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« on: March 15, 2019, 01:06:01 PM »

Wreckfest is a demolition derby themed racing game with soft-body damage modeling, sophisticated driving dynamics and in-depth vehicle upgrading, featuring both demolition derbies and more traditional track races. It’s all about fun, breakneck racing and over-the-top crashes.

Home page
Official forum

Single-player, Multi-player, Online Multi-Player

Wreckfest - Official Launch Trailer


Break the rules and take full-contact racing to the limit with Wreckfest!

Expect epic crashes, neck-to-neck fights over the finish line and brand-new ways for metal to bend – These are the once-in-a-lifetime moments that can only be achieved in Wreckfest, with its true-to-life physics simulation crafted by legendary developer Bugbear, who also brought you FlatOut 1 & 2!

Burn rubber and shred metal in the ultimate driving playground!

Wreckfest is jam-packed with upgrade and customization options. Whether you are preparing for your next demolition derby with reinforced bumpers, roll cages, side protectors and much more, or setting your car up for a banger race with engine performance parts like air filters, camshafts, fuel systems, etc., Wreckfest is shaping up to be the best combative motorsport game out there.

Drive hard. Die last.

Unique Racing Experience
Exhilarating no-rules racing action with defining, once-in-a-lifetime moments that can be achieved only with a true-to-life physics simulation. Witness insane neck-to-neck fighting on high-speed circuits, face total destruction madness on crazy courses with intersections and oncoming traffic, or go for demolition dominance in derby arenas.

Awesome Cars
Our cars are old, banged up, patched together... They ooze style and character! From old American heavy-hitters to agile Europeans and fun Asians, you won’t find anything like this in other games.

Meaningful Customization
Change not only the look of your cars but also upgrade their body armor – Reinforce them with heavy iron that protects you from damage, but also adds weight, which impacts the cars handling. Modify your car to make a robust tank or a fragile but lightning-fast rocket, or anything in between!

Wreck your friends online and take racing to the limit while chasing for demolition dominance!

Challenge modes
Have hilarious fun with lawn mowers and upon release also with crop harvesters, school buses, three-wheelers and more!

Career mode
Battle for championships, earn experience, unlock new upgrades and cars, and become the all-time Wreckfest champion!

Mod support
Want to go completely nuts? Have a look at the Steam Workshop where you'll find a huge selection of mods that add monster trucks, tracks with moon-high jumps or even classic maps from famous destruction-themed games!

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2019, 01:36:35 PM »
Collision Improvements
26 Apr @ 11:23am - jannesBB   

Howdy friends,

As we've mentioned previously, while porting the game to the consoles we're also using the opportunity to improve many aspects of the game. During the past weeks we've already been introducing some of the improvements to you but we're not stopping yet.

One pet peeves we've been fighting with for a long time has been the lack of proper collision detection of the car bodies on the vertical axis (up/down), meaning that when cars have gotten on top of each other, for example when landing a jump, they have often clipped into each other and become a tangled mess. If you've played the game any longer than for a few minutes you've no doubt noticed this grievance – and many of you have, based on your feedback – and it's indeed frustrating, sometimes even getting you wrecked instantly when someone lands on top of your car and the cars get stuck into each other, causing them to deform like there's no tomorrow and resulting in massive damage.

Well – we're happy to let you know that no more! Check this out:

See what happens? Apart from that looking very unhealthy for the driver of the Rocket, the cars speeding from the ramp hit the car on the ground as well as each other, but instead of clipping into each other, the cars get beautifully deformed and are able to continue racing. Pretty neat, isn't it? Not only it looks much better (as in, less glitch-y) but it also makes a huge gameplay difference especially on tracks with jumps.

Now, there are still some pesky details regarding the collisions that we need to work out but with the main issue solved we're confident that they can be sorted out pretty easily and that we can push out this improvement in the next update.

In the grand scheme of things this is admittedly a pretty small detail but since it can have quite a significant impact on the gameplay and knowing how much many of you have been looking forward to an improvement, we thought we'd already give you a sneak peek.

Play it again, Sam:

Thanks for all your support and stay tuned!

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2019, 12:10:15 AM »
A Selection of The Very Tracks Becoming Official + Interview With Tor!
10 May @ 12:39pm - jannesBB   

Hello friends,

In case you have ever dabbled with mods for Wreckfest, you would have been hard-pressed not to pay attention to a track pack having an intriguing name The Very Track Pack available on the game's Steam Workshop. In case you're not familiar with the mod, it's an impressive collection of tracks by an ever-prolific modder Tor Ole Lerbζk who goes by the name The Very End in the community circles. The Very Track Pack has been one of the most popular mods on the Workshop ever since it's inception in 2016, and indeed, it's also a mainstay on many community servers running custom content.

Now there are many remarkable mods available on the Workshop, yet we've always been particularly impressed by Tor's work, not only because of the sheer amount of varied content included but also because his tracks are fun and feel like they're a perfect match for our game. In fact, many of the Tor's tracks would fit right in to the base game! That lead us to think that actually, why not make some of them part of the base game so that more people can enjoy them? So, we got into talks with Tor, got him interested and that's exactly what happened!

As a result, we're thrilled to let you know that two of Tor's track will be coming to the game as official content in the next update, and they will be included in the console version at launch. We've started with the rallycross style tracks since those are always loved by everyone and fit the bill perfectly, with more on the way. Together with Tor, we've also been busy giving these tracks a makeover so what you will be getting are the absolute definite versions of the tracks that have been completely overhauled. Tor being as prolific as he is, he's been helping us otherwise too, creating for example animated banners, pennants and camera cranes that will reinforce the dynamic nature of our tracks. All those will make their way to the game in the next update, and no doubt Tor is already busy hatching up new improvements!

A huge props to Tor for making this happen since he had to go through the trouble of setting up a business for himself and sort out all sorts of legalities, but at the end it all worked out great.

Check out some impressions below:

Given the occasion, we also thought this would be a great opportunity to get up close and personal with Tor and give you a glimpse of the man behind the tracks. Most of the time you get to play the mods and appreciate them, but the authors themselves are very little known. Time to change that! And who knows, maybe he can even share some modding tips so without further adieu:

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for the fans of Wreckfest! To start this off: could you please introduce us to the man behind the mods and tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and what you do?

Thank you so much for this warm welcome!

The name is Tor Ole Lerbζk, a 31-year-old potato from southern parts of Norway. I have done a range of things over the course of the years, such as been a firefighter in the military, driven trucks (the big ones), worked at factories and worked at call center just to mention some of my work experience (hence the potato reference).

These days I am working on my master degree at the University of Agder, in Information Systems Development and Management. Bachelor in same topic, with a deep-dive into developing a GDPR compliant newspaper system (yes, you have my rights to use my data in any way you like).
Regardless of what I have done and what I do, the interest in computers and games has been there since I was a child. It always fascinated me, regardless of genre of game. Being as old as me I have grown up to witness the birth and extreme development of computers and games! I still remember those good ol’ days playing the Destruction Derby series, Carmageddon, Unreal Tournament, Command & Conquer series etc.

You're hailing from Norway. How is it like being a gearhead in there? Do you also do folk-racing or demolition derby, and if yes, have you ever attended such an event?

It is great! Being spoiled by living in a small country with rich natural resources means most people have the means of doing (mostly) what they want. We have a pretty good folkrace scene, as well as a range of other leagues and classes, despite our small population. I’ve never been lucky enough to participate myself (I do really suck at fixing things), but I do regularly drive to the close by tracks Konsmo and Rugsland to watch the show. The smell, the sound, the entertainment of watching these crap machines drive around on small tracks is just too much of a fun to miss out on. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but folkrace in Norway is made to be accessible. If someone offers a certain amount for the cars, they have to be sold to this person, meaning that the attenders keep their cars as cheap as possible to ensure that people won’t buy these. When you have this combination of cheap cars and part-time drivers just wanting to have a bit of fun on the weekends this makes for a great show for those lucky enough to witness it!

As for derbies – I love them too! But never seen on in life. Actually, anything that involves cars and crashing makes me exciting, regardless the league.

What is it that made you choose Wreckfest as your modding platform? What makes it special?

The base of the game and the accessibility. By base I mean the gameplay, the feeling of the game. I like simulators and I like arcade racers, but blending the best of these two worlds together in an entertaining package sold me. It just feels good, and it is fun and accessible, a balance which I have not felt since probably the two first FlatOut iterations.

Secondly, accessibility. Sure, it was a nightmare in the start to learn everything from scratch, but at same time most other games don’t have any native way of getting your work into the game. When you get past the technical and artistic challenges, getting your creation into the game is not so much a big issue as the two first aspects. Furthermore, having the ability to peek into the file structure and read most of the game files helps understanding how everything is interconnected. This I have never seen in other games (even if they support custom additions), making it a natural platform for me to develop on.

What drew you towards modding initially and how did you learn how to make mods? You didn't start modding with Wreckfest, right?

I guess with age you start to know yourself a bit more. The creative part of me (which I for the better part of my life believed I didn’t have) just kept growing over the years, and the wish to create something just became too much too ignore. The turning point was Wreckfest, firstly through the BagEdit tool. Here I could change a range of parameters, such as creating suicidal AI’s, indestructible player cars, bombs, random events and so on. But the more I did this, the more I wanted to truly create, to build something from bottom up. There really was no other way, I had to learn a 3d modelling software.

I remember opening 3ds Max for the first time and wondering “what am I even looking at?”. To even get anywhere, I used days, weeks, months (or has it been years already?) looking at guides, learning one small bit at the time. Learning one thing lead me to wanting to learn more, and thus the cycle continued – and continues. I still got a long way to go but seeing how starting from zero around 3 years ago to where I am now, it makes me happy for the future. There is so much to learn, so much to create! So back to original question, despite some small mod projects to games in the Command and Conquer series as well as the game Crashday, Wreckfest was my first actual game to truly mod on more than just a technical level.

You are known for being a very prolific content creator, constantly evolving and trying to break boundaries of Wreckfest modding. Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you ever sleep?

Probably not enough, hence my constant red eyes and blue bags under them… *sigh* The fun part is, inspiration comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes they just fall into my head at evening while I should really sleep, sometimes by listening to music, walking in the nature, watching ski jumping on TV (…), playing other games, speaking with friends, daydreaming and so on. It’s the moments when I try to not force the thoughts on new ideas and projects that they just sort of reveals themselves to me. Fun thing is, the more I delve into the 3d modelling word, the more inspired I can be by the stupidest stuff. Like yesterday for example. Walked in the local forest, and then I saw this lovely small dirt road with an interesting transition to the surrounding terrain. My head thought following: “This is lovely, I want to create a forest road course sometime with these elements”. I guess what I try to say is, creativity and inspiration comes in many shapes and forms, don’t try to force it. Listen with your eyes and mind to your soundings – you’ll be surprised what you mind can do at it’s own when you do not force it.

Are there any tools, tips or tricks you would recommend to budding mod authors? What's the best way to get started with modding?

Oh, this is a tricky one! If you read on the web you’ll find “best guides” or “best tools / practices” etc., but ultimately it is about finding your own way. I read somewhere from someone much wiser than me something like the following: “a program is a mere canvas and extension of your imagination”. What I think this means: find the path that works for you. If it be Blender or 3ds Max, Photoshop or Gimp, etc. Find the thing that feels just right for you. Take small steps, look ahead, and accept that you will never truly create that “perfect piece”. Don’t be discouraged by last sentence, what it means is that as you progress your skills, you will also progress your own expectations. Nobody judges you as hard as yourself, but instead of looking at it as a bad thing, think of it is a personal development. We will never be perfect, nor is it the goal, but it will regardless make us better humans - or in this context, better creators.

What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself, say, two years from now?

Hmm! Then the question becomes how much honest do I dare and want to be? ;) Well, on a practical level my first goal is to finish master’s degree by spring next year. And that is mostly it for the practicalities. Then we delve a bit into “what do I want”? I think it is safe to say that what these last 3 years has taught me, is that I aspire, work and dream towards being able to be a full-time software / game developer. Being able to invest all my time and energy, (and not school and two part time jobs at same time), at creating software with a team of people is what I’d hope I will be doing. At same time I got to be realistic; it is a hard marked and a lot of more talented people out there, yet again, dreams are important and what drives us forward. Time will show; I don’t know what the future holds, but I will nevertheless meet it, head-on and ensure to make the best out of it!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Even if I am extremely humbled by all this attention, I wish to put the spotlight on the teams. By teams I mean both the team around me at the modding community scene but also team Bugbear. The former has brought so many ideas, thoughts, feedback and joy to me personal, and I think it would be unfair for me taking all the credits. Much of what the mod has become is because of you, and there are lot of unsung heroes here. The same goes for the latter, team Bugbear. I won’t do name calling, but you know who you are, you who has answered so many AI questions, tech questions, art questions, personal motivation and support in times when needed.

I believe in the effort of the team and a group of people. One person only reaches so far, but a team of people working together can move the world. If anything, this horrible long text and history should be a testimony of what lengths people can go with the support of others. This is why modding communities are so important; We inspire and help each other’s to bring forth the best in us and create truly unique creations only limited by our imagination! (Oh and time, please, give me like 2 semi-trucks of time please! There is just not enough time in this world!)

A huge thanks to Tor for taking the time to answer our questions! Like said earlier, a number of Tor's overhauled tracks are coming to the base game in the next update but in case you can't wait make sure to check out The Very Track Pack in the Steam Workshop (and if you do, make sure to let Tor know!):

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2019, 12:34:47 PM »
Season Pass + Major Update Coming!
26 AUG @ 8:13AM - JANNESBB

Howdy fellas,

On Tuesday, the Season Pass will be launched on Steam. As it's already available for consoles it's something that many of you folks have been asking for – and for a pretty good reason too, since it grants you access to the expanding world of Wreckfest for one neat bundle price.

The Season Pass contains:
•   Multiple vehicle packs containing 20 crazy and iconic cars.
•   Roof decoration pack with 20 fun and insane roof props.
•   Car customization pack with new armor, rims and more.

All items will be released post launch of Wreckfest, over the course of 8 DLC packs.

And that's not the only major news today. To celebrate the launch of the game on consoles, later this week Wreckfest will receive a hefty free PC update, bringing the game up to par with the console versions and containing the following major improvements:

•   Four new racing tracks and one derby arena.
•   Three new exciting challenge vehicles.
•   One new career reward race car.
•   Major performance optimizations.
•   More varied AI cars and new career events.
•   Additional daytimes for all tracks.
•   Polished and more detailed environments.
•   Improved, more refined user interface.
•   Overhauled lobby functionality.
•   Collision improvements.
•   ...and a lot more!

We're still sorting out the remaining issues and finalizing the update, but we're planning on getting it out of the door as soon as we can. Stay tuned for more details about the update soon and thanks for your support!

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #4 on: October 24, 2019, 05:52:11 PM »
Fall Update now available!
Thu, 24 October 2019

Howdy fellas,

The weather's getting colder at least in our parts of the world, but in the cockpit it's getting warmer and warmer, if not downright hot. We're happy to let you know that the latest update of the game is out and, and we have a surprise for you: among other goodies the update brings you not only one, but two new tracks!

The first track, Drytown Desert, is a more technical, rallycross style romp that features great rolling flow as well as a couple of cool underpasses and definitely takes some proper skill to master. Then if you're more into wrecking stuff, fret not since the other new track, Rockfield Roughspot, is a rundown dirt speedway that began its life in The Very Track Pack by the ever so prolific content creator Tor Ole but now has banked corners as well as some bumps and jumps thrown in for a good measure. In the heat of the racing, this track can definitely make you feel like you're between a rock and a hard place!

And of course, that's not all. The update also features some much-requested features such as Steam Cloud support and Steam Achievements and a whole host of other neat improvements such as improved offline and online performance, third damage mode, user interface improvements and so on. Be sure to check below for the complete list of changes with comments, update your game and start wrecking!


•   Added two new tracks: Drytown Desert and Rockfield Roughspot.


•   Optimized loading times.
•   Added Steam Achievements. Except for "Rocketeer" (Reach 210 Km/h (130 Mph) With Rocket), already achieved ones will unlock retrospectively upon launching the game.
•   Added support for Steam Cloud. Note that the game's save data is now located in "Documents/My Games/wreckfest" (old save data will be copied over in the first-time launch).
•   Improved mesh particle culling, improving framerate especially in events featuring large vehicles.
•   Glow particles no longer appear completely white.


•   Added a third damage mode that some have been requesting: "Intense". This is same as the "Realistic" mode with which the console versions launched, in other words, "Realistic" with attacker's advantage enabled.
•   Added an AI Set for Limo.
•   Added Big Rig and Limo to the "Special Mix" AI Set.
•   Increased Wingman strength.
•   Reduced Limo strength slightly.
•   Taking the loop on "Deathloop" no longer causes damage to the car.
•   Improved Honey Pot panel damage so that panels get detached correctly.
•   Wheels no longer clip the fenders of Venom as easily.
•   Wheels no longer clip the fenders of Outlaw as easily.
•   Lawnmower and other small vehicles are no longer invincible against small to medium nudges.
•   Improved AI raceline on various tracks.


•   Added improved iconography to the garage user interface.
•   Added new, unique icons for armor and visual upgrade parts.
•   Added upgrade tier icons for performance parts.
•   In career heat races, event specific loading screen is now displayed also between the heats.
•   In custom events, the correct AI Set is now displayed after changing the vehicle.
•   HUD can no longer appear in the main menu after being disconnected from an online session.
•   Health bar no longer appears full when the player has 1 health point left.


•   Improved local car prediction precision to reduce input lag.
•   Increased maximum allowed prediction time for remote cars to reduce warping with high latency.
•   In lobby, the server name no longer overlaps the track name at the top.
•   Lobby options are no longer incorrectly grayed out in case the user is in the Tune screen when a track change occurs.
•   Idling during an online event no longer results in the player being kicked from the server.
•   Added back the "Add Bot" button to lobby.


•   Collision effects are more crunchy now.


•   In-game modding tools now work again.
•   Modifying minimap settings (bag filetype "mise") no longer trickers anti-tamper protection.

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #5 on: November 12, 2019, 02:04:02 PM »
Update released!
Tue, 12 November 2019

Dear all,

The latest update is now available, containing following improvements:

•   Optimized mesh particle performance.

•  Added leaderboards for the two new tracks in the Fall Update.


•   Added upgrade tier icons for armor and visual upgrade parts as well.
•   Improved icons of the upgrade parts and replaced inconsistent ones.
•   In career, changed "Stars" to "Bonus Targets" for consistency reasons.
•   Health bar no longer shows full health when the player has two points of health left.
•   Proper button icons are now shown in the user interface when using keyboard and mouse.


•   Loaner cars are now available in custom events as well.
•   Added new racing and demolition derby loaner cars.
•   Both Sofa Car and Harvester can be loaned now too.
•   Visual props no longer get detached from the slightest nudge.
•   In career, "Sandpit Showdown" now has the correct number of events.


•   Input lag reduced.
•   The player intended by the user is now correctly selected when opening the context menu.
•   Chat (event log) no longer stops working intermittently.

Happy wrecking!

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #6 on: November 27, 2019, 03:41:54 AM »
Wreckfest Steel & Wheels pack out today
Tue, 26 November 2019

Wreckfest Steel & Wheels pack out today

Vienna, AUSTRIA / Helsinki, FINLAND, November 26th, 2019 - Turn your cars into true beasts of steel with this heavy armor pack! Get your car ready for all-out demolition derby battles with heavy bumpers, side protectors, and roll cages. Or add some wrecking style with wild exhausts, spoilers, and wheels. The Steel & Wheels pack comes with over 30 armor and customization items and is out today.

Watch the trailer:

The Steel & Wheels pack is part of the Season Pass, which is including 20 new cars, 20 special roof decorations and additional car customizations like armor, rims and more. This new content will be released step by step, along with free content updates.

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #7 on: December 18, 2019, 02:46:52 AM »
Holiday Update released!
Tue, 17 December 2019


•   Two new tracks: Hellride & Vale Falls Circuit
•   Event voting in multiplayer
•   Player hosted public servers
•   Car customization in multiplayer lobby
•   Visualization for cars that just have been reset
•   Ragdoll can now be reset after driver was ejected
•   Support for DLC Modified Monsters Car Pack
•   Various stability & performance improvements


Game version

•   PC: 1.254741


•   Added two new tracks: Hellride & Vale Falls Circuit
•   Added support for DLC Modified Monsters Car Pack


•   It's now possible to change (and purchase) vehicle upgrades and paint job directly in the lobby.
•   Implemented track voting. If voting is enabled, clients vote on the next event after they're back in the lobby after event results, choosing from previous event again, or one of two other events from the current rotation.
•   Improved prediction precision of suspension geometry and steering, enhancing gameplay experience especially with high latency.
•   Voting can be enabled and disabled in the server config (please see the example config for more information).
•   A dedicated server can be now excluded from being joined by users entering Quick Match by using "exclude_from_quickplay=0" server setting.
•   Client is no longer kicked out of multiplayer when connection to Steam is lost.


•   Ragdolling no longer results in the player being wrecked; instead, the ragdoll can be reset back into the vehicle by using the reset button. As a consequence, the player will be only actually wrecked after the vehicle health drops to zero. Note that this also applies to the AI Players.
•   A vehicle that has just been reset is now visualized in ghost mode.
•   Limousine car is now slightly weaker.
•   Chase camera now avoid clipping into vehicles and zooms closer whenever a vehicle is right behind the player to make sure the view is not obstructed.
•   Camera no longer snaps into a position due to a bottom collision to the car.
•   Transitioning into and out of camera look-around mode is now seamless.
•   Improved "Intense" damage mode so that now the attacker takes less damage, as designed.
•   Backfire pop now works on AI and remote cars as well.
•   The wheels from Steel & Wheels DLC now have correct physical properties including mass.
•   The window bars from Steel & Wheel DLC are now correctly hidden when using the cockpit camera.
•   Roadslayer window mesh now has the correct weight.
•   Improved suspension geometry of a number of vehicles.
•   Improved Sofa Car handling.
•   (PC) Leaderboards have been reset.


•   Reset button key is now correctly hidden while holding reset button.
•   High ping warning message is no longer stuck on the screen after leaving multiplayer.
•   Quit prompt is now correct cleared after the event starts in case it was open in lobby.
•   Added a slight delay to the end of the Last Man Standing so that's it not as abrupt.


•   Mixdown improvements and other tweaks.
•   Post-race experience bar audio effect is now correctly stopped when user skips the screen.


•   Various stability and performance improvements.
•   The game no longer sporadically crashes to "Out of Index Buffer Memory" during multiplayer.
•   The game no longer crashes when equipping "Racing Wing" on the Warwagon while trunk lid has been removed by another upgrade.
•   The game no longer crashes to "Could not open file for writing: save/settings.conf" when settings file is invalid.
•   The game no longer crashes upon launching when certain input devices are plugged in.
•   Implemented wheel hub collisions.

Happy Holidays from the entire team of Bugbear!

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #8 on: February 13, 2020, 08:51:31 PM »
Update for Rusty Rats Car Pack DLC now available
Thu, 13 February 202

To coincide with the DLC launch, we've also taken the opportunity to update the game to the latest version on all platforms to bring forth the latest bug fixes and quality of life enhancements, including a number of critical improvements to online functionality. For full information on the latest update please check out the full release notes of the patch below.

Game version

PC: 1.255957

•   Added support for DLC Rusty Rats Car Pack.


•   Increased robustness of the console window.
•   Server no longer crashes when "%" character is used anywhere in a message or a username.
•   All vehicles are no longer shown as "Not Eligible" for the host if "Host's Car" car restriction is set.
•   UI is now correctly handled whenever player is kicked while in the lobby sub menus.
•   AI now correctly uses the difficulty settings as set in the lobby options.
•   AI difficulty can be now configured in the dedicated server settings.
•   Clients are now given more time to load the cars during the countdown, reducing lag spikes in the lobby.[/li][/list]

•   The player starting credits (10 000 CR) are now correctly awarded when launching the game for the first time.
•   Credits rewarded during an online session are no longer lost when terminating the game (instead of quitting properly) while in lobby.
•   Added release delay to digital clutch to prevent shifting exploit (previously you could shift instantly, giving unfair advantage).
•   In derby events, AI now has better awareness of the arena boundaries, reducing the chance of it smashing blindly into barriers.
•   AI now uses Roadcutter in Class A.
•   On Big Valley Speedway Figure 8, it's no longer possible to cut the first lap short.
•   On Hellride, it should be no longer possible to drive on top of the steel mesh and cause the game to glitch out.
•   Reset effect (car flickering) can now be enabled/disabled in the Settings, Gameplay menu.
•   1st person camera angles now work correctly on Bugzilla.
•   Exhaust backfire effect now works correctly when "Big Headers" are equipped for Starbeast.
•   Track surface information is now correctly displayed for Vale Falls.
•   Improved Wardigger suspension setups.

•   Replaced the engine audio for Hornet.
•   Loudness balancing of vehicle engine audio.
•   5.1 surround mixdown and 3D attenuations adjusted for more precise spatial positioning of ai vehicles.
•   Adjusted concrete wall collision effect asset design to match game engine implementation.

•   Fixed a rendering issue that resulted in the skidmarks flickering occasionally.
•   Fixed contact effects for large vehicles such as School Bus and Motorhome.
•   Added guards to prevent the save data from becoming corrupt.
•   The game now attempts to remove the bogus read-only flag from the save data files that caused the game not to launch.

Thanks for taking the ride with us and happy wrecking!

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #9 on: February 28, 2020, 12:07:42 AM »
February Update with new tracks released!
Thu, 27 February 2020


•   Two new tracks: Thunderbowl & Tribend Speedway

We're pleased to announce the availability of a new content update!

It's been a long time since new demolition derby tracks were added to the game, and we're happy to let you know that finally derby fanatics get some love too: this content update introduces a thunderous new derby arena called Thunderbowl! This bowl-shaped arena sees the players starting higher up at either end, and making the dash of death to the middle section where total war rages. The shape and design of the arena provides fresh, electrifying gameplay experience, so even if you're not so hot about derbies in general make sure to give it a go!

And that's not all: we're also adding a race track called Tribend Speedway. It's a high-speed crash-fest that started its life in the twisted mind of the ever so industrious modder Theveryend (Tor Ole Lerbζk) and comes also with an alternate layout featuring ramps and additional obstacles, guaranteed to crank up destruction all the way to eleven.

We're also constantly working on improving the gameplay experience based on the feedback. Worth a special note this time around is the adjustment to the launch logic at event start, bringing automatic, manual and manual clutch users to equal grounds. Please find below a summary of items fixed or improved upon in this release.


Game version
•   PC: 1.256814

•   Added two new tracks: Thunderbowl & Tribend Speedway.

•   First gear is now engaged during the race countdown, eliminating the unnecessary gear change when using automatic transmission and making the launch equal between full automatic, manual and manual with clutch shifting modes.
•   When using shifting modes with automatic clutch, all cars now use the faster shifter profiles in order to make cars more equal.
•   Exhaust backfire effect now works correctly when using upgrades from the Steel & Wheels pack.
•   Raiden RS is now slightly weaker and maxes out slightly earlier performance-wise.
•   Improved Hornet model, engine and suspension.
•   Raiden RS is now slightly weaker and maxes out slightly earlier performance-wise.
•   Vandal window glass now breaks correctly.
•   Vandal brake lights no longer break from hits to the side.

•   Shifted audio emitter axis of AI vehicles to better match 3D sound location with visual positioning.


•   Fixed a crash during title launch when "Documents" folder is located on a network drive.
•   Parts of the vehicle no longer flicker when looking around in the cockpit view.
•   AI Players no longer get stuck after respawning.

Happy wrecking!

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #10 on: April 29, 2020, 02:33:05 PM »
Tournament Update released!
Tue, April 28, 2020

Complete challenges, conquer the leaderboards and earn fame to claim exclusive rewards!


•   Tournament Mode
•   A new demolition derby arena: The Maw
•   Support for American All-Star Car Pack
•   Up to 80% shorter loading times
•   Stability and performance improvements

We're pleased to announce the availability of Tournament Update!

The eponymous Tournament Mode is all about putting your racing and wrecking skills to the ultimate test by competing in thrilling challenges, not only against the game, but also against the other players! It all boils down to being a boss by winning trophies in challenges and earning fame, with new challenges coming every day, every week and every month, and then using the acquired fame to claim exclusive rewards from the tournament shop, with new epic rewards each season. The daily challenges are like bite-size snacks, a fun thing that you can tackle each day to prepare you for the real meat of the Tournament Mode: the prestigious weekly and monthly challenges that make you face-off with the other players around the world in exciting time-limited leaderboard challenges, with the goal of conquering the leaderboards and being crowned the undisputed king of demolition!

Some of the Tournament Mode events are completed with DLC content, but in case you don't own the specific DLC no need to sweat because everyone can join! That also goes for the computer-controller AI Players, so for the first time you can actually race against computer-controlled DLC cars and special vehicles. We've also used the opportunity to tune the game for Tournament Mode so you can expect maximum action and maximum damage – in short, maximum carnage!

Speaking about DLCs, there's a new one out: American All-Star Car Pack! This new pack adds three new American heavy-hitters, each offering a different kind of gameplay experience. Grand Duke marks the return of the demolition derby royal that packs some serious punch, Wildking is a true American icon with a plenty of power to go forward fast, and Little Thrasher is great little truck that punches above its weight.

Of course, that's not all. Our love letter to the demolition derby fanatics gets another chapter in this update, and we're adding another new free demolition derby arena called The Maw! This one's like a deranged brother of Hellride and takes the battle onto a platform high-up, with the wimps and losers facing their untimely demise by falling off. In other news, we've also massively improved the loading times and dialed in a number of tweaks to help with online stability. We're also constantly working on improving the gameplay experience based on the feedback, and this release contains numerous other improvements and additions. Please find below a complete summary of items fixed or improved upon in this release.


Game version

•   Xbox:
•   PS4: 1.41
•   PC: 1.259287


•   Added Tournament Mode.
•   Added a new free demolition arena: The Maw.
•   Added support for the new DLC: American All-Stars Car Pack.


•   Loading is now significantly faster (up to 80%).
•   (PC) Improved file system robustness.
•   (XB1) Improved title stability.


•   Updated HUD visuals.


•   On Tribend, the player no longer resets on top of the overhead walkway when resetting beneath it.
•   Random parts of the vehicle are no longer be missing when restarting the event while in a ghost mode.
•   Ghost mode is now automatically disabled when the event ends, eliminating blinking cars in the background of the post-race screens.
•   Ghost mode is now disabled after 15 seconds to prevent stuck AI cars from blinking forever.
•   Reduced the chance of wheelhubs getting stuck inside walls during heavy deformation.
•   Improved Bugzilla handling, suspension and visual damage.
•   It's now possible to use the front splitter without the front bumper on Roadcutter.
•   Honey Pot and Bumper Car wheels no longer get damaged from the slightest nudge.
•   Improved El Matador, Venom visual damage to prevent handling being destroyed when damaged.
•   Improved Honey Pot, Bumper Car and Sofa Car handling to make them less twitchy.
•   Fixed Wardigger torque curve.
•   Fixed Nexus side mirrors glitch.
•   Fixed Hornet wheel clipping.


•   Output to server console and log is now performed asynchronously, improving stability.


•   Front-end: The "Effects" volume slider now also works as master volume for "Interface Sound Effects".
•   Front-end: The "Interface Sound Effects" volume slider now also affects car part equip & counter sounds.
•   Front-end: Added variation to car part equip sound.
•   In-game: Each AI engine sound adjusted for smoother loudness across full rpm range.
•   In-game: AI engine sound optimizations to lower memory and processor requirements.
•   In-game: Removed flanging/phasing effects occurring with AI engine sounds at start of a race.
•   In-game: Add automation to lower music volume up to 3dB based on overall AI vehicle loudness (e.g. when driving amidst a dense pack of vehicles). Effect is disabled when music volume is configured below 75% in game settings.
•   In-game: Add 30-second end countdown sound effects to time-limited races (to signal player that race is about to end soon).
•   In-game: Added reverse gear warning sound effect for large player vehicles (Big Rig, Harvester, Motorhome and Schoolbus)
•   In-game: DSP effects settings, synthesis and automation tweaks for Big Rig.

Let the carnage commence!

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #11 on: June 05, 2020, 01:30:56 AM »
Tournament Update: Time Attack!
Thu, June 4, 2020

Exciting new challenges and wicked new rewards!

•   New Tournament Season: Time Attack
•   Stability and performance improvements

We're pleased to announce the availability of a new Tournament Season!

While the previous Tournament Season was focused on wrecking and causing as much chaos as possible, this time around it's all about speed and skill. The new Weekly and Monthly events will challenge you to take your racing skills to the limit and post the best possible hot lap time on a number of challenges. Since this is Wreckfest and not just your garden-variety racing game, take heed to watch out for some explosive surprises along the way!

In other Tournament related news, we've adjusted the amount of FP (Fame Points) rewards as well as the cost of items in the Tournament Shop. The goal of the Tournament Mode is to give you something fun and rewarding to do in the game, and not feel like endless grinding for points so from now on, it will be much easier for everyone to enjoy the rewards. If you ask us, this is how it should be!

We're also constantly working on improving the gameplay experience based on the feedback, and this release contains numerous other improvements and additions. For one, we've been working on solving the technical niggles that have made it impossible for a small number of users to participate in the leaderboard challenges. We're confident that the issues have now been resolved, but in case you're still experiencing problems be sure to give us a shout. Also, we've made significant improvements to save data handling and Steam Cloud integration so if you're on PC and haven't been able to run the game due to save data issues please give it a go now! Please find below a complete summary of items fixed or improved upon in this release.


Game version
•   PC: 1.260562

•   Game no longer constantly crashes when trying to enter the "Destroy All Supervans!" career event.
•   Game no longer infrequently crashes when proceeding from the results screen in the tournament mode.
•   In multiplayer, game no longer crashes when the host leaves the game and the client is in the Paint Menu.
•   Reward paints no longer vanish from the player inventory when changing paint.

•   Playing a tournament event now rewards the player with experience.
•   Reduced the score multiplier decrease rate during tournament mode "Score Streak" events.
•   Reduced the AI Players aggression during tournament mode "Score Streak" events.
•   Tournament event information is displayed quicker after entering tournament mode.

•   Improved Panther RS suspension setups.
•   Improved Boomer suspension setups.
•   AI Harvester is no longer faster than player harvester.

•   Next track in the event rotation is now selected in tiebreaker situations (instead of it being skipped like previously).
•   It's now possible to define 96 users on a dedicated server.
•   Idle detection now works again so players idling in a multiplayer event will be kicked after a period of inactivity.

•   Killerpig: Fix sound pitch mismatch between on- / offload states near max rpm.
•   Adjusted lawnmower engine sound for louder offload volume.
•   Mixdown adjustments for driver contact sounds.
•   Audio asset size optimizations for driver contact sounds.
•   Driver body-to-ground contact sounds now change according to vehicle road surface.
•   Tighter volume roll-off based on camera distance (max. audible range 20 meters / ~65.6 feet).
•   Added distance based playback prioritization to driver contact sounds.
•   Added triggering delay randomization to increase variety with driver contact sound sequences.

•   Improved Steam Cloud integration. Note that from now on the save data is located in "[STEAM INSTALL FOLDER]/userdata/[STEAMID]/228380" with the old data in the "Documents" folder being copied over after launching the title for the first time after updating. Appropriate prompts are shown to the user whenever a save data mismatch is detected between local and cloud data.
•   Improved corrupt save data detection by adding a size check and filtering out files with broken headers in order to prevent corrupted save data being uploaded to Steam Cloud and possibly preventing the game from launching. Whenever corrupt data is detected, the user is shown an appropriate prompt.

Thanks for your support and good luck!

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #12 on: July 08, 2020, 12:34:36 AM »
Tournament Update: Banger Bash!
Tue, 7 July 2020


•   New Tournament Season: Banger Bash
•   Two new free tracks: Kingston Raceway and Mudford Motorpark
•   Support for new DLC: Banger Racing Pack
•   AI Players now use DLC vehicles
•   Stability and performance improvements

We're pleased to announce the availability of a new Tournament Season!

It's time to wave a good-bye to time trials, collect your rewards and prep for new events! We've been pretty amazed at how popular our time trials turned out to be, with exciting battle raging for the top rankings all day long and top racers shredding the tracks like there's no tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who participated and big thumbs up if you made it to the rankings!

After challenging yourself in precise driving and outpacing the competition, it's time to change the pace and introduce the theme of the new Tournament Season: Banger Racing! Banging racing themed content is something that many of you have been hoping for, and we thought Tournament Mode would be a perfect opportunity for us to deliver some. So, the monthly event sees you racing on Figure 8 layout of the one of the new tracks, Kingston Raceway, with the goal being to score as much as you can by shelling hits left and right while maintaining a good position in the race. And that's not all - also the weekly events feature something very British: stock car racing! Oh, and the rewards? A tricked-out Banger Racing modification of Panther RS!

And if that's not enough Banger Racing for you, if you're lucky enough to own the Season Pass you have access to three new cars: Sweeper is a midsize racer that is a perfect blend of agility, speed and toughness - a great all-rounder for every type of event, Hearse is a cult classic banger racing car that can both give and take some serious punishment, and Stock Car is a super versatile little rocket that feels right at home on every oval and Figure 8 track!

In other Tournament Mode news, we've now addressed the issue of Fame Point rewards not appearing for the events of the second season. After entering the Tournament Mode all users should now receive their outstanding points retroactively. We're constantly working on improving the gameplay experience otherwise as well. Making the AI to use the DLC vehicles is something that has been often requested, and we're happy to let you know that now AI might use any of the DLC vehicles in custom events, multiplayer and most career events. Not only that, but you can now select "Same As Player" as the AI set while customizing a custom event, which will make the AI use the same vehicle as you have selected. This release contains numerous other improvements and additions. Please find below a complete summary of items fixed or improved below.


Game version

PC: 1.262067

•   Added support for the new DLC: Banger Racing Pack.
•   Added two new tracks: Kingston Raceway (Oval and Figure 8 layouts) and Mudford Motorpark (Oval and Derby layouts).

•   Fixed memory defragmentation issue with AMD display devices that caused severe slowdowns in multiplayer lobby especially on PC.
•   Game now automatically detects input devices even when they're plugged in while the game is running.
•   Local backup system now correctly backs up previous save data whenever there's a title update.
•   There's now a 10 second cooldown before trying to match the cloud save data, eliminating bogus conflict messages.
•   The cloud conflict popup should no longer hide behind the game window.

•   When selecting a vehicle, game now waits slightly longer before actually selecting the vehicle to prevent inadvertent loading from starting when browsing vehicles.
•   Score detection is now more robust, eliminating cases where the player receives no score even though they clearly hit an opponent with enough force.
•   Score is now received based on how much damage the player inflicts to the opponent and not plain momentum.
•   The car is now reset to a certain initial speed and first gear is automatically engaged also in the demolition derby events.
•   In custom events, it's now possible to choose "Same As Player" as the AI Player vehicle, making AI Players use the same vehicle as the player.
This works even with tournament reward vehicles, making it possible to create for example an all DoomRig race.
•   AI now makes use of DLC vehicles in multiplayer, custom events and most career events.
•   AI now makes use of Gremlin also in Class A.
•   Panels are no longer getting permanently stuck on vehicles but are released correctly after the vehicle has deformed, preventing deform related glitches on panels.
•   Adjusted collision geometry of the concrete barriers to reduce glitching when hitting them especially in multiplayer.
Note that the collisions are still not perfect but improved nonetheless.
•   Fixed roll cage weights for Grand Duke, Wildking and Little Thrasher.
•   Reduced DoomRig armor protection slightly.
•   Fixed engine flame emitter location of Raiden.
•   Fixed invisible bumps around the middle intersection on Hilltop Figure 8.

•   Tournament rewards are now correctly received when the player has entered tournament event selection screen and the tournament mode has been initialized (you can tell when the player counts appear in the event selection screen, and targets are shown in the tournament details view for monthly and weekly events).
Rewards from the past challenges are be awarded retroactively and should appear correctly in the "Statistics" tab.

•   Race: Player & AI distance attenuation both adjusted for smoother fade-out at 25 to 100 meter range.
•   Race: Loudness balancing adjustments & EQ settings tweaks for all player vehicles.
•   Bandit, Buggy, Dominator, Gatecrasher, Killerbee, Rocket, Sunrise Super & Wild King: Adjusted idle-to-mid RPM range for slightly louder engine sound (lesser dynamic range).
•   Little Thrasher: Fixed broken soundbank.
•   Roadslayer: Fixed DSP settings and loudness calibration issues.
•   Optimized DSP effect usage of all player vehicles for a lesser CPU load.

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Re: Wreckfest
« Reply #13 on: September 15, 2020, 11:05:40 PM »
Update Released: Season 2 Starts NOW!
Tue, 15 September 2020

More cars. More tracks. More mayhem.


•   New DLC: Getaway Car Pack
•   New tournament: Getaway Heat
•   New free track: Hillstreet Circuit
•   New free tournament reward car: Rocket RX
•   New free tournament reward bundles and paint jobs
•   New features and other improvements

Looking back at the highlights from the first season, we've had quite a ride! We've shelled out total destruction with Doomrig, laid down rubber with Super Venom in slalom, crashed our way to the victory with bangers and stock cars, even fought the lawn with Hellvester. For us, the developer, it's been super rewarding to watch all the excitement for the new events and content, and we want to thank everyone who has tagged alongside us for the journey so far! It's been great fun creating all this and we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.

The first season is over now, but if you can't get enough of Wreckfest we've got some exciting news for you: Wreckfest is back, and it's bigger and badder than ever before! We just couldn't leave it at that, and we're thrilled to announce the launch of Wreckfest Season 2. In a nutshell, that means more of the good stuff you've come to expect: more free tracks, more exciting tournament challenges, more free tournament rewards, more cool DLC content such as cars, and of course, more MAYHEM!

And the best part of it? The first update of Season 2 is here RIGHT NOW.

To kick off Season 2 in style, we're launching a new tournament titled Getaway Heat, the monthly event of which will see you racing flat out through the sprawling downtown streets from checkpoint to checkpoint in one of the cars from the new DLC pack. Yes, you read that right: the new free track is an exciting city circuit, something pretty unique to Wreckfest and sure to become a smash hit in hot multiplayer matches! In the event, the better you do between each checkpoint the more time you save, but with each successive lap you're given less and less time and at the same time the taxi cabs do their best to block you from taking the perfect line. How far can you make it? As for the weekly events, this time around they are a mix of neck-to-neck demolition racing as well as white-knuckle time trials, so no matter which style is right up your ante there's something sure to strike the right chord with you. Make sure to participate, because the tournament shop has been loaded with a new sweet Rocket RX as well as rocking new bundles and paint jobs.

We're also happy to announce the availability of the first Season 2 DLC pack: Getaway Car Pack! This exciting pack expands your garage with three unique rides that are perfect for hard-boiled car chases. Bullet is a classic American muscle car that oozes with pure power and strength, and is a perfect getaway car. Razor is one of the finest tuner cars, very agile and super-fast on twisty tracks. And finally, Cardinal is a former law enforcement vehicle with a reinforced body ideal for the toughest pursuits.

In other news, we've also broke out our debuggers and have been busy squeezing bugs as well as dialing in quality of life improvements. Speaking of the latter, the ability to sort the cars in the garage and mark them as favourite is something that many have been requesting, and we're happy to let you know that we've just added that. While at it, we also added similar favourite functionality to the server browser on PC which will make browsing your favourite haunts a breeze.

We've also gone to great strides to address the issues with save data handling that some users have been still suffering from, including a possible case in which the save data was reset. We're confident that the issue has now been resolved. Our sincere apologies for anyone affected by this issue.
Other things worth noting are improvements in the collision physics so that light dynamic objects like tires can no longer throw the car off-path after hitting the wheel hub, visual parts such as spoilers no longer get detached from the light hits, Big Rig is way more fun to drive now, Motorhome now has performance engines, and whole host of other smaller vehicle related enhancements. Naturally this release contains numerous other improvements and additions as well, and we invite you to check out the complete summary of items fixed or improved below.

Bring on the carnage!


Game version

PC: 1.264871

•   Added support for the DLC pack "Getaway Car Pack" containing three new cars: Bullet, Razor and Cardinal.
•   Added a new free track: Hillstreet Circuit with both forward and reverse layouts.
The internal designations for the routes are urban08_1 and urban08_1_rev

•   New tournament season: Getaway Heat.
•   New free tournament reward car: Rocket RX.
•   New free tournament reward bundles and paint jobs.
•   Score Streak events now last the correct time instead of always three minutes.

•   Fixed an issue in which save data was reset. This issue seemed to affect especially save data dating back to the game launch. Our apologies for anyone affected by this issue.
•   Fixed an issue in which the game failed to launch due to "assists.aids" being corrupted.
•   Fixed an issue in which the game crashed to "OUT OF MEMORY" during launch.
•   Title no longer crashes to "Out of Vertex Buffer Memory" with specific track and vehicle combinations.

•   Dynamic objects such as tires no longer throw the car off-path after hitting the wheel of the car.
•   AI is slightly less aggressive towards the player on Novice and Amateur difficulty.
•   AI now uses Firefly also in the Class A.

•   The server no longer incorrectly loads a tournament track when trying to change the track.
•   BagEdit now supports a ban list with a maximum of 8,192 entries.

•   In general, visual parts such as spoilers no longer detach from a slightest nudge.
•   Improved Big Rig handling and bottom collisions.
•   Added Class B and Class A engine upgrades for Motorhome, and made AI also use them.
•   Improved Sweeper suspension setups and bottom collisions.
•   Increased Sweeper suspension ride height and adjusted bottom collision.
•   Sweeper exhaust geometry no longer glitches out as easily after deforming.
•   Bumpers of Venom and Hunter Panther no longer detach too easily.
•   Improved Hunter Panther scoop hood texturing.
•   Improved Hunter Panther grille upgrades.
•   Fixed Hunter Panther fender flares clipping.
•   The front bumper of El Matador longer floats in the air.
•   The roll cages of Raiden RS no longer cut through the interior window.
•   Improved Hellvester visual damage. Also, the exhaust pipe no longer detaches too easily.
•   Missing side protectors for Speedbird are now available again.
•   Wildking exhaust stacks no longer clip with the sway bars.
•   Improved Rocket DLC rear wing positioning.

•   A number of menu transitions are smoother.
•   In Server Browser, a server can now be added as a favorite. Favorites are always shown on top and sorted according to the selected sorting method.
•   In Server Browser, special characters and spaces are now disregarded when sorting the servers alphabetically.
•   In Car Selection (Garage, Custom Event, Lobby), cars can now be sorted according to their class and performance, type or region as well as alphabetically.
•   In Car Selection, a car can now be marked as a favorite. Favorites are always shown first in the list and sorted according to the selected sorting method.
•   In Custom Event creation, game now remembers the AI Set selected by the player, instead of always reverting to "Same As Player" set.
•   In Elimination Race, elimination notification is now easier to see.

•   Dragslayer: New engine sounds.
•   Gatecrasher: Fixed engine pitch (tuning) misconfiguration.
•   Killerbee & Boomer (all player models): Raised engine volume in overall mix to counter sound masking in races with 23 AI & dense start grid layout, and esp. on integrated flat-screen loudspeakers.
•   Surround sound: Player engine sounds are now mixed to surround center channel only when using chase camera views.
•   Surround sound: Fixed player car panning issues in bumper camera view.
•   Surround sound: Fixed emitter position tracking of collision sounds belonging to player car object, to not have sounds fall behind/past the car at high speeds.
•   In-Game: Fixed tire surface detection to not play sounds for incorrect material when loss of wheel contact occurs at slower rate (low speed, gentle slopes etc.).
•   In-Game: Added unique tire sounds for wood surface.
•   In-Game: Adjusted vehicle position tracking for less erratic audio panning when rotating chase camera around player vehicle.
•   In-Game: AI cars are mixed louder when in close proximity of camera (distance <15 meters), to improve spatial placement and separation when overtaking or being overtaken by.

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