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Comanche new release PC

Published on 19 Aug 2019

Critical security breach reported. Loss of classified military documents confirmed: The Blueprints for the advanced reconnaissance and attack helicopter RAH-66 Comanche have been leaked. The activity of a whistleblower is most likely. As a reaction, SACEUR has authorized THQ Nordic and Nukklear to continue with the production of "Comanche" as fast as possible to counter any possible threat and to start an "Early Access" program in early 2020.

Comanche - Early Access Release Trailer
Mar 12, 2020

Get ready pilots!

Comanche lifts-off today for a routine Early Access Launch on Steam. The Mission goals are:
- Generate fun among players
- Gather feedback
- Return to base and update strategy according to the feedback & upgrade the game regularly

Comanche is now available on Steam for 19.99 / $  19.99  / 17.99 / 999.00 Rub.

Head over to the Steam-Page:

At the start of the Early Access Phase Comanche will offer 3 different game modes:

- Singleplayer
As requested by the community, Comanche will get a singleplayer campaign. Starting with one mission that is available from March 12th on, more missions will be added on a regular basis.

- Multiplayer
The 4vs4 team-based multiplayer will start with two modes, one called Black Box, the other Infiltration. In Black Box, the goal is to collect more black boxes from destroyed Comanches with your drone than your enemies. This mode guarantees intense team fights at close range. In Infiltration, your objective is to either defend or infiltrate a base where the attackers have to place an EMP, which the defenders will have to disarm.

- Flight & Combat Training
In a variety of different missions, you can learn how to fly your Comanche and its drone and familiarize yourself with the flight controls and how to maneuver in combat. As Comanche requires some learning before you become a good pilot, we highly recommend to check out the training mission.

Five Comanches and four drones will be available at the Early Access Launch, all coming with their specific weapons, abilities and strengths and weaknesses. Each type of Comanche has a certain role to fulfill in the team-based combats and is suitable for a special type of player, so choose your favorite. 

What to expect in the next months?
The developer has defined a roadmap for the next months of Early Access but we really want to emphasize, that the community will have a voice in the development process.

Comanche Adds Free2play Multiplayer and New Content!
Thu, 19 November 2020

Get to the free Choppa! Comanche Adds Free2play Multiplayer and New Content

Hannover, Germany / Vienna, Austria, November 19, 2020: Comanche goes Free2play - at least with the multiplayer part of the game. Everyone can simply download this new additional version of the game, familiarize him- or herself with the game in the brand new tutorial, and start competing online against other pilots from all over the world. The Comanche multiplayer experience will be completely free and will offer the full multiplayer content. Players can choose between two different game modes, five different versions of the Comanche attack helicopter, four interesting combat drones, and fight on three large-scale maps. Everyone who bought Comanche in the past will be rewarded with a special skin to show off their status as a Comanche veteran pilot.

You can get the new free multiplayer version of Comanche here:

Additionally, Comanche will get a new Early Access Update including a full new mission: Operation Fire Sale.

Operation Fire Sale will command the pilots to the majestic Alps on board the Horizon variant of the Comanche, equipped with long-range weaponry. The mission is to scout and observe a vital Kude Core military site and make good use of the ranged weapons in dealing devastating blows to the enemy.

Free Multiplayer Feature Overview
   The full Comanche Multiplayer is now completely for free for all players!
   Including two unique game modes: Infiltration and Blackbox
   Show your skills and unlock all five Comanches & four Drones and a ton of skins!
   Enjoy multiplayer indefinitely, without any limitations.
   Crossplay: Compete with pilots using the Steam Full version

New Tutorial
   Players are introduced to the basic functions of Comanches and drones in an all new flight and combat tutorial.
   Players learn to use the Prototype Comanche and the Circuit Drone in this tutorial.

Additionally, many improvements have been made to the game - multiplayer matches are loading much faster, new sounds have been added, the UI has been updated and much more.

Stay tuned!

Pilots, another big Early Access update is here!
Thu, 17 December

Update your client and sink your teeth in TWO new action packed Singleplayer Story additions with new enemies and unexpected twists and turns! Also try out the new Aircraft Voice Assistant, which will support you in heated combat situations.

You can find the patchnotes here:

What are you waiting for? You know the drill: get to tha choppa!

Stay tuned!

Pilots, Comanche's Early Access Update #6: Prodigal Reaper is here!
Tue, 16 February 2021

Pilots, Early Access Update #6: Prodigal Reaper is here!

Update your client, step into the cockpit and fight your way through the Singleplayer Campaign's grand finale with the last Operation Prodigal Reaper. For the first time in the Campaign, get to the Eve Comanche, prepare the EMP, and support skills to prevent a nuclear warhead launch. In addition to this, test your skills with other players thanks to improved matchmaking and grouping.

Lights off, engines on, ready to go!

You can find the patchnotes here:

Check out the updated roadmap:

Stay tuned!


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