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As a newcomer to the DCS world, I was wondering if there was any interest in operating a MultiPlayer server?

While it's sadly lacking in many things (available geography and real-world weather being the most prominent), it does provide an excellent platform for creating repeatable scenarios.

Anyway, best wishes for a Happy New Year.


Hi Al

The group used to play DCS multiplayer a while back.

Are you talking about a dedicated server? Do you have any details of what you are considering/would like to do?

Happy New Year to you as well Al   :cheers


actual, real dedicated server is finally getting some attention.  in the beta release this week is a dedicated (well, what ED calls dedicated) server with all assets able to be loaded without having keys for them.  it just requires the -no-render option on the command line.

hopefully this will move to release within the next month.  over at RLG we will have a dedicated server to run on Wed nights once this moves to release.

I have tested the dedicated server and it seems to be working properly.  note i hosted stable release missions even thought he dedicated server is termed open beta.  i think a lot of folks think it can only host open beta missions/versions.

I intend to get a virtual server running and host sessions there - at a datacenter.

Sounds great, I'll have to check it out.  Been super distracted with flying commercial in Prepar3d and xplane at the moment.


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