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Author Topic: LIF:MMO (Dev News #180) Tweaks, fixes and events  (Read 397 times)

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LIF:MMO (Dev News #180) Tweaks, fixes and events
« on: November 29, 2019, 11:35:55 PM »
Dev News #180
Fri, 22 November 2019

Hello, Feudalists!
First things first. During last week’s maintenance we have disabled the Halloween event, meaning no more glowing eyes for Knools and also no more special loot for Gloom’s Bomb, however, we have kept the blueprint for this item for the time being, so if you have some unused leftovers from the Knools, you can still use them to craft these special bombs. We hope you enjoyed this event and the Treasure Hunt that we started along with it.

Now to the topic of the game development. There are series of fixes that we are currently working on. Among these are the problems with the Wooden Walls, for which the fix is nearly there. From the more critical issues, the problem with server 138 and the holes in the terrain is among our priorities and we’re doing everything we can to have a fix for this bug ready soon. We advise to avoid that server node for the time being and contact our Support team if you fall through the map, so we can rescue you. One more thing in regard to fixes and tweaks that we want to mention are our plans to improve crafting and make it more intuitive. We’ll reveal more in due time. Stay tuned for more info.

LiFDamage Video Battle

Lifdamage fan project holds the first video event. Post your video, vote for other players' videos and get prizes from the developers of Life is Feudal MMO and lifdamage
The period of the video event of the game Life is Feudal MMO:
from November 23, 00:00 to November 25, 00:00.

Everyone can vote 1 time every day of the event for only one video from the list.
In addition to prizes for 1,2,3 place - the best video will be posted on the main page under the menu (current location of the slideshow).
Use this opportunity to win prizes and advertise your guild.

Important! To give prizes to the winners - under the video that won prizes, you will need to insert a code word in the description of the video on YouTube (it will be sent to the winners)
You can participate in the video battle here:

Grand Knight Tournament

Hear ye, hear ye!
Messengers carry the news to all corners of Godenland!
Exactly in ten days, on November 30th, the "Grand Knight Tournament" for the cup of the newspaper "The Knight News" will be held.
Eminent warriors and newcomers will compete in power and dexterity.
- Expect 5x5 battles with for all classes, fights of honor, Jousting and, of course, battles for the title of champion of the tournament
- Prize fund: 100 gold coins + 38500 God's favors.
- Leave applications in a special channel in our discord:
Video review:
YouTube™ Video: Осмотр Колизея - Рыцарский вестник
Views: 325
Проводим с Мишей осмотр Колизея для будущего большого турнира, который пройдет 30 ноября Я буду в таверне "Буйная фляга": Ссыль на рыцарский вестник:...

Location on the map.

    Rules for 5x5 battle (prize pool - 80 gold coins):
        Teams make bets when registering for the tournament - 5 gold coins.
        It is carried out in 2 stages.
        1st stage - each team fights with each other. 4 teams with the highest score will go into the second stage. Do not loot.
        2nd stage - Tournament standings are formed per accumulated score. Loot goes to the winner of the tournament.

        Any warrior class can participate.
        By default, the warriors should be in 2 tier armor. If 2 teams before the battle can agree on changing the armor tier, they can do it.
        Teams may agree to raise gold stakes before the fight, outside of the prize pool, the organizers will act as guarantors of the stakes.
    Rules for 1x1 battles - "Champion of the tournament" (prize fund 38500 GF):
        1. Cost of participation - 1 gold coin
        2. Any choice of armor, weapons, poisons, powders
        3. Restrictions: Must be in full armor and only melee weapons are allowed. (Horses, moose aren't allowed)
    Rules for the Jousting (prize pool of 20 gold)
        1. Cost of participation - 1 gold coin
        2. Any choice of armor and horse
        3. The one who knocks the opponent out of the saddle wins
        4. A special surprise for the winner
    Additional Information:
    The tournament starts at 30.11, 17:00 (UTC) .
    All participants should be in discord server chat and arrive at the tournament venue in advance.

    Everyone is invited, except for bandits and those who fought in their ranks.
    Don't forget to bring food and repair kits

    Be careful!
    Attacks and provocations are expected.
    The prize pool will be located elsewhere and will be given out to the winners within 24 hours after the end of the tournament.

    The Life is Feudal GM team will help with the organization of the transfer to the Coliseum for all participants (on November 30, participants will be delivered to the Coliseum, and after the tournament, they will be transferred back). To take advantage of this, you must fill out the form at this link.
    The registration will be closed at 29.11, 20:00 UTC

Community spot

Who said that journey through the mountains must be tedious and difficult? It doesn’t have to be when you have tunnel going straight through it. Big-Chef have dug wide and tall tunnel across the mountain for easier travel from one side to another. Such works required a lot of time and effort, but it certainly makes travels across mountains much more comfortable. Here you can see the video of how it looks from the player’s perspective.

And something extra from us, a view from the ‘outside’ to better show the size of this thing.

There’s one more thing: due to the increased amount of reports of cheats in Life is Feudal: MMO, we’re taking a closer look at such behavior. You’ve been warned.

— The Team

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