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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Sunday Mission 03/03/19 @ GMT19:00
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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Sunday Mission 03/03/19 @ GMT19:00

This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.

Combat Team Advance at Woodhill 1994 by Panzer_Leader (modified and renamed Night_Battle1 by KMW)

The Russian Pacific Fleet is operating off Australia's Queensland coast and the 55th Mozyrskaya Red Banner Naval Infantry Division has conducted an amphibious landing south of Brisbane, seizing all major routes and cutting it off from southern Australia.  Elements of the 390th Naval Infantry Regiment have advanced south in an attempt to seize Beaudesert and block likely Australian reinforcements advancing north via the inland route.  The Australian Army's 1st Brigade has moved rapidly north from staging areas in New South Wales and, after a sharp engagement north of Woodhill, consolidated its defences in Beaudesert, while 390th Naval Infantry Regiment develops a main defensive position in and around Jimboomba. 
a. Enemy Forces 

The Russian 390th Naval Infantry Regiment is establishing its main defensive position vicinity JIMBOOMBA.  Reconnaissance has identified a suspected enemy security outpost in WOODHILL, 7 kilometres north of your location.  Intelligence estimates the security outpost comprises a dug-in BTR-equipped Naval Infantry platoon with probable reinforcement by at least one tank of T-55 or PT-76 type.  Doctrinal templates indicate obstacles may also be encountered.       
Elements of the Naval Infantry regiment's Reconnaissance Company have been detected and engaged forward of our position and may be encountered south of WOODHILL.
Fire support from the Naval Infantry battalion's organic 120 mm mortar platoon can be expected.  Supporting assets from the Naval Infantry platoon's parent battalion and regiment may be encountered in the approaches to CEDAR GROVE-CEDAR VALE.
The airspace above the battlefield is contested and enemy fixed- and rotary-wing aviation may be operating.

b. Friendly Forces

You command Combat Team C (CT C) of Battle Group Leopard (BG Leopard), comprised C Company, 5th/7th Royal Australian Regiment (Mechanised), with a tank troop from B Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment cross-attached and a cavalry troop from A Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment attached.

A battery of six M198 155 mm howitzers with HE and SMOKE from 8th/12th Medium Regiment is available for indirect fire support.

c. Attachments / Detachments
- A troop of 4 LAV-25 from A Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment is attached.
- A troop of 4 Leopard AS1 from B Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment is attached.
- 1 Leopard AS1 with Track Width Mine Plough from HQ Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment is attached for conduct of hasty breach, if required.
- A platoon of 4 M113A1 APC is detached.


BG Leopard has been ordered by commander 1 Brigade to conduct an advance to contact, identify the composition of the suspected enemy security outpost in QUINTUS, then attack and clear QUINTUS of enemy forces and hold it against possible counter-attack before BG Leopard moves forward in preparation to clear axis CEDAR GROVE-CEDAR VALE. 
Combat Team C has been ordered by BG Leopard to: 
a)   V11 to advance to contact and confirm reinforcement of QUINTUS by T-55 or PT-76 no later than H+60.
b)   Upon release of CT C, conduct quick attack to clear QUINTUS and hold against possible counter-attack from direction CEDAR GROVE.  Do not cross Limit of Exploitation (LOE) TOBRUK.

Major, the plan to complete the mission is up to you.

Good luck!

- Fixed a bug which prevented 20 points for correct identification of tank type reinforcing QUINTUS within the H+60 time limit being received.
- Red defensive mortar fire strengthened.
- Improvements to Red reconnaissance patrol and counter-penetration force scripting.

- Correctly identify whether QUINTUS is reinforced by T-55 or PT-76 by H+60 (0445) = 20 points. Select Trigger 1 if you identify reinforcement by T-55 or Trigger 2 if you identify reinforcement by PT-76.  Selecting the incorrect trigger or selecting a trigger after H+60 (0445) will result in the loss of the 20 available points.
- Clear QUINTUS of enemy forces = 60 points.
- Retain combat power of at least 70% at mission end = 20 points. (You will lose 0.6667 points for every percentage point of combat power lost to a maximum of 20 points).

- The mission starts at 0345 when it is dark but it will be light enough to see by 0410.
- Pulling Trigger 1 or Trigger 2 will make your full Combat Team of mechanised infantry, armour and supporting elements available for the attack on QUINTUS. This will be accompanied by a radio message from BG Leopard Commanding Officer "Three-Niner, this is Niner. Move now, out!".
- Units crossing CT C's boundaries will enter a penalty zone and may be destroyed.
- Maximum mission time is 120 minutes - 10% random. 

- The M113A1 with T50 turret is represented by the M113A1 with 'Gun shield' and 'Cupola shield'.
- Australian mechanised infantry sections comprise two rifle squads equipped with 5.56 mm rifle (F88 Austeyr) and 5.56 mm MG with 800 ready rounds (F89 Minimi (M249 SAW)). One squad is equipped with M2 Carl Gustaf and one with M72A1 LAW. 
- The SPG-9 is represented by a dug-in BMP-1 with 'Coax', 'Engine', 'Radio', 'Driver', 'Missile launcher' and 'Searchlight' disabled.
- Russian Naval Infantry sections comprise two rifle squads equipped with 5.45 mm rifle (AK-74); one with 5.45 mm MG with 320 ready rounds (RPK-74) and one with (R)PG-7L. Sources: FM 100-2-3, The Soviet Army: Troops, Organization, and Equipment, 1991 and OPFOR Worldwide Equipment Guide, 2000.

Dogs Of War Vehicles: (in mission)

M60A3 (TTS): Click here

M113G3-DK: Click here

M113 Medic: Click here

M88A1 MRV: Click here

M977 HEMTT Supply: Click here

M978 HEMTT Fueler: Click here

** Notes **
SB Version: 4.023
Mission Name: Combat Team Advance at Woodhill 1994
Created by: Panzer-Leader
Available at:
Modified by: KMW
Multi-Crew: Yes
Single Crew: Yes
Largest command: Platoon
Smallest command: Crew Position
Mission Duration: 120 minutes -10% random
Minimum number of players: 2
Date: Sunday Mission 03/03/19
Time: 19:00 GMT
Time (local): Click here
Teamspeak IP:
Room: Steel Beasts Pro

Player Skill/Ability:
   Completion of at least 1 full tutorial or M1A1, or reading the Wiki pages for M60A3 (TTS) or M113G3-DK.
   Working knowledge of Comms procedure.
   HAVOC designated members and Red Alert.
   Our goal is to have the DOW session more immersive and realistic.

Manning list:

M60A3 (TTS)s

M1A1 (HA)


M113 Medic x2:
M88A1 MRV:
M977 HEMTT Supply x2:
M978 HEMTT Fueler:

Mission discussion Click here
I ride inside Steel Beasts.


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