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anyone fly this MP?

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does anyone fly this sim in MP at all?

our group does on Wed evenings at 8PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific (we recently changed to DCS instead of IL2 BoS series).  We are usually on for a couple hours using the release/stable version.  if interested shoot me a PM.

Been flying the f14 everyday, mostly practicing in sp so far.  Went on hoggit server the other day and it was ok.  Still spending most of my time practicing in sp since there's so much to learn about the f14.  The rio seat is a sim by it self, let alone flying the thing.

if you are ever interested you would be welcome to fly with us.  Right now most everyone is focused on learning the F/A-18, except myself as I fly OPFOR.  I am just getting into DCS (3-4 weeks) and have a lot to learn.

EDIT: sorry I took so long to reply, I thought I had notifications on.

I used to but I have to upgrade my rig to get back to online flying.

any time you are ready!  we have been quite regular on the Wed eves/nights.


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