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Hello, I am a member of the 1st Glory Wing, a German VF squadron currently flying in Falcon BMS at the Polar Vortex Theater. We use Tacview for briefing and Debriefing our Online Flights. We have the problem that our ACMI records from our Server unfortunately do not show the location in Sweden, but continue to show Korea in Tacview. When we fly offline, there is no Problem to load the BMS VHS File and see the debrief at the correct location. We need Help, what we can do to see the Polar Vortex Debriefings at the correct Coordinates.
Opening the ACMI with the Nordic Theater file selection do also not help to solve this Problem.


When you save your vhs files are you indicating the proper theatre as follows?

Tacview.exe -Falcon4Theater:"Nordic" -Open:"TAPE0004.vhs" -Save -Quiet –Quit

Hi Buzybee,

ah, ok i see what you mean, found your hint on FAQ Page Tacview Support...i will try that...thanks a lot so far

i was hopeful for this hint, but it do not work...opening the acmi with the command line parameters show the Flight always in Korea, not Nordic...damn...

Hallo BuzyBee, the Problem is solved. We forgot to use the Command Line Params by writing the acmi, as you said. We rewrote the acmis since using the Polar Vortex Theater and "voila" it works.

Thx a lot for your help

Best Regards



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