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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #30 on: September 22, 2020, 11:22:04 PM »
Bugfixes and pastimes
Tue, 22 September 2020

Hello everyone!

We’ve now released a minor update to address issues in the New Frontiers update and to bring new downtime activities to Europan submariners – some purely optional fun and games to balance the darkness of the ocean (and to keep idle hands from messing with the boat’s wires unnecessarily), and perhaps to yield some moderate rewards, too.

For now, the new activities we’ve added are limited to gardening and cleaning, but if these prove a hit, there are more planned! So let us know what you think – are you enjoying the fruits of your labor? What activities would you most like to see added in the future?

Find a quick summary of the most important changes below and be sure to update your game to the latest version to be able to host and join multiplayer games. Scroll further down for the full changelog.

•   Gardening and cleaning. Bored? The plants need watering and the sub isn’t going to clean itself, so get to work!
•   New submarine, the heavy transportation ship R-29 designed by "Rav2n". At a long last, we’re ready to add the winner of the Big Rig design competition to the game!
•   Headset channel switching. Now you can dedicate different channels to different purposes.
•   Mudraptor overhaul – Europa’s meanest biped gets improved looks, added armor and new attack variations.
•   Fixed bots, upgrades and subs disappearing in the campaign after dying or quitting the round immediately after purchasing them.
•   Fixed a wide variety of networking errors, like “index out of bounds”, or “missing entity”.
•   Several other fixes and improvements; more details in the changelog below.

We wish you smooth sailing!


Changes and additions:
- Added gardening: four different growable plants that produce specialized fruits which can be crafted into different items, or just thrown about and splattered on the hulls of the sub.
- Added cleaning: decals are now persistent and water gradually dirties up the submarine's walls. The dirt and the decals can be cleaned with a special tool that can also be used to paint the walls.
- New submarine, the heavy transportation ship R-29. Original design by "Rav2n".
- Overhauled mudraptor: new sprites, more varied attacks and heavier armor.
- Option to change the channel on the headset, making it possible to do things like secret communication on another channel or devices that react to commands sent on a specific channel.
- Added a verification prompt when trying to handcuff yourself.
- The inventory of handcuffed players isn't hidden completely, just locked (with a tooltip that explains why it's locked). Hiding the inventory was confusing to many new players, and it was easy to mistake it for a bug.
- Added directional markers that show the locations of the interactable NPCs in outposts.
- User's helm skill affects engine output.
- The game is paused when the campaign map is open in the single player campaign.
- The campaign map is automatically closed if the submarine gets too far from the end of the level while the map is open in multiplayer.
- Clients are allowed to view the campaign map even if they don't have the permissions to select the destination or the mission.
- The docking confirmation prompt is only shown when attempting to redock to the outpost you just left from.
- Wrecks are now properly initialized when spawned with "spawnsub" console command.
- Readjusted the attacks for the Husk and the Humanhusk.
- Added the option to select the minimum number of players required on the server for traitors to become active to the server settings menu.
- Log when clients modify the properties of an item (e.g. light colors, signal component settings).
- Allow selling items as long as their condition is over 90%.
- ID cards can be sold (as long as they're not in the player's own ID card slot).
- Disallowed selling items in equipment slots.
- Added cancel button to the "reconnecting to server" message box.
- DockingPort, Turret and LightComponent toggle connections ignore 0 signals.
- Traitor victims get a message saying they were killed by a traitor.
- Stack chat message popups when the chatbox is hidden instead of just showing one at a time.
- Switches now have lights that indicate whether they're on or off.
- Added "fuel_out" output to reactors.
- Added "set_light" connection to turrets.
- Made stun gun darts craftable from any type of wire.
- Outpost generator uses the first module type defined in the outpost config as the 1st module instead of forcing it to "airlock" (making it possible for modders to create outposts with another type of entrance module).
- Mission rounds end automatically if there are more living players inside the outpost than outside it, even if the sub is not at the end of the level.
- Made togglehud command usable in the sub editor for nicer screenshots.
- Characters don't gain helm skill when the sub isn't moving. Prevents grinding the helm skill when the sub is docked or maintaining position.
- Improved the way solid obstacles reduce explosion damage. Non-broken doors and walls nullify the damage almost completely.
- Fabricator continues fabricating when transitioning to a new level while it's running.
- Hid movement orders from the contextual command interface when there are orders of another type available.
- Made improvements to store interface tooltips. They now include the item name and should be displayed more consistently.
- Disabled automatic crew list sorting. The order now remains the same throughout the round.
- Added a second previous order icon to the crew list.
- Added character godmode, renamed mainsub godmode command to 'godmode_mainsub'.
- Increased sub editor auto save slots from one to 8 by default.
- Made logbooks sellable.
- Equipping a weapon activates it's reload time (capped to a maximum of 1 second), preventing bypassing the reload times by swapping between multiple weapons.
- Hide campaign NPC icon when the NPC is dead or incapacitated.
- Bots now prioritize stunning melee weapons based on their damage if they run out of battery.
- Made antidotes cheaper and easier to fabricate.
- Location reputations are shown when overing the cursor over a location in the campaign map screen.

Modding improvements and fixes:
- The order of all installed mods (not just the enabled ones) is now saved into the config file.
- Workshop mods can now be downloaded and installed automatically before joining a modded server.
- Disabled the Executable content type due to issues with cross-platform support.
- Fixed Unsubscribe button sometimes failing to delete mod content.
- Fixed a crash when attempting to modify the currently selected core package when other core packages aren't available.
- Fixed a modding-related crash at startup.
- Increased the "SeverLimbsProbability" cap (for items) from 1 to 10. The value is multiplied together with the joint setting "SeveranceProbabilityModifier", and limiting the value to 1 makes it impossible to boost the probability of some weapons/attacks.
- Fixed negative rotation speeds not working on decorative sprites.
- Fixed ItemPrefabs loading after AfflictionPrefabs.
- Previous enabled mods are restored when leaving a server.
- Added support for "periodic effects" (effects that execute every x seconds) to Afflictions. See the new "nausea" affliction for a usage example.

AI improvements:
- Using the fire extinguisher when there is a fire is no longer considered stealing by the NPCs.
- NPCs now spawn an oxygen tank if they can't find any. They don't spawn diving gear though.
- NPC guards now spawn more handcuffs if they don't have any and are trying to arrest a target.
- NPCs now spawn a welding fuel tank, if they can't find any. They don't spawn welding tools.
- Some adjustments to the logic on when a diving gear is required and when it's not.
- Bots now avoid idling in narrow hulls. Instead of taking the whole hull volume into account, they now give weight only for the width of the room.
- Bots should now avoid idling in flooding hulls even when they have proper equipment.
- Medics don't anymore try to rescue targets that are fixing leaks.
- Medics now try to replace empty oxygen tanks for their targets before dragging them into safety. They should also take the suit off when it's not needed.
- Security officers and those who are ordered to fight intruders now actively seek new weapons if they have a poor weapon or run out of ammo.
- Bots don't try to move while grabbed by a friendly character.
- Bots now detect and ignore leaks that other bots are targeting.
- Bots don't anymore try to decontain diving suits when the path to the cabinets is flooding.
- All crew members now try to keep the reactor running, unless the player orders someone to shut if down or turns it off manually.
- Bots shouldn't anymore try to operate items that other bots are targeting (previously they used to walk next to the device and only then continue).
- Removed the following autonomous objectives from medic and the security officer: fix leaks, repair systems, and pump water.
- Bots should now give a high priority on items that they are currently repairing, no matter if the decision to repair that item was made by them or the player controlling the character.
- Bots that operate/fix should now wait a few seconds before heading on their business (previously only in idle state). They are not allowed to wait in some circumstances, like when they are underwater or when there's a threat around.

- Fixed items that are added outside hulls not getting saved in the sub editor.
- Fixed "missing entity" errors in multiplayer if the respawn shuttle despawns after its walls have started leaking.
- Fixed submarine upgrades, hired bots and purchased items disappearing if the round immediately after the purchases ends due to returning to the server lobby or the crew dying.
- Fixed characters spawning with a 100% husk affliction on the next round if they've become huskified during a multiplayer campaign round.
- Fixed dedicaters servers not setting a play style.
- Fixed servers with no play style showing up as "Serious".
- Fixed attachable items teleporting back to the player's inventory in multiplayer if they first equip it and then attach it immediately.
- Fixed duplicate saves in the multiplayer campaign's "load save" tab when the server is running on the same machine as the client.
- Fixed broken junction boxes carrying signals from other junction boxes.
- Fixed bots disappearing from the campaign save when loading a save that was done in a level between 2 uninhabited locations.
- Fixed mp campaign sometimes loading an outpost level with no outpost and forcing the player to the map view. Happened when a campaign save that had been done in a level between 2 natural formations was loaded, which would mess up the save and cause the bug when quitting and reloading the save.
- Fixed submarine voting not working in the server lobby.
- Fixed outpost events repeating more often than they should.
- Fixed dedicated servers always being public.
- Fixed right mouse button not behaving correctly in the campaign UI when using left-handed mode.
- Made endpoint checks in the banlist more robust.
- Certain audio errors no longer crash the game.
- More Fabricator syncing fixes.
- Fixed molochs bleeding when they take any damage on the brain/main body.
- Fixed attacks never being able to do more than 100 hp damage per affliction, which resulted for example nuclear explosions and railgun shots being too weak -> re-adjusted railgun and explosion damages.
- Fixed bots failing to get an item if their inventory is full.
- Fixed bots sometimes running towards a wall after extinguishing fires.
- Fixed Husks trying to target floors/ceilings.
- Fixed the security not reacting when being attacked by a friendly character with the husk stinger.
- Fixed the Husk infection not progressing properly in multiplayer (#3673.)
- Fixed taking more husk damage reducing the Husk infection when its strength was higher than 50 (#3673).
- Fixed creatures in the group "human" not being considered friendly, which prevented creating friendly non-human characters.
- Fixed bots not always prioritizing the selected (contextual) targets first when ordered.
- Fixed incorrect priority calculations for repair objectives that causes bots to make weird decisions on what to repair.
- Fixed latched monsters ignoring decoys. Also changed the latching logic a bit, which has some minor implications on the gameplay.
- Fixed a crash when "money" cheat command was used used in the main menu.
- Fixed bots suffocating in diving suits, because they were unable to take the suit off when they should. (#3333)
- Fixed bots sometimes being unable to hit with melee weapons, especially in the "arrest" mode or when the target is down.
- Fixed bots sometimes getting stuck when they are fixing leaks while they are a bit too far from the target.
- Fixed bots insisting on equipping the diving suit before accessing Kastrull's drone.
- Fixed bots rapidly turning left and right when they are positioned between a wall and another bot in the idle state.
- Fixed one of the Thalamus spawn organs always dying because the hull was not flooding in Wreck1.
- Fixed bots failing to take account all the items in the inventory. Addresses cases where bots are confused because there are some empty/broken items and some full/functional items in their inventory.
- Fixed bots getting stuck in the find safety state when they can't find any safe hull (e.g. all the hulls are flooding and they don't have a suit).
- Fixed bots avoiding lethal pressure in some cases even when they have a diving suit.
- Fixed bots being unable to get the diving gear when some of the hulls in the path are flooding.
- Fixed bots failing to switch oxygen tanks when the tanks are empty. They don't yet know how to use the oxygen generator for refilling the tanks (coming later).
- Fixed many AI objectives not resetting properly, causing many separate issues.
- Fixed bots trying to use stabilozine to treat internal damage even though it only treats poisonings.
- Incapacitated bots now forget what they were doing. Fixes bots shooting at the player when revived after being shot by the player.
- Fixes and improvements on NPC/bot reactions when being attacked by the player.
- Fixed the devotion not working right for the subobjectives of looping objectives. Should fix cases where the bots keep switching repair/fix targets, resulting in looping walking behavior.
- Fixed coils not triggering in some alien ruin rooms.
- Fixed misaligned oxygen tanks in the oxygen generator.
- Fixed misaligned railgun shells being in the single loaders.
- Fixed explosives not triggering inside depth charges.
- Fixed damage modifiers overriding each other instead of stacking, causing some protective items to make the characters less protected.
- Fixed skill checks in the "sound in the vent", "mediator" and "big brother" events always failing.
- Fixed conversation prompt staying open after finishing either of the "Mike the Idiot" events.
- Fixed attacks never being able to do more than 100 units of damage per affliction, making some weapons less effective than they should be.
- Fixed inability to override item assemblies with mods.
- Fixed items contained inside another item in an item assembly not getting saved in the sub editor.
- Fixed links between entities not getting saved in item assemblies, causing doors to create a duplicate gap when the assembly is placed.
- Fixed stabbing with a syringe bypassing the medical skill check.
- Fixed piercing coilgun bolts going through level walls.
- Fixed particles sometimes going through walls (example case: Typhon's ballast pumps).
- Fixed SMG magazines always spawning a bullet at the start of a round even if there's already one inside the mag.
- Fixed respawn shuttle sometimes spawning with upwards velocity.
- Fixed mining outposts sometimes failing to generate, causing the game to use one of the old pre-built outposts as a fallback.
- Fixed "acid party" traitor mission causing a crash if there's only one player on the server.
- Fixed ruins sometimes spawning close to the beginning/end of the level, blocking the way to the outpost.
- Fixed crew members that have been removed during the round (e.g. despawning, turning into a husk) reappearing on the next round.
- Fixed round summary displaying "new hire" instead of the status of recently hired characters who've died during the round.
- Fixed monsters often spawning behind the submarine even if there are valid spawnpoint ahead of it.
- Fixed duct blocks in vanilla subs being repairable with a welding tool instead of a wrench.
- Fixed giveperm, revokeperm, giverank, givecommandperm and revokecommandperm not working when executed on a player with spaces in their name by a client.
- Fixed occasional crashes at the end of the round due to a race condition where SteamManager tries to check for damaged walls while the sub is being unloaded.
- Fixed mudraptor eggs never hatching.
- Fixed the "giveaffliction" command not accepting the affliction identifier as a parameter in multiplayer.
- Fixed the contextual repair order being shown even if the item was not in need of repair.
- Fixed a networking bug that caused "index out of bounds" and "missing entity errors" (although there are probably other bugs remaining that can cause these error messages). Happened in multiplayer campaign when a purchased or player-owned item happened to take the ID of an existing structure during the start of the round.
- Fixed inability to give Operate Weapons order when there's only 1 turret.
- Fixed store total not updating properly when location reputation changes.
- Fixed bots not being able to reach leaks that are behind intact walls.
- Fixed pause menu staying open when clicking "Save and quit" in an outpost level.
- Fixed all saves getting hidden from the "load game" menu when deleting a save.
- Fixed projectiles staying active if picked up mid-flight, causing them to hit the character when dropped from the inventory.
- Fixed a crash when taking control of a previously player-controlled character that has turned into husk.
- Fixed attacks working unreliably when controlling a monster in multiplayer.
- Fixed grenade launcher's muzzle flash causing items' OnFire effects to trigger.
- Fixed clicking on the job name not selecting the job as a preference.
- Fixed bots running back and forth after reaching the target waypoint if there's nothing telling them otherwise. Now the bots should continue running towards the target as intended.
- Fixed "sound in the vent" and "giving directions" events not giving any rewards.
- Fixed prices not refreshing in the store screen if the crew's reputation changes while inside the outpost.
- Fixed characters not getting stunned when failing to repair an oxygen generator.
- Fixed missing fire extinguisher in securitymodule_03.
- Fixed secure steel cabinets not requiring a key card to open in securitymodule_01 and 02.
- Fixed campaign setup menu sometimes randomly selecting an invalid sub when opening the menu.
- Fixed monster attacks not working inside ruins.
- Fixed doors not working in AlienDoorAssembly2.
- Fixed ability to link hulls to each other multiple times.
- Fixed bots triggering the campaign map by undocking from outposts.
- Don't allow the current location or the destination to change it's type at the end of a round (i.e. an uninhabited location can't turn to an outpost as you're entering it).
- Bots don't try to power up the reactor unless ordered to in outposts.
- Fixed "invalid docking port network event" error if the ID of the port has changed after the event has been created (e.g. if one of the clients happens to have an item with the same ID in their inventory).
- Fixed changes to spawn point's text properties not saving in the sub editor without pressing enter.
- Fixed ability to "bypass" sonar disruptions by switching to passive sonar before the active ping reaches the disruption.
- Fixed incorrect diving suit deconstruction recipe.
- Fixed faraday artifact not playing the explosion effect in multiplayer.
- Fixed ability to bypass vote kicks by changing your name before you get kicked.
- Fixed killing a character with morbusine not unlocking the "Poisoner" achievement.
- Fixed killing a moloch that's the target of a mission not unlocking the "Killed a Moloch" achievement.
- Fixed Berilia's and Typhon's docking ports not being connected to the power grid.
- Fixed contained item positions not being updated if they're inside a non-equipped item in a character's inventory (e.g. a sonar beacon inside a toolbox).
- Fixed sonar beacon staying active after running out of battery.
- Fixed stationary batteries being able to provide power when broken.
- Fixed pumps being impossible to adjust manually after they've received a signal through the "set_targetlevel" connection in multiplayer.
- Fixed sub names and save times disappearing from the "load campaign" menu in the server lobby after deleting a save.
- Fixed autopilot being turned on automatically at the start of a round on nav terminals that control a shuttle/drone remotely.
- Fixed names not being color coded according to job in the server lobby when a round is running.
- Fixed non-mission artifacts sometimes spawning inside level walls.
- Signal components don't output anything if the result of an arithmetic operation is undefined (square root of a negative value, division by zero, inverse trig function outside the defined range).
- Fixed handcuffs becoming unequipped client-side on successive campaign rounds.
- Fixed copypasting a single docking port/hatch or a wire in the sub editor placing it very far from the submarine.
- Fixed characters not dying, but still being unable to move, if they get crushed by pressure when they have the vigor affliction.
- Fixed crashing if a turret receives a NaN signal in the position_in connection.
- Fixed crashing when trying to reselect the current preview image as the preview image for a workshop item.
- Fixed shadow-casting convex hulls being calculated incorrectly on hatches with windows (only affects mods that add hatches with windows).
- Fixed custom items disappearing when saving a sub if the sub is both the items and the sub are configured in the same content package.
- Fixed nullref exception if a client joins or disconnects when tab menu's crew tab hasn't been initialized.
- Fixed Dugong's oxygen generator being rewireable with a wrench instead of a screwdriver.
- Fixed particles not being emitted when cutting ores.
- Fixed unwired lamp in EngineeringModule_01.
- Fixed tunnel background being interactable in ResearchModule_02.
- Fixed inability to interact with hidden linked containers in multiplayer.
- Fixed undocked linked subs being positioned incorrectly when entering a new level in the campaign.
- Fixed players not getting notified about shuttles being left behind when docking with an outpost in the campaign.
- Fixed salvage missions not completing if the item is inside a subinventory (for example a toolbox).
- Fixed rejoining clients not gaining control of their previous character if they've changed their name.
- Fixed healthbar being positioned incorrectly on large resolutions.
- Fixed fabricator's hover text saying it's repairable with a screwdriver.
- Fixed last hit from a stun baton doing nothing.
- Fixed diving suit lockers that have been recolored in the sub editor reverting to default color when a suit is placed inside them.
- More reliable syncing of doors' stuck state. Should fix doors appearing usable client-side even though they're actually welded server-side or vice versa.
- More reliable memory component and text display syncing.
- Fixed events that require a specific item not taking items in subinventories into account.
- Fixed events where the player has to pay for something being possible to complete even if the player doesn't have enough money.
- Made "goodsamaritan" and "huskcultist" events remove the items from the player immediately after opting to give/use the item. Otherwise it's possible to keep the item by dropping it from the inventory before dismissing the conversation prompt.
- Fixed events that increase the medical skill giving the character a duplicate medical skill entry.
- Fixed light sprites not rotating when rotating an item.
- Fixed contained items not rotating when the container is rotated.
- Fixed legacy railgun controllers being fired with the Use key instead of the Shoot key.
- Fixed XP popups not showing up in multiplayer.
- Shuttle batteries can't be damaged by explosions because they can't be repaired.
- Fixed text overlapping with the icon in the "purchased supplies have been delivered" popup.
- Fixed mission notification appearing in front of the round summary.
- Fixed crawler walking/running animations when the creature is facing left.
- Fixed irrelevant damagemodifiers affecting the final damage when multiple damage modifiers exist.

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #31 on: October 17, 2020, 02:45:45 AM »
Full steam ahead
Fri, 16 October 2020

Hello everyone!

Now that we've settled back into business as usual, it’s time to take a look ahead – and behind.

What's next?
Next up in Barotrauma's development is a Halloween update, a compactly sized content update. You should expect to see it pretty soon, and we'll write more about it once it's out!

After that, we plot a course toward...

The next major update
We've got one more big content update planned for this year, and it's going to include some highly wishlisted additions, including but not limited to the environment overhaul, ballast flora and new mission types. This update will round off the major developments we've made this year, with the Rusted Remnants and New Frontiers updates, to bring diversity, content, and a real sense of progression to Barotrauma. We're excited to be delivering this "part 3" content update before the year is out, and we hope you'll like it too!

Five years in development
Tomorrow marks five years since our first playable build. Back then, Barotrauma was a solo developer's hobby project with a different name, and if you'd like to see what that looked like for yourself, you can do that now on our blog . (We think you'll agree that we've come a long way since then, but you can probably still tell it's the same game!)

We're proud to be five already and happy to have so many of you following our progress – stay tuned for more news about the coming updates!

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Re: Barotrauma
« Reply #32 on: October 30, 2020, 02:21:33 AM »
Halloween Update: Creepy Creature Feature
Thu, 29 October 2020

Happy Halloween, everyone!

To celebrate the spooky season, we’ve just released a game update and a DLC update for Barotrauma. Read on to find out more!

The Halloween update: Creepy Creature Feature

This update brings a selection of creepy creatures, with a few other additions and improvements. Here are the highlights, and you’ll find the full changelog at the end of this post.

•   Remade watcher, an old legacy creature born anew. While suitably spooky for Halloween, this one is a permanent addition. Avoid eye contact!
•   Pets. Did you already try your hand at the downtime activities that the previous update added? Taking care of your onboard pet is the next level of “things to keep you busy when it’s not too busy”. Enjoy!
•   As a temporary bonus, the pets come in Halloween costumes, and there is one pet that is Halloween-only. Can you guess which one?
•   Undo/redo for the submarine editor – for many, this is probably the real treat in the update, and we’re very happy to finally have this functionality!
•   Server browser profanity filter. Tired of bad words in server names? You can now choose not to see those servers at all, and customize your list of unwanted words.
•   AI gets new skills: bots can now be ordered to put items back into cabinets.
•   New lights and animations to indicate device states, such as when a pump or a fabricator is running.
•   Several new sounds and music tracks.

As always, be sure to update your game to the latest version to be able to host and join multiplayer servers!

DLC update: “The Europan” gets a new volume
The Barotrauma Supporter Pack has been updated: there is a brand new volume of “The Europan” newspaper now available! We’ve also updated the soundtrack included in the DLC, and there are a couple of new wallpapers too. Which one do you like best?

Official Halloween mod
For some extra Halloween textures, don’t forget the Trick or Trauma mod that we made for Halloween last year! It’s still available on Barotrauma’s Steam workshop and compatible with the most recent version of the game.

We wish you all a peaceful Hallowtide!

v0.10.6.2 changelog

Changes and additions:
- Reworked Watcher.
- Added pets (can be obtained by buying eggs from outposts). The pets produce items that can be used for crafting if they're kept happy and well-fed.
- Added a new AI behaviors: Observe, Follow and Freeze.
- Added toolbelt (a wearable container with a capacity of 12 and it's own dedicated slot) as a replacement for the toolbox.
- Improvements to the effects caused by psychosis: the affliction icon is not visible to the psychotic character, the fake fires and floods are a bit more convincing, the affliction plays random sounds and can cause other characters to become invisible.
- Added capture group support to RegEx component.
- Added black and white paint.
- Added optional "forbidden word filter" to the server browser. The filter is off by default. The list of forbidden words can be modified by editing the file "Data/forbiddenwordlist.txt" in the game folder.
- Increased the damage of 40mm grenades.
- Misc improvements to the tutorials.
- Added undo and redo functionality to the submarine editor.
- Added animations and lights to pump, fabricator, deconstructor and engines.
- All explosions now inflict explosion damage instead or in addition to lacerations.
- Nerfed the mudraptor slightly: the head and the tail armor should now break more easily; increased the cooldown of some attacks.
- Mudraptor's armor now explodes when destroyed.
- Added an unarmored variation of mudraptor.
- Bonethresher's head is now vulnerable to gunshotwounds and lacerations.
- Adjusted the appropriate jobs for bots.
- Changed the automatic crew selection logic for orders.
- Only show either electrical or mechanical repair order for the contextual selection, depending on which skills the item requires.
- Previous order icons of the same type are no more created, no matter if the target was different than the current.
- Tigerthreshers can now attack inner walls of the submarine. They still need help to get inside.
- Changes to the Tigertherthresher's main collider that should improve the overall movement.
- Option to make particle emitters modify the color of the particles.
- Set a limit to how many bots you can hire in the campaign (currently 16).
- Explosions caused by sodium, potassium, magnesium and lithium being exposed to water don't trigger additional explosions (e.g. oxygen tanks don't explode if they happen to be next to a sodium explosion).
- Pumps and relays placed in the sub editor are on by default.
- Added sounds for the nausea affliction.
- Nausea now inflicts a minor stun and internal damage when the character throws up.
- Monsters now stop fleeing after a while, if they are not being chased and can't perceive the target anymore.
- Implement spread, speed, and rotation for the spawn item status effects.
- Minor damage (less than 1 hp) doesn't spawn particles anymore.
- Rebalanced upgrade parameters, allowing for more noticable benefits.
- Allow closing the splash screens with esc.
- Added more copper to chalcopyrite and bornite deconstruct recipe.
- More calcium for aragonite, adjusted prices.
- Made large monsters immune to paralyzant (mudraptor is the largest affected monster).
- Use player name instead of server name for the server owner when hosting a server.
- Don't draw turret range indicators in the sub editor when the turret isn't selected.
- Adjusted Hammerhead's posture.
- Minor adjustments to Mudraptor's animations.
- The number of monsters now increases the event intensity more than previously, which should spawn monsters less frequently.
- Added some unarmored mudraptors to low-difficulty levels.

Modding improvements:
- Added Scale and Offset to Light Sprite's parameters.
- Fixed the Constant Torque parameter not working right.
- Allow to enable/disable tail angles per limb. Previously the angle was only applied to the first limb of type Tail.
- Added per limb multipliers for sine animations (fish tail movement).
- Exposed the fleeing and avoiding times on the monster AI parameters.
- The Light Sources on characters can now be defined with conditionals.
- Added HealthMultiplier parameter that can be used in StatusEffects like SpeedMultiplier.

Character Editor improvements:
- Fixed a number of issues with the joint limit widgets. Also allowed to set a joint to rotate clockwise, which inverses the widget direction. Useful for heads or other limbs that extrude right from the main body.
- The colliders of the hidden limbs are now hidden in the game view.
- Changed the hotkey for toggling the parameter editor from "Tab" to "F1" and fix the inability to toggle the editor when a text field is selected.
- Fixed load and save interfaces being broken on lower resolutions.

- Added 2 new background music tracks
- Added a new, separate sounds for opening and closing the alien doors
- Added a new sound for medium-sized fires
- Added new heartbeat sound for suffering from low oxygen
- Added new sounds for the hull creaking
- Added a new sound for a broken pump
- Added a new sound for tinnitus after an explosion
- Added a new sound for alien artifacts
- Added a new sound for electrocution
- Added a new sound for husk footsteps
- Added new misc. UI sounds
- Added a new variations for some existing sounds
- Improved some existing sounds
- Exposed GUI sound definitions in the sounds.xml file

AI improvements and fixes:
- Added a new AI behavior and order: cleanup items.
- Fixed severe performance hit when damaging outpost NPCs with a weapon that does continuous damage (for example a flamer).
- Reworked the contextual "Wait" order: the order now targets a position instead of an entity.
- Bots are now allowed to more things even they are not inside the player sub. For example they can be told to extinguish fires in the outpost or rescue crew members inside a wreck (when they are at the same place). WIP.
- Bots now try to put oxygen tanks to oxygen tank containers, before the oxygen generator or supplycab.
- Bots now re-equip hats, helmets, and other clothing that they have unequipped for being able to wear diving gear.
- Bots now use the underwater scooter when they have one in the inventory.
- Bots should now be slightly smarter when putting off fires.
- Bots don't anymore retaliate if they are being shot while there is an enemy around.
- Fixed a number of cases where bots would get stuck or fail to fix a leak.
- Fixed bots with steering order targeting the shuttle nav terminal instead of the main nav terminal.
- Fixed NPCs getting aggroed by certain drugs (e.g. anaparalyzant).
- Fixed bots not prioritizing the wall mounts for containing the extinguishers.
- Fixed monsters targeting inner doors when they shouldn't.
- Fixed outpost guards attacking the player for defending themselves against the aggressors on the event "mediator".
- Fixed NPCs not reacting when the player is attacked.
- Fixed AI considering characters on the opposing combat mission team as friendly.
- Fixed some steering issues where bots would return to the last waypoint instead of continuing with their current path when they should.
- Test changing the assignment logic for maintenance/operate orders: if the player doesn't specify the target character, use the bot who already is following the same order. The intention is to make it easier to change the target item of the order. The draw back is that ordering multiple bots to man the turrets now requires an extra step: specify the target character.

Misc fixes:
- Fixed clients always getting the generic "could not connect" error message when connecting to a server fails, even if there's a specific reason to the connection failing (e.g. disallowed symbols in the player's name, mismatching content packages or game version).
- Fixed yet another cause for "missing entity" errors. Occasionally happened in monster missions when a monster happened to get assigned the same ID as an item in a player's inventory.
- Fixed clients spawning a respawn shuttle in non-campaign missions even if the server has disabled respawning, leading to "missing entity" errors.
- Fixed planters dropping removed seeds after a save is reloaded.
- Fixed plants not updating the health after being fully grown in multiplayer.
- Fixed decal syncing working unreliably in multiplayer.
- Fixed "level doesn't match" errors after leaving a shuttle/drone behind in the multiplayer campaign.
- Fixed painted/dirty walls going to full opacity when transitioning to a new level in the campaign.
- Fixed crashing when trying to render a light whose range is less than 1 pixel.
- Fixed crashing when using a repair tool causes an explosion (e.g. when killing a terminal cell with a plasma cutter).
- Mudraptor: Adjusted and fixed the animations.
- Fixed irrelevant damage modifiers (like bleeding) affecting the damageemitter's particles. In practice, this caused damagemodifiers with bleeding modifier 0 not spawn any particle effects when the limb was hit.
- Fixed extinguish fires not working with extinguish fire orders if the room has not enough oxygen.
- Fixed the user set state of the crew list not being respected; autohiding/showing shouldn't change the state set by the player.
- Fixed significant lag spikes at outposts with many NPCs. Caused by too frequent pathfinding calls, when an NPC can't find a path to the target.
- Fixed AIState.Protect throwing exceptions when an attacker has been removed.
- Fixed status effects targeting nearby characters/items failing to launch, unless they used the "Active" effect type.
- Fixed crashing when trying to crouch while swimming in the character editor.
- Fixed pause menu being togglable during level transitions, causing errors if quitting the game during a transition.
- Fixed wire disappearing from the character's inventory and from the walls when getting shocked from attaching the 2nd end of a wire in multiplayer.
- Kastrull: Fixed the airlock waypoints not being linked to the doors, causing the bots not being able to operate them.
- Fixed airlock warning light in Kastrull not turning off when the airlock door is closed.
- Made plants non-combineable.
- Fixed random submarine selection setting for servers occasionally selecting non-submarines.
- Fixed dedicated servers still showing up as "playstyle-less" in the server browser.
- Fixed sounds defined in affliction status effects not working.
- Require at least 1 kick vote before kicking someone, no matter how low KickVoteRequiredRatio is set to.
- Fixed gaps being misplaced on certain wall structures, preventing certain walls from leaking in some subs (for example the wall above Typhon's junction compartment).
- Fixed "Select Matching Items" crashing in the editor when used with submarines with a linked submarine.
- Fixed hull above Kastrull's drone not being connected to the rest of the hulls, preventing oxygen from flowing between the drone and the sub when docked.
- Fixed junction boxes' signal connections passing power/load information.
- Fixed crash when trying to clone a linked sub that you don't have the submarine file for in the sub editor.
- Fixed incorrectly scaled items in the diving gear cabinet/locker assemblies.
- Fixed inability to sell faraday artifacts when the condition of the artifact is 0.
- Fixed monsters not fleeing if the attacker is a bot.
- Fixed OnImpact statuseffects not launching if the impact was negative (e.g. when a moving sub hits an item that's below the sub).
- OnDamaged status effects now launch only when there's any damage. Not when the damage is zero.
- Fixed health bar pulsating even when no damage is done by an attack/status effect.
- Fixed affliction probability not having any effect when used in status effects.
- Fixed event intensity going down immediately when the situation gets less intense instead of gradually returning to normal. Should make it happen less that more monsters are spawned soon after the player survives the previous wave of monsters.
- Fixed EventManager crashing if there are no event sets configured for the current location type (only affected mods that add new location types without adding any events for them).
- Fixed items held in the left hand being drawn in front of the characters.
- Fixed ability to drag and drop items into outpost reactors.
- Set terminal's maximum message length to match maximum chat message length (otherwise chat-linked terminals work differently in multiplayer).
- Fixed diving suit's low oxygen warning beep not following the player wearing the suit.
- Fixed "propaganda" and "clown outbreak" outpost events never triggering.
- Fixed "clown brutality" event getting stuck after the NPCs have been spawned.
- Fixed "impromptu engineering" event giving only one coilgun ammo box despite the text saying 2.
- Fixed "black market" event always giving the player the alien pistol.
- Fixed incendium bars exploding when pressing the Use key while holding one.
- Fixed outpost security not reacting to players throwing items that explode on impact (e.g. flash powder or nitroglycerin).
- Fixed outpost security reacting to raptor bane extract injections with lethal force.
- Fixed mantis' animation.
- Fixed multiple wire nodes occasionally getting placed with one click when rewiring.
- Fixed fire and water flow sounds staying active when returning from a multiplayer session to the main menu.
- Fixed previously discovered map tiles becoming undiscovered when saving and loading a campaign.
- Fixed 1st shot from SMG magazines spawned with console commands doing nothing.
- Fixed calyxanide not damaging huskified humans or crawlers.
- Fixed explosives exploding when combining them results in one being removed.
- Fixed items that don't flip horizontally being positioned incorrectly in mirrored subs.
- Fixed bots having difficulties in entering/exiting the airlocks.
- Fixed doors not obstructing waypoints after docking.
- Fixed occasional "velocity invalid" error messages when a character gets hit by a very fast projectile (e.g. coilgun bolt).

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Re: Barotrauma
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Sneak peek: The environment overhaul
Fri, 20 November 2020

Hello everyone!

The end of the year is getting closer, and so is our next update. It’s all about the world outside your submarine – from level generation to new environment art, many things are getting more variety and polish. Read a bit more below and check out this blog post on our website for more details!

Explore caves: This update adds caves that are too small to fit a submarine into, so you’ll have to go out for a swim to see what awaits inside. They come in many shapes and styles, and we’ll be adding even more in the future!

Navigate more complex maps: Level generation has been improved in many ways, and in the next update, you’ll see branching paths, obstacles that you’ll have to destroy or go around to reach your destination, and multiple possible paths through a level.

Discover new areas: The environment itself has been overhauled and now consists of five areas, or biomes, that are distinct in appearance, environmental hazards and enemies. From the icy Cold Caverns through the temperate Europan Ridge and the mushroom gardens of the Aphotic Plateau, be ready for the crushing depths of the Great Sea and the fiery views of the Hydrothermal Wastes! We’ll see you on the other side.

Related to these new environments, the update will add a couple of new mission types, and there will be new enemies as well. Find out more about those when we release the update – in the first half of December.

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