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Deity Empires
« on: December 24, 2018, 02:13:41 AM »

Deity Empires is a 4X, turn-based strategy game with a powerful “just one more turn” feel! Enter an intricate fantasy world as one of many deities posed to become ruler of the world.

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Deity Empires is a 4X, turn-based strategy game with a powerful “just one more turn” feel! Enter an intricate fantasy world as one of many deities posed to become ruler of the world. On a backdrop of classic 2D graphics, choose from one of the many playable races, and compete with rival deities as you explore the world. Extract food, natural resources, and valuable minerals from the land, and increase your power as you defeat wild monster lairs and build cities to expand your empire. Defeat rival deity armies in tactical battles, increasing the skill of your units with every victory. Materialize your deity to become a unit with extraordinary powers to lead an army in battle. Or strategically transcend your deity into an etherealized form, casting magical spells throughout the world and in any battle, and growing in power as you research magical spells and increase your magic skills in your quest for world domination.

•   Choose your deity's starting abilities from over 30 deity abilities, and select your starting magic knowledge from 10 different schools of magic. Witness the potency of your deity's spells increase with its magic skill.
•   Explore the world map with over 200 unique units, each with choosable attacks, spells, abilities, and in-depth stats and attributes.
•   Harness more than 250 unique abilities acquirable by units, and over 300 unique spells and enchantments in 10 schools of magic.

•   Random map generator allows full control over the size and type of the map, from full land maps, to one continent maps, to island hopping maps with hundreds of islands.
•   Powerful AI strategy on the world map, and AI tactics on the battle map enhance game play.
•   If you prefer not to manage some aspect of the game, such as controlling your units in battle, managing cities, or managing workers/resources, you may assign any or all tasks to AI control, so you can focus on aspects of the game you prefer. Or manage all aspects of your empire yourself for ultimate control!

•   Find and create powerful magic items for your units, such as weapons, armor, shields, helm, rings, amulet, and boots. Items increase unit attributes, and have special enchantments to further enhance unit abilities (such as Health Regeneration, Dragon Slaying, or Invisibility).
•   Increase unit experience and level as you win battles. As units increase in level, you determine which new spells, attacks, abilities, stats or attributes they learn.
•   Summon powerful magical units to join the ranks of your armies, such as Dragons, Lich Lords, Rock Behemoths, and Shadow Rift Spawns, and lay waste to entire armies of less powerful units.

•   Over 160 unique buildings can be built in each city. Streamlined interface allows quickly choosing building priority queues, so you never get bogged down with micromanagement.
•   Over 200 technologies to research, increasing various aspects of your empire.
•   Hire mercenaries in your cities as they make themselves available based on various factors which you influence.

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Re: Deity Empires
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2019, 12:23:16 PM »
Deity Empires - Update 1.1.36
17 MAR @ 4:15AM   - TLALOC

We've published an update to the game tonight. The update is a culmination of almost 3 months of updates done to the beta version of the game, with many fantastic ideas coming from the community of players!

Some of the highlights of the changes made include:

• Extensive modding support, fully integrated with Steam Workshop. Some fantastic mods have already been created!
• Added 1 additional playable race, the Lizardmen.
• Added over 25 additional units, 25+ additional spells, enchantments and unit abilities.
• Added city specializations, giving subtle bonuses to the city related to the area of specialization.
• Over 15 music tracks added to the game.

Note that the full list of updates notes are available in game. Here are the complete notes for updates done in March:

• Changed ability “Slow Out of Water” to “Fast in Water”, and reduced the movement points of Kraken units to 3.
• You can now view Learnable Abilities and Learnable Spells in the Unit Info Screen.
• Updated the Unit Compendium and Help File to show Learnable Abilities, Spells, Attacks, Evolves To, by level.
• Fixed a bug which prevented the Artificer's Warehouse from being built.
• Added ability to give units descriptions, which will appear in the Unit Info Screen.

• (2019-03-10)
• Units can now evolve. Units evolve as a level up option. Dragons have been chained to evolve: Baby->Young->(Adult)->Ancient. Imps evolve: Lesser Imp->Imp->Greater Imp.
• The “Submerge in Water” ability now supersedes the revealed buff.
• Enemy units in dungeons should no longer spawn near attackers.
• Added Mana Wells city specialization.
• Summon Lesser Imp is now a world summon, in addition to a battle summon.
• Added option “dont_change_music” to game_settings.txt. Set this to 1 and the music will not be themed to the environment (battle/world/city), and will not change until a music track has completed.

• (2019-03-08)
• Units now gain +1 magic level every 5 unit levels (formerly +1 every 2 unit levels), and +1 magic resist every 5 unit levels (formerly 1 per 5 units levels, and 1 per 10 unit levels).
• Added Sea Serpent and Kraken units as random water spawns.
• Added ~15 additional music tracks.

• (2019-03-04)
• Fixed issue with text color on disabled buttons.
• Fix for AI boats avoiding land armies, and vice versa.
• Some preliminary music has been included in this patch. You can adjust the music volume in the game settings, or turn the music off by setting the music volume to 0.

• (2019-03-03)
• Increased chance that the AI prefers to build and keep ranged units to defend in cities with walls.
• Fixed a bug in games with a large stack size setting: the AI wanted to stack cities with too many units too early in the game. Also tweaked the AI code to make the AI less likely to stack as many units in the early game.
• AI armies should now seek to (somewhat) avoid more powerful enemy armies when travelling.
• Added columns to the Unit Compendium, showing all abilities, available abilities, spells and attacks. The data in these columns will likely be cut-off in game, but can be viewed in the help_manual.txt file (best viewed in a spreadsheet).
• Fixed a bug which allowed the same deity to exist twice in the same game.
• Reduced the lesser arcane strike charges awarded from the Alchemist's Great Tower to 2 every 5 turns.
• Mountain Dwarves and Northmen are much more likely to be placed on or near their favored terrain type.
• Added a button to the Create Item List screen to toggle which weapons to display (current units/buildable units/same-aligned units/all units).
• Added “Defend” and “Pray” battle actions. Defending gives a unit +5 armor chance and +2 avoidance during the enemies turn, while Praying gives a unit +2 magic resist. Units can only defend or pray if they haven't moved, cast, or attacked. Resting a unit will make it defend if it is eligible to do so.
• Changed “Conscription Center” unique building to reduce production costs by 20% in the city it is built. It no longer has a global effect (formerly reduced costs in all cities by 5%).
• Updated the City Building Tree to show buildings that cannot currently be built, but may be built in the future when certain conditions are met. Added the display of additional requirements for buildings in the Build Tree (Population, Civic reqs).
• Added new flag for modding units: “is_unique”. Unique units can only spawn/appear once in the game if this is set.
• Added new flag for modding units: “hireling_chance”. See the modding forums for details. The old flag “hireling_unit” has been removed (for backwards compatibility it will convert to “hireling_chance=100”).
• Mercenaries of any quality can now appear in cities, but the chance of mercenaries appearing above the Mercenary Quality attribute of a city is greatly reduced. Previously, mercenaries would never appear in a city if their XP Value was above the cities Mercenary Quality attribute.
• The Lizardmen are now available as a playable race.
• New spell: Flame Wall (City Enchant, Level 11, Fire school). Protects a city with a flame wall.
• Added attack Holy Water to Highmen Priests.
• Changed spell Earth Cataclysm to level 10 Alteration spell, target type Battle Map. Previously the spell was only available to Rock Behemoths once they reached level 10.

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Re: Deity Empires
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2019, 12:44:30 PM »
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Re: Deity Empires
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2019, 11:47:04 PM »
Deity Empires - Update 1.1.44
14 MAY @ 5:29AM   - TLALOC

We've published an update to the game tonight. The update moves two months of beta updates into the live build.

Some of the highlights include:

• Added dungeon levels to the game. You can descend down into a dungeon to get greater treasure, but must face more powerful creatures.
• Added lesser heroes to the game.
• Added heal and mana potions to the game.
• Added “Zone of Control” to all units in combat. This will be the default mechanic, but can be turned on/off via game options.
• Added 15 additional music tracks to the game.

Here are the complete update notes since the last update:

• (2019-05-12)
• Added “Reset to Defaults” button to the setup options and game options screens.
• Fixed a crash that occurred when adjusting potions sliders on the Unit Info Screen during battles.
• When an army is overstacked after a battle, the weakest units will be deleted first.
• AI will properly use potions it has in inventory.
• Units in lairs have a chance to spawn with potions.

• (2019-05-10)
• In the Load Game screen, you can now right click on a file to view info about that save game. You can also rename the save game file by clicking on its name when viewing info about the save game.
• Some spells with limited range can now have their range increased by increasing a units magic level. Spells affected are Harm, Blinding Trap, Net Trap, Explosive Trap, Ogre Leap, Leaping Rock Smash, Explosive Mine.
• Added Random Option during opponent deity creation to obscure the exact deities you will play against.
• Added abililty to mod hero names similar to city names, using the file heronames.txt
• Added “Zone of Control' game options, giving every unit a zone of control. When a unit moves into an enemies zone of control, it uses up all of its remaining movement points.
• Added a game option to cap the Spellcasting range of units.
• When a unit casts a spell during battle which requires a target, range crosshairs will appear showing the range of the spell (similar to the crosshairs icon for ranged attacks).
• Added heal and mana potions to the game. These will appear in dungeons with treasure, and can be produced in cities.
• Decreased the number of treasure piles per dungeon.
• Accelerated the rate at which dungeon levels become more difficult.
• Added deity ability Necromancer, which reduces the mana upkeep costs of undead units by 20% plus 1% per death magic skill level.
• Updated the setup options to use sliders and checkboxes.
• Fixed a bug with lair spawns.

• (2019-05-01)
• Added random lesser heroes. These lesser heroes are the same unit type as current units in the game, but have random rolled health and weapon stats (slightly stronger than their base unit type), and only 1 figure. They typically can utilize additional item slots. Currently these random heroes only make themselves available as random mercenaries available for hire in cities.
• Changed overland battle maps to have considerable grassland through the middle.
• Fixed bug not awarding loot after overland battles.
• Fixed bug with Extend Battle not carrying over between dungeon levels.
• Fixed bug: losing a battle in a dungeon after dungeon level 1 would cause a crash during the Creature AI turn.
• Treasure and staircases in dungeons now remain visible once they are discovered.
• Fixed a bug with the game crashing when Windows cannot load XAudio2_7.DLL.

• (2019-04-28)
• Added dungeon levels. Once all enemies are defeated in a dungeon, you can descend down a staircase to the next dungeon level, where new and unknown enemies await. Once you descend, treasure on the previous level will be lost forever. Enemies will get progressively harder and more numerous as you proceed further down dungeon levels.
• Cursors can now be modded.
• Right clicking a unit in battle no longer brings up the Unit Info Screen. To see the info for a unit, double right+click on the unit.
• Changed how the Magic Summoning Circle functions. Every deity will always have a Magic Summoning Circle in one of its cities (the first city). You can change this city by building the Magic Summoning Circle in another city.
• Added Mana Conduit empire unique building, giving +20 mana per turn. This will replace the Magic Summoning Circle building in previous save games.

• (2019-04-22)
• Thorns, Spiked Shield and Spiked Armor damage are no longer reduced by armor.
• Greatly increased the effects of giving gifts to other deities. Allying with same-aligned deities will be much easier as a result, and appeasing (ie delaying war with) different aligned deities via gifts should now be a feasible strategy.
• The effects on deity relations from all sources has been reduced as relations get further away from 0. It will now be difficult for deity relations to get to extreme values.
• Perceived aggression no longer increases when enslaving cities.
• Enslaved cities don't count when determining how slow settlers are automatically produced.
• Changed the interface in Game Options screen to use checkboxes/sliders.
• Added unit Mud Goblin Stone Slinger. Removed level 5 available attack option Stone Sling from Mud Goblin Stone Thrower, and made the Mud Goblin Stone Slinger an evolve choice for the Stone Thrower.
• Added 3 additional music tracks for the overland/world map theme. Added 7 classical music tracks (optional to play in game options). Ctrl+TAB will skip to the next song.
• Added game option: dungeons are no longer visible until explored.
• Added game option to change the dungeon size.
• Added treasures to dungeons. When this game option is turned on, dungeons must be explored (creatures will not seek you out). The loot from dungeons when this option is turned on is considerably higher than with the option turned off, and increases as the dungeon size increases. However, the loot will be lost if you do not pick it up before the battle ends.
• Added additional options for choosing random enemies when starting a new game.
• Doubled the rate at which deities gain magic skill. Added “magic_skill_gain_multiplier” to game_settings.txt to allow altering the rate of magic skill gain (caps at 1000, which is 10 times the default rate).
• Added new terrain improvements: Civic Research Facility and Magic Research Library.
• Changed the Training Grounds improvement to award XP to all units on the tile. The max level it can train units to is training_grounds_level*(1+road_level).
• Viewing an item in the Item Info Screen (right click on an item in the Item List Screen or the Create Item screen) will show all units that can equip that item.

• (2019-03-24)
• Fixed bug: if an etherealized deity cast the Earth Cataclysm spell, the game would crash to desktop.
• Garrison units will no longer spawn on the world map. Instead they will spawn during city battles, similar to Defense Towers.
• Reduced Earth Cataclysm spell damage by 50%.
• Fixed bug: deity armies were able travel over empty cities of deities they weren't at war with, on their way to another destination. This would cause the city to be razed/destroyed without war being declared.
• Defend and Pray now give buffs, with images and sounds.
• Left and Right arrows have been added as hotkeys for most Prev/Next buttons.
• Added additional evolve choices to a number of non-city units. See the Unit Compendium in game for details on which additional units can evolve, and to what.

• (2019-03-21)
• When you conquer a different aligned enemy city, you can now choose between Razing the city, or Enslaving the city/population. Razing the city will completely destroy the city (which is what currently happens). Enslaving the city will cause all buildings in the city to be destroyed, and the population will have extremely high dissent. Enslaved cities can only build a minimal number of buildings, and cannot produce units. Enslaved cities are useful for producing some gold/resources, and for holding valuable land areas until same-aligned settlers are available (at which time enslaved cities can be migrated).
• Changed some building prerequisites to better streamline gold as a building objective. Note that this may result in save games having buildings built without the prereqs.
• Changed the position of some buildings in the Building Tree. This may affect mods (modded buildings may overlap). You can press Ctrl+E while in the Building Tree to help mod building positions.
• Empty cities will now spawn a weak unit when attacked, although the unit will likely die from fright almost immediately. This means defense towers will now defend empty cities.
• Changed City Screen for owned cities to show City Specialization in the lower left panel, replacing built buildings. When viewing other deities cities, you will see the Built Buildings in that city.
• Fixed bug: when a unit evolved during a dungeon battle, and it was the only unit in its army, all visibility would be lost in the dungeon.
• Increased the evolve level requirements of dragons and imps.
• Added additional evolve choices to a number of non-city units. See the Unit Compendium in game for details on which additional units can evolve, and to what.
• Added additional worldmap F5 option to show Available city build spots.
• Fixed bug: food and resources should now transfer properly to evolved units when they evolve outside of battle.
• Added unit Poison Elemental. Added spell Summon Poison Elemental.
• Added ability “Fatigues” to Centaur Archers, causing Centaur Archer to lose half-movement points after battle round 25.
• Added 8 additional item slot types: Spellbook, Gloves, Leggings, Cloak, Belt, Ring3, Ring4, Amulet2. All deity units can utilize these new items/slots (future heroes will also be able to utilize these items/slots).
• Summon Ghoul is now a level 6 spell (formerly level 4).
• You can now Double-click to load a saved game.
• Fixed bug: when the chosen starting race and chosen starting deity were of different races, and materialized was chosen as a deity ability, the starting settler was of the race of the starting deity, rather than the chosen starting race.
• Fixed bug with no gold being received from lair loot.

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Re: Deity Empires
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2019, 02:14:23 PM »
Beta Build 1.1.47

Hi everyone,

We've released a new beta build. Here are the update notes:

Beta Build participation
To play the beta build (rather then the default build), follow these steps:

1. Right click on Deity Empires in your Steam Library.
2. Click on Properties (usually the last option in the popup menu).
3. In the Properties window that just appeared click on the BETAS tab.
3. Choose "beta-" from the dropdown box labelled "Select the beta you would like to opt into:".

The beta build is typically very stable, and allows getting the most recent game updates weeks or months ahead of when they go into the default build.


• The snaring effects of Grappling Hooks, Bola Balls and Entangling Shot attacks now have a max duration of 3 combat rounds plus 1 round per 5 units levels. Units can still break free of the effects at any time.
• Removed the Inhibit Movement ability as a level up option from all units except Mud Goblin Blocker. This reverts back to the original unit abilities.
• Individual units can be automated during battle. These units act when you hit the End Turn button.
• Updated the way the enabled/disabled status of mods is stored on the local hard disk. This may help prevent some anti-virus software from triggering alerts when mods are downloaded.
• Added a setting to game_settings.txt to make the AI more likely to target hurt enemies. The “target_most_hurt_unit” key will increase the likelihood of targetting hurt enemies. A value of 100 increases the chance by 100%, while a value of 500 increases the chance by 500%.
• Auto Battle (AI): units will attempt to pickup treasure in dungeons once all enemies have been defeated.
• You can press F5 during battle to see which tiles you haven't seen yet. Useful to determine where you still need to explore in dungeons.
• Fixed a crash caused when pressing the right/left arrow keys while viewing a unit that isn't in an army (eg an unhired mercenary unit in the City Screen, or a preview of a unit from the Building Tree or Unit Compendium).
• Color coded city graphics. Does not apply to mods.

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