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Re: ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game
« Reply #15 on: March 09, 2019, 12:47:04 AM »
1.0.8 Balance Changes
8 Mar - AtomTeam

Hey guys!

As promised, it’s now time to introduce you to the changes in the combat system balance. These changes were made to make the system look more linear and thus more understandable, without changing it so much you’d have to restart the game.

So, what changed?

Pistols and SMGs

This branch was changed by lowering the AP needed for shooting, so that low DEX characters would have a better time using the weapons. Also, we made the minimum damage higher.

Let’s look at some examples. The last three numbers in each example mean AP cost for a simple shot, an aimed shot, and for the reload.

Nagant - 6-9 DAM, 3 4 3 AP
TT - 8-14 DAM, 4 5 2 AP
M-712 7-13 DAM, 4 5 3 AP, and 6 for the burst.

Mark-19 and Polyak weapons also got a higher chance to stun - 10% and 6% respectively. However, since Polyak’s projectile contains 5 projectiles in one shot, the actual stun chance is 30%.

SMGs like PPS-43 and Scorpion got the biggest changes. First of all, they now operate on Machine Gun rules and have a Short and Long burst options instead of single shots. This makes the DPS higher. We also balanced this new addition by lowering the active distance and AP, while making minimum damage a bit higher.

PPS-43 - 7-14 DAM, 5 AP for short burst, 6 for long burst, 3 for reload.
Scorpion - 8-12 DAM, 3 4 4 AP.

Shotguns and rifles

Custom made weapons of this category now ask for less AP per shot, but take more to reload. The sawed off shotgun lost single shot ability, but double barrel shot now costs 4 AP. Izh lost some effective distance, but a single shot now costs 4 AP. Also, as a cherry on top, all 12 cal weapons now have a chance to stun.

Hunting rifle - 8-10 DAM, 3 4 3 AP
Hunting shotgun - 7-13 DAM, 4 5 3 AP, 16/18 distance.

SVD is no longer a low damage Remington clone and now costs less to fire, PTRD lost an aimed shot ability, but its damage still makes it the deadliest rifle.

SVD - 12-23 DAM, 5 5 3 AP
PTRD - 25-45 DAM 7 3 AP

Assault rifles and machine guns

Changes in this branch mostly concern the AK family. AKS74U is now in the middle grounds between an assault rifle and an SMG, having less AP cost and damage. AK-47 now has 5 bullets in a burst and has a stun chance.

AKS74U - 8-13 DAM 3 4 5 3 AP
AK-47 - 9-19 DAM, 5 6 7 3 AP, 3% stun chance (15% in burst).

We are still working on changing Machine guns, but they will probably have less AP cost.


Large penalties for use and peculiar mechanics made most players enjoy shields less than we wanted them to, so we made the mechanics pretty much straight forward and penalties much lower. These are also currently being tested out, but you will see the results as soon as 1.08 hits.

We really value your opinions on the changes. Thank you all in advance.

With kind regards, Atom Team

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