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A blast from the past. In 1995, Basil Copeland, Eric Joiner, and Heinz Bernd Eggenstein wrote a Tornado strategy guide as a Win3.1(!) WinHelp file. The file embedded with pictures and tables (2.6MB zipped!) detailed many aspects of Tornado strategy and tactics. See here for Heinz's post on the Hitech Simulation Mailing List.

Its contents remain a classic. What I did in March 2016 was to convert the Winhelp content, which cannot be opened in Windows 10, into HTML. Here is the link to one of the best strategy guides ever written for any DOS flight simulator.

A salute to Basil Copeland, Eric Joiner, and Heinz Bernd Eggenstein. Wherever you guys are now.

Frankie Kam


That's great, thanks!



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