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Tacview Tutorial - Using Mapview for Enhanced Terrain Textures


Tacview Tutorial - Using Mapview for Enhanced Terrain Textures

A new tutorial is available to demonstrate an easy way to customize your terrain textures.

This is a short video about how to use Mapview, a Tacview add-on that downloads terrain textures from various sources. Big thanks to Jacques Deyrieux for writing this add-on and saving us all a lot of trouble!

Download Mapview here:

Generally, to display textures to the ground, you need to obtain a .png or .jpg of 1 degree latitude by 1 degree longitude, name it after the coordinate in the bottom left corner of the tile (with leading zeros if necessary so there are always 2 digits for the latitude and 3 digits for the longitude) and place it in




Mapview will allow you to download textures from any of the following sources:

If you want to use Thunderforest’s maps you will need to simply sign up for a Thunderforest account and choose the free “Hobby Project” level. You will obtain an API key which you will have to go put into Mapview’s .ini file.

Sometimes one of these websites will change their protocol which may cause Mapview to stop working. If this happens just shoot us an email to let us know and we’ll work with Jacques to try to get the program back up and running ASAP.

I hope you enjoy this video. You can always reach me at



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