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Author Topic: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG  (Read 4694 times)

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #15 on: April 16, 2020, 01:15:59 AM »
The second content expansion is already available!
Wed, 15 April 2020

Full list of changes

Reworked balance, fixed skill trees, improved locations, new equipment, cryogenic laser, story quests and much more. It took less than four months to work on the new patch, but it seemed like an eternity to us.

After the release of the December patch, we received a lot of feedback that made us rethink the game balance and how it feels. While developing the second patch, we tried to make Encased more stable, intuitive and friendly game that won't force you to restart your playthrough because of a "broken" character build or guess what you need to do in your new quest. We have also added tactical diversity to battles by implementing cover system and strategic points. We've also introduced grenades with an area of effect. Because of that, battles in Encased feel completely different.

RPG systems have been also changed a lot: skill trees (for example, "Psionics" and "Medicine") are starting to come to life. Abilities for certain types of weapons were added. There is no need to study them, they are weapon-related. That allows us to emphasize the difference between a pistol and a revolver. The outcome of the battle is also influenced by the time of day, the tendency of opponents to attack in packs or alone, and many other factors, which we will talk more about in one of our updates.

As avid RPG fans, we know that RPG is more than just a good combat system and a set of stats, skills and perks. RPGs are famous for a great atmosphere, and a lot of changes in Patch 2 are made with that in mind. Almost all locations have been reworked. We added a lot of new 3D models, worked with materials and light, making Concord look completely different from Magellan, and Magellan looks like no other bunker scattered across the desert. In addition to the bunkers, in the desert you will find separate dialog branches for a character with low intelligence (right now they are in a test mode, and present only in a few locations of the prologue!), new random encounters and a slightly revised storyline of the New Committee, preparing the player to meet with the other factions that will appear in the next patch.

And now, a list of new content, fixes and improvements v0.17.415.1748

Menu and interface
•   Reworked main menu scene;
•   Reworked character creation scene;
•   Reworked ability tooltips: now tooltip shows a formula for calculating skill values based on the character attributes;
•   Enhanced inventory item tooltip;
•   Minor interface changes;
•   Updated character portraits;

Story and plot
•   Expanded the main quest of Act I;
•   Added more than 15 new lore notes;
•   Changed intro voice-over and text;
•   We’ve integrated dialogs for characters with only 1-2 points in Intellect (partially, in test mode!);

Characters and enemies
•   Smokers now have pipes, cigars and cigarettes;
•   Fox now has her mask;
•   Church adepts now have teleglasses;
•   Added new enemy type: hyena;
•   Added new enemy type: cyberhyena;
•   Added new enemy type: toxic cockroach;
•   Mutated rabbit enemy is now called Volper;

•   Crump attributes were rebalanced;
•   Yoko attributes were rebalanced;
•   New recruitable character added — Fox;
•   Fixed Crump recruitment dialog;

•   Rebalanced the grenade launcher;
•   Grenade launcher now deals AOE damage;
•   Added frag, stun, flash and incendiary grenades;
•   Raven pistol was rebalanced, added additional variations of that weapon;
•   Added APS pistol, added additional variations of that weapon;
•   Changed Andromeda energy pistol attributes, added additional variations of that weapon;
•   Added Boreas cryolaser gun, added additional variations of this weapon;
•   Changed МС110 SMG attributes, added additional variations of this weapon;
•   Added LPD-66 machine gun;
•   Changed Horizon machine gun attributes;
•   Changed Kamyshin machine gun attributes;
•   Added Matilda revolver;

Technical changes
•   Improved lighting on locations;
•   Added “Fog of war”;
•   Fixed location grid;
•   Reworked leader tracking system;
•   Reworked pathfinding system;
•   Characters no longer stuck in doors;
•   You can now switch places with companions;
•   Reworked state machines;

Game mechanics
•   Added day and night cycle;
•   Some character act differently depending on the time of a day;
•   Revolvers got Fast Hand unique ability;
•   Pistols got Double Shot unique ability;
•   SMGs got Stuff with Lead unique ability;
•   Shotguns got Slam Fire unique ability;
•   Rifles got Pinpoint Burst unique ability;
•   Sniper rifles Sniper Shot unique ability;
•   Pulverizers got Chemical Shower unique ability;
•   Penetrators got Lodge unique ability;
•   Emitters got Charged Shot unique ability;
•   Added Marking Shot ability;
•   Fixed how Laceration and other similar statuses work on turrets and other inanimate objects;
•   Added additional level of hacking, stealing and lockpicking;
•   Psi damage increases when player levels up and is linked to the Psycho attribute;
•   Fixed Medicine skill tree abilities;
•   Player reputation with a faction now affects the value of items while trading;
•   Drops from opponents and containers now depend on the player’s level;
•   Ability to deactivate traps was added;
•   Added new status effects;
•   Added new effects when you miss;
•   Changed hit rate formulas;
•   Changed evasion formula, added Evade attribute;
•   System for calculating armor hits has been changed: an attack can now be completely blocked by the armor;
•   Added Cool, Marathon Runner, Optimizer, Tactic, Jackal and Prowler perks;

•   New animation for character in the main menu;
•   Enemy animations: hyena;
•   Fixed door animations;
•   Fixed rifle holding animation;
•   Small animation fixes;

Audio and music
•   Added new music theme in the main menu;
•   Fixed the sound of the character's steps on different surfaces;
•   Added sound effects in most story vignettes;
•   Added sound effects in some dialogs;

Visual effects
•   Fixed burning fuel barrels;
•   Updated smoke VFX;
•   Updated gun shots;
•   Added psy powers VFX;
•   Frozen VFX;
•   Gravitational Debuff VFX;
•   On Fire VFX;
•   Electricity Stun VFX;
•   Blind VFX;
•   Near Death VFX;
•   Love Power VFX;
•   Falling Shells VFX;
•   Sphere Shining VFX;
•   Ceiling Collapse VFX;
•   Flickering Beacon VFX;
•   Death of Holo Target VFX;
•   Water in a Sink VFX;
•   VFX to indicate the range of effect for anomalies;

Global map
•   Fixed Birds on Branches encounter with illustrations;
•   Added Blisters encounter;
•   Added Broken Robot encounter with illustrations;
•   Fixed bugs in combat random encounters: now players can face MOBIOS and fight hyenas and rats; players can also use Survival abilities now;
•   Added Beggar encounter;
•   Added Abandoned Armor encounter;
•   Added Ingrown Human encounter with illustrations;
•   Added Scream encounter with illustrations;
•   Added Stains encounter;
•   Fixed text in the Frank Talk encounter;
•   Added Rusted Car encounter;
•   Added Salt Marsh encounter;
•   Small visual changes to the global map: different icons added to objects, cell exploration logic fixed;

Concord station locations
•   Added Nelson Cunningham character (undertaker);
•   Added Dennis Catch character (guard);
•   Added Tuen Yun character (engineer-communicator);
•   Added Darren Niles character (guard);
•   Added vignettes with coffins;
•   Added a vignette with a giant dead cockroach;
•   Added a vignette with a cargo capsule in loading area 1;
•   Added an ability to kick open the door in the cargo pod;
•   Fixed dialogs with cargo capsule passengers;
•   Fixed interaction point with video communication terminal;
•   Completely remade dialog with Leticia Rivares, partially redesigned her AD;
•   Fixed script errors in the dialog with Margarita Tkachenko;
•   dialog with Andriy Mikhai was changed significantly;
•   Fixed script errors in the dialog with Dean Reichet;
•   Instruction quest can now be taken correctly, psyonics are also included in the quest now;
•   “Concord” Station was redesigned, additional decorations and effects added;
•   Added table model with holographic map;
•   Added an opportunity to register Monty James in Orange Wing;

Roadside Picnic locations
•   Added Inactive Brass Apple item;
•   Added effect on the microlux stone;
•   Added side quest to fix the turret;
•   There are new options for completing the clash with bandits;
•   Added consequences of completing the event at the Roadside Picnic Transfer Point;
•   Added the ability to mine the bandits’ car;
•   Added a short puzzle on the roof of the gas station;
•   The gas station, cafe and both cellars are redone and additionally decorated;
•   Picnic event reworked and fixed;
•   Added Travis Brightman character (black market relic trader);
•   Added Rabindranath Krishnaswami character (hippie);
•   Added Swallow character (hippie);
•   Aaron Melville dialog (refueling supervisor) is completely redone;
•   Fixed anomalies and radioactive areas at the gas station;
•   Fixed dialog with Clara Morgan (driver);

C-12 Nashville locations
•   Nashville Parking location and Nashville station floors (and the cave itself) are reworked and decorated additionally;
•   Nashville Residential Floor turrets position is fixed;
•   Generator interaction fixed;
•   Triskele relic event fixed;
•   Vega Drinks vending machine interaction fixed (on station’s floor -1);
•   Servoshell armor helmet material missing fixed;
•   Minor fixes in Nashville station dialogs;
•   Afflicted avatars created;
•   Nashville station floor -3 attacking Afflicted vignette illustrated;
•   Louise Dekker-Schulz character dialog significantly revised;
•   Ronald Steele character dialog significantly revised;
•   Nashville station Afflicted dialogs slightly fixed;

Junktown locations
•   The main quest of the New Committee faction has been supplemented;
•   Church sermon added;
•   Fixed errors and inaccuracies in the quest log;
•   Emulator Project location reworked and additionally decorated;
•   Junktown location reworked and additionally decorated;
•   Arena location reworked and additionally decorated;
•   Added standings vignette illustrations;
•   Added bets vignette illustrations;
•   Added Arvydas Mazhulis character (doctor in the arena);
•   Added Andy Vazquez character (viewer);
•   Added Gail Summers character (viewer);
•   Added Mikhail Belyaev character (viewer);
•   Added Taylor Dunn character (ransomware guard);
•   Added Thomas O’Connor character (guard);
•   Added Thomas O’Connor character (guard);
•   Added Jason Wormbeard character (guard);
•   Added Lin Wang character (guard);
•   Arena events fixed;
•   Added Nina Orbelli character (deputy sheriff);
•   Added Umar Hazred character (deputy sheriff);
•   Added Oliver Kid character (suburban);
•   Added Theresa Goddard character (resident of Carmine Heights);
•   Added Sam Bossman character (city dweller);
•   Added Barry Robinson character (pimp);
•   Added Strange Cave location;
•   Added Tarja Berger character;
•   Added Trevor Penn character;
•   Added Junktown Jail Basement location;
•   Added Maelstrom Border Camp location;

Picnic neutral zone locations
•   Added Galina Baskanova character;
•   Added Peter Zinchuk character;
•   Added Dora Paulson character;
•   Added Albert Green character;
•   Added Poisoned Water quest;
•   Added swamp clearing quest;
•   Added Abnormal Essence item;
•   Added Well location;
•   Added graveyard;

Magellan station locations
•   All of the Magellan station inner locations completely redesigned;
•   New loading screens the Magellan station inner locations created;
•   Heat's Coming Up quest fixed;
•   MINERVA Acting Up is a separate sidequest now.

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #16 on: April 18, 2020, 01:22:42 PM »
The day has finally come! Massive update under the Dome!
Fri, 17 April 2020


Greetings, employees!

If you've been postponing your trip under the Dome for a long time, then now is the time! Over the past week, the world has changed a lot. All thanks to the dedicated work of the staff of each wing. New settlers can expect new jobs and areas for exploration, the most technologically advanced equipment and facilities like no other in the world.

Station Overhauls

In the latest issue of the newsletter, we announced a change in the management of the Concord Station. It's time to see how the station has changed with the new management.

We can't believe how the station has transformed in a couple of days. Newly opened facilities, flooded with new lamps, created additional jobs. The quality of equipment was increased, and modern machines have replaced the old ones. New designer furniture in the recreation areas is so nice, we want to take hundreds of photos on it to send to loved ones outside the Dome! Be sure to visit the Concord again to see how good the station has become.

But that's no reason to stop here. What matters to C.R.O.N.U.S. is taking care of its employees. Remember, the future of the Dome and all humanity is in our hands. Send your feedback and wishes to us, no letter will be ignored, you can be sure about that.

New enemies in the wastelands

Absolutely legal and safe experiments on the Dome animals resulted in a breakthrough in the protection of strategically important objects. Modified cyber-hyenas were 10 times better than human counterparts in conducted tests. Needless to say, it will significantly reduce security costs. Saved money will be distributed somewhere else to the benefit of employees.

*Some specimens managed to escape and leave the test site. Be careful during your research. Cyber Hyenas are equipped with the most powerful weapons and are very deadly.

Press tours under the Dome

We are confident that the discoveries made under the Dome will change the future of humanity forever. Therefore, we invite journalists and observers from all over the world to visit us. Having contacted our press services you can make an application for a free trip to wastelands, modern settlements, scientific objects and other possessions of the corporation. Remember, you will never want to leave the Dome!

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #17 on: April 23, 2020, 12:12:02 AM »
Test branch is once again live!
Wed, 22 April 2020

Greetings, employees!

The second major update came out a week ago. It means that not only veterans, but also newcomers have returned to the Dome to explore the wastelands and abnormal areas. Patch introduced many changes, and work on Encased doesn't stop for a minute.

For all enthusiasts, we decided to revive the public-test branch of the game called "public-test". On this branch the game will be filled with small changes every day. Join us there if you don’t like to wait for large updates!

While playing on a public testing branch, you may encounter unfinished game elements that may negatively affect your gaming experience.

To download the patch from the test branch, you need to do the following:

•   You may need to restart Steam;
•   Right-click on Encased in your Library and chose Properties;

•   Switch to the Betas tab and select public-test in the dropdown;

•   Click Close;
•   The game should start updating now, but if this does not happen - restart Steam.

Of course, the release version of the hotfix will differ from the test one in a number of changes, but saves from the test branch will remain compatible. (However, to be safe, make a copy of them upfront).

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #18 on: April 25, 2020, 12:22:01 AM »
Return of research teams
Fri, 24 April 2020


"News from under the Dome" are once again here! This week we’ll tell you how new and old employees experienced changes under the Dome. We’ll show work results of the group of artists, and invite you to participate in C.R.O.N.U.S. secret experiments.

C.R.O.N.U.S. for everyone

Dear, employees!

Work at C.R.O.N.U.S. is not only about scientific research and high technology, not just building houses or studying anomalies. The corporation values art as much as it values technology, and understands its importance for the future closed ecosystem.

We present you one of the last works of artists who in search of inspiration went to the mysterious land under the Dome, leaving the familiar life behind. Looking at the results, we can already safely say that they made the right decision. We have filmed the entire process of creating a masterpiece that will inspire our and future generations to great achievements.

Closed test site returns

Second major update of the Dome infrastructure came out last week. Not only newcomers, but also experienced stalkers were interested in new territories, anomalies and technologies.

We also reopen special test sites for all enthusiasts where you can better prepare for the ruthless conditions of the wastelands.

As before, any employee of the corporation can take part in tests. We have prepared a special instruction on how to get a pass to closed areas.

Reminder. During the tests, you may encounter unexplored creatures, technologies and anomalies. C.R.O.N.U.S. is not responsible for your safety inside the test area.

Work under the Dome doesn’t stop

After the update under the Dome, came new residents and staff, buildings were created and old premises were expanded. Of course, such changes are impossible without slight mistakes. Thanks to your vigilance, the best Blue Wing specialists are fixing problems in no time.

We have already submitted two reports detailing the work done and more is yet to come. We read all your feedback and comments carefully, and the work on the next fixes has already begun.

Thank you for your contribution for the brighter tomorrow! Stay under the Dome!

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #19 on: April 29, 2020, 02:37:11 PM »
Hotfix 3: fixing critical problems, main quest and much more
Tue, April 28, 2020

Version 0.17.428.1756

We have released a new update for Encased. Version 0.17.428.1756 has many important bug fixes that include the critical ones for the playthrough.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your activity in social networks and on the Steam page. We read every comment and report, and try to take into account each opinion. Thank you for helping us to make Encased better!

List of changes:


•   Load time for locations has been significantly reduced,

Gameplay mechanics

•   Weapon no longer loses durability. Weapons maintenance mechanics will be added at a later date.,
•   Zip lines in the suspicious cave and on the location with a bandit ambush has been changed.
•   Fixed levels and factions of many merchants,

Bugs and freezes

•   Combat: Fixed freezes that occurred during enemy movement,
•   Fixed errors that led to unjustified NPC hostility on Magellan,
•   Fixed freezes while talking to Sam Bossman,
•   Fixed a bug where Russo didn't take an abnormal essence,
•   Fixed second experience gain in dialogue with Beatrice Catcher,
•   Fixed Barry Robins night behavior,
•   Fixed game freezes associated with some status effects,
•   Redesigned the mechanism of drawing the roofs of buildings, removed the bug in which the roof continued to be drawn when the player's character was under it,
•   Combat: Fixed aiming error,
•   Fixed freezes while loading a quick save during combat,
•   Fixed freezes while loading of Magellan laboratory floor,
•   Fixed freezes in the random encounter with robokids,

Location changes

•   Magellan, lab floor: wounded Holiday now lying on a carriage,
•   Magellan, lab floor: fixed level passability,
•   Magellan, lab floor: recorder is now working correctly,
•   Magellan, warehouse: bug that allowed Holiday's servo shell to be worn has been fixed,
•   Magellan, Living floor: fixed level passability,
•   Magellan, Reception: fixed level passability,
•   Magellan, Administration: fixed level passability,
•   Magellan, reactor room: added social animation for Oranges,
•   Nashville, excavation area: fixed level passability,
•   Abandoned bunker: fixed level passability, the terminal is now available,
•   Roadside Picnic: fixed level passability, box on the cafe roof is now openable,
•   Roadside Picnic, basement: improved lighting,
•   Visual appearance of the "Destination point" location has been significantly improved,
•   Bottom of the observation deck: roof rendering has been fixed,
•   Concord station: Sebastian Van Alden now returns to his place once player completes briefing,
•   Roadside Picnic: characters Swallow and Rabinat Krishnaswamy got unique portraits,
•   Roadside Picnic: fixed turret placement,
•   Roadside Picnic: you can now find an enhanced version of the Kraut Pneumatic Nail Gun on the location,
•   Roadside Picnic: fixed ladder interaction,
•   Roadside Picnic: fixed level passability,
•   Junktown: fixed the reward for buried treasure,
•   Nashville, excavation area: added a minimap for the cave after the incident.,
•   Nashville, excavation area: fixed visual artifacts,
•   Magellan, Parking: Improved location appearance,
•   Arena: location fixed, old decorations removed, visual artifacts removed,
•   Cliff: Fixed freezes while going downhill,

Balance and items

•   Items: fixed the description of attributes for armor-piercing pistol ammo,
•   Items: fixed issues with DLC items handout while talking to the storekeeper,
•   Items: weight of Airgun ammo corrected.,
•   Balance: fatigue removal with Energon has been fixed.,
•   Balance: Requirements for "Stuff with Lead" and "Igniting Shot" abilities have been fixed,
•   Balance: skills progression in the branch "Hand-to-hand combat" is fixed,
•   Fixed weight of many keys,


•   UI: fixed the size of the slider in the settings while switching the language,
•   UI: locations that have been mapped on the Dome global map, but have not yet been studied, are now displayed in the list of locations in the global map interface,
•   Fixed display of the main menu on some graphics cards,
•   Fixed marker appearance of Magellan's parking lot and Roadside Picnic in Act 1,

Random Encounters

•   Added illustrations to random encounters on Fuel Station,
•   Fixed exploits with endless experience and relict dust farm on "Relict Wall" location,

Dialogues, quests and localization

•   Added checks in Akira's dialog after the completion of the "Imprinting" quest,
•   Fixed the bug with the magazine in the robot baby event,
•   Fixed Henrietta Russo's dialogue on the Emulator project location,
•   Requirements for the "technitian" skill in an event with an undertaker have been reduced,
•   Fixed Hill Spencer's dialogue,
•   Fixed dialogue with Krump in the bar,
•   Fixed Theresa's second greeting in the bar,
•   Fixed Rick McDougal's dialogue portrait,
•   Fixed dialogue with Audrey Melville,
•   Fixed Martin Kingsley's quests and dialogue in Act 1,
•   Fixed the portrait of the character in the dialogs on the Kaleidoscope location,
•   Fixed playback of prisoner dialogues in the suspicious cave,
•   Fixed a number of typos in English localization,
•   Fixed a typo in an abandoned bunker note,
•   Fixed the portrait in Tim Ginzburg's dialogue on the Nashville residential floor,
•   Fixed security guard dialogue on the Concord station while using turngate after talking to Kingsley.

Encased community is the most important for us - we are going to follow up those closely for your feedback on the game.

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #20 on: May 02, 2020, 02:58:22 PM »
Cockroach invasion and problems with fuel delivery to the Dome
Fri, 1 May 2020


Dear employees!

Newest issue of C.R.O.N.U.S. weekly touched upon the most serious problems of the Dome that have arisen since the renovation. We’ll talk about the invasion of cockroaches and the measures taken by the leadership to fight this plague. We'll share the news about the serious problems with fuel delivery. And, as always, we will present a report on the work done over the past week.

Cockroach invasion

Cockroaches. Perhaps the most pressing problem at the moment under the Dome. Invasion of these disease spreaders is a hot topic right now. Unconfirmed reports indicate that some of them are reaching colossal sizes. They are extremely aggressive and ferocious. The chances of surviving to meet them are almost zero.

We were able to contact and talk to the head of the disinfection commission.

"We know of the problem, an emergency committee has already been assembled. All necessary measures to curb the spread of insects have already been taken. The nests have been localized and destroyed. Of course, no giant species has been sighted. Oranges just like to spread false rumors and over exaggerate problems," said the head of the commission.

Fuel shortage

Dear employees! Many of you have noticed a sudden rise of fuel prices. Some of you have even given up on personal transport. As you know, the external world is in a very unstable economic situation. As a result, fuel supplies to the Dome have been temporarily suspended. The C.R.O.N.U.S. Corporation strongly recommends that you temporarily quit using personal vehicles. Everyone will be offered a free parking at Magellan station warehouses. As Silver Wing employees assure, there are enough resources and technology under the Dome to achieve full energy autonomy.

New report from Blue Wing engineers

Residents of the Dome! Technical work of the Blue Wing does not stop for a single day. The best engineers are relentlessly fighting against all the flaws around, following your observations. This week we are publishing a detailed report on the work done for our subscribers. A full list of changes can be found by clicking on a link

Breaking news from the outside world

Attention all employees! The world of Sin Slayers is under a threat again. The enemy is well known to you. This time, the XBOX ONE console has been assigned to the battlefield against the cursed souls of sinners. We hope you've brought it with yourself under the dome.

The main expedition is scheduled for May 8. In the meantime, you have time to thoroughly prepare for the battle and buy all necessary materials at a 20% discount.

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #21 on: May 09, 2020, 12:45:53 AM »
Hotfix 4 - A lot of new fixes
Thu, 7 May 2020

Hello everyone!

We updated the game to version 0.17.507.1553. Many of these bugfixes and suggestions for improvement came from your posts via the in-game suggestion button and forums. Thank you for your help.

Right now we’re preparing yet another portion of fixes, so stay tuned for more.


•   Added inventory filters;
•   Increased fog of war radius on many locations;
•   Stacks hold more items, they’ll take less space;
•   Fights end with a two turn timer if an enemy can’t see the player;
•   Weakened rats in the basement of the gas station;
•   Reduced speed of the training holograms;
•   Added a bed in player’s room in Magellan;
•   Taylor Portman and Margarita Tkachenko now have more items to trade;
•   Fixed and opportunity to destroy an entry into Junktown collector;
•   Fixed visual artifacts on Magellan reactor floor;
•   Location of trader Taylor Portman: fixed problems with doors, access to objects, lying on the bed, etc;
•   Removed Persuasion check in the dialogue with Fops in the location with robbed caravan while playing as low intellect character;
•   Improved clarity of the tooltips while pointing at abilities that require objects to be applied;
•   Fixed hatch visual appearance on the Magellan elevator location;
•   Fixed an ability to put money on the Rocker rat if he was excluded from the race;
•   Fixed slots that were occupied by “Panacea” relic;
•   Defeated characters on Emulator level no longer have equipment;
•   Finalized the “Mirror” random encounter;
•   Fixed Kraut pneumatic punch if you didn’t have enough gas charges;
•   Fixed thermal protection bonus of "Volunteer" boots;
•   Fixed the reactor room radiation poster;
•   Fixed portraits of Black Wing characters in Junktown bar;
•   Finalized plot in a dialogue with John Kepler;
•   Added a loading screen for “Sonora” bunker;
•   Dialogue with Dustin Grumman was rewritten;
•   Added a bed in Junktown rented house;
•   Fixed display of multiplying modifiers in tooltips;
•   Fixed the text of the passed time message;
•   Fixed opportunity to report the fate of a Black Wing employee in a dialogue with Kingsley;
•   Fixed the dialogue logic with the surveillance system in Nashville;
•   Foxed Orange portrait on Magellan's residential floor;
•   Replaced items in a janitor cart in Nashville;
•   Fixed a typo in the dialogue with Dead Man;
•   Appearance of Petra Villard has been changed;
•   Fixed display of status from dark beer;
•   Fixed display of Roy Oldy dialogues;
•   Fixed typos in the beggar dialogue;
•   Fixed text transfers in weapon tooltips;
•   Fixed control panel template on Emulator location;
•   Updated mini map of -3 floor of Magellan;
•   Fixed screens on -3 floor of Magellan;
•   Fixed an ability to give brass knuckles to companions;
•   Fixed the plug-ins in the dialogue with the panel in the reactor room;
•   Fixed the routes of the characters during the "Storm" event at the landing site;
•   Fixed texture mapping on the Drakonov’s light machine gun;
•   Fixed "First Aid" tooltip;
•   Fixed the name of the Campbell bunker in a dialogue with Kingsley;
•   Fixed the using of theft on rats;
•   Fixed the vacuum cleaner on the Magellan reactor floor;
•   Fixed a short combat start when receiving damage from a cut;
•   Fixed a typo in Krump's dialogue;
•   Fixed relict case on Emulator location;
•   Fixed cutting glove display;
•   Fixed Magellan's floor numbering;
•   Fixed asphalt texture on Nashville;
•   Fixed dummy name on the location with machine;
•   Fixed terminal position on Magellan;
•   Fixed the servo armor stuck-in when it was removed;
•   Added progression system of the sold equipment for the McPherson;
•   Fixed bugs while getting points from Santiago;
•   Fixed game grid behind the Junktown bar;
•   Fixed Yoko's reaction to a broken bunker door;
•   Fixed the name of the exit from the cave below Nashville;
•   Fixed templates of some items at the filling station in the first act;
•   Fixed hotkeys in the help window;
•   Fixed recording of consumption of medicines and other items in character statistics;
•   Fixed an invisible relic in Magellan's eco zone;
•   Added a mini-map for the basement of refueling station;
•   Fixed a dialogue freeze with Katarzyna;
•   Fixed journal update while handing Henrietta Russo anomalous essence.

Encased community is the most important for us - we are going to follow up those closely for your feedback on the game.

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #22 on: May 09, 2020, 01:06:23 AM »
Affordable isolation under the Dome and travel to parallel worlds
Fri, 8 May 2020


Hello, Employees! The latest issue of C.R.O.N.U.S. weekly is back on your personal terminal!

Today we’ll tell you about a temporary opportunity for those who want to get under the Dome. We'll reveal the secrets of the "Clean Slate" program. We’ll also share details about the scientific expedition we mentioned in the last issue.

Isolation under the Dome at 20% discount

Steam, one of the main partners of the corporation, announced a temporary 20% discount on a trip under the Dome. Hurry up to see with your own eyes the large-scale changes that have taken place in the wastelands: new jobs, mysterious technologies of the Forefathers, wild areas and the most modern equipment. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a mysterious world and start a new life from scratch is available with a discount until May 11.

Go on an expedition to neighboring worlds

The best White Wing scientists have gathered an emergency expedition to the unknown worlds of Sin Slayers! Dome settlers with Xbox One consoles can now take part in it. They will be sent to fight terrible demons, seven embodiments of deadly sins.

To better know your enemy, the C.R.O.N.U.S. Corporation prepared a rare battle footage. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the weaknesses of monsters. Judging by the data collected, this time the opponents became even more dangerous.

“Clean Slate” program

"How do I get under the Dome?" That's the one of the most common question asked to the C.R.O.N.U.S. editors.

Dozens of secret objects, mysterious anomalies and the best minds of humanity in one place. But despite the secrecy and verification of each application, anyone can get under the Dome, even a prisoner. All thanks to the international program "Clean Slate". Any volunteer with the most horrible past can fill in the application form to redeem crimes with hard work for the sake of humanity . Employment in the Orange Wing is not the most prestigious job, but it is only the first step to a new life and a bright future.

Stay under the Dome!

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #23 on: May 16, 2020, 03:36:23 AM »
Vandalism under the Dome and Voting for the Living Quarters Best Design
Fri, May 15, 2020


Welcome, our Employees and first settlers! CRONUS Weekly is with you again.

This week we expose vandalism, talk about new residential modules interior design options, and also share the details of the international conference in which CRONUS took part.

Best Interior Design Poll

The cooperation of designers and engineers of the corporation allows us to constantly improve the quality of life and work under the Dome. Our workspaces have already undergone sufficient change, and now it is time for residential compartments.

We seek to make the Dome your new home. Therefore, it is up to you to decide on how the living quarters and recreation areas will look. So right now you can cast your vote for a favorite option using your working terminal.

Pass the poll

Vandalism under the Dome

Corporate executives are concerned with the increasing incidence of vandalism. The perpetrators mutilated corporate posters by obscene and offensive inscriptions. The damaged canvas adorned the area and created a pleasant working and recreational atmosphere. An opinion on propaganda component of this decor is erroneous and far-fetched.

The corporation management is forced to refute any speculations about class discrimination. Even an Orange has equal rights with the manager from the Silver Wing or the military from the Black one.

Note: from now on, Black Wing employees are allowed to use weapons and conduct searches without warning, if there’s any suspicion of a crime or of a threat to the safety of CRONUS property.

CRONUS Took Part in the Digital Dragons International Exhibition

Attracting new employees is the most important goal of CRONUS public campaign. Right now, our best specialists are taking part in the Digital Dragons international exhibition. We strive not only to attract the most qualified personnel, but also to win The Best Company of the Festival award. CRONUS has repeatedly proved that research conducted under the Dome should be a priority for all of mankind. This is the only way we can build a bright future for everyone. Supporting the corporation is every employee’s duty – for the benefit of humanity.

Encased community is the most important for us - we are going to follow up those closely for your feedback on the game.

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #24 on: May 23, 2020, 12:34:12 AM »
Radio towers under the Dome and victory in two categories on DevGAMM
Fri, 22 May 2020


Today you read the 30th Anniversary Edition of the CRONUS Newsletter on your terminals. Every week we share the hottest news from under the Dome, and your letters and reviews help us raise the bar even higher!

In this issue, we will dispel rumors about the irradiation of employees with new radio towers, share emotions from the victory in two categories at an international conference, as well as provide a fresh report of the Blue Wing on recent improvements.

Stay with us!

CRONUS has installed next generation radio towers

Dear Employees! The administration noticed an increase in the number of complaints about the health of the staff. Provocateurs are trying to link this with the installation of new radio towers. We ask you not to trust unverified information!

CRONUS corporation assures that the towers do not cause mental disorders. Moreover, we strongly recommend that anyone who feels that the towers are causing mental disorders should contact the White Wing for help. Years spent in isolation under the Dome may not have passed without a trace.

Two victories at DevGAMM

Once again CRONUS is in the center of attention, the corporation receives well-deserved awards! Last week the largest conference in CIS, DevGAMM Awards finished. Our best specialists take part in it annually, and this time was no exception. This time our employees outdid themselves, winning in two categories at once, among which is the main prize of the conference.

CRONUS wants to thank all residents of the Dome for support and emotions they give us. This is our common victory.

Hotfix 5 — uncritical, but annoying little things.

Here's a fresh report from the Blue Wing. Since the release of a major Dome update, almost all the most important problems have been fixed. But that's no reason to stop here. This time we have paid attention to small, but no less important tasks. You can see the full list of fixes by clicking on the link

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #25 on: May 29, 2020, 12:49:10 AM »
It’s time for new rewards!
Thu, 28 May 2020

Today starts a series of votes for an exclusive in-game item for our Kickstarter Backers! They will choose the type of the item, its appearance, features and even its name! After all votes are concluded, the item will be added to the game as unique and created thanks to the Kickstarter community.

If you're the Encased Kickstarter backer, then we encourage you to participate in the voting. You will find a link to the vote in your mailbox and personal messages on the Kickstarter.

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #26 on: May 30, 2020, 01:19:51 AM »
New anomaly, enhanced equipment and votes for exclusive item
Fri, 29 May 2020


Welcome, employees and first settlers! The weekly CRONUS Newsletter is with you again! In today's issue:

- Details of new anomalies detected under the Dome.
- A first look at improved equipment for CRONUS military
- Voting for exclusive item for the founding fathers of the corporation.

Ash anomaly — a new death trap

We'll start with the news marked “news flash”! Journalists managed to get a fresh video from the best White Wing scientists. You can see with your own eyes a completely new type of anomaly, previously unknown to science and mankind.

Anomaly is poorly studied, even leading scientists are not ready to give an accurate assessment of its origin. Only one thing is certain: it is extremely dangerous to any nearby life!

A scientific team has already moved to the place of formation of the mysterious object. We closely follow the work of the team and will certainly provide a detailed report on its properties in one of the next issues.

Note: to speed up anomaly research, White Wing is looking for guinea pigs volunteers from the Orange Wing.

New equipment

Black Wing employees were shown a prototype of new combat equipment. Right now it is only a prototype, but the first tests have already been scheduled. Results will decide if it’ll go into mass production. The equipment should facilitate the movement of infantry units in the wastelands, as well as reduce load and increase mobility in combat environment.

Vote for exclusive item

It's time for more rewards! CRONUS Corporation has launched a series of votes for an in-game item exclusive to first investors! The voting will be split in four stages. After results are summed up, the item will be designed by the best Blue Wing engineers as unique and created by the Dome community.

The first stage of voting has already begun! Choose the main type of future equipment. We offer several options: Weapon, Armor Element, or Forefathers Relic.

Company management never forgets the first employees who supported the start of research through the crowdfunding platform. We want to thank everyone for your support. Without you, the future would not be so close!

Stay under the Dome and tuned for more news!

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #27 on: June 05, 2020, 01:42:26 AM »
Vote results and what’s next!
Thu, 4 June 2020

The results of the first stage of the Encased Kickstarter Community vote for the unique and exclusive item are already here! The winner is the Forefathers' Relic.

Today we launch the second stage, in which Kickstarter backers will choose features and attributes of the future relic, there are three descriptions to choose from.

Relic #1
While using it, Character receives +15% Cold Resistance. Starting from the second combat round, Relic begins to emit cold discharges that damages both the user and all the characters within one tile of him.

"Same goes for the space near it – due to that, Relic is a rare occurrence, but an easy find. As soon as it contacts air it begins to emit rhythmic “pulses”, each pulse absorbing heat from everything in near vicinity. Despite this process, the temperature of relic itself remains unchanged and there’s no clear indication as to where all that disappearing energy goes. Pulses occur without any noises or flashes and the crystallization of air humidity is the sole indication of the danger it poses – an unprepared human will be frozen to death in just a couple of pulses. Few people are brave enough to use it in the combat conditions – in some way, relic does recognize its bearer and tries to shield him a bit, but only a little. You have to be extremely cool-headed to risk that much."

Relic #2
This relic will influence all organic combatants, making them lose 20% Accuracy.

"In happier times Relic was used as a part of a hazing ritual for White Wing newcomers. The setup of that was deceptively mundane – the victim was led to a lab where this relic was contained under a closed casing. Then they were left alone while being asked to fill a standardized form with some ordinary observations and other routine stuff, the case being opened upon their exit. Half an hour past that, the hazers returned to find all the forms spoiled, criss-crossed with unrecognizable scribble, and the totally panicked victim running in circles, being unable to find the door out. Relic disrupts one’s perception of surrounding reality and it directly affects the processes inside the brain itself – videotaping and similar ways of recording do not fixate anything wrong near it. People, however, will perceive everything as being “correct” while that “everything” is actually dreadfully wrong. Even the most basic tasks might become impossible while under its influence, so the only way to study this relic is while using remotely-controlled devices. Relic is especially adept at masking itself, and so it’s completely futile to understand anything about it in person. All the accompanying fun was eventually banned, though – for one newbie, thirty minutes was more than enough to become stark-raving mad and to greet a chuckling returnee with an unbelievably pinpoint pen to the eye. But that’s a different story."

Relic #3
If a user will suffer a critical hit (and a critical hit only), he won’t take any damage and will be healed for 50% of its attack power.

"At the inception of Dome’s exploration, there was this pristine assuredness that here it is, the ultimate triumph of science and reason. Who would’ve guessed that its course will birth superstitions so dire that even a troglodyte would feel ashamed of following them. If we were to believe certain scouts, this relic will unfailingly ward you from death, oh, more than that, it’ll greatly improve your health in the process! And who cares if the those scouts’ leader later became a drunken, insane, self-mutilating wreck, crying that he’s “displaced” into a “wrong” Reality. And his “improved health” is a supposedly regrown long gone eye(!) that he never actually lost – we went into all the documents, all the archives, asked all the witnesses, and there were no signs of him ever being injured. Here I’m tempted to comment on the utter ineptitude of Cronus’ recruiters, but that topic is getting stale lately. Despite the absurdity of such claims, some so-called “scientists” have wasted a lot of time and resources on experimentation, with sole predictable result of murdering droves of lab animals in various creative ways. Not a single one was saved by this miraculous Relic. That was still not enough for the head of that project – that professor decided to personally bathe in this relic’s succor. Thankfully, he used a laser weapon to make a very precise hole in his cranium and, with the heat cauterizing the wound rather instantly, the following clean-up of his office was effortless. Quite a professional attitude. And yet, after all that, Relic is still a highly demanded black market commodity with plenty of fools willing to bury themselves in debt so they can “prevent” the actual burial. O tempora, o mores!"

If you are the Encased Kickstarter backer, then you should definitely participate. In your mailbox and in personal messages on the Kickstarter you will find a link to the second stage of voting.

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Re: Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
« Reply #28 on: Yesterday at 12:30:48 AM »
Launch of transport modules and useful CRONUS notes
Fri, 5 June 2020


Dear readers, CRONUS weekly is once again on your terminals! Today we will tell you about the launch of new transport modules, share notes about scientific studies of the corporation, as well as summarize the first stage of vote for unique items.

Launch of transport modules

Getting under the Dome is a fascinating but also dangerous journey. When you arrive to the Spire station, built around an aperture at the top of the Dome, you will have a long descent. But the well-coordinated work of the world's best engineers allowed CRONUS to build a real engineering marvel in the shortest possible time, an updated system of transport modules. The blue wing was so confident in its invention that one of the first testers was a leading design engineer.

"Trampoline works!" - the first words of the Blue Wing Director, after a successful landing.

Useful CRONUS notes

Once under the Dome, forget everything you've been taught. Whether you were a military man, a medic, a leader, or a simple worker, everyone will have to undergo basic military training.

In this dangerous world, everyone must be able to use weapons. However, experience has proven that, this is not enough. For those who wish to continue training in combat disciplines, CRONUS has published special books, from which you will learn more about the weaknesses of the coming opponents, factional relations or even about how relics and anomalies work. These materials are absolutely free and available to everyone.

Vote for the exclusive item: part 2

The results of the first stage of vote for the unique and exclusive item are already here! The winner is the Relic of the Forefathers.

CRONUS Corporation has already launched the second stage of vote, in which our first investors will choose features and characteristics of the future relic. If you have supported us on Kickstarter, do not pass by. You will find the link to the second stage of the voting in your email inbox and in personal messages on the Kickstarter website.

See you under the Dome!

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