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Author Topic: Steel Beasts 5.0 Thread  (Read 17069 times)

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Re: Steel Beasts 5.0 Thread
« Reply #75 on: March 05, 2023, 09:23:11 PM »
Quote from: Ssnake
The actual performance, like I wrote, will depend on the terrain theme, and the spot on the map and your viewing direction. "Before" may have been in places where ther number of to be rendered ground clutter billboards was close to, buit still under the limit of what your graphics card could handle. Except, this time it wasn't, and the framerate went down and you noticed it. Or this time, the ground clutter objects were tall, resulting in a massive overdraw situation as an extra load on a hardware that was already at the upper limit of what it could handle.
These are two possible explanations. There isn't enough information to know whether thone of them or both are the explanation, or if there's something else at play. Nevertheless, the 100% slider setting routinely overtaxed beefy hardware in the past. Seems like beefy hardware of the present can almost handle it. By the time that substantially more powerful graphics cards are out, hopefully we can give a roadmap to V5, rendering the whole issue moot (because then we'll have a different engine, with different characteristics).
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