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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #30 on: October 30, 2019, 03:00:23 PM »
New version
Wed, 30 October 2019

Hello Comrades,

Just a publishing to a default branch current fixes for latest content update from test branch. A short summary:

•   Optimized CPU workload for multithreading - there was reports it may fixed also some problems with alt-tab
•   Fixes on chain signals - now should work better when you have more chain signals in row
•   Fixed crashes of some workshop items

You can find more detailed info bellow:

•   Optimized generation of reachable parkings.. when you get big freeze when building road and you had parkings.. this should decrease the freeze
•   Changed synchronization of thread, so now there should be less performance on processor (on blank map or during alt tab) and you will save some electricity
•   Now fires should randomly much less occur on buildings without electricity or residential buildings without any workers

•   Fix of train refueling.. it consumption much more fuel than it appears on the fuel tank due to vagons
•   Attempt to fix of chain signals, when you had them many in row then trains not properly calculate and find new routes on free tracks, now should be fixed

•   Fixed crash to related when workshop building had badly defined ground works construction stage..
•   Fixed crash of game when user click on workshop buildings icons

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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #31 on: February 13, 2020, 12:08:11 PM »
New version
Thu, 13 February 2020

Cableways and tutorial
This update of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic adds a new type of transportation, the cableways, which will help you establish a mine in an inaccessible terrain. In addition, you now can connect factories by running forklifts to transport goods from one factory to another.

Moreover, this upgrade allows you to get all the resources you need –steel, mechanical components, etc— into a production line to produce trains, wagons and cableway cars either for your own needs or for foreign countries. Several tutorials have also been added so you can easily learn how to play the game.

New features

•   New type of transportation: cableway
•   Forklifts added to create complex industrial areas
•   Create one way roads and optimize your network
•   New terminals to increase vehicle throughout
•   Manufacture trains from your own resources
•   Tutorials included to learn basic and advanced game mechanics

What is next?

As you can see the update contains also the ships! Those are not fully released, we will add now more types of harbor and ships, and we will officially release this stuff soon. But basically ships are functional just we lack a content there.

We already working hard on the new features which are:

•   Nuclear industry chain and nuclear power plants
•   Airplanes
•   Seasons
•   Heating
•   Helicopters
•   And smaller features like support of scrolling in the windows, screenmarks to better find something on map and so on

Detailed list of changes

•   Cableways
•   Ships
•   Forklifts
•   One way roads
•   Better handling of vehicles - vehicles now when return to home workplace such as farm or construction office, not needed to stop at stations but park directly to garage and eventually unload cargo from this position
•   Teleportation of rollers, excavators, pavers during route back to home if no new task assigned
•   Tutorials
•   Random terrain generation in editor (terrain only first version)
•   FPS camera for vehicles
•   Rename for vehicles and buildings
•   Added possibility to borrow money (loans)
•   Fixed problem when copy schedule to vehicle which heading to depo
•   Introducing 60 minutes autosave interval

•   Added ghost meshes for construction
•   Fixed forklift mechanics - now should stops not disappear durrng forklift is moving
•   Fixed problem that was able to purchase obsolete vehicles
•   Added descriptions why are some tools (according difficulty settings not available)
•   Fixed scaling of text box and sliders in terrain editor according GUI size
•   Fixed problem that construction office was not detecting the constructions
•   Fixed problem that cabins can be constructed in dry dock
•   Splited cabins and ships into passenger and cargo groups
•   Fixed issue with passenger ships and fuel
•   Fixed issue with blocking vehicles on entry to buildings
•   Fixed issue that was unable to build footpath connected to road (vehicle struck before it)

•   Message about pres Esc to cancel tool is now prioritable displayed over all other messages
•   When you now in tutorial are ordered to build the building, there are screenmark on the place where it need to built displayed
•   Fixed issue that vehicle cannot find route from road construction near small bus stop
•   Added additional checks to vehicle save loading to avoid crash
•   Corrected material for small cargo ship
•   Ship harbors and dock are now cheaper to build
•   Fixed problem with the signals on customs when train is completely fit the custom house
•   Fixed problem with signals when long train entering the depo
•   Now construction office can accept also mod buildings as source for construction materials
•   Fixed problem that vehicles entering harbor was go under water
•   Tweaked loading speed for harbors and electricity consumption
•   Introduced general cargo for ships (available ships can take all kind of resources)

•   Fixed problem with holes in the roads - let me know how it is affecting performance it should it something but not so much
•   A bit optimized rendering of citizens walking on the street
•   Now is possible to include depot in the vehicle schedule for one time routes
•   Attempt to fix cannot pas objective in tutorial
•   Change order of rendering tutorial windows
•   Fixed pathfinding problem that trolleybuses cannot pass small bus stop
•   Fixed problem that after latest updates auto flatten for road was not working
•   Fixed crash when loading save while workshop item is missing
•   Fixed very serious issue about there was limit 256 of building types includes also workshop buildings causing crashes when building new buildings
•   Fixed problem when escaping FPS camera while when is rotated
•   Fixed problem that sometime citizens rendered out of roads

•   Fixed problem with forklift and cargo train station
•   Added captions over the buildings
•   Fixed "view citizen button" and functionality in citizen's window
•   Added view buttons on buildings where is citizens located in citizens window
•   Added possibility to follow citizens (like vehicle)

•   Fixed chain signal problem that sometime train entered into block even should not
•   Fixed problem that for construction office steel source cannot be set
•   Fixed problem adding resource source for construction office if you had set directly the factory it was not works correctly
•   Now trolleybuses can be produced in the car plant
•   Fixed caption position on one of the buildings
•   Fixed sound level problem - if started game sounds in menu not get proper volume level
•   Fixed forklift problem if storage isfull

•   Fixed rendering of roads inside or close to tunnels
•   Fixed pathfinding issue that sometime ambulances enter hospital by sidewalk
•   Added new bridges
•   Added reflection to bridges
•   Fixed bridge rendering problem
•   Fixed problem with resources icons out of window for big storages (from workshop)

•   Removed invalid pedestrian connection in small cable way station
•   Increased speed of cableway cabins
•   Increased a bit time limit for workers traveling in vehicles
•   Fixed issue with the cable way - in first round of car route did not worked properly loading & unloading
•   When building a new cable way aggregate loading/unloading, the proper flag Load/Unload is set as per building type
•   Fixed problem with blocked construction vehicles
•   Fixed some language typos
•   Now harbor buildings is not possible to build over the buoys
•   Fixed infrastructure-road left panel layout
•   Now is possible to upgrade also the wooden railways to electric

•   Removed log entries when browsing workshop item to speed up the loading and main menu
•   Fixed rail pathfinding issue
•   Fixed issue with railway building in tutorial, there was problem in case you not built the tracks in the required position
•   Creation of dummy building needed for handling ships exporting gods, those buildings are now created out of player reachable area in the map corners
•   Fixed visual issue of rail poles - it was created very close to junction or signals
•   Fixed visual issue with rail wires over the three rail track near each other
•   Fixed problem with not displaying correct names for workshop vehicles

•   Added production line for trains
•   Issue with chain signal should be fixed
•   Now is allowed to assign source for construction office also the workshop buildings producing asphalt or concrete
•   Fixed problem that aggregate loading station was not able to assign to construction office when connected to conveyor engine
•   Fixed issue with fuel for ships... fuel was tanked, but not decreased from fuel storage
•   Fixed issue that sometime construction office assign building which is not reachable
•   If leaving depot now is preffered a track without train (was problem if launching two trains same time)
•   Fixed bug in pathfinding causing crash when building the various infrastructure parts
•   Fixed problem that after clicking on road cargo station window for ship/airplane customs was opened
•   Fixed refueling problem with ships beyond the borders

•   Hotfix for problem that trains cannot be correctly connected to locomotives
•   Hotfix for problem about train waiting for full load or unload forever if checked wait checkbox
•   Corrected functionality for wait for fully loaded or unloaded for trains as cargo

•   Fixed serious crash when checked wait for full loaded on train with more locomotives
•   Fixed chaotic behavior of some construction office vehicles
•   Fixed crash when launching train from depot at certain circumstances
•   Additionally fixed problem that sometime after selecting the building opens windows of customs for ships
•   Fixed problem that sometime was not able to select some buildings for road vehicle schedule

•   Fixed problem that brand new trains not loaded properly when loaded from spaces for vehicles building
•   Corrected related vehicles in building window, now it should display more accurate field waiting on stations
•   If vehicle is sold now should be removed for sure from any building's vehicle station
•   Fixed serious problem that sometime the dumpers at construction get struck
•   Fix of crash during Import railways
•   Fix of crash during Import Buildings game
•   Fixed collision problems on entry to constructions offices, depot, etc
•   Fixed problem with fires at road and train depot
•   Now the heavy brand new trains cannot be loaded to road vehicle
•   Fixed crashes when demolished cable way station
•   Fixed problem with construction vehicles struck on entering of construction office building or during road
•   Fixed issues with second tutorial

•   Fixed crash when demolishing construction in progress
•   Fixed bug when money goes into invalid Nan state due construction of very short infrastructure
•   Fixed crash during place workshop buildings
•   Fixed problem with vehicle struck on the construction after phase ends
•   Added warning message when farm, construction office, forklift garage or firestation vehicles without fuel
•   Fixed problem of modded conveyor engine if more than 3 output/input connections - It may causing crashes on different places including the crashes when demolishing buildings
•   Fixed back end code for ships & airplane customs
•   Fixed crash when selling the brand new trainset in customs

•   It seems demolish crash should be now fixed
•   Also is solid chance the crash during autosave could be fixed now
•   Fixed crash related to fuel stations and waypoints for road vehicles
•   Fixed collision issues causing the forklift operate on low speed
•   Fixed problem about modded track builders not wanted to go work on wires on the railway if electrical components was taken from external warehouse
•   Fixed about that track builder trains doing a sharp turn when entering to rail track construction
•   Fixed incorrect message about vehicles without fuel

•   Fixed crash when more brand new locomotives delivered to railway depot
•   Corrected train production line vehicle stations for less struck
•   Fixed another crash while demolish buildings
•   Fixed problem with assigning cars to citizens with the specific setting (other than "Only university educated")
•   Fixed problem with struck farm vehicles
•   Fixed crash when loading game with missing workshop vehicle items
•   Fixed problem with ships and bridges when more bridges close to each other
•   Fixed problem with ships which cannot leave the harbor
•   Added new soviet alike forklift vehicle, old one is available for dollars
•   Extended factory connection length when is build from or to forklift garage or crossing
•   Fixed personal cars which driving without problems even without fuel

•   Now forklifts can be produced in the production plant
•   Loading and unloading speed of forklifts was increased (removed 1 second delay)
•   Fixed problem with GUI that when GUI scaled down, not all workshop buildings was reachable
•   Consumption/Engine power of cableway was decreased
•   Now the fuel is automatically purchased also to forklift garages
•   Fixed problem with bridges rendering - they was highlighted while deleting roads

•   Fixed problem with unloading cableway brand new aggregate cars
•   Fixed crash related to railway pathfinding
•   Fixed problem of forklifts not unloaded/loaded all vehicles on the stations
•   Increase cargo cableway cars capacity
•   Increased speed of cableways
•   Another improvement of ships vs bridge passing
•   Fixed issue that forklift on automatic mode (without resources specified) may load resources from factory import storage or unload to factory export storage
•   Fixed balance issue that sometime foklifts not load or unload to storage with auto-purchase
•   brand new passenger ships are now possible to sell at foreign countries
•   fixed bug - forklift was possible to set in production to dry dock or rail production plant
•   Added pedestrian entrances into iron and coal mines
•   Fixed one way arrows & pedestrian pass rendering on bridges or roads close to bridges/tunels
•   Tweaked overtaking to try fix avoid struck at entry of buildings
•   Fixed flat bed truck struck on construction sites
•   Fixed problem of struck vehicles inside small bus stops
•   Fixed problem with fuel consumption while vehicle waiting to enter the building
•   Fixed problem when adding waypoints to schedule of vehicle while it is heading to depot
•   Fixed GUI problem of displaying resource/passenger capacity for trainsets
•   Fixed problem when manufactured track builder trains delivered to custom house or depot
•   Fixed problem when manufactured trainset unloaded into depot and then sold
•   Fixed track building trains rendering problem

•   Hotfix of forklift problem - loading/unloading the vehicles at cargo stations/harbors

•   Hotfix of SFX engine anywhere on map
(To fix this problem please sell all S1203 microbuses on your map also the CSMG tram may cause a problem in case selling all S1203 not helps)

•   Another tweak for forklift mechanics
•   Added 5 new music tracks
•   Fixed struck before entering the buildings

•   Fixed forklift collision problem
•   Corrected one of the new music tracks
•   Forklifts should now turn 180 in less space to avoid strucks

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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #32 on: February 25, 2020, 11:24:43 PM »
New version
25 Feb 2020

Just a few fixes to default branch
•   Fixed crash when depot with trainset inside gets destroyed by fire
•   Fixed issue with lights during night for train production line
•   Fixed crash when all waypoints or stations in train schedule deleted
•   Fixed problem with NaN bricks amount in railroad construction office - but you need to delete or finish with money all bridge construction which are without any pillar
•   Fixed issue that sometime forklift vehicles don't take fuel from garage
•   Fixed crashing when hovering the roads tool in the PT-BR language
•   Fixed issue with forklift not loading/unloading trains on cargo stations
•   Optimized forklift entering/leaving station, now should be not related to other vehicles entering the building
•   Increased speed of loading and unloading for forklift
•   Optimized road vehicles on the one way roads
•   Fixed issue with vehicle collisions - now should vehicles not "merge" with other vehicles causing issue about moving with very slow speed
•   Fixed ships which sometime unable to enter harbors

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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #33 on: May 08, 2020, 12:55:47 PM »
New version
Thu, 7 May 2020

Nuclear industry

This update of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is focused in Nuclear Industry. Now you’ve got the opportunity to manage the full chain of production, from uranium ore to nuclear fuel, and you can command nuclear plants to provide energy to the whole country.

Moreover, this upgrade introduces the distribution offices –garages with trucks that automatically distribute resources and goods according the needs –, it includes propaganda transparents on the buildings, and it features new types of electric poles. The game is also now feature a random map generator.
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - Update #4

What's coming next? For the next update a full release of ships and seasons are planned! I hope we will start public testing very soon!

New features & improvements

•   nuclear industry
•   nuclear power plants
•   radiation and dosimeter
•   cargo truck distribution offices
•   new types of electric wires
•   windows with scroll bar
•   random map generator
•   increased walking range
•   increased personal cars range
•   screen mark search tool
•   transport lines mechanics
•   new curve mechanics when building infrastructure
•   added option to purchase resources by vehicle directly on the customs
•   added various cargo harbors
•   tweaked terrain flattening
•   tweaked infrastructure curve formula (use scroll wheel to change radious while placing the infrastructure)
•   added auto connections when placing building to conveyor, pipelines and factory connections too

Detailed changes and fixes

•   optimized building placement - now you should get more FPS even with bigger buildings
•   improved dialog for renaming objects supporting various types of selection and copy paste
•   Wider bar with mod buildings
•   reorganized soundtrack, some track names was incorrect
•   Various path finding related fixes
•   now should be no problem if pipeline is accidentally from more than one piece
•   pipelines can be deleted by small pieces
•   fixed occasional crash related to fires and injured citizens
•   now after game load track builders resources should not reset
•   if launching train and track is not free, dialogue is displayed, train is not launched
•   blueprints are available to purchase also after the stop production date
•   now the electric trains and diesel trains can be recognized before purchase
•   fixed issue with stuck dumper during asphalt unloading
•   fixed occasional crash when worker with car assigned steps out of bus or train
•   fixed occasional crash while building and rail track
•   removed invalid maximum speed of vagons for trains to avoid confusion
•   Resolved problem that sometime crops production was not counted in the stats
•   cable way connection angles was increased to make building an cable ways easier
•   fixed crash issue with 32 bit version and cable way
•   fixed a couple of small problems regarding personal cars mechanics
•   Fixed problem about that citizens after shopping food was prefer to go to train/bus platform in case they not found a building to satisfy their additional needs, even they should be teleported to home building from where there was places to satisfy those needs..
•   Added code to avoid new types of vehicles stuck after latest anti-stuck fix.. which helps.. but create new occasional stuck
•   Fixed problem that too short or low bridges were unable to build via construction office
•   Cost of blueprint license for ships was decreased
•   Tweaked overtaking of the vehicles
•   Fixed problem when sometime excavator or other vehicles may not be transported to constructions with flatbed trucks

•   Fixed crash when loading blank workshop landscape
•   Fixed random crash when loading random map
•   Tweaked price of nuclear power plants
•   Added factory connection to uranium processing plant
•   Cooling tower now not available to building without electricity level
•   Fixed issue that some uranium related factory filling stats about vehicle consumption
•   Tweaked radioactivity pollution during fire
•   Now dosimeter tool is available also from nuclear power plant top bar
•   Storage with used nuclear fuel cannot be emptied
•   Fixed problem about flat peaks when generating terrain
•   Fixed issue with missing one type of high voltage electric wires

•   Fixed problem with walking and parking range was not correctly generated sometime or crashed the game during infrastructure building
•   Fixed problem with tutorial that "add stop" function was not working
•   Fixed crash when adding new stop when in schedule is way point
•   Fixed problem when sometime the large buildings such as harbor are not selectable
•   Fixed problem about opening related vehicles
•   Increased size when window get scroll bar
•   Fixed window collisions
•   Tweaked random terrain generation in the landscape editor

•   Increased capacity of the oil, aggregate and other storage buildings
•   Ships going beyond the borders need to reach edge of the map instead border
•   Tweaked production and consumption of nuclear industries
•   Corrected the default maps because rivers had dead ends
•   Corrected and fixed again the crops production stats
•   Added automatic connections to conveyor, pipelines and factory connections (hold LCTRL to disable)
•   Introduced new road curve (use scroll wheel to change curve or hold LSHIFT for old system)
•   Fixed problem about sidewalk was possible to draw anywhere even over extreme hills
•   Fixed issue that small pieces of bridges could be very steep
•   Fixed an rendering issue with tower cranes while building infrastructure constructions
•   Fixed problem road vehicles turning weird while constructing the infrastructure constructions especially bridges
•   Fixed problem - vehicle and trains not displayed in the schedule commands
•   Fixed problem that resources requiring nuclear protection was appeared in the vehicle schedule commands after such container was loaded
•   Fixed that resources requiring nuclear protection was able to transported via factory connections without begin packed into containers
•   Fixed - nuclear fuel fabrication or nuclear power plant was not able to unpack containers in case was connected directly via factory connections
•   Fixed problem that was possible to unload UF6 containers to nuclear power plant and then was impossible to pick out those containers (in case you have such containers in your nuclear power plant you need to manually sell them)
•   Fixed problem - in case Fuel fabrication and uranium conversion was connected via factory connection open trucks with command to load containers at Fuel fabrication was able to load also UF6 containers from Uranium conversion
•   Fixed crash assigning vehicle to a line with waypoints
•   Fixed railroad building - sometime was possible to build railway into sharp angle
•   Fixed problem of occasional crash when a building category is selected in the list tab
•   Fixed problem - newly produced trains was not possible to send to depot from the production line or storage for vehicles
•   Fixed problem when train enter the depot - sometime it prevent the railroad to be deleted around the depot
•   Fixed occasional crash at game save
•   Ships should not move reverse senselessly
•   Fixed excavator leaving construction if building is connected only via sidewalks
•   Fixed crash when deleting pipelines
•   Now distribution office should works better and should not get rest of cargo stuck in the trucks..
•   Now distribution office can works with custom houses
•   Now for distribution office can works also cargo stations connected via forklift facility
•   Added warning about assigned cargo station (unloading mode) for distribution office, if it's connected only to conveyor or pipeline engine, a storage in between is required to proper working of distribution office
•   Speed up for loading/unloading gods for ships on "virtual" customs (for ships)
•   Buses should now prefer the opposite road connection when leaving small bus stop

•   Fixed problem at distribution office that was sent bad types of trucks to pick up the stuff
•   Fixed another pipeline crash
•   Fixed problem that was possible send to any workplace more vehicles than number of slots
•   Fixed problem with ambulances and firetrucks circling in the endless loop between hospital and fuel station while their fuel is low
•   Zoom should not works while building cooling pipes
•   Now roads are allowed to have a little sharper curves

•   Improved flattening tool in game which not works with manual flatten with many bulldozers
•   Attempt to improve partially the railway and roads flattening
•   Corrected warning messages for nuclear power plant in case storage is full of used nuclear fuel and containers
•   Fixed another pipeline building crash
•   Displayed containers in the storage description
•   Fixed problem about container not placed after created to building
•   Fixed problem that factory was able to push container to another buildings output storage
•   Added list of containers in the list tab
•   Added code to minimize vehicle stuck situation

•   Hotfix of crash while click on construction window

•   Fix of weird hill when flattening railway
•   Now should not appear the yellow roads which are unable to flatten

•   Hotfix of radioactivity problem
•   Fixed again pipeline deletion problems

•   Hotfix of collision problem if road vehicles cannot find route

•   Added propaganda caption to almost all buildings
•   Fixed pathfinding problem
•   Fixed crash while generating terrain on 32 bit (there may be a problem quit to menu, also FPS may be lower, workaround save generated map and restart game)
•   Fixed problem with personal cars that sometime citizens get stuck in car on parking lot
•   Fixed problem with run away trucks while constructing very short piece of sidewalk

•   Fixed problem when building the sidewalk the parking log connections was not regenerated
•   Fixed train lines problems
•   Fixed issue with the screen mark search tool
•   Fixed train path finding issues
•   Fixed issue that train stopped before opposite direction signal while cannot find route to destination
•   When field was not accessible from farm, a issue low FPS appeared, now field is removed from farm.
•   Fixed - road or railtrack was possible connect to the bridge which not ends on the grounds
•   Fixed issue with crash or disappearing railtracks when placing signals
•   Fixed crash when deleting the notification messages
•   Increase maximum allowed destinations to 15 item for manual assignemnt from residential buildings or from the platforms
•   Corrected fire notification message
•   Fixed FPS drop connected to distribution office
•   Fixed import of PNG in the landscape editor
•   Removed RPM and Fuel status from container window
•   Now if you will demolish the residential buildings, game will automatically try to relocate the workers
•   Corrected a problem when relocating workers currently transported in the ambulance or waiting for ambulance
•   Fixed problem with copy schedule and wait until loaded/unloaded flag
•   Fixed tutorial issues with auto connections
•   If distribution office lost road connection target building not get delete but warning is displayed

•   Resolved of problem that train may get overfilled and not leave the station
•   Fixed problem that sometime train with containers not leave station while the wait for full load is checked
•   Fixed problem in the "space for vehicles" window
•   Fixed problem with container loading & unloading when factory connected with external container storage, sometime containers was loaded even they was full of resource which the factory needs, similar was possible with unloading

•   Hotfix of new demolish and citizens automatic moving functionality, sometime the kids leaved inside building attempted do demolition
(even in this version you can have this error, but version prevents creating new errors. To fix error in the save, you need to track the kids which remains in the building as you can see theirs living building is different from building you going to demolish. Move all people from this original living building to building you intend to demolish and then retry demolish)

•   Now in distribution office are allowed to load/unload in one building
•   Increased limit to 20 buildings in distribution office
•   Now vehicles in distribution office should more exact calculate the amount which needs to be transported
•   In distribution office was introduced an value of how much % of storage trigger loading or unloading per each building
•   Fixed issue with copy lines
•   corrected range of construction office and other buildings when range is changed
•   Fixed crash connected to distribution office, crash appear just right after game loading is finished
•   Fixed occasional crash when "load anyway" functionality used
•   Attempt to fix the waves in the roads and rail while auto flattening

•   Fixed problem with railway in the air when making detour around small hill
•   For existing distribution office saved in previous version are values for load/unload set close to original setting
•   Fixed problem when brand new vehicles or containers are unloaded or loaded to multiple buildings
•   Fixed issues with confused trains on the stations
•   If assigning the line for vehicle.. lines are automatically filtered according vehicle type
•   Fixed electricity tutorial
•   Fixed railway tutorial

•   Hotfix of pipeline building problem

•   General fix of critical problem with demolish residential buildings functionality
•   Added checks at game load in code to fix badly moved citizens created by previous bug
•   Added automatic conversion of old high voltage electric wiring
•   Fixed problem when building with captions/transparent is demolished
•   Some transparent/text position was changed
•   Some buildings now get non blocking vehicle stations - however it appear only on newly built buildings
•   Fixed a partial unload forklift garage problem (however there is still one similar issue present)

•   Fixed error about no storage for fuel in pumping harbor - if you have already built the pumping harbor ships tanking fuel for free there
•   Very random crash connected to fires was fixed, it may appear when you map is big
•   Fixed problem that sometime may be able to build an invalid road/factory connections causing to vehicles/forklift going outside of map
•   Fixed problem about buildings are sometime not select able over all parts and in tie fields or other big buildings was possible to built buildings or infrastructure
•   Fixed issues related to cooling towers, was possible to connect two power plants, or connect one cooling tower to two power plants
•   Fixed problem when sometimes after end of construction and vehicles get struck on the construction site

•   Hotfix of save/load problem and workers stuck home while working

•   Corrected distribution office calculation
•   Fixed issue with closing minimized windows
•   Fixed issue with not displaying entire building name in the window
•   Fixed issue with displaying the range of fire station

•   Hotfix of walking connections (need to build/place any piece of road or sidewalk to regenerate problematic area)

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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #34 on: August 14, 2020, 01:45:39 AM »
Modder's contest! >>> WIN A PRIZE! <<<
Thu, 13 August 2020

Dear community of Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic, we are planning on implementing tourism as a mechanic into the game and because of all of you, the modding community, who are all fantastically creative, we got the idea that you could help us to bring a new and interesting building type into the game.

Find more info here:

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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #35 on: August 19, 2020, 11:33:22 PM »
New version
Wed, 19 August 2020

Seasons and ships

In this update of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic we are introducing seasons. Now after summer, the weather will start becoming colder and you will need to be prepared for winter. During the winter everything will become covered with snow and you will need to plow the roads as well as set up a central heating network to keep your citizens from freezing.

Moreover, this update also focuses on finalizing ships; many new types of ships and harbors were added. Another interesting new feature is the possibility to pack goods into containers to speed up the loading and unloading of ships

Summary of new features
•   Seasons
•   Central heating system
•   New types of ships and harbors
•   Shipping containers support
•   Long trains support

Summary of major fixes or improvements
•   Refueling
•   Chain signals improved
•   Signals allow to enter to block more trains in case their route not collide
•   Cheat menu
•   Visualization of lines path
•   LOD support for vehicles
•   Smooth camera

Detailed list of changes
•   Seasons (winter) support
•   New types of ships & official release of ships support
•   Longer trains support - you need to build long railway depot
•   Cheat menu was introduced - some hotkeys was replaced with buttons or check boxes
•   Task list in production lines
•   Containers packing/unpacking facility to pack resources into containers to faster loading/unloading to ships
•   Ship with supports to store containers, vehicles and trains
•   Tool for copying selected part of your buildings/infrastructure
•   LODs support for vehicles
•   Fixed ambient occlusion now works also on lower resolutions and it is more exact with less errors
•   Fixed threading synchronization and Win 10 low performance problem
•   Hard drive full check
•   changed algorithm to loading vehicles/containers on flatbed trucks or vagon (or ships) allowing to specify more areas and also the height of the space to load vehicles or containers on the flatbed
•   changed algorithm for re-fuelling
•   added smooth camera transition when localization vehicles or buildings and also when following objects
•   now signals allow train to pass the signal even if next bloc is engaged, if the train not collide
•   added visualization of signaling blocs on the railways
•   changed re-fuel search algorithms
•   Added smooth camera
-Changed path finding algorithm - now it count also with actual traffic and select the path with less dense traffic
•   Fixed problem when selling trains or manipulating with vagons too early when train is entering the depot
•   now small bus stops allowing to enter buses from both sides same time
•   18MW electric wiring pole is now higher
•   cooling towers should now not have snow inside
•   added warning message about temperature into buildings (where needed)
•   disabled heating in exterior playgrounds (like football field)
•   fixed issue with paused game and snow
•   attempt to fix issue about blocked
•   fixed issue with snowplow circling around
•   added self collision for trains
•   fixed issue with very slow cooling down of heating plants, endstations or switches
•   corrected vehicle and walking speed on road with trolleys
•   now cars will drive slower on roads without lighting during night
•   fixed issue with train collisions on the platforms/stations
•   fixed railway tutorial issues
•   corrected inaccuracy with screen mark tool (like passengers on the platforms, kids with no schools, etc)
•   added electricity and heating properties to screen mark tool
•   fixed various issues/crashes with city copy tool
•   added loading tips
•   tips around cursor during the game will display only once now
•   added warning icon if train is in collision
•   fixed issue about train moving even out of fuel
•   start date was moved to April in case seasons enabled
•   changed order of rendering to avoid problems with field plants
•   added oil/fuel loading stations for road vehicles
•   added 8 new ships
•   snow is now less frequent
•   fixed issue with screenmark search and passenger stations
•   fixed issue that electricity and heating in screenmark search displayed in building where they should not
•   fixed issue with visualization of resources on the flatbed vehicles / vagons
•   added new snowplows
•   added visualization of lines
•   fixed problem with viken tanker
•   start month back to march
•   increased slightly speed of grow of crops while seasons enabled
•   increased temperature in march
•   disabled heating requirements for mines and woodcutting post
•   Cheat menu checkbox is now hidden and need to be activated via C+H+E keys pressing
•   Fixed issue with crashing workshop map at startup
•   Fixed issue with crashing game at deleting city/area name point
•   Fixed very occasional crash when loading game where previously an unfinished mod building was unsubscribed
•   Changed refueling code - increased maximum distance for fuel stations and increased minimal fuel amount required for vehicle to start looking for gas station
•   Fixed crash when viewing traffic (pressing T key) also now view traffic is LCONTROL + T
•   Fixed problem about trains was possible to load on the flatbed truck
•   Now heat should not be count in production stats and also fixed issue with purchase heating at some buildings
•   Fixed issue with crane to going to help with small heating plant - but need build new one to get this fixed
•   Fixed crash related to personal cars going to fuel station
•   Fixed problem when sometime car is listed more time as heading to this parking
•   Fixed problem about sometimes was oil tanker not able to load from oil harbor
•   Fixed trolleybus depot problem, there was listed also other vehicle types aside from trolleybuses
•   Changed citizens health and happiness penalty when there is no heating in building, health decreasing when interior temperature is lower, at not so low temperatures only happiness is decreasing
•   Changes on the train pathfinding mechanics
•   Changes on gas station mechanics - now road vehicles prefers only road gas stations
•   Trains takes into account when looking for gas station, also if next station will be reachable from it
•   Train when looking for route, they take into account also it's length to avoid self collisions if train is long
•   Fixed issues with struck trains
•   Visualization of gas stations range - in case no gas station found
•   Automatic assignment of construction for CO after finishing constructions
•   New window with overview of the assigned construction offices for the constructions
•   Sort in the tab list
•   Fixed issue with too bright particles when night game changes to night or to day
•   Turned off experimental traffic pathfinding to fix performance issues
•   Changed name of unfinished infrastructure, now is display according type (unfinished road, unfinished railway etc)
•   Added screenmarks for lines visualization
•   Fixed crash issues at loading (especially when you trying activate seasons via terrain editor :-) )
•   Attempt to fix money bug when starting game on seasons (a new game need to be started..or stats.ini deleted)
•   Quarry now not require heating
•   Fixed crash when renaming vehicles
•   Fixed production queue functionality in dry dock
•   Fixed issue that heating plant not behave fully as factory-like for causing moders failed to make nuclear heating plant
•   Added scroll arrows to construction CO assignment windows
•   fixed auto assign of un-accessible constructions
•   fixed issue with struck snow plows (it will not appear again, already struck plows use "place to home" from vehicle debug menu)
•   fixed various issues (crash, off road movement, 180 turns) when connecting/upgrading roads when the road vehicles are on it
•   Now is allowed to copy workshop items locally.. you can copy mods from STEAMsteamappsworkshopcontent784150 to media_soviet/workshop_wip without any edits in workshopconfig.ini.. but you need unsubscribe from original mod (otherwise game will take subscribed item), you will not see mod in the "your items" in the menus, but you will see mod in the game and you will able to use it
•   Fixed issue about nuclear containers was possible to unload to container facility
•   Fixed issue with LODs, sometime vehicles displayed low level of detail even camera was close
•   Now if you delete some building the heating pipeline and pipeline not get deleted
•   optimized experimental traffic pathfinding (but it needs to be turned ON from cheat menu.. for default it is now turned OFF)
•   Added possibility to change game settings (electricity, heating, seasons) during game
•   Fixed issue with container/vehicle stacking
•   Fixed issue with chain signals which could cause that train pass into block even it should not
•   Changed mechanics of chain signals - now not only next bloc exits are checked but also all next blocs until end of route or until classic signal in the route
•   Fixed problem with cheat menu offset
•   Fixed rare problem about FPS drop when building railtrack
•   When moving workers from one building to another, now random workers are moved not the workers who was first moved into building
•   Another attempt to fix money bug error, due to random appear of bug, fix cannot be confirmed, let us know if you get this bug on this version
•   Fixed crash when closing window of vehicle which transporting other vehicles
•   Fixed problem about sometime the ship line cannot be applied to ship, while manual assignment of stops worked
•   Fixed issue if passenger train delivering workers to train production line, it may accidentaly load/join some locomotives or vagons from factory
•   Fixed crash related when train is sent to fuel station
•   Added small pumping station for heating
•   Heating pipes description about flow was adjusted (changed units) so the values can be compared with buildings capacity etc
•   When switched to landscape editor mode game will switch to normal speed to avoid problems with brushes
•   Fixed button "This year" when checking statistics and seasons are enabled
•   Small pumping station now have the road connection
•   Fixed problem that signal stays red after long train passing bloc
•   Added heating tutorial
•   Increased range of heating substation
•   Decreased heating consumption by 30%
•   Fixed crash when adding stop to lines
•   Added first version on lines spacing - anti-bunching vehicles on the lines (vehicles will slow down so they will spread between all stops)
(this option you need to turn ON by checking checkbox in the cheat menu, default is OFF)
•   If vehicle is teleported to home gas station is reset
•   Now in landscape editor there is possible to control game speed, while the bruses working at paused game
•   If electricity or heating is turned off then turned on again, fixed problem when some buildings are not properly connected to sub stations
•   Fixed collision issue related to small bus stations
•   Now should be crazy prices or electricity problems fixed and should not appear again
•   Fixed some inaccuracy in lines visualizations
•   Fixed crash related manufactured trains unloading in overfilled depot
•   Now is possible for moders to do vehicle with more skills like bulldozer and snowplow same time
•   Restored the old type of high voltage electric wires (some of them found it more consistent with transformers) lets leave in game until transformers not get graphical upgrade
•   increase loading / unload speeds for cargo harbors
•   fixed crash related to new signal mechanics (train passing on red color, if way is free)
•   first version of selecting priority for snow plowing
•   fixed visual problem with construction of accounting office
•   now pipelines are required to be above railway or roads
•   fixed crash when firetruck is send to depot while on the mission
•   fixed railway glitches when creating X junctions on the double track or multi track
•   fixed snowing in tunnels - now should vehicle not slow down in tunnel due to snow
•   fixed inaccuracy in pumping heat water from heating plants or exchangers
•   added information in substation and heat exchanger windows about capacity of connected buildings
•   fixed crash when adding depot to railway line
•   updated fuel pathfinding
•   attempt to fix crash during game related to snowplows
•   fixed railway laying crash related to coloring the signal blocs
•   tweaked signal mechanics, in some cases train was not able select the free track when waiting on chain signals
•   tweaked rail pahtfinding, sometime train prefer to go through building instead straight line
•   fixed small freezes/stuttering related to snow plowing
•   fixed technical services window issue
•   if turning off the seasons from the game settings menu, now snow is removed from all roads
•   fixed collision issue with some bridge types
•   fixed bug with highlighting bridges during winter
•   fixed issue with too high electric consumption for aggregate gravel loading
•   disabled heating in another industry buildings (in almost all factories), those in reality have their own heating systems (rebuild of the building is needed)
•   fixed problem about ship loading fuel at umping harbor loads also the content of tank intended for refuel
•   changed mechanics for wagons unloading - now there is limit how many wagons can load/unload at same time, this limit is set according the size of the station track
•   increase wattage for train loading/unloading stations
•   Eng proof check (not all strings was checked)
•   hotfix of crash bug introduced by previous update
•   removed heating requirement from fabric factory
•   removed heating requirement general from all factories and mines (even from workshop)

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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #36 on: August 29, 2020, 03:32:20 AM »
Fri, 28 August 2020

small fixes
•   Now heating requirement will be removed from old factories without requirement to rebuilt
•   Now also dry dock and in general all production lines not require heating
•   Removed again the old high voltage pole - causing some other problems
•   Fixed crash during Import vehicle
•   Fixed problem with consumption of energy in the train aggregate loading
•   the default curve angle for road, rails and pipes was decreased
•   updated a electric consumption when loading/unloading fuel tanks (or modded electric generator powered by fuel), now should be possible to load/unload fuel even without electricty at limited speed
•   russian localization update
•   slovak localization update (still WIP)
•   updated signal mechanics - problem with waiting rows
•   fixed issue with not removing the heating requirements in factories
•   fixed crash when deleting rails
•   updated default curve radius for footpaths

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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #37 on: September 06, 2020, 11:46:54 PM »
Sun, 6 September 2020

Just pushing small fixes to stable version!
•   fixed conflicts between heating plants
•   fixed crash related to snow plows
•   fixed bad arrow position in personal cars tutorial
•   fixed magnification tool when vehicle cannot find route
•   fixed crash when clicking to substation after game settings change

In case after update you get some problems, like game not starting, game crashing, try first do the verify integrity of game files

In case game seems completely broken best is to do this test with temporary disabled antivirus, or at least check if your antivirus not hold some files while testing integrity.

If this not helps, let us know in forum your problem. Best is to start the new thread. You should say if the new game is problematic, or only any specific save. Let us know if game crashed always at same stage, or after loading latest autosave you can normally continue, so crash is random..

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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #38 on: October 05, 2020, 11:47:26 PM »
Mon, 5 October 2020

Small fixes released for stable branch.
•   fixed crash when changed energy management to buildings + vehicle in existing game
•   fixed crash when demolition of gas station
•   fixed snow plow turns, now they not enter to the buildings
•   decreased density of snowing - some of you complaining about this effect is too strong
•   fixed crash related to snow plows and refuel

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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #39 on: December 23, 2020, 01:47:36 AM »
New version
Tue, 22 December 2020

Airplanes & tourism

This update of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic introduces airplanes, including the airport design and implementation

Operate the airplanes and build the aluminium industry chain so you can construct airplanes. Go through all the process, from the extraction of bauxite to the treatment of aluminium oxide, before obtaining the finished aluminium.

Moreover, this upgrade of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic also contains the introduction of tourism as a new profitable business. Bring foreign tourists to your country, build amusement parks or other attractions and create new ways of earning additional income.

The update also features a great improvement in the models of the citizens and all the SFX have been implemented and revised by the slovak sound studio Grand Beats. Also, the first version of the building editor has been released.

Main features
•   airplanes
•   tourism
•   new SFX (UI, vehicles, buildings, ambient sfx) still WIP
•   building editor first version
•   better accessible terrain editor, without requirement to create workshop item
•   new citizens models
•   global events (still WIP)
•   performance optimizations for DX11.1
•   three new tutorials
•   cloud saves
•   added mixed signals.. half normal half chain
•   new camera controls LALT to rotate and X/C
•   new roman trucks
•   sirens SFX
•   texts on mini map
•   increased railway length for train production line
•   workshop support for building skins

Other fixes & changes
•   added checkbox to deactivate all mods
•   added icons for sell all vehicles and place all vehicles to home into building's window
•   added info in brand new vehicle window about selling price when delivered to custom house
•   added more info about current loans into economy tab
•   added new lights to more buildings
•   added new vehicle - 25tons dumper
•   added possibility to discard cargo in vehicles
•   added possibility to tweak max number of workers for infrastructure constructions. by default this amount of workers is set to max 100
•   added visualization of city/area range of influence
•   added warning message to fields and farms about sowing and harvesting before/during the winter
•   added white strips to some windows to make the info better readable
•   attempt to fix the issue related to parking ranges if some piece of road is delete the recalculation range was increased
•   better accessible terrain editor, from workshop menu
•   corrected window of field, now show you the max amount of workers
•   decreased amount of people get sick by accident, so ambulances should be less used, and people should rather going to hospital by own
•   fixed problem about blueprint which cost more 100,000,000 not able to purchase in unlimited money mode
•   fixed cableway cabins - small graphics problem
•   fixed city hall statistics
•   fixed collision issue with trains while on station tracks
•   fixed issue about sometime was able connect two rail track into one building entrance/connection
•   fixed issue about vehicles was sent from depot to gas station and loose their line/schedule
•   fixed issue if vehicle returned to fire station or rail construction office reset the amount of workers
•   fixed issue when collapsing more than 10 buildings in the DO office window
•   fixed issue when train is not rendered or rendered badly while it waiting on the station
•   fixed issue with bad description for icons in the screen mark menu
•   fixed issue with rail track rendering
•   fixed issue with too big circuit breaker for the cargo harbors especially container harbor
•   fixed issue with trains choosing the longer route to destination
•   fixed issue with transporting resources through unfinished pipes
•   fixed overflow when purchasing vehicles when inflation is very high
•   fixed partially pipeline fps drops
•   fixed pillars of trolleybus brick bridge
•   fixed problem about sometimes cooling pipes not reachable from CO (in case you have this problem need to re-do cooling tower or power plant road connection)
•   fixed random crash at loading on Windows 7 launch options
•   fixed terrain editor crash when generating trees
•   fixed vehicle stuck at entrance problem
•   fixed white font bug when checking city/area stats
•   graphics settings for citizens
•   if tweaking productivity in buildings, decrease and increasing amount of workers is set according the total amount of workers
•   improved load anyway functionality, in case mod is missing (avoidance of crash)
•   in case train stopped at station or by signal, rail crossing will let the road vehicles to pass the crossing in case they not collide the train
•   now the CO send buses to constructions even productivity is set to 0, this productivity affect only workers going to construction directly, default amount of external workers (outside CO) is set to 15% of total workers can be present on the construction
•   now trains driving through rail gas station in case their fuel less than 40% should stop and tank
•   now vehicles/container on the ship or train or road vehicle cannot be loaded if vehicle is not empty
•   possible to switch LMB and RMB in control settings for left handed people
•   refreshing of vehicles is now random so first purchased train should not take all the resources all time from the source
•   rendering of citizens was optimized
•   signals at rail crossings are now more accurate
•   storage info in windows now show also how much is the storage filled to avoid confusion
•   system to allow have more icons in the building's top panels has been done
•   tweaked train pathfinding to avoid detours (related to signal red colors along shortest route)
•   updated railway production line - longer track and check if trainset can fit
•   updates in code for modded 1930 game start. in order to vehicle appear according configured
•   Added possibility to batch upgrade infrastructure such as road or railways with holding LSHIFT
•   Size of some trees was reduced
•   Fixed problem when Container loading facility loads the resources from neighbor building even there was limit specified in the storage to not store those resources.
•   Bulk conveyor engine was slightly fixed to avoid road connection problems
•   If window is not active (alt tab) camera should now not move
•   Follow camera depth of field now focus to followed object
•   Fixed issue if upgrading the mud road to road with lamps on trolley, those was not created and visible
•   Fixed issue about it was possible to upgrade any bridge (even wooden bridge) to the bridge with the trolleys
•   Fixed issues with conveyor angle check
•   Added possibility to add also custom WAV and vehicle sound config into the workshop mods, check items 1834540483 and 1858616795 as reference/sample
•   Alphabetical sorting of building types for building lists
•   Russian and polish localization update
•   Removed CO cooperate checkbox because causing the issues
•   Spanish and Polish translation update
•   Added possibility to copy - load directly an terrain from terrain editor into an workshop landscape item
•   optimized fields rendering
•   Fixed issue with forklift not send sometime to transport resources, in case you will have this issue, you will need to sell all forklifts from garages connected to problematic buildings, it was caused by schedule for forklift not get sometime reset, causing forklift is not send and also other forklift, because forklift with struck schedule is intend to transport resources, so other forklift thinks they don't need to start.
•   Fixed rare crash connected to lines management

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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #40 on: January 08, 2021, 02:30:11 PM »
Fri, 8 January 2021

Mostly Small fixes from test branch releasing now as stable. There are still some known issue connected to conveyors, distribution offices and minor pathfinding issues, we will bring the fixes very soon!
•   Fixed small mistake in line windows, there was instead "Vehicles on the line" caption like "Line stations"
•   Fixed issue when firetruck sent to the fire station, the amount of workers required was not re-calculated
•   Fixed crash using place all vehicles home, if some vehicle from CO have another vehicle loaded on the flatbed
•   Fixed issue with last finished parking not regenerated parking connections
•   If tourist without hotel travel with ships he is allowed to travel 4xlonger
•   Passenger or worker is allowed to travel longer in ship and cableway
•   Worker are allowed to travel longer in the CO buses
•   Decreased/slowed birthrate by 20%
•   Decreased range of sirens SFX
•   Change behavior of trains in collision, now they flip to reverse direction in case collision
•   Small change in rail snapping - previously in some cases was able to divide rail track in the bad way, creating very small piece of rail track which could cause crash
•   Added forklift support for airplane cargo terminal
•   Fixed airplane can find path when building connection was not connected to taxiway
•   Fixed CO assign unreachable constructions
•   Fixed issue preventing run the launcher app in case steam was set in Hungarian language
•   Fixed 30 days amount to pay in the penalty window
•   Fix for crash due to building transparents if using load anyway functionality
•   Fixed crash when turned off heating then turned on back in the ongoing game
•   Fixed graphical corruption in Building editor
•   Fixed issue about strange window if big rail depot selected when click on the building's road
•   Italian translation update
•   Some of the debug functions keys was removed
•   Timer traveling runs for tourist without slower in airplanes and cableways

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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #41 on: January 23, 2021, 03:52:22 AM »
Report for the Community #7
Dec 11, 2020

Another week has passed, and we are closer to Christmas. The focus was on fixing critical issues which were found in test version, but we started to work on new features for the game too.

Another thing we want to mention is the brand-new 3DIVISION logo which you may have noticed while starting the public-test version of the game. And we have a new company website

There are two requested features we started to work on. First is „batch upgrade“ of roads, sidewalks and rails. The idea is to allow players to select a rectangular area in which all roads or rails will be automatically marked for upgrade. This may save lots of clicks when players want to upgrade roads.

Another improvement, which is work in progress, is the selection for both „copy of area“ and „batch upgrade“, which are going to be aligned to camera view.

Then we are giving modders option to add custom WAV sounds to vehicles in workshop. The documentation will be added soon into the forum. Meanwhile you can check first and second workshop items as samples, for how to do that.

We were tweaking tourism by reducing profitability of hotels, changing the way how tourist are being charged for using of Public Transport and adjusting the number of tourists generated at borders. Some sounds needed to be rebalanced and the follow camera focus (depth of field) was adjusted.

We had some feedback about wrong size of trees, so we reduced the size of some of them. There was a problem with camera moving or rotating after Alt+Tab is used and that was fixed. We fixed an issue when bauxite mine and quarry were working even when their excavator was out of the building while on its refueling journey. Then there was an issue with 3x plane parking when the plane was not able to start in some cases and we fixed that.

You may be interested in knowing about inspiration for our vanilla building which are in the game. Here you can check some pictures of the town Košice where most of the prefabs can be found in real life. Find in photos the buildings like, medical university, prefab apartments, communist party HQ or the town hall. And a challenge for you, in couple of pictures, there are the apartments for students/hostels barely visible. Who can find them? :-)

Another requested feature are underpasses and overpasses for pedestrians. These are going to be added in version 0.8.4. Check out a little preview of what another update, which should be released in early 2021 will bring.

Thank You for Your support


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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #42 on: January 24, 2021, 03:01:02 AM »
Report for the Community #8
Dec 18, 2020

As the end of this year is closing in and we are slowly entering the holiday season, we continue to work on fixing issues, players and testers found in beta test, to be able to switch beta into stable. The last week was about bug fixes and it would not be overly exciting to write about them, but some progress was made. We also made some tweaks to epidemy global event, mainly to make it less common and changed its impact on population.

From among new features, we want to mention the change we made for workers moving on foot. Until now they were walking only on roads and pathways and they disappeared when they reached the building. That is going to be changed. We want to have them moving not only outside buildings but also inside, because some of them have some exterior areas.

We read requests for implementing walls and fences to the game. You know there are still people who want to build the wall for different purposes or just make some fences. We are answering these and walls and fences will be added to the game. Currently we have two kinds of these as work in progress. One is a thick wall, like the wall, which was built in Berlin, and the other is more like a fence. You will be able to draw lines of walls in the game in future.

Next week the holiday season starts here, in Slovakia which means we will have some extra days of to spend with our families. It is not going to stop the work, but it may affect it. In addition, we have new broad national lockdown starting on Saturday 19th here in Slovakia which will last until 9th January. It means that life will slow down because many facilities will stay closed, but travel and commuting to work are not restricted. There will be at least one more report like this before the end of the year.

Thank You for Your Support


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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #43 on: January 27, 2021, 02:30:12 AM »
Try "Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic" FREE DEMO!
Tue, 26 January 2021

If you still can't decide to buy "Soviet Republic" - try a free demo!

The Demo includes all game features and it's limited only by the amount of vehicles and buildings.

Enter the game page and click "Download WR:SR demo".

We hope that you enjoy your game :)

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Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Reply #44 on: January 28, 2021, 02:44:49 AM »
Report for the Community #9
Jan 8 2021

After a week of break due to holiday season, we are back with another report. The health situation in our country is critical and we are still in lockdown with severe restrictions, but we were able to spend some quality time with our families and get some rest to jump into 2021 with full energy. There was a bit less activity from the development team after the open beta branch was switched to stable version, but now we are gearing up to our usual pace.

From new features in development, we want to mention new option to set different resources for each wagon of the train. It is planned to be added in 0.8.4 and you will be able to load and transport multiple resources on single train, even those which cannot be mixed, by dedicating certain cars to be filled with certain resources exclusively. That is a feature which was requested a long time ago and we think it can improve the logistics significantly.

Another important thing we want to mention is that the price of the game was slightly increased from 22€ to 25€ or from $25 to $30. It is based on decision not to separate some features which were meant to be part of a DLC later. This way there will be only one version for all with all essential features and DLC will come after the game leaves its Early Access stage.

From among fixes and tweaks we want to mention the recent changes of birth-rate. After the deathrate was indirectly decreased by lowering accidental health damage to citizens, we needed to lower the birth-rate because the population was growing too fast. In the first try we lowered it by 40%, but that seemed to be too much, so it was additionally raised by 20%. We still need some time to observe how this will affect some already developed maps, but it may be close to being balanced now.

Thank You for Your support


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    Republican Bayonets on the Rhine - A Short Preview/Introduction: By JC

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    THE GROGPUBLIC OF ROME -- a Republic of Rome forum game adaptation

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