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Author Topic: Squad: Alpha 12.2 Patch Notes  (Read 3265 times)

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Squad: Alpha 12.2 Patch Notes
« on: December 26, 2018, 11:37:59 PM »
Alpha 12.2
Squad - Gatzby

Hey soldiers,

Another batch of fixes is hot and ready to go. Here's to Squadtastic weekend!

Patch Notes
   Fixed damage and effects bugs on the following projectiles: AT-4, Refleks, Kornet, TOW, M1A2 HEAT, T-72 Frag, Mortar HE & smoke
   Fixed bipod movement getting stuck on upper/lower pitch limit
   Fixed a bug in the role selection causing server performance issues
   Fixed an exploit where you would have a model and weapons from the team you switched from
   Fixed a bug preventing role selection on deployment screen after map change
   Fixed a bug that would cause weapons on vehicles to be upside down
   Fixed turret stabilization pitch not working for certain turret rotations
   Fixed gearbox shifting into reverse at high forward speeds when braking
   Fixed US IFV turret smoke launcher optic
   Set flag names on the map to have higher contrast
   Fixed capture point names on Kamdesh skirmish and Mestia
   Removed large M4 and calibration cube on Sumari
   Fixed several floating assets on Yehorivka
   Updated Yehorivka minimap
   Fixed issue with vehicle wheel fx shooting random dust forward while speeding

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