos, this was the border city that provided our main stronghold against the Illyrians, however with our counterattack and conquest of their city of Arnisa along with a gold mine, we were able to finally conclude peace between us.

On our northern border we also made peace with the Odrysians. This will allow us to focus our energy and resources into rebuilding our holdings in the north.

In Italy, we moved against the Samnites who were also fighting the Roman Republic. We conquered their former capital and enslaved part of the citizenry, this was a considerable help to our economy. This brought us into direct contact with the Roman Republic as we now share a border. Despite their warm attitude towards us in official meetings, they have been trying to initiate revolts in our newly conquered cities. Hopefully, they will realize soon that peace is the best way forward for both our nations.

One thing which really hurt was the destruction of our fleet by the Persians. In the past this fleet had literally saved our holdings in Italy. We have started building a new fleet, but songs will surely be sung about Aones's fleet for as long as we survive.

Politically we are preparing to establish a republic to increase our gold income. Overall, our economy is prosperous and we seem to be on the right track to claim hegemony over the known world.

In the next episode, we will try to secure our position in the Aegean Sea, now controlled by the Persians and their satrapies. If all goes well, we might also try to disembark in Anatolia and show Persia that we are not afraid of direct conflict. Join us and Hellas for this critical moment in our history!

As always, Pavel will be happy to answer your questions during the stream so please join in Tuesday 23rd
our Twitch channel

See you there!

Kube Games team.
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