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I'm not able to have radar lock dashed line from DCS ACMI, i saw it in old youtube movie (in your demo too) but not in my ACMI or my group server ACMI
Whato is wrong?

Hi Francky,

The radar locks are currently available only to FC3 aircraft piloted by the local player. So, if you are flying the F/A-18 for example or you are watching a Su-27 from ANOTHER player or an AI, you will not get themů

This is a limitation of the telemetry API of DCS World. I am thinking of a workaround, if this is successful, I will implement it in a revised version of the exporter.

Any update on a workaround?


It is still the case that radar locks are only available in FC3 aircraft piloted by the local player.

Currently we are hoping to improve this in Tacview 2.0


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