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Author Topic: Shadow Empire : A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame  (Read 3956 times)

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Re: Shadow Empire : A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame
« Reply #15 on: April 09, 2020, 02:25:37 PM »
Shadow Empire Gameplay Stream
08 April 2020

Eager to see the game in action? Check out the Preview  below!

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Re: Shadow Empire : A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame
« Reply #16 on: April 21, 2020, 12:26:38 AM »
Shadow Empire 2nd Live Preview - April 21st
20 April 2020

TortugaPower is back with Shadow Empire. On Tuesday 21st, on our Twitch Channel Tortuga will be attempting for the second time to survive the apocalypse and rebuild the human civilization on a forgotten planet!

Tune on tomorrow, the show starts at 6 pm BST.

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Re: Shadow Empire : A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame
« Reply #17 on: April 25, 2020, 12:14:23 AM »
Preview Videos Recap - How will the Apocalypse look like?
Fri, 24 April 2020

Shadow Empire has surely hit the interest of many YouTubers and players and a huge number of enthusiastic previews has been posted so far.

Fighting the Apocalypse on a forgotten planet has never been so challenging and entertaining!

So without further ado, let's have a look at some of the most interesting videos posted. Have you already check them all?

Shadow Empire Preview - Medusa World Part 1 | by Grey Hunter

This is the first video in the excellent Medusa World series, made by Grey Hunter. Medusa Worlds are very close to Earth planets, with good atmosphere and environment, Unfortunately, this one seems to have an aggressive and hostile biosphere and no one knows what contorting terrors would dwell in its lands!

Shadow Empire | Preview (Beta) - Earth-like World - 04 - Broken Promises | by TortugaPower

This is the 4th video in a series played by TortugaPower, set in a world full of Rebels, Marauders and secrets!

DasTactic Livestream ~ Shadow Empire ~ Medusa World 01 | by DasTactic

Do you want to see how big and dangerous crabs can be? Stop here and watch DasTactic dealing with monstrous carnivores with carapax. "I can't stop playing this game" Das says, so whatever solution he adopted, it seems to have worked! Good job!

Shadow Empire: Weyland-Yutani #1 [in Espanol] | by Agusti Barrio Ruiz

Always wondered how Weyland - Yutani would "build better worlds" at the fringe of Space? Let's found out in this very entertaining video by Agusti Barrio Ruiz (in Spanish).

Shadow Empire: Pre-release eXploration - Lava Planet! Ep.1 | by eXplorminate

Last but not least, eXplorminate is facing a challenging experience, as the planet of choice seems not quite forgiving human mistakes. It could have been worse! It could have also acid rains and brute mutants!

We couldn't cover all the videos but we hope to have given you a good overview of the previews being published. What's your favourite one? Is there a video you'd like to recommend? Post in the forums!

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Re: Shadow Empire : A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame
« Reply #18 on: May 14, 2020, 12:53:43 AM »
The Apocalypse is Nigh - Shadow Empire out on June, 4th
13 May 2020

It's hard to call this forgotten planet Home, with its endless deserts and its monsters of unfathomable terror beneath its surface. But it is indeed Home, not only for you but also for your people and it has been since the War.

It is your duty now to act as the leader your people deserve, to protect them and to repel any enemy trying to crush you. You are not alone on this journey to bring back civilization after all. Will you have what to take to resist and survive?

Shadow Empire is coming out on Matrix Store on June, 4th! Brace yourself for the most innovative and deep sci-fi wargame ever designed.

Shadow Empire puts you in the seat of the supreme ruler of a small nation destined for greatness and reconquering a devastated Planet. You have Leaders to help you govern your Zones, administer your Organisations and lead your armies. You’ll also have Stratagems available that you can play on various targets. Can you make your people climb the ladder of civilization and technology once again? Can you conquer and reunite the planet?

Summary of the Features

- Turn-based Strategy
- Planetary Exploration and Conquest
- Hardcore Military Simulation
- Deep management of your Empire and Economy
- Many Stratagems, Stories and Decisions combined with a roleplaying angle
- A Sandbox and Procedural experience that invites to play the game as you want

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Re: Shadow Empire : A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame
« Reply #19 on: June 04, 2020, 02:19:31 PM »

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Re: Shadow Empire : A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame
« Reply #20 on: June 05, 2020, 12:08:59 AM »
Shadow Empire is out
04 June 2020

Shadow Empire one of the most immersive and innovative 4x game in the market, is out.

You are the leaders of small cities on random-generated planets, besieged by threats of all kind and forced to gather every imaginable natural resource in order to survive. Face the post-apocalypse, rebuild civilization and write your own destiny!

The game universe is designed to evoke the feeling of being on another planet in some dark future, but at the same time to stay familiar. It is a game that does not deny it is a game, but it has a strong thematic focus on keeping things relatively realistic. For a strategy game, there is a relatively strong roleplaying angle where you’ll need to keep your leaders happy in order for them to do their jobs well and not get any ideas of rebellion.


The eXplorminate crew has recently interviewed the developer on their podcast, highlighting the sophisticated logistics and supply system and the procedural generation of units

Check it out here

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Re: Shadow Empire : A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame
« Reply #21 on: June 10, 2020, 01:34:22 PM »
Shadow Empire Version 1.02
10 June 2020

Hi guys,

Shadow Empire has received its first update, it seems that Apocalypse never rests!

Version 1.02 is now live and it brings many improvements and fixes!

For this patch, the auto-updater doesn't seem to operate rightly, so you'll need to download the update directly from here or through your "My Page".

Its a one-time effort, after installing this patch the next patches will be installed automatically with the auto-upgrader.

So let's waste no further time and let's have a look at the changelog:

Version 1.02
• Adjusted the interest of AI for building Hydroponics
• Fixed a less informative label on the unit counters after upgrade/downgrade Formation Type (Saros)
• AI improvements related to allocation of OHQs to Fronts
• AI improvements related to consistency of Front areas
• Fixed Model Statistics glitch that caused anti-inf % and AT % to get switched around. (Saros)
• Zone now keeps less reserves if it is for an Asset that is on reduced production or construction percentage (Shards)
• Fixed glitch with partial construction % set and actual progress of that construction
• Fixed glitch with automatic worker recruitment and asset in partial production
• Fixes Sound Volume slider
• Severely tuned the Difficulty for Major Diplomatic Stratagems, though there remain some impossible rolls if the AI Major in question is just not willing at all to accept *
• Fixed a glitch in the application of the Skill Bonus by Leader Feats
• Fixed a glitch with failed rolls on raising or lowering taxes & tariffs *
• AI will no longer give you Credits while at war *
• When constructing roads to a Hex just one Hex away from the start it will always go as “the bird flies”. In some rare cases this is useful.
• Unit movement now also goes as the “bird flies” if the distance is just 1 Hex. In some rare cases this is useful or even crucial to avoid likely surprise combat.
• Fixed a crash during a Compare Leader in the Leaders Popup
• Reduced the chance for a Decision to be communicated through Metrics by a factor of 10.
• Fixed 2 different rare crashes in the Stratagem Tab
• Made a minor fix in the usage of Commerce Bonus inside the inter Trade House trades.
• Fixed the inability to use Expel Diplomats to break final level of diplomatic contact level*.
• Increased initial Energy generation for Tech-5 start *
• Fixed the Jetpack OOB/TOE *
• Increased speed for 200% DPI setting enormously
• You can now no longer nationalize a Private Asset that is just in the process of being upgraded
• Fixed an AI crash!! (Carson)
• Fixed a crash with transfer of troops from one battlegroup to another, fully emptying the first one
• Fixed a glitch with the left side of the Staff Council task progress on operationalization of a new
OOB was wrong
• Fixed a glitch with the renaming of Models (* in some cases)
• Fixed a bug with Minors building up to many Units and at the same time causing very long AI
processing times (Che)
• Game now stops sound if you ALT-F4 / end-task
• Reduced the militia growth for some minors from killing freefolk and pop, especially if they have
units with low subunit count.
• Fixed glitch where a “non-City” regime would surrender after losing a city they conquered
(Slavers, nomads, etc...)
• Added a bit more Food for game starts with initial Armies present *
• Fixed a crash with Hex Perks on the 0,0 Hex
• “Recruit Talent” stratagem now actually ensure a younger Leader to be recruited *
• Fixed a crash during Combat setup with Ranged Fire
• Fixed a glitch with the Civilization Level dropping to zero
• Fixed faulty mouse-overs concerning maximum storage transfers to SHQ on round 1
• Improved the Mouse Overs with a tolerance mode of 20 pixels so you do not have to keep the
mouse perfectly still
• Added the generation of a planet generation save in your saved games directory. Which if you like
you could rename and share with others. Or use to restart a Planet you found interesting.
• Fixed an AI “leader ageing” crash (BvG)
• Better garbage cleaning of some detailed log reports (data thing behind the hood)
• Fixed a crash with a start turn crash (Chris)
• Fixed crash with Artifact being generated in a Scav Asset that got upgraded to a higher level at
the same time
• Fixed a crash with clicking on the Strat button in the bottom interface
• Increased free Water storage points with the amount of free Water (rivers/rain/sea) the Zone
• Fixed issue with Electric Engine not being selectable for new Models designing
• Non-aligned forces (alien critters/marauders) do NOT take the first turn anymore.
• If no-saving during game + passwords enabled in a multi-player game, you’ll get “possible” cheat
messages if a player replays his/her turn.
• Autocombat setting in prefs now saves properly
• Fixed another AI crash with a tortured AI regime
• Lifted the 2-player limit on the “Unclassified” Planet starts
• Improved history-view representation of friendly rebels attacking somewhere
• Improved history map by putting a selection graphic around the Hex where a history step is
actually happening.
• Fixed a crash related to disappeared Trader Houses
• Fixed a crash related to the resolving of a faulty Demand on taking a Hex that did not exist. Also
fixed such a demand being given in the first place.
• Some minor spelling and typo repairs
• Fixed overflow of att-def total list in combat setup popup
• Reduced the extremity of the costs for Rail through difficult landscapes (except high mountains).
Stays high, but at least it is possible to construct now if you save up.

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Re: Shadow Empire : A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame
« Reply #22 on: June 15, 2020, 12:18:11 AM »
Shadow Empire v1.03 is available
12 June 2020


Vic has turned around another update.

You can download the update by either clicking the Check for Update button on the launcher or downloading it from your My Page (


-Blocked AI from making double construction (for good now, v102-beta2 didn’t quite do the job yet)
-Double checking if AI is making a valid construction choice added
-Double checking if Private Economy is making double construction (Farm/Mine) added
-AI will now take the hint if a Dip Stratagem didn’t work on another AI and take a pause trying to improve relations*
-Overall the AI should be less schizophrenic (which it was in some cases) concerning what kind of relations it wants.*
-Reduced the ideal size of army and workforce for the AI in the mid to late game, but only on Beginner level. It was a bit too challenging now after all the AI improvements over the last month.
-Fixed a rare crash with opening the Management Window
-Added some protection code to prevent a rare crash with the Management Window
-Right click in cinematics no longer allowed. Fixes skipping through initial questions possibility
-Fixed disappearing Resource icon glitch on Hex after conquest (by Minor with no Zone).
-Fine-tuned the 9 “Call To X” Stratagems. Their effects are now maximized to avoid too big results in large AI Zones.*
-Fixed faulty Tech Level 4 + Initial Armies start concerning the Rocket Launcher unit which the game tried to give but was not available due to lack of the relevant Model. Is now an Independent Artillery that is given.
-Fixed glitch with buggy new Faction names (“-1”) also for running games
-Fixed possibility to go through rebel units with strategic transfer
-Fixed a logistics point cost glitch with Raise Formation and some others
-Fixed empty response on choosing “No change” when discussing the different Cults
-Added a protection for a weird crash in the Items tab (due to a Zone with no City)
-Private Construction (credits only) will no longer depend on LIS connection (production after construction will)
-Private Asset if still in connection with City, but no LIS, will only suffer half the lack of LIS penalty (Public Assets suffer full penalty)
-Mining Level had a glitch with production. Fixed. Expect some lower income in lower ease-of-mining-level mines.
-Strategic Map no longer shows depleted Resource Hexes
-Strategic Map now differentiates between unexploited and exploited Resource Hexes
-Have been phasing out the usage of the term “LIS” and replaced it by “Logistical Points”
-Fixed that famous map displacement glitch (after combat)
-Fixed some very minor glitch in Logistics calculations
-In the Logistics layer Initial and Current Points parts of roads between 2 nodes that have lower Logistical Points than both nodes will be highlighted in yellow and points shown as well
-Blocked AI from making double builds (problem caused with v1.01-betas)
-Fixed the actual cost of Railroad construction which was still on old high level and causing huge depletion of resources. (problem caused with v1.01-betas)
-Fixed glitch with the maximum stack points not being increased with concentric attacks
-Fixed glitch with the “REPLACE / MASS REPLACE” button not being available
-Tracked a rare glitch with a Rebel Regime founding a new Minor Regime and its Units not being properly transferred potentially causing weird non-friendly Units on your Hexes. Fixed now. Any such occasions remaining in your current game will be cleaned up by this patch as well.
-Corporate Taxes were actually being paid, but NOT being logged in the Corporate Report. Now they will show up there as well.
-Removed Obsolete Models from the Replacement Troops window
-Increased the cost of the Ancient Archive Fate Stratagem from 2 FP to 4 FP *
-Decreased the cost for the Chemical Team and Drone Team Fate Stratagems *
-Ancient Archive and other random Tech picks are now limited to Tech Groups you have access too. I am sorry some people liked this, but it was really more overpowered than intended.
-Propose Peace now possible from Relation 25 (was 35) *
-Returned ability of AI to give Credits but limited its repetition potential *
-Added the “Ouverture” Diplomatic Stratagem which you can use to increase Relation with power you are at war with. Difficulty is easy when the Regime in question doesn’t like to continue the war. *
-Fixed another AI crash
-Did extra QA work on AI Diplomatic Stratagem usage with Humans as well as other AIs*
-Fixed a crash during BG transfer in a very specific case (for good this time)
-Only Monitor Tank can use Tactical Nuke*
*=requires a new game start to go into effect

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Re: Shadow Empire : A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame
« Reply #23 on: June 19, 2020, 02:42:48 PM »
Shadow Empire Suggestions and Feedback
Wed, June 17, 2020

Did you know that Shadow Empire has a dedicated forum for your suggestions and thoughts?

Check it out here and leave your feedback. You can help the developer in discovering previously unnoticed things and explore ways and areas open to improvement.

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Re: Shadow Empire : A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame
« Reply #24 on: June 29, 2020, 04:38:54 PM »
Shadow Empire v1.04 released
29 June 2020

You can download the update by either clicking the Check for Update button on the launcher or downloading it from your My Page (


-Fixed the glitch where a Regime was getting like 10x the Rebel Unit per turn. Was caused by faulty duplicate regime records. Is fixed. And running games will be fixed as well (for future turns of course)
-Fixed a glitch with Red Hex Border Marker being shown in normal Map mode where you were attacked by non-aligned in the previous turn.
-Fixed glitch in Unit target selection in the Stratagem Tab where some people could not click the last item in the list.
-Fixed Upgrade/Downgrade bug concerning MG Infantry Brigade/Corps/Army *
-Multi Zone start has received plenty of extra checks to favorise the Zones being close. Having Zones without rail/road between them should be near impossible now. (and was already very rare)
-Fixed a glitch with BP above 100 in 1 task being capped in the wrong way. You can now effectively assign more than 100 BP to a single task.
-Fixed some glitches in the Org Task Progress Reports
-Tuned down the Resign exploit.. Now costs 3PP to resign and the maximum relation gain is +1.
-The Ancient Archive Stratagem now can also give you Techs from the Tech Groups you do not yet have access to, but that have a connection with a Tech Group you do. More powerful again now after previous downtune.
-Forced March Posture now only -10% readiness instead of -20%. *
-Fixed the graphic for forested mountain that did not colorize well with different vegetation colours (due to color of sunlight and type of flora).
-Fixed the faulty divisional nato counter with X symbol for one with XX symbol.
-Fixed processing turn crash due to Leader leaving a Cult
-Fixed some minor text glitches with -1 hex name for treasure and “” for job name.
-Fixed correct % display (or rounds feat still needs to be highest) for gain Regime Feat in Management Screen
-Fixed logging glitch on round 1 with Unit Food consumption
-Fixed a crash opening the OOB Tab
-Fixed nasty bug with cancellation of Model Design causing the next version to be based on a phantom Model (that was cancelled)
-Fixed a Model stat calculation bug that was not properly reading the actual Base Design value resulting in too low Armour,Weapon and Engine Design scores.
-Fixed the weird history bugs with Orange counters and some disappearing units (especially after just loading a game)
-Fixed Mountain % count in final Planetary Generation report (it was not counting grassy/forested and snowy mountain hexes)
-Fixed preview of Fuel use in Model Designer
-At Recon Level 5 on a Zone you now get to see its neighbouring Zones (1 hex recon point on Zone’s border Hexes added)
-Road Demolition now also clears Traffic signs
-Fixed again the New Model calculations. It was working almost as intended but Engine/Weapon/Armour Design was not using an earlier higher score if it had a low roll. Fixed this now. *
-Secretary can now be paid a salary too
-Did some QA on the mouse overs of the Diplomatic Stratagems *
-Fixed an issue with Regimes without Leaders and Units appearing. I think this appeared in v1.03-beta1. Good we catch this before the patch goes public :) Should be working as intended again with this version. *
-Fixed issue with recon glitch on enemy City
-Fixed a rule that never properly worked: Other Regime’s Cities are nos showing up with 1 Recon on Hex if they are within range 4 of your Hexes. This is because they block founding of new City/Zone within that distance.
-Fixed Archeology Stratagem *
-Fixed issue with Rebels getting victim to their own earlier rebels manpower still present in conquered Zone
-Fixed a minor glitch in the Colonization History.. Low rain was causing excessively little natural Pop growth.*
-Fixed a rare crash with “Strat” button on Regime bottom pane.
-Fixed glitch with Task priority sliders not doing exactly what they were supposed to do.
-Sped up some start of turn calculations (notably players with high stratagem count where being slowed down)
-Cult membership should go back to max 100%
-Fixed governor keeping to many reserves for construction of asset that is already partly finished.
-Fixed the Soldier salary setting decision that I broke in beta-2.
-Fixed faulty presence of 2 Bureaucratic Offices (constr finished of course) in same City… delete lowest on game load.
-Also fixed cause of those 2 bureaucratic offices. If you now conquer as Command Bunker/HQ/Palace it will only become a bureaucratic office if none yet present or level is higher and in that latter case it will replace the bureaucratic office.
-Fixed bug caused by clicking on Hide Units and then clicking on a Subunit of a previously already selected Unit
-Fixed a glitch i caused yesterday with 103-beta3 concerning the Stratagem speed-up.. It was to brutal and caused issues, seems especially in multiplayer games. Fixed now.. Including for running games. This might lead to some Stratagem loss in some cases though.
-Fixed glitch with Skill Log report with Admin Roll for Supreme Command Council *
-Fixed glitch with execution of Archeology Stratagem
-Fixed max-stack preview in battle window to always being minimal 100
-Fixed a logging issue where Leader suffered two relation effects but only one was logged
-Fixed glitch with text in CEO asks for tax reduction
-Fixed issue with Stratagem Categories not being selectable if player had more than 1000 stratagems.
-Fixed a number of minor issues in layout, list sorting, spelling
-Fixed some extreme case layout issues in the combat select window (not perfect yet, but at least not overflowing)
-Fixed glitch where you could use Group Move to enter territory of other Regime without declaring war
-Fixed a miss calculation with AdminStrain with delegated Assets
-Profiled a bit the Logistics Calculations (but still more needs to be done here)
-Profiled a bit the Scripting Interpreting Calcs
-Did some other profiling to improve turn speed as well
-Fixed issue with Windows Form not using correct mouse location (if you play in Windowed mode please check i didn’t actually break anything)
-Avoided crash in Windowed Mode if size of window and DPI would result in game below minimum screen size
-Fixed glitch with too high militia numbers (glitch occurred on higher difficulty settings mostly)
-Fixed broken “Supreme Leader Day” Stratagem. *
-Concerning Rail Logistics. The quickest route between two Rail capable Cities now takes into account All/100% Block Traffic Signs.
-Added “Unification” and “Annexation” Minor Dip Stratagems
-Fixed CAS for a Minor that joins you. It should start at 0.
-Fixed the mess caused in Stratagems (causing crashes) in v1.03-beta3. You might lose some Stratagems or have some weird swaps due to this however, but it should allow you to continue game.
-Think i might have fixed for good (ehem..) the varying and semi-random history map glitches in the AI moves screen (orange units glitch)
-Think i fixed the weird results with the 8-9 keys and Units going to Guard mode without being told so. It was probably an integer overflow issue that is fixed now.
-Tuned down the Fuel Cost quit a bit for the heavier engines in big size models *
-Added in an AI loyalty to a high relation with another Regime. It is partly depended on victory score difference and a little randomness,, but mostly on the Faction in power in the AI Regime. Expansionist,Corporate and Crusaders have low loyalty. Federalist, Realpolitik and Humanist have high loyalty. This should allow for some more enduring relations with major AIs. But never be sure of it of course! *
-Fixed scripting glitch (not sure if introduced with v1.03-beta5 scripting profiling, but probably) with faulty calculations of Credits (and some other formulas)
-Fixed weighting errors in events with Major Regimes causing some that should have appeared less to appear more. *
-Tech Fields that are missing a prerequisite condition for discovery are no longer shown as discoverable in the Tech Management Window
-Fixed glitch with lowering / hiring Worker salaries. You are not advised to exploit here again.
-Fixed Model Type Tree in Management window correctly showing Walkers need Heavy Tank, and not Medium Tank
-You can now play non-agression/friendship/victory pact on Human players as well *
-Major AI at war even if it doesnt want to be at odds with you will now start cancelling science and trade deals anyway ( if those are still in place) *
-Effect of multiple Leader Feats on same Stat or Skill is now actually shown in the Char Popup.
-Fixed small textual glitch in Senator Extradite Decision *
-Fixed a faulty concentric attack bonus calculation when HQ itself was involved.
-Added a special soundtrack for the Planet Generation phase
-Replaced the 4th women voices who where to shrill sometimes. It hurt the ears so to speak.
-Number of fine-tunings to decisions. Minor stuff. But needed a small fix here and there anyway. *
-Fixed glitch with 0 BP assigned to Task in Org
-Fixed nomenclatura with a bonus, now called “Public Industrial Bonus” and applies only to Industry, Heavy Industry and Hi-Tech Industry. *
-Public Prod Penalty now has a round of delay so it is always used.
-Fixed Public Prod Penalty not writing with Cult effects
-Fixed a glitched Report due to temporary no secretary
-Now no longer Asset Construction on a Hex that got conquered the same turn (just like those are illegal for road construction)
-Fixed a lot of non fully written out (user friendly) variables in mouse-overs
-You can no longer build HS Rail Station and Rail Station in the same Hex *
-Fixed wrong graphic for HS Rail higher than level I *
-Secretary Skill Roll -25 now shown when playing Stratagems
-Fixed a glitch with some Diplomatic Decisions where 1 Profile change was not applied
-Made some modifications to the Planet Generation system to allow Planets with larger pre-Dissolution War populations.
-Removed the faulty mouse overs caused with v1.03-beta7
-Fixed an AI loop (caused by glitch in raise formation code)
-Fixed a glitch where having a minor as Protectorate or Client state didn’t actually switch the Clear Relation switch *
-Fixed a glitch where failing annexation would NOT lead to war*
-Fixed graphics glitch with Hex Selected with Zone border drawing.
-Fixed losing SHQ if you used it for attack
-Less often sending metrics on Decisions (getting to much records)
-Light Walker now uses Twin MG instead of Howitzer as a weapon type *
-SHQ Troops now properly taken into account for determining % of troops you can raise with Raise Formation order.
-You can now always get to the second window of Raise Formation, even if you dont seem to have 50%. (maybe a different Model will have lower costs for example)
-Weird highlighted hexes fixed in Strategic/Stratagem mini map when playing with Partial FOW mode
-Some other glitches with Partial FOW mode fixed as well
-Fixed for good the Unit cycling issues
-Fixed glitch with disappearing Artifacts after turn of 0 production
-Fixed log glitches with Cults
-Reduced publicProdPenalty from Eternity Movement
-Fixed missing robotic infantry sprites (with armour)
-Some minor tunings
-After the 4th branching (not counting the source) logistics “runners” will suffer AP penalties (5th branch=10 ap, 6h = 40, 7th=90, 8th=160,etc..).
-Improved the speed of the Logistics calculations a lot.
-Rail Logistics => 5pts per Hex * (instead of 2)
-Truck Logistics on Sealed => 7pts per Hex * (instead of 5)
-Increased speed of Logistics calculations a lot
-Increased speed of opening Asset Tab in Management Screen quite a bit
-Annexation/Unification card can be only played once on a regime per turn now *
-Fixed wrong mouse over on Word with Policy speech
-Fixed Field Training Stratagem giving wrong penalty to infantry in attack *
-Medal of Merit can be played by Director on him/her self.
-Move Type of Unit (as shown, there was now actual rule problem) now based on “Rocky” landscape and not on sand-dunes. (go to next turn for fix to be effected)
-Fixed the sprite displayed on counters in some cases
-Fixed crash on clicking on non-existing arti target hex and then clicking in the bottom interface
-Fixed a similar crash as with artillery with Strategic Transfer
-Fixed order of Zone Recon Points => Recon Points on Hex to an earlier point so that it is taken along in Demand resolution
-Light Mechanized Armor Assault Corps is back * (Army and Brigade were there, but not the Corps)
-Missing soldier graphic with Personal Shield is fixed *
-Multiple artifacts no longer the same ones
-Fixed a glitch where Infantry with Personal Shield would retreat if no non-shielded compatriots left (a rule that should only applies to Shield Generator)
-Administrative Strain will decline a bit faster
-Tuned down the effect of Thieves a bit. Also made all 3 decisions lead to Credits loss here (the non intervention led to food loss). Also taking number of Zones in Regime into account in calculation now.
-Added protection for Draft Stratagems, now only usable at minimum 10 point loyalty Zones.
-Hid some exposed variable changes when making decision concerning internal ai variables.
-Finetuned the old Militia General event
-Fixed branching count being off by 1
-Added branching count to logs
-Logistics Rail Points increased a little bit
-Logistics Trucks Points decreased quite a lot
-Level III Private Transport Hub increased Truck Points
-Rail Points cost to 4 AP (was 5AP in beta-10)
-No longer Demands for QOL levels above 100
-Fixed not completely fixed Hex Count for Demands
-Fixed glitch with not having PP to raise Formation
-Fixed minor textual glitch with nomenclatura Public Industrial Bonus Points
-Fixed a minor -1 Lis Points textual glitch in Raise Formation
-Fixed a glitch if OHQ got destroyed/removed that needed Commander
-Improved AI Logistics speed
-Tuned the branching rule for Logistics to have less effect if Traffic Signs in place.
-Fixed harassed by Anima cult relation drops
-Fixed Hex Perk not giving 1PP
-Fixed limit to 80 of Pop Hap. Bonus not being enforced
-Minor glitch in minor strike return text fixed (inv)20% unrest instead of10%.*
-Support Faction and Ask for Help now can only be played once as well on any Major (per round)
-Delay for Militia to use your equipment was not properly taking the 30 round delay into account. Is fixed.
-Militia units will no longer consider your Model motorbikes as infantry.
-Counter attacks limited in combat calculations
-Scavenge Points will now more easily go to zero in final exploitation phase
-Governors now only execute Zone Stratagems that were not generated by an Organisation (Fate, Faction)
-Fixed some regime coloring issues/glitches in history view
-Weird centering of history view should be gone now
-Added security code to avoid the rare “Atlantis” issue (city in sea)
-Fixed Minors (that normally have a City) being removed after single City loss still survive in non-City Zone. Now they only survive if they have a second Zone with a City, a Zone-less City does not count.
-Fixed wrong mining penalty textual issue for Mines on snow/ice hexes.

*=needs player to start new game to go into effect

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Re: Shadow Empire : A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame
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Shadow Empire Manual

Get your hands on this 350 pages PDF Manual.


I stand against Racism, Bigotry and Bullying


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