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INDIAFOXTECHO - TA-4 Skyhawk "Scooter"
« on: November 02, 2019, 03:02:09 PM »
INDIAFOXTECHO - TA-4 Skyhawk "Scooter"

Douglas TA-4J “Skyhawk” is the two seat trainer variant of the Douglas A-4 “Skyhawk”.

Compatibility: FSX*, FSX:SE*, Prepar3D v2/v3/v4 (P3DV2/3 untested)

Home page
Paint Kit
TacPack Combat System (required for weapons functionality)

About INDIAFOXTECHO - TA-4 Skyhawk "Scooter"

A detailed rendition of the popular naval jet trainer derived from the "Heinemann's Hot Rod". Features a detailed visual model with multiple liveries, detailed cockpit and realistic flight model.

The TA-4 Skyhawk (often nicknamed "Scooter") is the trainer version of the venerable Douglas A-4 Skyhawk.
In the Unites States Navy the TA-4J configuration was introduced to a training role replacing the TF-9J Cougar. The TA-4J served as the advanced jet trainer in white and orange markings for decades until being replaced by the T-45 Goshawk. Additional TA-4Js were assigned to Instrument Training RAGs at all the Navy master jet bases under RCVW-12 and RCVW-4. The Instrument RAGs initially provided jet transition training for Naval Aviators during the time period when Naval Aviation still had a great number of propeller-driven aircraft and also provided annual instrument training and check rides for Naval Aviators. The small size of the Skyhawk and superb low speed handling in the hands of a well trained aviator made it ideal to teach fleet aviators the finer points of DACT. The squadrons eventually began to display vivid threat type paint schemes signifying their transition into the primary role of Adversary training.
Variants of the TA-4 have also been used for advanced training by several other countries including Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Brasil and Argentina.


This model features:

- Detailed external visual model with customizable loads. User can also pick between different options for guns and refuel probe.
- Detailed virtual cockpit rendition for both the front (student/pilot) and the rear (instructor) cockpits
- Extensive usage of PBR materials
- 14 detailed liveries including U.S.Navy Traning and Adversary Squadrons, Blue Angels, Australian Navy, Israeli Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force
- Accurate flight model based on real world flight manuals
- Support for VRS Tacpack (required for weapons functionality)
- Compatibility with both VRS Tacpack Carriers and SWS Carrier Environment X (CEX)
- Detailed manual

*FSX version of the TA-4 Package (which should work also on P3Dv2 and v3).

With respect to the P3Dv4 version:

- There is no backseat/instructor cockpit

- The 3D materials are "traditional" (as opposed to PBR)

- The radar image is based on the old FSX mapping service (as opposed to P3D "true" radar rendering system)

Apart from some other minor details, pretty much everything else is the same as the P3Dv4 version...including flight model, options and system simulation.

The package will only work with FSX:A, FSX:SE, FSX:Gold...and should work (but it is not tested) with P3Dv1, v2 and v3.


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Re: INDIAFOXTECHO - TA-4 Skyhawk "Scooter"
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2019, 03:25:45 PM »
TA-4 Skyhawk for Prepared V4.4+ Flight Manual

Should you be interested in seeing what the TA-4 for Prepar3D v4.4 does (and does not) simulate, here is the (tentatively final) flight manual…

Most of the text was taken from an old TA-4F/J manual scanned into a .pdf file… I used an OCR software to extract the text, but there were a number of characters and words misinterpreted by the software (and then English is not my first language) - I got rid of a number of those errors but still there are dozens of them. Corrections and proof-reading are welcome.

Major deviations from real world flight manual are highlighted as "SIMULATION NOTE(s)" - meaning that what follows is valid in the simulation only and may not apply to real life.

•   No. pages: 222
•   Format: PDF
•   Size: 6.5MB

Manual can be downloaded by clicking here

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Re: INDIAFOXTECHO - TA-4 Skyhawk "Scooter"
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2019, 03:33:13 PM »

As of 02/11/19

VERSION 1.11 - October 27th 2019
- Fixed minor texturing glitch on the compass model
- Fixed Tacpack multiplayer validation

VERSION 1.10 - October 10th 2019
- Fixed missing roundels for VF-43 livery
- Fixed missing "barberpole" tailhook texture for Israeli livery
- Fixed minor glitch in Blue Angels livery metal reflections
- Added OA-4M visual model and repaints
- Added Sidewinder growl sounds
- Added Gun sounds
- Fixed glitch in visualization of AIM-9B on pylon 4
- Added shininess to pilot helmets
- Added low altitude warning sound
- Added obstacle sound
- Fixed glitch in the animation of the drop tank switch
- Fixed bug in fuel system preventing fuel dump
- Fixed minor glitch preventing "3" to show as first digit of the Kholsmann indicator
- Fixed bug preventing oxygen depletion
- Fixed bug causing incorrect internal fuel quantity reported in some instances
- Fixed bug preventing centerline tank fuel from being refilled without Tacpack

VERSION 1.07 - October 3rd 2019
- Fixed issue preventing ground service carts from showing if selected by the menu
- Slightly reworked mirror effects
- Fixed ADI and backup ADI behavior (hopefully)
- Fixed missing 3D screws in rear cockpit
- Added VMAT-102 repaint courtesy of Matt Levi
- Added VF-43 repaint


VERSION 1.05 - September 29th 2019
- Fixed Incorrect indication of pitch during inverted flight
- Fixed Incorrect behavior of RADALT flag
- Changed loadout: in reality MK-82 and MK-82SE bombs were not be carried in the innermost stations of PYL 2 and 4 as the gear door could not open fully
- Added missing Aero adapters to sidwinder launchers
- Fixed incorrect loadout assignment to STA1 and STA5
- Fixed visual glitch: MK-82 bomb hung at centerline pylon in certain conditions while operating the configurator in non-Tacpack mode.
- Fixed 300 gal tank fins geometry (too narrow wingspan).
- Fixed improper Aero adaper for AGM-12 and AGM-45
- Fixed swapped gunsight day and night colors swapped
- Fixed bug allowing gunsight to be powered on even if there is no electrical power
- Fixed air and electrical doors receptacle doors not working as intended: now they open correctly when needed, and clicking them when wheelchocks are applied will cause the ground services to appear.

VERSION 1.02 - September 16th 2019
- Fixed bug causing the canopy glass and the copilot compass screws not to move when canopy opens
- Gunsight is now occluded by glass geometry
- Fixed bug causing the Radalt "OFF" flag to be always on.
- Fixed copilot suit color for Blue Angels scheme
- Fixed bug allowing non-tacpack users to load fuel on external tanks even if tanks were not fitted.
- Fixed visual collision between Bullpup missile and front landing gear stem
- Fixed missing "518" number in flap suface for N512TA livery
- Minor modification to default viewpoint

VERSION 1.00 - September 12th 2019

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Re: INDIAFOXTECHO - TA-4 Skyhawk "Scooter"
« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2019, 10:46:41 PM »
TA-4 SKYHAWK PBR EDITION  Updated to V1.12
November 3rd 2019[ 



- Fixed minor texturing glitch on OA-4M model
- Fixed minor texturing glitch on Australian Navy livery
- Fixed minor texturing glitch on Israeli livery
- Fixed minor texturing on all gull grey repaints

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Re: INDIAFOXTECHO - TA-4 Skyhawk "Scooter"
« Reply #4 on: November 19, 2019, 02:24:36 PM »
X-Plane 11 Version

Work in progress
using: XVision and Orbx

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