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Author Topic: Luftwaffe - German Airforce  (Read 74 times)

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Offline General Sandman

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Luftwaffe - German Airforce
« on: February 10, 2019, 03:10:38 PM »

I am not known as a FlightSim freak, but currently here in germany theres a discussion about our tornado contingent.  :bitchslap

As far as I know, the german airforce still has about 85 active tornados of different modifications. Those machines are about to expire in terms of effectiveness and effeciency. Obviously there is no decent modern alternative jet of german or european production to replace the remaining tornados. So now there´s a discussion about what to do best.  :director :grump :pray :confused :book :dunno

Since the german defence department and its secretaries and administration seemed to lack of competence and effective structure for a long time :Shit fan :meeting :shots :scared1 :bullshit :poke, I just want to find out, if our experts in this forum are better advisors to handle the problem, if they´re interested in the subject, of course.

Offline Frankie

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Re: Luftwaffe - German Airforce
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2019, 01:32:03 PM »
I'll have to consult Tony Stark on this one.

After the Dogs of War are let slip, let us smoke the Pipes Of Peace.

Offline Tom N

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Re: Luftwaffe - German Airforce
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2019, 04:33:29 PM »
Hi Mr. General Sandman(n) and hi Frankie,

I happened to witness many problems with the Tornado Recce variant
(in Kropp/Jagel --> Schleswig-Holstein),
mostly with "one engine failures" and "moving the gear down errors".
Once the onboard gun was triggered "armed" and couldn't be unarmed again.
Some Tornado crash accidents involved maneuvers near ground, I think.
But the Tornado still handles a lot more safer than the Starfighter
(AG-51 stocked those before the Tornado got into service
nickname for the Starfighter: widow maker )

And getting the spare parts is a problem, too.

Via the "Tornado - Operation Desert Storm"-Sim I got to love that airplane,
but in reality the German vehicle has quite some illnesses.
(though NEVER with wing, flap, slat configuration, MIND that)

Might need to consult real airplane mechanics for more details.

I'd suggest trying to replace/ modify the engines, if that would be possible.
Think about packing 2 or 4 more of those into the hull ;-)
Or really do an overhaul!

The engines, as calculations and comparisons with MiG-31 and Su-27 have shown
(thanks to Speedwagon to help a lot there),
are THE WEAKNESS in the Tornado weapon system.

You might experiment with engine bleed/ bleed air amount (Zapfluft) as well.

But I really have no clue, I'm not a technician nor a pilot!

[EDIT] Getting more ideas by the minute:
uninstall the airbrakes, pilots will handle splendidly without them,
and replace the back seat by a nice, female AI ! (saves more space and weight)

Whet/ grind the surface to deflect radar rays in all other directions but back to the source :D

Remove the undercarriage and use a stretcher-like structure on the runway, on which the pilot needs to land and lock (because, in a real bad situation the airplane can land totally fine without the gear)

Cancel out pylon swiveling by replacing the wing armament stuff towards the Tornado belly, the Bomb slots needs replacement to the Tornado top (upper hull), so then the Tornado can do fighting stuff by staying heads up in the air, then going into bomb drop run by inverting the plane. (little bit insane? -ah, still possible to do that, wouldn't it?)
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