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Author Topic: Urban Strife : Post-apoc survival  (Read 1347 times)

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Urban Strife : Post-apoc survival
« on: October 21, 2020, 01:37:41 PM »
Urban Strife - Alpha Trailer
Jun 19, 2020

Old school turn-based strategy, post-apoc survival


In Urban Strife you lead a team of makeshift, slightly deranged rangers in an effort to keep the small community of Urban alive, amidst a zombie pandemic. With what’s left of human civilization divided into factions fighting over the scraps, you will need to broker alliances and fight factions wars, fortify and rebuild your community and forge a future against the ever-present threat of the zombie horde.

Proceed with care and stealth and eliminate your targets one by one or blast away with shotguns and machine guns that mow entire hordes of zombies at once. Lure unsuspecting AI enemies into noise traps and knock them out cold from the shadows. Blow their cover with explosives and Molotovs, snipe them silently with silenced pistols and crossbows or get your hands on rare .50 BMG anti-material rifle and knock their door (and half the wall) down.

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