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Radio Commander
« on: February 06, 2019, 12:58:17 AM »

Use the radio to give commands to the soldiers on the battlefield. Keep track of the situation based on their voice reports only. Lead US platoons to clash with Vietcong in a realistic, innovative approach to the RTS genre. Make hard choices in a narrative driven experience, and face the outcome.

Homepage: Here
Steam: Here
Official forum: Here
YouTube: Here


Radio Commander Teaser


In Radio Commander you are playing as an American military commander serving in US Army during the Vietnam War. You will be carrying heavy burden as your mission is to coordinate military operations taking place between 1965 and 1967. But this is not just another RTS, in which you are an invisible being hovering over the battlefield. In Radio Commander situation reports are given to you in form of dramatic radio statements sent by troops fighting on the ground. And your only accessory is a strategic map, on which you can place tags and notes. Will you be smart, fast and cold-blooded enough to carry the responsibility and save your men?

Radio Commander offers an unique experience very different from classic real time strategy games. It’s a bold try to redefine the genre, as player will be involved in decision making process much more realistic than those pictured by casual RTS. Ask for situation reports. Listen what your men have to tell you. Send evac choppers and nape drops. Defeat the invisible enemy.

Experience the story of soldiers and their commander, trapped in the middle of bloody, chaotic, morally ambiguous Vietnam conflict. Dive into a scenario that doesn’t avoid the difficult issues of civilians trapped in the theater of action, shady CIA operations, and cynical political pressures. Discover those uneasy situations, presented in such cult classics as Platoon, Full Metal Jacket or Apocalypse Now, which were happening on a daily basis for those serving in Vietnam. See for yourself how hard it is to make the right choices in the middle of a fire exchange with Vietcong.

Decide the fate of your soldiers. The choices you face will have a direct impact on the course of the game. They will also define views of your hero. Or maybe those are your views? Playing Radio Commander you must be prepared to answer tough questions about the righteousness of your actions, price of a human life, and the toxic power of propaganda and stereotypes.

Radio Commander is not another empty action game. You will play as the commander operating from his tent, using only a radio and a map. You will be staring at the map for hours, listening carefully to the reports. Your decisions will affect life of many people. Just like in real life, there are no fancy graphics and animations to help you imagine what’s happening on battlefield. Only you, your map, and skills. You have to listen and be smart. Thanks to this, level of immersion is much greater than in normal real time strategy games.

You will take under your command not only units of infantry, air cavalry or field artillery, but also powerful units of air support. It’s in your will to order the jungle-burning nape drops, or devastating bombings. Are you ready to bring the rain of fire and burn the enemy positions to the ground? Are you sure that your soldiers are far enough and won't take damages? And does the ends always justify the means?

Beneath the narrative layer, hidden from your eyes, a deep and complex simulation is taking place. In Radio Commander every unit is described by unique set of statistics. You will have to worry about your platoons morale, supplies, and even stamina. All those factors will be important during your soldiers' confrontations with enemy, unfriendly terrain and extreme Vietnamese climate. What will you do, when your choppers report, that they are out of fuel and forced to land in the middle of the jungle? Will you send the rescue mission risking the life of even more soldiers?

Troops under your command are not just pawns on the map. They are complicated, multi-layered human beings, with their own voices, problems, strengths and weaknesses. Mutual trust is essential. They depend on your judgment and cool decisions, while you are hoping they’re giving their best. Discover hundreds of original dialogues and scenarios. Play the same mission another time making different decisions and listening to different replies.

Radio Commander includes:
- 9 campaign missions (every mission is possible to complete in several different ways),
- 9 animated briefings,
- 15 units types, including: infantry, evac choppers, gunships, field artillery, aerial reconnaissance, armored personnel carriers M113, and napalm-carrying F4 Phantom jets (every unit is described by a unique set of statistics and communicates with commander using a different voice),
- full voice over,
- over 200 dialogue blocks, used to construct radio messages,
- over 600 story dialogues between units and the commander.

Mature Content Description
The developers describe the content like this:
The game contains some disturbing audio recordings that might not be suitable for children

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Re: Radio Commander
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2019, 11:40:21 PM »
Radio Commander is landing on Kickstarter!
15 Mar - braaaur

March 12th 2019 - Warsaw, Poland - Serious Sim and Game Operators are proud to announce that Radio Commander is now landing on Kickstarter, giving players the exciting chance to help funding the developers' effort while, at the same time, enjoying exclusive content!

The game has been on Steam for only five months now and we have received an incredible amount of support and appreciation for the project, from our community as well as from specialized press.
Hence, we have decided to get closer to the community and give them the chance to influence the development (via Stretch Goals) and get their hands on an early version of the game (via the Demo available in some pledges). Kickstarter is the tool we need.

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Re: Radio Commander
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2019, 12:10:15 PM »
Radio Commander Kickstarter campaign - final week!
4 APR @ 6:43PM   - BRAAAUR

Hello Radio Commanders!

Our Kickstarter has now reached the 4th stretch goal (Voice Recognition!) and is now facing the last week, the final one of this incredible trip.

We are seriously shocked by how successful this has been. Not only in terms of funding but also in terms of feedback, ideas, inputs and general support around the project; we could not have hoped for more when we started to work on Radio Commander.

The last week is upon us and we cannot wait to see where the community will take the game as it is really in your hands to shape the final product now. So work with us on this: share as much as you can our KS page and/or all the other resources on the web (there are already a ton of videos on Youtube).

We want players to know about Radio Commander as the feedback of those that already discovered us has been tremendous.

We have also decided that, in case we reach at least one more stretch goal, we are going to give the community a well-deserved extra prize that we will reveal at the end of the campaign.

So it all comes down to this: the more people know about our game the better it will be. It is that simple, and it all comes down to each and every one of you, and his effort.

Thank you, really

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Re: Radio Commander
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2019, 12:38:45 AM »
13 APR @ 12:00PM   - BRAAAUR

Hello Radio Commanders!

So the KS Campaign is over, it was a fun ride but hey, all good things come to an end!

We want to thank everybody, from the bottom of our heart. Radio Commander will be the best game it could be thanks to you. Veteran Mode, Story Mode, Replays and Voice Recognition were all unlocked!

And, on top of that, surprise, we have decided to pitch in our personal contribution unlocking the next stretch goal: Editor & Sandbox Mode! We really can’t resist giving our baby all the perks ;-)

Now, on the administrative side: those who pledged at Brigadier General level and higher will be contacted soon to arrange details, stay tuned.

And, on a last note, guys, the journey has just begun.
Follow us on our socials (FB and Twitter) and, above all, wishlist the game on Steam. We will keep the community updated on every single progress!

Talk to you soon!

The Team of Radio Commander

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Re: Radio Commander
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2019, 02:58:17 PM »
Radio Commander Steam achievements & Editor Support
15 MAY @ 11:23AM   - BRAAAUR

Hello nice people following Radio Commander!

As we approach the final stages of development, we are beginning to work on the editor, the sharing platform and, in general, modding support.

In this department, we have three different choices. The Steam Workshop, Mod DB and

Before choosing one, as it often happens, we want to hear our community’s opinion!

What option would YOU prefer? If you can add the reason, the better…but the important thing is: make your voice heard, tell us!

ALSO we are thinking about Steam achievements! Maybe you have some ideas to share on that matter? Anything after playing the DEMO or just by following our updates?

We invite you to our Steam forum to share your ideas!

Thanks a lot!

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