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Tacview map generation based on theater info?


I'm asking without knowing the low level details of maps for BMs but looking through the theater definition folders I got the assumption that a map is defined as a set of tiles put together where each tile corresponds to a given lat/long position?

if this is somewhat correct I was wondering if there would be somebody who would know how a theater map is defined and whether it would be possible to map each tile to a given coordinate set so these could then be exported to the textures folder in Tacview and used in the map view?

(Imagine if Tacview supported this natively:))

Hi Inexus,

Indeed, as you guessed, each tile of BMS correspond to a set of geographic coordinates and textures coordinates. The easiest way to understand how it works is to analyze Falcon 4.0 C++ source code which can be easily found Internet.
Now, because this is quite a complicated task, and because I believe that Tacview should display as synthetic view of the battlefield, I never took the time to do it. Instead, I have integrated several handcrafted maps produced by the community for the most common battlefields.

Is there a specific theater you think could benefit from more accurate terrain map?

I hope to be able to display BMS buildings in a coming update, so we can more easily judge ground attacks results (not sure if this will be possible yet).


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